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Will '09 be different? Fox, Cooper, Phillips say so

Randy Phillips 

They're tired of losing. They're tired of being written off. They're ready to put the University of Miami's football program back on the map.

Jason Fox has two goals: An ACC title and starting 50 games, more than any other UM offensive lineman That's what three of the Hurricanes most important veteran players talked about Wednesday -- exactly one month before the start of fall practice (Aug. 8). So, should we believe Jason Fox, Graig Cooper or Randy Phillips when they say UM is ready to put the uglier days of Canes football behind them?

After all, wasn't that the same thing we heard last year from Glenn Cook, Bruce Johnson and Reggie Youngblood? Didn't Kyle Wright, Kirby Freeman and Tavares Gooden say the same things the year before that? The bottomline is words don't win football games. But Cooper, Fox and Phillips shared some with us Wednesday -- the first time any reporter has been able to talk to players since the spring ended in March.

The trio filled us in on what the mood of the team is, their early impressions of several new arrivals and their expectations. Since players have simply been working out -- and 7-on-7 drills just got underway last week -- there isn't a whole lot of news to report. But there was definitely a lot of passion in the veteran's voices.

Nobody had more of it than Phillips when I asked him why 2009 will be different. "Because we weathered the storm," he said. "The hurricane came in and swept us, got us. We weren't stable, weren't built from the ground up. Coach Shannon was just getting in. The University of Miami has put those days behind us. We've already fixed our city back. Just like you saw the Dolphins improve, the Hurricanes are going to improve a lot from last year."

Graig Cooper wants to run for 1,000 yards and lead UM to a championship But why? What gives you that confidence? "Just having the young guys come back and feel stronger," Phillips said. "They really didn't get a chance to fully mature last year because they were out there playing. Usually a guy will redshirt and bulk up so he'll be ready. The guys that played, feel a lot stronger and faster and are going out there, doing great things. This year is going to be a whole lot better because we return a lot of great players, players that didn't even play last year like me - Colin McCarthy and Eric Moncur. That's two or three year starters we didn't have on defense last year."

One question I asked all three players about was their reaction to preseason predictions from magazines, who nearly all picked the Canes to finish fourth in the Coastal Division behind Virginia Tech, Georgia Tech and North Carolina. (Only Phil Steele picked the Canes to finish higher and had them ranked in his preseason Top 25). Fox said the best way for Miami to put those thoughts to rest are winning the team's first four games, beginning with Florida State (which Fox said has been on his and other players minds for a while).

"One thing I've learned is nobody knows what goes on here and knows how good we are except the guys here," he said. "It's up to us to go out and show to the world how good we are. That's our objective this season. We've got to put Miami back on the map."

I plan to share some of what they talked about as the week goes on, but if you can't wait check out each of their audio interviews by clicking on the link.


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Thanks Manny.

Is it me or is Randy Phillips the shiniest man on the the face of the earth? He looks like he's wearing glitter.


Here's hoping those guys are right... but I'm not going to lie, I'm tired of all the sound bites. Too much talk, not enough action.

Two years ago it was Jason Fox who was talking smack about Miami beating Oklahoma, the one-sided aspect of the rivalry, etc. and the Canes got smoked.

Miami is 19-19 since the LSU game. Time to stop talking and start doing. All this, "nobody respects us" or "nobody knows how good we are but us" - that's old news and our guys have said that for years.

Shut up, play ball and win some games already. Show people on the field what you're gonna do -- don't tell a local beat writer.

I think the motto for this year should be "NO EXCUSES", because me as a Canes fan is tired of hearing them. No more complaints about being too young, not having a qb, playing with Coker players, team chemistry, or give Shannon a few years. It's time to put up or shut up. ACC championship game or the season is a failure.

Dman, I must say I agree with you! However, I do feel this team will take the next step and win 9 games in regular season. With a bowl win we get to 10! Anything less is a bust!!!! I am so excited with all the talent at DL, WR, RB, LB and S. RANDY, VT and RAY RAY, come on. Only real ? is OL. MAN CANT WAIT TILL KICK OFF! PARTY AT MY HOUSE....




