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Top 60 Countdown: No. 45, DE Olivier Vernon

As we inch closer to midway point in counting down the Top 60 players at the University of Miami, we inspect No. 45 on our list: Freshman defensive end Olivier Vernon. The local product enrolled in January and turned heads this spring with his speed and agility getting to the quarterback. How good is Vernon? Maybe better than what was first anticipated.

At 6-3, 250, freshman Olivier Vernon has the size and speed to become a special pass rusher for the Hurricanes this season. > What we heard about him on Signing Day '09: The Hialeah American High product didn't play his senior because of an ankle injury, but he kept his word on his early commitment to Miami. The Hurricanes didn't need to see much from Vernon beyond his junior year to be sold on his talents. He had 52 tackles, 12.5 sacks and 21 tackles. Florida State and Alabama tried their best to sway Vernon away. But the 6-3, 250-pound end (rated 9th by Scout.com, 11th by Rivals, 19th by ESPN) chose UM and enrolled in January.

> What he's done as a Cane: Next to running back Mike James, most would say Vernon had the biggest spring of any of the six players who enrolled early. He started the spring game and had four tackles and a sack, beating left tackle Jason Fox to get to Jacory Harris.

> What Eye On The U expects from him in '09: Defensive line coach Clint Hurtt doesn't like to let his players get big-headed. But its hard for him to contain his excitement over Vernon, who has special pass rusher written all over him the way Marcus Robinson does. Vernon certainly has the body to play right away. The fact he didn't play his senior year means his body is relatively fresh. If he can stay healthy (and not tweak that ankle), he could become the Hurricane's second best pass rusher behind Robinson. And I think that's exactly what happens. Look for to make an impact.


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... BAMB!!! ... The U

Wished we had 10 more just like him... give him time... he'll get there and Robinson may have to make room in 2010

Middle linebacker!!!! Guy looks pretty lean for a d-lineman and we don't play that many passing teams. Oklahoma....that's about it.

"he'll get there and Robinson may have to make room in 2010"

haha Id say someone else will have to make room. MRob is a 1st round talent...

Welcome to the U kid! This guy has Jason Taylor written all over him and even looks like him too. GO CANES!!!

He was dominant in the spring game. The stats are nice but the disruptions was on every play. He should start. Regardless, we have a deadly group of DE's and if our DT's play better we'll have a great d-line.

This kid is going to be a monster at DE - we will be coming hard at the QB's from every direction. I expect this year's defense to be much better and keep us in games. GO CANES.

Nice to see Jack so excited, I wish him the best in San Antonio!


Besdies WR I lke our DE's the most. Ojomo is a beast, Robinson is super fast off the edge, Moncur he is experienced, Harris can play, and Andrew hs surprised.

Im very excited about Mr. Vernon. He has the potential to be a star.

yea he is good and already started but i say give him a year and he'll be a local superstar

Nice to see a fellow American alum budding into a potential superstar.

You know what guys, I am amazed by how many of you actually take the time out to answer this guy bashing the U.

I can guarantee you, if you decide to totally ignore him, he'll stop posting non-sense about the U. You can't expect the guy to shut his mouth by going at him when he says something about the U.

Here's a french quote for you 'Canes fans: "Le mépris vaut mieux que la réponse" which means that ignoring someone is worth more than answering him/her.

Posted by: Canatic | July 09, 2009 at 06:01 PM

Yet another Brilliant Cane Fan Post !!! ...U guys are really getting better ...

But I understand that U can't help Urselves Cane Stooges... Ur obsessed with having to defend Ur misguided thoughts (i.e. We'll Be Back Soon) the same way a habitual liar will repeat the same lie over and over to make his delusional ramblings seem sensicle ... To big of words for U . How about, UR Dumb@zzes to constant spew the same garbage going on 4 years now about how U've turned the corner towards relevancy ...

U get that ???

O.K. Cane Fan , the ball is on the Tee for U . Now take a Big Swing and a Miss...

U know U will because the bigger the LIE the more people are apt to beleive it like U Special Ones... Unfortunately for U, those people reside within Ur "305" U Blind-eye, Yesteryear, Dreamland, NeverNever'ShipAgainLand Lovefest Boundries ...

What U will never comprehend is that all those outside of Ur 305 cesspool know the Real Truth About Duh U !!!
And it is Average ... And Average is Ugly .

And that Be U .

Now go ahead 'lil cane fan , step back up and take another swing... this time don't break Ur theory into 2 pieces and try to keep Ur eye on the ball ...

Yet another Whhhiiiifffffffffffff ... Awwwwwwweeeeee Ur OUT !

Here's a french quote for you 'Canes fans: "Le mépris vaut mieux que la réponse" which means that ignoring someone is worth more than answering him/her.

Posted by: Canatic | July 09, 2009 at 06:01 PM

Listen to him U Waterloo Cane Frogs and do Urselves a favor ...

Did you really have to take posts from another site then post them here?

Has life been that rough on you?

Does going to a certain site posing as a certain blogger, then running back here and SS really mean that much to you?

Maybe in your mind there is.

During Jimmy Johnson the U found a lot of success moving players from linebacker to D end, safety to linebacker, making the position faster and quicker. The U didn't do it the other way around, making a defensive end into a linebacker as canesjunkie suggests.

At least she knows who the REAL U is!!!

you go boy! lol

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