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Top 60 Countdown: No. 44, RB Lee Chambers

Time to move forward again in our countdown of the Top 60 players at the University of Miami. We examine No. 44: Sophomore running back Lee Chambers. The Canes have had a crowded backfield the past few years and Chambers hasn't had much room to shine. He finally did in the Emerald Bowl. But will he work harder to earn more time now that Mike James and Lamar Miller are joining the shuffle?

Sophmore running back Lee Chambers has more competition this fall. Will he step up or fall back with Mike James and Lamar Miller in the fold? > What we heard about him on Signing Day '07: Chambers picked the Hurricanes over Alabama, Mississippi State and Southern Mississippi. At Coffeyville High in Mississippi, Chambers finished his senior season with 1,325 yards and 19 touchdowns. That followed a junior season in which he ran for 1,543 yards and 19 touchdowns. He also played defense -- linebacker and safety -- and had 57 tackles, one sack and one interception return for a score. ESPN and Scout.com both loved Chambers' breakaway speed on the edge and rated him 9th nationally at his position. Rivals thought less of him and tabbed him a three-star recruit.

> What he's done as a Cane: Chambers played in four games -- all on special teams -- as a true freshman before going down with an injury and being granted a medical redshirt. He remained behind Graig Cooper, Javarris James and Derron Thomas on the depth chart last season before catching everyone's attention in the Emerald Bowl with several big bursts when he finished with 60 yards on nine carries. He played in five games, but didn't really carry the ball much other than against UCF when he finished with four carries for 31 yards. He has a total of 18 carries for 119 yards in his young career. He missed the spring with a shoulder injury.

> What Eye On The U expects from him in '09: Chambers is another talented player who could either end up being a major contributor because of injury, or another player that possibly ends up switching positions or transferring because he can't get on the field. The speed and burst we saw in the Emerald Bowl screams of talent. But there is a reason he didn't earn more carries last season when Javarris James was out with an injury.

Coach Randy Shannon made some interesting comments about Chambers during one of his press conferences after the Emerald Bowl: ""We'd like to get him more reps. But it's going to be up to him," Shannon said. "The one thing you always got to remember about young guys is some young guys can handle success and some guys can't." Not sure what Shannon was exactly hinting at, but it smells like maybe Chambers might not be doing all the things he has to. He better now. Mike James made his presence felt this spring. Lamar Miller could be the next. If Chambers hopes to play running back for the Canes, he has to breakout now.


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First. I thought the same thing last season after the Emerald Bowl. After JJ went down, how come Chambers was never given the ball? Either he's not doing enough to show he's more than capable of handling a work load, or RS is doing a "fine" job evaluating talent. I guess we'll see this season.

Thanks Manny.

I wouldn't be surprised to see him xfer out to get playing time.

Looks like Bryce Brown made the right call going somewhere else.

Looks like Rivals was right.

This guy is due for one of Shannon's position swicher-oo" moves. Hmmm...Dandy would probably stick him at DT.

True canesjunkie! We are stacked at RB, now lets get Gore on board along with Hall and we should be set for the 09 class!

I blame RS and the coaching staff not getting Chambers more work. Maybe they wanted to give Derron Thomas carries because he was a senior but he was reliable not explosive. Chambers has talent and speed obviously this is an example of the coaches not putting the best talent on the field.

I remember the days when we had two good backs but we would still give carries to a stud freshman with speed like a Chambers. Our coaches must do a better job with getting the best talent on the field.

I`m not there, but maybe he didnt work as hard in the offseason as others did or that he needed to
Maybe he didnt go as hard at practice as they wanted him to
Maybe he didnt pick up blitz packages
It could be that he went about it as he thought he was good enough to play

Again i`m not there so I wouldnt know but it sure seems like its something along those lines

RS has stressed over and over that you have to work hard, you wont play just on hype and what you did last year..Go out and earn it

Chamber should easily see more carries this year. He looks as if he with reps could have a big year. Production is the key, if the guy produces give the kid the ball and let him go. That way james and miller can be redshirted and not waste a year of eligibily on special teams like we did with other guys last year.

Chambers should have played over Derron Thomas. There is no excuse. We played freshmen who weren't ready all over the field and we basically forfeited the game vs NCST because Randy wanted to play seniors longer than there ability and talent deserved. Randy has favorites and those guys play regardless of talent, skill, or ability. That's why Glenn Cook last season and Willie Cooper start all season regardless of mistakes. Chambers is not one of his favorites and he might as well transfer because he's not going to get any carries. Chambers has ability and doesn't dance in the back field like Cooper but the writing is on the wall if he wants to play he has to transfer. A lot us accept Randy's shenanigans we just want to win with him or with out him.

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