This is Shannon's last year. As Parcels says, you can buy the groceries but you need someone who knows how to cook it. Randy has gotten 2 free passes since "his players" aren't on the field. If he doesn't win this year he's out. The canes can easily fall to 1-3 and you could see Randy out mid season similar to Zook in UF 5 years ago.

The only way Randy is going is if he has a worse season than last year. I don't see that happening this season though. We were on top of the division standings last year before the GT game and went down hill from there. Our fab freshmen are now studly sophmores and know what college football is about now. I see us losing no more than 4 games this year.


Thanks Mike
Theres about 5 seconds of my life I cant get back after reading that stupid arse post
Go run back to your F-U blog

Time to make a statement on the field
Words in the press are just that...words
It will just take that 1 big signature win to get things rolling

Get it right
Thats not what I said

Shannon isn't going anywhere after this season.

He's been on the job for only two seasons. He'll get two more (the length of his contract) to turn the program around.

Frankly, after this season, I'll bet no one will want him to leave.

We're going to turn the corner this year. Almost all the pieces are in place.

- CAT5 Cane

Nobody gives three $#&$! about scUM. FIU is where its at. Give it about fives years and it will be THE college football program in South Florida. By then Phase III on campus stadium complete with 70,000 roaring fans cheering on Big East Golden Panthers.

crazy cane your funny

Randy better hope this team gets to 9 or ten wins and gets to the ACC title game at least. A losing record should be pretty much out of the question with a team as talented as this. No one can deny that Randy has returned some much needed disapline to this team which was lost once Davis bolted for the Browns. I'm not sold on Randy on gameday planning and coaching decisions on the fly during a game but I like the way he has the players respect and attention. The smartest thing by far he did this year was fire Nix, who was terrible before he got here. Although we won't know how Whipple's offense will produce until the season starts, at least I feel a since of hope that I haven't had in years. This year looks like 99 or 2000.

Crazy Cane, you are talking foolishness! Its going to take FIU at least ten years to even be able to compete with the upper level football teams. Even then, they won't be in the top five in the state. FAMU will give them a run for their money this year! Yeah FAMU!

I believe in what Miami and the Coach is doing. Seems like its hard to keep college kids from taking cash and beating up chicks. The Brawl was sickening so if these young men leaving with an education good for them.

As for this year Our season rest in the hands of the o-line on offense and backers on defense. Fox and company have to produce a thousand yard back to take the pressure off Harris and that should make the play-action work to perfection. on D these backers scare me. I mean is their a nasty S.O.B. in this group or what.(I'm praying Jeff Luc commits to the U) Colin reminds me of a Dan Conner but faster. He plays assignment football and that is essential to keeping the Defense playing with their head and using talent and not playing off of instinct.

The team is too talented and we could easily go 4-0. I see us losing to OU but the offense should be able to score 28pts. a game. They do that and we are BCS bound and I just have this aching feeling that we will see Tebow again. Don't ask me why but I think we will.

I love this little school!!!!

Manny..Is Heather Dinich the female in these interviews? Did you run any game on her?

FIU students aren't all moronic idiots like CrazyCane, I swear.

think the motto for this year should be "NO EXCUSES ...

Posted by: dman | July 08, 2009 at 05:46 PM

They tried that last year ... How'd that work out for U ?

The team is too talented and we could easily go 4-0. I see us losing to OU but the offense should be able to score 28pts. a game. They do that and we are BCS bound and I just have this aching feeling that we will see Tebow again. Don't ask me why but I think we will.

Posted by: Imyahuckleberri | July 08, 2009 at 11:03 PM

Doc Holiday was a drunk and heavy opium user ...

What's Ur excUse ?


I just have this aching feeling that we will see Tebow again.

Oh and U Will , he'll be in Pasadena , and U'll be in mom's basement watching him Win Ring # 3 .

Check out my vid. If you dont get pumped you are not a CANE.

Mario Cristobal is a PAIN in the A** on the recruiting trail, I can only imagine how bad he will OWN us once that FIU team starts knocking off good teams ?

Can someone show me and Randy how to use the internet, I wanna learn to Tweet and break NCAA rules ?

Posted by: Clint Hurtt | July 08, 2009 at 11:29 AM

LMAO !!! That was clever...

