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Top 60 Countdown: No. 36, DT Micanor Regis

As we inch closer to the start of fall camp (Aug. 8) we inch closer toward the top of our countdown of the Top 60 players at UM. Now, we'll zero in on No. 36 on our list: Defensive tackle Micanor Regis. The big, talented sophomore surprised some last year with his early contributions. Will he take another step forward and help a UM run defense that took a huge step back in 2008? The Canes are hoping so.

Micanor Regis > What we heard about him on Signing Day '08: One of the starts for the nation's sixth-ranked high school football team according to USA Today, Regis was tabbed the 29th best defensive tackle in the country by Rivals.com, 31st by Scout.com and 28th by ESPN. At 6-2, 321 pounds, he plugged the hole for Pahokee, racking up 101 tackles (31 for loss) and five sacks as a senior. He built an early bond with defensive line coach Clint Hurtt and picked the Canes over Florida State, South Carolina and Tennessee.

> What he's done as a Cane: Micanor didn't get as much attention as fellow freshman defensive tackle Marcus Forston, but got nearly as much playing experience as the former Miami Northwestern star. Regis played in 10 games for the Canes and finished with 16 tackles. This spring, he graded out as one of the Canes' best, benching 390 pounds (fourth among defensive tackles, but fifth on the team) and lifting 330 pounds on the power clean (second only among DTs to Allen Bailey).

> What Eye On The U expects from him in '09: The first thing Clint Hurtt told me last spring right after the Canes had signed Forston was not to forget about Regis. The sophomore may not start -- Allen Bailey, Forston or Joe Joseph -- probably will. But he is just as important to UM's success this season stopping the run as those three are. The Canes dropped from 40th against the run in 2007 to 75th giving up an average of 151 yards a game last season. UM coaches have pointed to the depth and talent at the tackle position. If Regis is as good as advertised, there is no reason he won't be a big part of what should be an improvement by UM at stopping the run -- at least up front.


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I really like what Regis can bring to the table. We should expect a much better run defense this year now that the young guys like Regis, Forston, etc. have gotten playing time and Bailey has grown into the position.

I would like to answer to a blogger on this site to a previous article. After the article he simply wrote that he was tired of watching the Canes lose so many games that in the past we had won so many by the first Qtr. I love the canes and have since 63 But never in the History of this tema have we ever had the team that won the majority of its games by the end of the first Qtr. "COWBOY 71" you are a dreamer. in 83 the 1st championship it was a tip'd ball in the end zone that sealed the victory...Time and time again this team fought back from unsermountable odds to win the great game. Only when we played Div2 teams or the lower teer of the big east and ACC have we had a game in the win colom after the 1st. I remember Kosar leading us down the field with throws that made him the NFL great he turned out to be. Jim Kelly also. Vinny and Geno all had come from behind vistories... and who can forget all the Mia-FSU missed field goals... were they won after the 1st. qtr. Please Mr Cowboy before you go off on your soap box make sure you have all your facts correct. And for all of you Fla. gator fans... remember it was your team that dropped us from your scedule. Not the other way around. When Tebo and the coach leave for bigger and better things the gators will fall like a house of cards in a HURICANE.....And thats all I have to say about that....

My belief is Micanor Regis along with Curtis Porter, Forston, Joseph and Bailey can form a solid defensive tackle rotation. With each of their abilities they can play a huge key to stopping the run.

They have talent and depth at most positions now is the time to show what their made of and show the world about the U.

I'm digging the potential this kid has. Mr. Regis has future NFL stud written all over him. Forston and Bailey might get the buzz, and deservedly so, but Micanor is gonna get his, too, before it's all said and done.

Whatcha know 'bout them Miami boyz! Sep. 7th is just around the corner, baby!

Yea im tired of losing also but im more tired of people who want randy fired. When he took over this team it had no depth. When they lost dts to injury his first year he had to play undersized de's at dt because they had no one else. Now look at the depth at dt and de. he has rebuilt depth and talent on this team. Its young talent very young but talent none the less. Id hate to see randy go. He has done a great job rebuilding a team that coker destroyed by forgetting to recruit south florida. Go canes i hope 9-3 or 10-2 this year even if 8-4 is probably more reasonable with the schedule they have and the fact there best players are sophmores and freshman.

he is a stud ...first rounder


U know, some day he anda Cane will play together and ring the bell ...

U'll see ...


By Joe Byrnes
Staff writer

Published: Friday, July 24, 2009 at 6:01 a.m.
Last Modified: Thursday, July 23, 2009 at 11:32 p.m.
Eleven-year-old Bronson Chandler, a lifelong Alabama fan, leaned against the wall of the crowded lobby at the Wynfrey Hotel.

The slim, freckle-faced, brown-haired boy wore a 'Bama cap and T-shirt and carried a miniature Florida championship helmet. He and his dad made the trip from Cherokee County to this suburb of Birmingham, setting their alarms for 4 a.m. and arriving at the hotel around 6.

By 1:45 p.m., Bronson already had received an autograph from Alabama coach Nick Saban and was hanging around in hopes UF quarterback Tim Tebow might descend the hotel escalator and put pen to helmet.

He never did.

Bronson's father, Torrey Chandler, spelled out this split allegiance for Tebow in terms expressed by other fans as well - especially parents - at Thursday's Southeastern Conference media event, even those fans who loathe the Gators.

"He's a Christian, class guy and a hell of a football player," Bronson's father said. "He's a great role model for kids."

On its second day, the SEC Media Days drew fans of Alabama, Florida and Georgia and a sprinkling of other conference schools. In the late morning, while Saban and a couple of players were giving interviews to the media on the second floor, about 200 people packed the lobby, most in crimson and white and several in Gator colors.

