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3 First week impressions

Randy Shannon has closed up shop for the weekend -- at least to the media -- and will hold his first scrimmage of the fall Saturday morning. Nobody except "special guests" will be able to see what's going on. But come Monday, we might learn what Shannon really thinks of his team.

While practice is important, Shannon has never been one to put too much stock into what a guy does during 7-on-7 work or goalline situations. Like he said earlier this week, it is easier for a defensive back to intercept a pass during the two-minute drill because he knows the pass is coming. It is easier for a linebacker to smack a running back in goalline situations when he knows the run is coming. So, that makes what Shannon or his players might be willing to tell us after the scrimmage a better litmus test. That being said, here are some early impressions, thoughts I've collected from being out a practice...

Jimmy Graham > The Canes' tight end situation might not be as bad as we initially thought. Not only is Dedrick Epps playing full speed and taking hits, but Jimmy Graham is emerging as someone who might actually be able to help the team. Graham had a long catch and run Thursday that impressed teammates -- including Epps.It wasn't the first big play Graham has made. He's scored multiple times and has had a few nice diving grabs too. If Graham can continue to pick up the playbook (he's learning about 15 plays a day), UM could essentially have two real playmaking tight ends this season. Two months ago, we worried there might not be one.

> Miami's young secondary is growing up. Interceptions in practice are on thing. But following my one-on-one conversation with defensive backs coach Wesley McGriff, I got the sense even he feels more confident in what his guys can do. "It's a relief when you aren't the only one yelling anymore," McGriff told me. "These guys are yelling at themselves. Now, they know when they do something wrong. That's a huge difference." Brandon Harris will probably end up being UM's best corner this season. Several receivers -- including LaRon Byrd -- have told me he's without question the toughest guy to beat because of the mix of his speed and physical play. McGriff said Harris has made huge strides. "He's a lot better than what he was last year at this time -- a trillion times better," Shannon said. "He's making plays, knocking down some balls, making interceptions. He's having fun with it."

> Freshman impact is going to be smaller than it was a year ago. The Hurricanes are a much deeper team than they were at the start of last season, which is why you probably won't see a lot freshmen in starring roles this season like you did last year. It's clear highly touted safety Ray Ray Armstrong is going to need time to develop. Same for offensive lineman Jared Wheeler and Cory White. The freshman who look like they will make an impact are defensive end Olivier Vernon (already practicing with the first team a left end), cornerback Brandon McGee (rotating with the first team at field corner), running backs Mike James (we all remember what he did in the spring) and Lamar Miller (he's had several impressive long runs and could end up returning kicks) and offensive lineman Brandon Washington (who might be the best available lineman off the bench).

FYI... UM's Sports Information staff is putting together daily photo galleries on their website. So, if you are looking for photos from practice, check them out there.

And last, but not least, check out the newest baby Cane to join the family. Here is a photo of Sean Hanrahan's niece. Her name is Keely and she was 8lbs 10oz and 21 inches when born and perfectly healthy! The Hanrahan's are big Canes fans living in Cedar Rapids, IA.

Baby Keely


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What a picture!

Can't wait for the season to begin.

love the insight manny

beautiful (both the canes and the baby) baby canes... get it out there and help the veterans get better

The more canes in this world the better. Congrats to the parents of the newest little cane

Manny, I'm really curious on how the LB depth is coming. my eyes show that we are four deep. SS, CM, DS, & AB.. Is CJ Holton playing LB or Safety.. The recent talk about R. Buchannon has been positive, but he has lil to no game experience. A. brown- is he really this slow on the simple tackling techniques and learning the play book ?

Thanks Manny.

She'll be stealing car stereos by the time she's 15

Cute baby.

Anyone who goes to games notice how Brandon Harris looked super frustrated everytime he missed a play last year? He'd beat his helmet and lament himself in the huddle.

Everytime he did that I thought to myself that he's a kid he plays with lots of passion and emotion. I don't doubt he's been working hard on his game the entire offseason. The kid is player.

Does that mean Ray Ray sucks? Tell it like it is Manny...be honest, be merciless.

Does that mean Ray Ray sucks? Tell it like it is Manny...be honest, be merciless.

