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Top 60 Countdown: No. 49, OL Harland Gunn

As we move deeper into our countdown of the Top 60 players at Miami, we look at No. 49: Offensive lineman Harland Gunn, who came to UM highly regarded and is looking to finally deliver this season as a redshirt sophomore.

> What we heard about him on Signing Day '07: Gunn attended the same high school in Omaha -- Central High -- as Gale Sayers, Ahman Green, Calvin Jones and Keith Jones. He was tabbed as the nation's No. 8 center by Rivals.com, the sixth best guard by Scout.com and the 63rd best player -- regardless of position -- by the same website. When the 6-2, 313-pound Gunn chose UM over Nebraska in their own backyard, the Canes believed they had a steal.

Harland Gunn > What he's done as a Cane: Until this spring, Gunn was basically an invisible man on UM's offensive line depth chart. He was redshirted his freshman season and didn't get out of scout team duties in his second season either. Gunn was passed up on the depth chart by a player not nearly as highly regarded as him (Joel Figueroa). But now, Gunn appears ready to start making some noise. This spring with Figueroa out, Gunn saw a lot of time at both guard positions alongside Orlando Franklin and is expected to compete with Figueroa for a starting job in the fall. There is no questioning Gunn's abilities in the weight room, he has the strongest bench (425) and squat (600) on the team. His 330-pound power clean is the third best on the team behind Allen Bailey (375) and Eric Moncur (340).

> What Eye On The U expects from him in '09: Some players simply are late bloomers. The Hurricanes are hoping that is the case with Gunn. After two years of anonymity, Gunn needs to emerge from the pack and put his strength to use in the ground game. Outside of Jason Fox (36 starts) and Orlando Franklin (14 starts), there isn't a ton of experience on UM's offensive line. If Gunn can start delivering on the field -- and not just the weight room -- Miami's offense will obviously benefit. But if he gets passed up by Figueroa again or even freshman Brandon Washington, then it will be hard not to consider him another promising Canes recruit who turned out to be a bust. Ultimately, though, I see Gunn sharing the workload inside with Washington and Figueroa. 


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Happy 4th Canes fans. The Midwest is known for one thing when it comes to football. Producing stout big-uglies that get it done in the trenches. Let's hope this proves to be the case with Gunn.

Happy 4th of July Manny.

Thanks again for all you do Canes related.

Figs is going to start at RG that's not a knock on Gunn. Figs has big time ability as long as he's in shape. Figs moves real good for a guy his size. Can't teach that.

Happy 4th Manny!

Another Canes bust.
Does anyone know if Nebraska even wanted him?
Check all the highly regarded players recruited by larry Coker that turned out to be absolute busts at UM: James Bryant, Willie Williams, Sam Shields, Akiem Jolla, Rhyan Anderson, Charlie Jones, Arthur Brown, Dedrick Epps, Reggie Youngblood, Ryan Moore, DajLeon Farr, Lance Leggett, Kirby Freeman, Kyle Wright.....
Who knows what happenned to Kyle Wright? Did he ever stick in the NFL?
No wonder why Larry Coker got fired, his top recruits turned out to be busts. In defense of him, though, I think every other top program in the country wanted those same players.

Come on you cn;t blme Coker for this one, lets get real. RS has had him for the last two years, .....That list shows me that the coaching at the U has been piss poor the last 4 years, including RS's tenure. I mean RS has been there the whole time as well.........Lets get real....if the team does not improve....RS should go.

Happy Fourth Manny!


We really really really need Gunn & Trump to reach there potential. Fox has great footwork.. is he strong enough and how will he be as a leader of the line...

The OL, up front wins championships, the skills just get the recognition..

Is it football season yet...

college football is where it's at. Pro football is a farce. In college football, you got to lay it on the line every single time.
Pro football, you don't even show up to play half the time. Damn near every team gets a fresh start come playoff time.

Pro football is a farce? It's the best-of-the-best in the NFL. How many college superstars make to the NFL and flop. How good was Reggie Bush in college..look at him now.

You might like college better, but don't hate on the league.

Def not a bust - best run blocker on the team

how can a guy be a bust before his sophomore year? andre johnson became a star his RS sophomore year. mcgahee never played extensive minutes until the year he started which was his 3rd or 4th year on campus. some guys just aren't ready immediately. he still has 3 years left to show what he got on the field.

and Manny, Figs came in a year before Gunn. so its not like Gunn was ever ahead of Figs on the depth chart or in each's progression as a player. Tyler Horn came in with Gunn. Both are at the same level right now. Need to be ready for action since they are the first back ups at their position. Personally I would have liked to see Gunn takeover at LG for Franklin so he could move over to RT. And still think that might happen, but doesn't seem as likely at this point.

Our coaching staff has been weak since Coker let most of the staff go after the blowout bowl loss to LSU. RS has been a big part of the coaching staff all through the Coker years up till now, so he should share the blame with Coker for not developing talent. I think Whipple is the 1st quality hire for our coaching staff in 10 years!! Most top schools have high paid nfl quality coaches developing their talent, we need to be near that level of coaching talent to compete for a title again. Just look back at the 80's and early 90's how many of our coord. went to nfl, any wonder we were in nat. title hunt every year!

i cant believe you idiots are saying this RS has put more players in the first round of the draft then the university of Florida has all together give the guy a break the defences during the coker years keeped them in games not the offence so go choke on that you fair weather fans and leave the blogging to real hurricane fans IDIOTS.

no we did not hire from the nfl jimmy johnson hand picked his coahes from the college ranks tuberville, butch davis,greg shiano,etc. estaban do you really know anything really abot the u come do some studying before you blog something and no what your talking about please


I agree that the past coaching staffs have been poor, we don't have the budget to pay NFL coordinators. Schools like Tennessee and Florida have much more money than we do, we can't buy coaches like they can.