After noon, about a hundred fans remained, lounging on sofas or standing along the green velvet ropes that kept them apart from the media. Jeff Gordon of Birmingham was there doing the Gator chomp and singing the praises of coach Urban Meyer.

Ann Frye, an Alabama fan standing next to Gordon, said: "He's out everywhere in Birmingham, talking smack about the Gators."

Seven-year-old Emma King - wearing a UF shirt, a tiny Gator necklace and orange-and-blue ribbons in her brown hair - held a poster saying "Tim Tebow is my hero."

"He helps children that are poor," Emma said, by way of explanation.

A few feet down the ropes, University of Alabama student Cody Smitherman waited in vain for a Tebow autograph - but not out of love for the man.

"I hate Tim Tebow," he said. "Just the media hype - it seems like he relishes it. ... There's a lot of other great Christian athletes around the country who don't get the same kind of attention."

Then Smitherman added: "It doesn't help that he beat us."

Several other fans - for Georgia, Auburn, Alabama - said they admired the UF quarterback and respected him.

"I like Tebow. Most Georgia fans like Tebow," said Lee Massengale, who had driven 650 miles from Arcadia for the SEC Media Days. It was his third year making the trip.

"I relate to him because the values that (Georgia coach) Mark Richt has are the ones Tebow has," Massengale said.

For his part, Richt had nothing but praise for Tebow during a news conference Thursday. The UF quarterback, he said, "has his priorities right in life."

"I mean he is a spirit-filled young man who loves the Lord and understands who his creator is and is serious about his belief system. And then he just happens to be put together like nobody's business - big, strong, physical, fast, smart, accurate with the football, and then he has this charisma about him."

"I respect him for his Christian values," said Steve Smith, an Alabama fan and a high school football coach in Piedmont, Ala. "If you would tell us our kids would grow up to be like Tebow, we'd take it in a heartbeat."

Smith had brought four boys with him, including his sons Sean, 7, and Sloan, 5. All the boys wore eye black in imitation of Tebow, with "Phil" under the right eye and "4:13" under the left, a reference to the Bible verse, "I can do everything through him who gives me strength."

Asked about his fans from around the SEC, Tebow said: "I will get a lot of letters from other fans as far as just being thankful for my testimony or different things that I've done. And so that is very nice and humbling to get. So it's not all hatred. There is some mutual respect."

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6 weeks 2 days

I thought this blog was about Miami football? Tim Tebow is still gay. Christian or not..... Our D-Line is gonna be nasty this year! I feel like the rotation is back! Depth, depth, depth..... Go Canes!

His mis-shapen head is GINORMOUS!!!!

Depth at DT has been atrocious for the past few years. Just as JJ tought us back in the heyday, if you can't stop the run, you might as well not show up. I gotta believe that a HUGE part of the reason for the lack of picks recently has been the lack of 3rd and longs and the lack of a pass rush. Putting together the 4 or 5 strong DT rotation it looks like we're finally gonna have this season is HUGE! Plus, the DE's we got, especially with Moncur comin back, are beast.

I still have my reservations about Randy, but as a true 'Cane fan, you really gotta give him the benefit of the doubt heading into this season.

Just consider the positions where we had talented depth when Coker was finally outed (2 years too late)

QB - uh, no
RB - I'd say yes, but that could be debated
WR - nope
TE - ?? could debate that one for a while
OL - no no no no. HECK NO
DL - gimme a break
LB - eh, maybe ok talent, but certainly not depth
DB - def not depth

Now, let's see what Randy's been able to put together in 2 1/2 recruiting classes
QB - Dear Lord, please let Jacorry make it through this season unharmed. But at least we got a winner and a leader
RB - stacked
TE - probably the only position we've not made progress
OL - still work in progress
DL - stacked and loaded (I think Manny and conventional wisdom are wrong, as much as I love the WR's, this could be the strongest position on the team)
LB - talent is there, not sure we can say we got depth yet, we'll know in about two months
DB - honestly, short of a 6' CB, I think this position is really gonna be a pleasant surprise for most people.

Anyway, my point is, by way of metaphor; the pool was contaminated and had to be drained. That took season one. Last season, Randy left the hose on and went to bed. This season, he's sitting by the pool with a margarita mixing the chlorine, checking the filters and pumps and making sure it doesn't overflow. Next year, everyone in!!


Nice breakdown, thanks. OL/TE will actually determine what happens this year. Can't do anything offensively without them despite what the rest of the talent is. I agree that the defense will be much better. Absolutely loved the pool analogy. If we can get out of the first 4 at 2-2 then we may just be able to get our feet wet sooner. Go Canes!

Great post, g8h8r. I would say we've made SOME progress with the TE's, but obviously not there yet, as evidenced by our coaching staff asking Jimmy Graham to give football a try. Either Billy Sanders or Stephen Plein may play this year and are going to surprise people.

Manny (or others), with so much talent on the D Line, is there any possibility of the coaches using some guys two-ways as backups (3rd string).

I know the offensive playbook isn't 2 sheets long with the new coordinator but my worry is the lack of depth at TE and the O Line.

Don't forget tomorrow's CaneFest at the stadium from 10 AM. Any season ticket holders can switch sections and if you're still looking for tix, it's $99 for the whole season.

I read a story about this kid hitting practice dummies at noon on an August afternoon before a linemen camp. Regis had put an hour in on his own before any coaches were even on the field.

Kids like Regis are going to put us back on top.

I don't want Shannon fired, but he has to take the responsibility for the poor choices of coordinators and position coaches. Shannon was also a major part of the Coker years, so i also think he shares alot of the blame for our downfall. He was the recruiting coord. i believe for Coker. I would like to add that i really liked the hire of Whipple, best hire we've had in many years. I think Shannon finally got one right.

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