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Top 60 Countdown: No. 50, OL Brandon Washington

As we move deeper into the countdown of the Top 60 players at UM, we hit the big 5-0, No. 50 on our list. That would be freshman offensive lineman Brandon Washington, who spent a year in prep school and is probably ready to contribute this season.

Brandon Washington was the anchor on the offensive line of Miami Northwestern's national championship team in 2007. > What we heard about him on Signing Day '08: He was ranked as a consensus Top 15 guard in the country by Rivals, Scout and ESPN coming out of Miami Northwestern in 2008. But after some academic struggles, Washington was forced to attend Milford Prep for a season. The 6-4, 354-pounder resigned with Miami after being tabbed the second-best prep school player in the country by Rivals.com.

> What he's done as a Cane: He came in the spring and competed at right guard and left guard. He was on the second team at left guard in the spring game. Said offensive line coach Jeff Stoutland of Washington: "You talk about a bright kid, he’s very, very intelligent. We can do a lot of things with him and you only have to coach him once. He’s not going to [make a mistake] next time. He could actually, like Orlando [Franklin] did, end up helping us this year. He can play tackle, center. He’s extremely bright. Right now we got him playing left guard. Before he’s done here, who knows where he’ll play." He's also a strong kid. He's already benching 400 pounds. Only Harland Gunn (425) and Allen Bailey (405) are lifting more. His other numbers, however, 365-pound squat and 242-pound power lift need to improve.

> What Eye On The U expects from him in '09: Washington is the most highly regarded offensive lineman UM has signed in the last three years. The bottom line is he's probably the most talented offensive lineman on the team among the newcomers. He's played offensive line at the high school level since he was a freshman under UM Director of Football Operations Corey Bell. If Washington isn't starting by the end of the season or seeing significant playing time in the rotation at guard, you have to believe his 2009 season has been a failure. But I don't think that's going to happen. This is a guy who could and probably will be a three-year starter in his career at UM.


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just want to say thanks for getting us through the dog days with these profiles manny. thanks man.

Corey Bell as recruiting coordinator? I thought that was Hurtt's title.

Could you explain this further Manny?

This guy is going to be our best offensive lineman by the middle of the season.

He said Corey Bell as UM Director of Football Operations...

that is Hurtts jobs.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but it's Hurtt the Recruiting Coordinator and D-Line coach only? Also, does anyone know what Ice Harris' job title is?


Ice Harris' job is make sure all of Booker T's studs come to the U!

Now that the seasons getting closer, and when even silly countdowns are getting me hype, one thing is really bothering me...

All of us Canes fans are going to be driving to "LandShark" Stadium to see our beloved team play, a stadium that now bears the most meaningless, un-historic, non-nastalgic, sell-out name in college football (next to Papa Johns Stadium in Lousiville, KY, of course).


...i'd rather share with the Marlins at their new stadium instead of spending the next 20 YEARS being reminded of how gay jimmy buffet is every saturday.

Anyone else?

Worst stadium name ever...at least they named it before Gloria Estefan got involved...pan con bistec stadium would've been worse.

It will always be Joe Robbie to me, they can take that stadium naming crap and shove it up their ass!

Brandon Washington has star potential !!

If the coaches had brains they'd start Brandon Washington over that tub of lard Joel Figueora from day 1.

But they're too stupid to figure that out.




This link is better and includes an AWESOME 2001 Canes vid!


Brandon Washington...

If memory serves... Jacory was the catalist behind getting Brandon recruited to the U... Stating that Brandon did not allow a sack,... zero, ziltch, none, the whole time he was on the line protecting Jacory... That was a huge statement and the coaches listened...

Will he be a star before he leaves the U ?... U Betcha, Just ask Jacory !!!

For all you guys knocking our players... get off the friggin train at the next stop, you were not recruited and you damn sure never played at the U or you would have more respect.

Some might not be as gifted as others but they are bustin their azzezoff trying to get to the next level...

Respect the U Family!

Did Brandon use a year of eligibility at Prep school, or does he still have 4 years?

U don't lose a year by going to prep school.

He should see significant playing time. I don't think he will be a starter by the end of the season unless their is an injury to the guy in front of him, "Joel Figueora". I know, who!??

P.S> Believe in Shannon!

We need a stadium! Donna Shalala, Kirby Hocutt:

Make a name for yourselves for posterity.

become heroes inSo Fl.

bring in tons of moolah

bring back the U to prominence with recruits etc.

i guarantee you. UM builds s new stadium/ athletic facities all-in-one, No recruit east of the Missisissipi, and even manywestcoast ones will wantto come to the u. The next chant will be:

Pete Caro-who?
Bobby Bow-who?


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