NEWSFLASH : the gaytors did not have a 1,000 yard rusher last year. Do U wanna ignore THOSE stats? but i guess in a gimmicky offense, stats don't matter, right? doosh.

Posted by: GotSwag? | July 08, 2009 at 03:18 PM

See what U can make outta these Stats CaneFan Fool ... Ignore this.

Here's a hint ... It's called Developed DEPTH ...

Rushing ---gp ---att --- gain --- avg --- td --- lg --- avg/g

Tebow, T. 14 --- 176 --- 792 --- 3.8 --- 12 --- 26 --- 48.1

Harvin, P. 12 --- 70 ---- 668 --- 9.4 --- 10 --- 80 --- 55.0

Rainey, C. 14 --- 84 -----673 ---- 7.8 --- 4 --- 75 --- 46.6

Demps, J. - 14 - 78 ---- 621 ---- 7.8 ---- 7 --- 62 ---- 43.2

Moody, E. - 10 -- 58 -- 424 ----- 7.2 ---- 1 --- 40 --- 41.7

Total ---------14 ---545---3469 ----5.9 ----42 --- 80 ---231.1

Now U ... NO DEPTH ...

RUSHING ------- Att - Yds - Avg - TD

Graig Cooper --- 171 ---841 --4.9 --4

Javarris James --68 --286 --4.2 ---4

Robert Marve -----59 --119 --2.0 -- 2

Lee Chambers ---18 --116 --6.4 -- 0

Derron Thomas --31 --111 --3.6 -- 1

Jacory Harris ----45 --101 --- 2.2 --2

Shawn McNeal--13 --62 ---4.8 ----2

Travis Benjamin --5 --42 ---8.4 ----1

Matt Bosher *MVP* 1 -9 --9.0 --- 0


RUSHING --- Att --- Yds --- Avg --- TD

Team -------- 426 ---1,680 ---- 3.9 --- 17

THAT'S 129 yrds. Per GAME !!!

Barely 30+ yrds a Quarter ...

DEFEND THAT Please I can't wait to hear this rationale ... I BEG U
here, i'll throw this in to make U feel better ...

Matt Bosher -------- 40 ----- 18

Might wanna give Ur MVP 10 touches a game... Maybe U'll have a 100 yrd. Rusher next year...
That's just one example just how bad U are and where Ur heading Cane Fan ... Go back THREE years, it's much of the same.

Let me know when U want to get into those Stacked Beast's U call a Receiving Corps and their Stats anytime U like... I'll spare U Ur pathetic Special Teams play til later.

Hey, at least U have the best Soccer player in the ACC.

EXCUSE U , That's U ...

You'll need to make up plenty more for what is about to happen to Ur Football Program in 2009 ...

Get to writing !!!

Posted by: U Were Saying ??? U Got ??? | July 09, 2009 at 02:31 AM

Flip a quarter 12 times Cane Fan ...

U just might get lucky and win 7 times ...

Over/Under @ 6

Posted by: The Odds Are Against U ... | July 09, 2009 at 02:37 AM

Now let's review Cane Fan ...
U have a Combo @ Q.B. Bean/Stork ... GimpnWindblowmeova @ R.B. ... Stonehand W.R.'s that can't keep their feet and will be losing numerous lob balls in the lights and sun ... An O.L. who's greatest skill is the look-out block ... A D-line and L.B. unit that gives up the occasional 400 yrd. rushing game ... D.B.'s that can't shed blocks, much less tackle with all of 3 picks last year ... Special Teams that are inept at best ... And Ur Kicker/Punter is Ur ***MVP*** ...

Yup, I can see why U have every reason to think U'll be back soon ...

Don't forget to bring Ur Towels to the Oklahoma beatdown Cane Fan ...

35,000 Towels littered about the Gators National Championship Field should send Donna n Kirby a messege...

But will they care ?

Why should U ?