How many powerhouse private school teams are there? I can only think of 2 - Notre Dame and USC. Notre Dame has a huge budget from TV, merchandising and alumni. You can see that doesn't guarantee success on the field. In fact, I don't even think they should be counted.

USC is a powerhouse. I'm not sure how USC's budget compares, but they have a geographic advantage in recruiting talent. They've had good offensive coordinators that run pro-style offenses.

We're like USC....talent, talent, talent. Coaches, we get up and comers and hope we pick right.

Esteban, Willis McGahee was playing behind 3 RB's who would go on to star in the pros: Clinton Portis, Frank Gore and Najeh Davenport.
The OL is the weak link of the Canes team. Always has been too. If Harland Gunn hasn't seen playing time by now, he is a bust.

Canesjunkie, I think the thing that hurts the Canes program more than anything else is the lack of attention the team gets in So Florida. UF and FSU sell out every game.
UM didn't even sell out when they had great teams in the 80's.
You have great campus life at both those schools. UM is a commuter school. You have a city, Miami, that half of the population despises you if you are WASP and speak English. Canes program has to compete for attention with the Dolphins. The only thing the Canes program can sell is sun and beach, they can't sell community support.

Norm 1V, I disgaree with your assessment that top recruits aren't being developed properly. They were never that good to begin with. Look at top players who left UM and went elsehwere, they still didn't beocme NFL draft picks after getting suppossedly better coaching. Willie Willimas transferred to Louisville. Rhyan Anderson and Akiem Jolla transferred to New Mexico St. Charlie Jones transferred to Memphis St. None of them got picked in the NFL draft.

Shannon has been heaping all kinds of praise on Gunn lately for his performance during the spring. According to Shannon, the "light has finally come on" for Gunn.

Expect to see a lot of him this season.

- CAT5 Cane

Aku...good points. Our games have been pretty empty. Hopefully that will turn around soon.

Hey... CAT5 Cane. Have noticed you have been posting as CAT5 Cane (With "CAT" capitalized)... using my name a couple of times and have left messages for you...

Thanks for picking my name, and yes, it is a good one, but it has been taken for a long time... Please find another name for your blogging enjoyment... Thanks!

Email me at... cat5cane@gmail.com if you wish or come over to Canespace.com (My daily blogging site) so we can discuss this.

The original Cat5 Cane.

As to Gunn... He'll be fine, but the bottom line is that everyone must step up, whether starting or back-up... either you got this or step aside and become a back-up... but back-ups have an important role too, if we're going to the next level... ya gotta be ready when your numbers called.

Starting last year... Remember, No more excuses from the coaches or the players...

Just do it!


Coach Shannon has said if we need to score 70 points a game to win, then we will score 70 points a game in the article written by reporter Barry Jackson on 6/30/09. Sometimes you have to outscore the opponent to win he has said implying you sometimes have to get into a scoring contest with your opponent, sore of like basketball. Prepare yourself for football games full of offensive power.
Someone correct me if I'm wrong but I recall Jimmy Johnson use to have a different philosophy. He said you have to keep the opponent to less than 20 points a game. You have to keep the opponent to less than 150-175 yards passing and less than 100-125 yards rushing. Jimmy Johnson didn't like games with too much offense, particularly the opposing team. His motto was that offenses are fun to watch but the defenses win national championships. Who is right?

I think it is waaay too early to judge Gunn. He is only going into his sophmore year. I at least wait till after their junior year to label someone a "bust". Akuhead, it just seems like the top ranked recruits turn out pretty good at other schools and flop at ours. Changing coaches every year(and not very good coaches at that) is definately not good for player development! I realize we don't have the same budget as the big money state schools, but the hires of guys like walton and nix cannot happen!!

WorriedHurricane - look at the defenses in the past 10 years or so, we have kept opponents scoring to a minimum for the most part and we didnt get squat out of our offenses. Nix sucked...plain and simple.

And on that note...does anyone else think he threw that Emerald Bowl game? It looked like he was telling RS to screw himself on the sidelines during that last drive....either way - good riddance.

The Canes will be fine. All you people crying for RS to be fired...take a hike. Just make sure your position stays the same in relation to the bandwagon once we start winning championships.

Worried hurricane: it is a new day and age of football this is not the same league jimmy johnson coached now. you do have to outscore your opponent. UM jus't can't win smash mouth football, you have to be able to put points on the board. the game is getting faster,stronger,and way more diverse teams can't just go out and win every game 14 - 10.do not get it twisted RS is a defensive minded coach but UM needs more diverse offense.and when he said that i'm pretty sure he was talking about how Whipple is going to bring the offense back that we have lacked for the past 4 years.

Aku said it best- all of those players were busts and stayed busts and would have been busrts no matter who coached them. They either are ballers or they are not, and coachin"up" isn't going to do it. Willis McGahee would have been a stud here, at FIU, or at FAU, no matter.
So stop blaming Coker and RS for these players being UNDER achievers.

Now, you CAN blame the recruiting. To have Kyle wright billed as THE best football player in the nation, and the poof! he busts just like that? That's not coaching. Or else he'd been sitting onsome NFL roster. For that matter, compare with kenny Dorsey who despite having a weak arm, stayed in the NFL for 5 years.

Clearly KW, Tyrone Moss, Charlie Jones, Willie Williams and Lance leggett were the top busts. then throw in all these players that left early for the NFL (Gore, Rolle, Phillips, etc etc) and you have a team that year in-year out got decimated.

On another note: I heard throiugh the grape vine, that Tommy Bowden has been spotted "talking" with UM people. Coincidence that RS' contract is up for renewal?//////???mmmmmmmmm

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