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Top 60 Countdown: No. 48, RB Damien Berry

As we move forward in our countdown of the Top 60 players at Miami, we zero in on No. 48: Running back Damien Berry. Another guy who has switched positions at UM, is Berry -- the son of a former Cane -- going to get lost in the shuffle at running back? Or, will he finally get a chance to show us what he's got?

Damien Berry tore it up in the spring. But will we see him carry the ball in the fall? > What we heard about him on Signing Day '07: A standout running back at Glades Central, Berry came to UM as one of the nation's top safety prospects. He was a consensus Top 50 defensive back, but Rivals listed him as high as seventh at safety.

> What he's done as a Cane: After playing in all 12 games as a true freshman -- 11 on special teams only, Berry was moved to the backfield by coach Randy Shannon after the following spring. He never got a carry in game, but played in seven games (all on special teams). But he earned Offensive Scout Team Player of the Year honors and followed it up with an MVP performance in the spring game. Berry finished with 114 yards on 14 carries and scored a touchdown on a 54-yard scamper.

> What Eye On The U expects from him in '09: Despite his Scout Team honors and big spring performance, Berry is still way behind on the depth chart at running back behind Graig Cooper, Javarris James, freshman Mike James and even Lee Chambers. Unless one of those guys go down, there's a chance Berry won't get a carry in 2009 either. Could that lead to yet another position switch or a transfer? Maybe. But at the very least, Eye On The U expects Berry to be a key contributor on special teams. He's likely the second best special teams player on the team behind Sam Shields. He's a talent that has to get on the field in some capacity.

For those of you wondering, we'll get a chance to speak with Jason Fox, Randy Phillips and Graig Cooper on Wednesday. Check back for interviews with those guys Wednesday night. Also, I've been working some on the Canes' 2010 recruiting. Be ready for that. 


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You know we're ready Manny. Thanks for the updates!

finally. manny is reporting on the canes and all is right with the world.

Im thinking the people closely involved with the program have information that suggests we need a highly ranked saftey playing back up RB. Imthinking we are much younger and unproven at saftey and the DB's over all than we are at RB, but what do I know. Im just a fanon the outside looking in.

It has been to many quality players have the college career ruined because of position changes. R. Gordon, R. Hill, S. Sheilds, and D. Berry all have switch position but never shined.

Manny...see U at Canes Fest on 7/25 at The Shark.

Another wasted player. Why is a top ranked safety #4 on our RB depth chart? That doesnt make any sense with the lack of depth at safety, what a waste! Pisses me off

I normally feel like the coach knows best but this situation just makes me wonder what the thinking was. In Randy I trust but this one bogles the mind.

Put him back at safety, NOW

Yeah, looks like the coaching staff is wasting the career of another talented kid. Would like to see him moved back to safety or nickle back.

NICKEL BACK! This kid puts in the effort and needs to be put where he can shine!

I dont know what Randy is thinking about, this doesnt make much sense to me at all. We have enough RB's. He is wasting Berry's talent, let him play DB. Our DB's werent that good last year, I say put him back there, we could use another play maker in the defensive back field.

tptp79 we can probably add Kylan Robinson to that list. He vacated the RB spot about the same time we were moving Berry INTO the RB spot.

I feel damien is being way UNDER UTILIZED.

This can play & he is playmaker we need in our secondary.

I think Damien WILL get carries this year, and I disagree with your projection of him fifth on the depht chart. I think he'll continue to shine, as he has in practice and in the spring game, and be a key contributer on the 2009 team. They're has to be a plan for him, as it would make zero sense to put him at RB when we obviously need secondary help. I've had a chance to spend a lot of time with Damien this summer, and I can tell you this-- He's gonna make it hard for them to keep him off of the field

Go to Tennessee Barry!

well the best plays every week so if he proves he's good enogh, he's gonna get carries.

I don't think most fans realize that where you are ranked coming out of high school means nothing once you step on a college field. I'm sure Berry was played at safety when he first arrived at the University of Miami but he must not have done too good there for the staff to switch his position. I'm also sure that if he played like a highly ranked he'd still be there.

Berry won't ever be a feature back, but i believe he will get playing time; in certain situations...

3rd and 2, 4 wides, single back, hand it to Berry to bulldoze someone for the first down.

Same situation, Cooper will try to scat, and if someone gets a hold of his Jersey Coop's going down. James will get hurt running to the Huddle...

Berry will bust through that line... First Down !!!!

Another thing to consider... During the time Berry was switch to RB, we had bodies at saftey...

None of those bodies were allstars, but Cooper was still young then...

The Depth chart changes every year... I think it would have been even more unfair to switch the kid back to Safety...

Damian, will produce where ever he's at on the field. He runs with speed and power and could play DB, which is his initials and his number is #20 (E.R), say no more.U.M must put it's best playmakers on the field. He put in the work now it's up to the coaches to get the benifits of their top players. Give him a shot and watch out. By the way he went to power house Glades Central and won a state championship his senior year.

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