Posted by: I'm Cane Fan... Ur Offense Is Gimmicky ! But I Love And Cheer When Ronnie Lines Up In The WildCat !!! Ur Not Just A Hippocrate Cane Fool , Ur A DUMB Hippocrate... | July 09, 2009 at 03:05 AM

Posted by: Yeah I Know... Ur LOADED With Beasts @ R.B. Canefan ... U Check Last Years Rushing Yardage Stats ? U Wanna Ignore n Forget Them Right ? | July 08, 2009 at 03:04 PM

Posted by: What's That Cane Fan ? ... Yeah, I Thought So... | July 09, 2009 at 03:10 AM

soon UM will be back to the days when people say we can't win with class...it'll be great

Posted by: BW | July 08, 2009 at 03:30 PM

Most Intellegent Cane Fan Post In YEARS !!!

Enough with the Charm School Tactics Cane Fan ... WIN GAMES and kick people's Teeth down their throats while doing it ... Wins n Rings, there's no other thing.

U wrote that book and that Used to be U , and U were BAD !!!

Now U've thrown away the script and Ur just plain average 50/50 bad , have been for 4 years and years to come ...

Too bad for U huh ?

Posted by: Thoooooose Weeeeeeere Theeeee Daaaaays ... | July 09, 2009 at 03:20 AM

What a stable we have...wear the opponents down and keep everyone healthy..Especially if both James and Coop are gone next year..

Posted by: M.H. | July 08, 2009 at 04:09 PM

Then to one of the dumbest ...

Posted by: Have Fun Running The Ball Down 2-3 Scores In The Second Half | July 09, 2009 at 03:24 AM


O.K. Canefan ... Let's all get in a circle, reach out to Ur left n right, grip'em tight and chant, " We're Back BABY !!! "

5 weeks Ur ship sets sail with an already full belly of seawater ...

Get Ur Buckets ready Cane Stooges ...

Posted by: Different 2009 Verse ... Same As The 2006 First ... | July 09, 2009 at 03:44 AM

``The hurricane came in and swept us, got us. We weren't stable, we weren't built from the ground up. Coach [Randy] Shannon was just getting in. The University of Miami has put those days behind us. . . just like you saw the Dolphins improve, the Hurricanes are going to improve a lot from last year.''

The Dolphins went from 1-15 to 11-5 and AFC East champions. The Hurricanes would like to be a team that goes from 7-6 with a jarful of freshman to being relevant again in the national landscape, something that has not happened since the Canes were still producing a high volume of first-round picks and in the Big East.

Hmmmmm, a single season turn around when comparing Professional to average College talent ???

Nice analogy .

2010 and 2011 U Pro Days ... Plenty of seats available, just watch out for those tumbleweeds...

Stick to a 7 Win Season as Ur Goal Cane Fan and be happy if U get there...

Everybody on the team wants to be the group that brings The U back,'' Cooper said. ``This team now is more mature, has a bond like I've never seen before. Now, everybody respects each other. There's more leadership. A few years ago we'd see guys not working and wouldn't say anything. But now, everybody is working. We really want to do this.''


And who was the Head of the Program just a "few" years ago ? And in charge of one entire side of the team for years prior ... And is still now the Head of the Program ???

So, just what has changed ?

After 6-6, not much ...

Posted by: Different 2009 Verse ... Same As The 2006 First ... Same Old Tired Song n Dance... Circle Up Cane Fan And Assume The Position Again... | July 09, 2009 at 04:12 AM

Morning Art, I couldn't pass this Gem up from pumped up delusional Cane Stooge ...

Simply Amazing ...

The team is too talented and we could easily go 4-0. I see us losing to OU but the offense should be able to score 28pts. a game. They do that and we are BCS bound and I just have this aching feeling that we will see Tebow again. Don't ask me why but I think we will.

Posted by: Imyahuckleberri | July 08, 2009 at 11:03 PM

Doc Holiday was a drunk and heavy opium user ...

What's Ur excUse ?


I just have this aching feeling that we will see Tebow again.

Oh and U Will , he'll be in Pasadena , and U'll be in mom's basement watching him Win Ring # 3 .

Posted by: 4-0 ? 4-0 ? Four n Oh ? FOUR n OHHH ??? EASILY ??? He's All Urs Cane Fan ... |

Alright Arty , I'm off to breakfast... Enjoying the San Fermin Festival in Pamplona . Spaniards do know how to party... Dodging Bulls ? Not so much ... Must say though as the El Toros were stomping and flipping these idiots outta the way, it sure reminded me of Duh U's D-Backs coming up on Run Support ... No chance, no help ...

