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Top 60 Countdown: No. 41, WR Davon Johnson

As we move down our list of the Top 60 players at UM, we bump into another talented receiver at No. 41: Sophomore Davon Johnson. With so many talented players at receiver, there is a chance DJ could get lost in the shuffle. But there is no questioning his talent or ability.

Davon Johnson > What we heard about him on Signing Day '08: DJ was a PrepStar All-American at Booker T. Washington in Miami where he helped the Tornadoes win the Class 4A state championship with UM teammates Thearon Collier and Brandon Harris. As a senior, he caught 27 passes for 628 yards and seven touchdowns and was tabbed by Rivals as the 12th best athlete in the country and 116th ranked player in the country regardless of position. ESPN tabbed him the 13th best receiver and No. 67 player regardless of position. Scout.com thought less and ranked him 91st at receiver. He chose UM over South Carolina, South Florida and UCF.

> What he's done as a Cane: Last season, Johnson made one start (against Virginia) but played in 11 games and caught five passes for 71 yards including an important 17-yard touchdown catch in the come-from-behind win over Duke. Johnson had one catch for seven yards in the spring.

> What Eye On The U expects from him in '09: At 5-11, 190 pounds, Johnson is as talented and as fast a slot receiver on the team. But he'll enter the fall likely sitting behind Collier and redshirt freshman Kendall Thompkins on the depth chart. It's not that Johnson can't play, its that Collier and Thompkins are a little better. UM coach Randy Shannon has said he wants to have a smaller rotation this season at receiver, which could hurt Johnson's opportunities to see the ball thrown his way. But it doesn't mean that when he is in there, he won't make plays. I expect another quiet season for DJ, maybe one that includes a redshirt if Miami tries to space out its receivers.


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At this moment, I write 1st!!

first.....i hope they redshirt DJ, dont waste his elgibility

I think that DJ is very a talented receiver and can contribute. Lots of talent at this position, just not enough balls to go around. It would make sense to space out the receivers so all have a opportunity to star. Players shouldnt take it personal if this happens. Depth is great for any team, especially if the talent is superior which we have at WR, RB and DE.

First, Who cares about how fast these receivers are. Wjho cares about Rivals.co anymore. After our "busts" the last few yrs, I can't give them any credibility!
The question inthe last 5 years, is-- can they catch a ball thrown to them? Will they drop a ball in their hands? can they get open?

If you asked me these questions about 4-2 40 runner Sam Shields, the answers are NO, No, NO>

On another note- BobbyBowden,on ESPN, when the subject of his program's cheatingscandal is brought up says, time and time again-- why should the coahces be penalized? why? why?

Bobby- In the words of the immortal Harry S Truman, one who never shirked his position of leadership, " the buck stops here". The bottom line is, dang nabbit,


Thanks Manny.

There are 8 talented receivers on this squad. At least 2, maybe 3 will redshirt and to others, maybe 3 will be gone to the league after next year. So it's possible that UM may not loose any of them due to transfers. What do you all think?

Wow! I just read what I typed... gramatical errors anyone? I meant "two others, maybe 3 will be gone to the league after next year". And also, "UM may not lose any of them due to transfers."

GO DJ. LOL. Very talented. But there are so many balls to go around. Benjamin, DJ, Collier, Thompkins, bird, Aldarius, streeter, etc

It wont matter if who is at receiver IF HARRIS DOESNT GET THE TIME TO THROW THE BALL!

Take that to the bank....we need a STRONG and UNIFIED OL or we will be 0-4 to start the season.

So much talent at WR, I can't wait till Labor day. Let's just hope the offense can pick up the new O fast enough.

I remember wen DJ destroyed that team from south carolina in high school. This guy is a baller. All our receivers are, but some of them are going to have to wait there turn.

It just continues to write itself Art ...


U get that ?


and 4 U really dumbassess


Just like Zook wasnt leaving. Just like Billy D loved The Majic. JUSt like Saban wasnt leaving. Of all people, Urban Lyer is the least credible!

Damn, I hate to see great talent sitting on the bench.. But with having 4 quality slot receivers, two of them are not going to be touching the ball enough.

Unless he can explode on special teams, beating Benji or someone gets hurt this summer, DJ should red shirt in 09 and look for a jump in 2010, 11 and 12 to show his ability... would be best for him and the team.

we need a STRONG and UNIFIED OL or we will be 0-4 to start the season.  

Posted by: SA in CT

LMGDAO..... U are really thin there.

1-3 at best

Sorry canefan, no AP top 25 for U in 09

UM football is set to completely unravel in 09 as the inadequacies of your HC fully come to the surface. The acceptance of this guy as your HC shows that U have begun to accept your lower spot on the totem pole. He has no leadership.

U keep banging that Randy drum canefan. It's awesome comedy for the rest of us. When you finally realize that he is essentially incapable of DEVELOPING depth U will dump him. At that point U STILL will not have an ACC title.

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