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Top 60 Countdown: No. 43, OT Matt Pipho

As we move forward yet again in our countdown of the Top 60 players at The U, we look at No. 43 on our list: Senior offensive tackle Matt Pipho. The 6-7, 307-pounder from Iowa is being counted on -- at least early -- to step up his game and play a lot more than he has in his career. Will Pipho surprise us or will he go back to being what he has been in his first four seasons at UM -- a seldom used backup?

Matt Pipho has played in 26 games, but has no starts in his career. He's a fifth-year senior projected to start at right tackle. > What we heard about him on Signing Day '05: Pipho (pronounced PEE-po) was an all-state selection at Union High in LaPorte City, Iowa as a tight end and defensive end. He racked up 50 tackles and seven sacks as a senior and also starred in track and baseball. He became the first athlete in his hometown of 2,500 to receive a scholarship to a Division I program. He chose the Hurricanes over Stanford. Rivals.com rated him the 38th best offensive tackle in the country. Scout.com rated him 76th.

> What he's done as a Cane: Pipho has yet to make a start in his four seasons at the University of Miami despite playing in 26 games. He was redshirted in 2005, and played mostly on extra points in 2006 and 2007. Last season when Reggie Youngblood and Jason Fox went down with injuries, he was forced into duty. He played plenty against Virginia and Virginia Tech until they returned the following week. This spring, with Youngblood and Chris Rutledge gone, he's worked with the first team at right tackle.

> What Eye On The U expects from him in '09: Entering the fall, Pipho is the projected starter at right tackle for the Hurricanes. Now in his fifth season, you would have hoped Pipho would have already started already at some point in his career. But the fact he hasn't (on a team not exactly loaded with offensive line talent) tells you something. Although coach Jeff Stoutland says all the right things about Pipho, there is no denying there are younger players behind Pipho who are more talented and more highly touted. The question is: Will those guys be good enough to beat him out for playing time in 2009? In the weight room, Pipho's 308-pound power clean lift is tied with Jason Fox for the second strongest among offensive lineman. That's comforting. But will Pipho be able to combat some of the nation's best defensive ends in the ACC like Fox has? That's a totally different issue. History tells us we shouldn't have a lot of confidence in a fifth-year senior who has zero starts (I don't have a lot either). Don't be shocked if freshman Jermaine Johnson -- switched to right tackle at the end of the spring -- eventually beats Pipho out for playing time by the end of the season.


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Best luck to Pipho but Manny says it all when he points out that he's been here for 4 years with mediocre O line talent and has never earned a start.

Pipho needs to step it up and grow a pair. My Gosh, young man, you're 6'7", 310 pounds. If we are going to rise as a team, it's time for you to take a look in the mirror and decide what you want to be. Or go back to Iowa and farm corn. Can you handle it?

Pipho should've gone to Stanford.

B Wash will be the starter by game 4

I don't like under acheivers let him ride the bench.No effort no starts!

The Canes have always had a hard time signing top OL'men. Does anyone have any theories as to why that is?


this thread exposes what's at the root of UM woes.

BAD o-line play. NO O-line depth. o-line Injuries. Bad weight room numbers.
How many O-coordinators has PEEEEEEE-po played for now?
Where is there any leadership in this group?
Got O-line depth?

Acc championship game? Dream on.

It looks like Scout had him more properly rated... I always feel when someone "inherits" a starting position versus earning it, he will lose that position by someone who is hungrier. I agree with many, by mid-season, he will be back on the Special Teams unit.

pipho sucks but his girlfriend is hot

Sounds like not having a true pass catching tight end this year if Epps isn't quite right may not be such an issue after all... Looks like our TE's are gonna have to stayin in to help the right side of the line block on every play.
One of the young guys (J Johnson or BWash) are gonna have to step up. I just hope Jacory survives until they do!
What the hell was Coker and staff doing recruiting this kid?

Well for alot of people that write on this board that dont even know Pipho you all think you know him. Well here's a little thing you forget you haven't been there and grew up with him; played against him. I have... Matt is a hard worker and puts in his time, let him play and he will show ya.

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