O.K. Senior Kehoe, I'm traveling the next few days, Duh brainwashed delusional one's are all Ur's ...

Posted by: U Got The 4-0 Right Cane Fan ... Ur Just Helplessly Dyslexic ... | July 09, 2009 at 05:11 AM



What's funnier than cane honk attempting to call out UF's running attack.

It shows how completely ignorant these guys are. UM's rushing numbers were ATROCIOUS and this clown is going to try to call out the champs who had FOUR guys go over 600 yards.

Jealousy causes cane fan to abandon objectivity.

Cane fan and objectivity in the same sentence is weird.

Athlon picked U fourth in the sorry COASTAL DIVISION cane fan. talk smack on that.

The SEC has more players in the NFL than the ACC. Spin that U.


The only way that this year is better than the past two years is a BCS Bowl Game. It is time Randy to win the ACC

yes and what talent the SEC has in the NFL, THE MANNINGS AND P WILLIS EVERY ONE ELSE IS A SCRUB

do all you gator fans still have your ZOOK shirts?, oh yeah i forgot a team can never came back from a bad coach-right! Enjoy it while you can gator fans, your coach will leave for his dream job, and Miami will once again rule the state and the college football world(uf 1 win in 20 years against the U)

dont worry da U will be bak dis year with all these south florida stars on the team and we deep at every position so dont b surprised if we do sumthin seriuos dis year muda sukas!!

GOT 5 is asking (do you all you gator fans still have your ZOOK shirts?)

No they don't. These people were not Gaytor fans back when Zook was coach. They're bandwagon jumpers. Closet Cane and Seminole fans until The Gaytors won a NC. When FSU & Miami are up and Jesus leaves next year, these are the same people that will jump back over to the next rising team. Old news. None of these tools were coming on this site talking smack 3 or 4 years ago. That’s just a fact. They're just maggots popping up with every Gaytor win, popping up on every college football website. All my years reading on college football websites, never have I seen more bandwagon jumpers then the current so called Gaytor fans. Just a very, very true fact!

All this talk is stupid. I mean most you guys never even played Pop Warner. Yet you sit here day after day telling bad jokes and calling each other names.

I remember when Reggie Wayne was all we had and we made it back from those bad times to win ca championship. Good programs wont be good forever. There will always be down time and history shows that every year.

Why can't we all just be fans and cheer on Saturdays like normal people. Instead we come here to spoil decent stories and exploit each other's insecurities.

The canes will be good how now that I don't know. Coach is doing the right thing by going after guy's who really want to be here. Greatness does not happen over night. Just be patient and let the season start before you all start to judge.

I love the U and always will I come here for infomation beacuse I live in Phoenix. Lately it has been a waste of time because all of you talk about nonsense that has nothing to do with football.

Manny please do some hose cleaning around here.

You can book this in granite right now. 2009 will be 1000% different. I guarantee you, we will win 10+ this year. We will beat Oklahoma this year. There's no reason why we won't win the ACC title this year, absolutely none.

Come Labor Day in Tallahassee, it'll be like the game in 2001 when we went up there and destroyed the Noles ending their unbeaten streak at Doak.

Look, Randy is another version of Ron Zook for the gators. He is a great recruiter, player's coach, great defense mind, and a mediocre coach. I have a great respect for Randy but unfortunately he is not the caliber of coach for a big program> UM should do better than last year, but will still be an okay team

The SEC has more players in the NFL than the ACC? Yeah, like 5 more! Despite the fact that SEC teams have won 3 of thelast 5 NCs! What does that tell you?

And for the stoopid is stoopid does that posted that interminable thread of garbage, triggered by one cane fan calling out the UF running game,

Fact is, Uf has ONE runningback. One. And he is an underclassman. Urban Liar, in his gimmicky-Universal Studios offense, played Tebown, HArvin (a puntreturner/wide-out), and Rainey n( punt retruner/wideout at rb. Period. So you should be called out. The one ingredient that UF has that has broughtthem here is simple: Defense. And for the i-diot whomentioned the SEC players in the NFL.... who the f cares, puke, Miami has more than any SEC team.

Miami will be back, Uf will suck again, and FIU will always suck. That's reality.


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