Posted by: AM | August 14, 2009 at 03:31 PM

Yeah, he sucks. The guy has had 3 days of practice and has not played a down for the Miami Hurricanes but we are going to come to the conclusion that he sucks. How have you survived in this world this long being so f*cking stupid? Do me a favor, when the Hurricanes play their home opener this year, go to the top of section 456 and jump over the edge head first, you f*cking brain dead jack@ss.

Does that mean Ray Ray sucks? Tell it like it is Manny...be honest, be merciless.

Posted by: AM | August 14, 2009 at 03:31 PM

Yeah, he sucks. The guy has had 3 days of practice and has not played a down for the Miami Hurricanes but we are going to come to the conclusion that he sucks. How have you survived in this world this long being so f*cking stupid? Do me a favor, when the Hurricanes play their home opener this year, go to the top of section 456 and jump over the edge head first, you f*cking brain dead jack@ss.

Posted by: r | August 14, 2009 at 03:48 PM

He would r, but he'll be in Gainesville that day! This Dude is about as much of a UM fan as Bowden!

What is it U refer to babies as Sarasota/canesrule? Preemy's?

Look at the future coke addict preemy baby.


I'm shocked Ray Ray hasn't knocked anyone out after 3 straight days of practice. I would've thought he'd be in the Ring of Honor by next week.

daddy...why : and you even take punches at babies.your from a trailer park near gainesville , aren't you.

Pretty sad there C.A.K. She was 8lbs 10oz and 4 days overdue. Apparently your vision is about as quality as your football analysis. I'll pray for your soul along with my daughter's.

Thanks for adding the pic, Manny. Took lots of heat from the hawkeye loyalists up here. Her first outfit was this one in the pic!

It's ALL about this U!!

Go CANES, watch out world-

-Baby Cane Daddy in Iowa

Kehoe is a pathetic sodomite trailer trash tobacco chewing r-neck gator fan. You are a disgusting human being as are all of your toothless- no-standing-at=theswamp=blue-clad-hat-wearing hix from centralflorida who root for that pathetic team up there.

By the way losah:

Winning pecentage all time: UM 63.4% UF 62.7%
Both UM and UF have lost the same number of games since 1999. LMAO.

24 arrests. Urban Meyer gets 24 Million. That's 1 Mill per arrest.

tooth to IQ ratio in Gainseville: about even.

Number of undefeated seasons in gainseville: 0



Winner of the first UM-UF game in 1938 AT gainseville: UM

Knowing that inbreeding (as in Traylorville) results in the end of the propagation of the species-Priceless

From an FSU beat writer-

-Better day for the defense today. Not a great day. Defensive coordinator Mickey Andrews still wasn’t too pleased at the number of big plays his unit allowed, but it was more of a bend-but-don’t-break kind of thing. Andrews’ guys did a better job today at keeping the offense out of the end zone.

-Some more injury news: OT Antwane Greenlee, who has seen a good amount of work on the first team this preseason, suffered an apparent injury to his right knee. Greenlee went down in pain, clutching his knee, and was carted off of the field for evaluation. No word, of course, on the severity of the injury.

-No official word yet on the status of DT Justin Mincey, who apparently suffered a knee injury during practice on Thursday. Seminoles Coach Bobby Bowden may or may not have said during a public appearance that Mincey would miss the season because of the injury. Regardless of Bowden might have said – or might not have – it’s too early to tell at this point how severe the injury is. Mincey will have his knee scoped on Monday and there will be something definitive to report after that. If it is indeed the worse case scenario, Mincey does have a redshirt year and would be eligible to play next season.

All from the practice on 8/14

Ray Ray should red shirt, just like Arthur Brown should have done last year. Hopefully, we learn our lesson about so-called 5-star recruits.

They may have raw talent and with time can become great players.

Or they can learn from guys like Harris, Spence, McGee, and Oliver, who enrolled early and got a couple semesters in to get aclimated to college and big boy football.

That being said I hope Ray Ray is the next great UM safety.

Go Canes!!!

Anyone who takes shots at a baby is the lowest form of scum on this earth...but being a Gaytor fan we already knew that. At least she wont be having any babies with her brother like the inbred pathetic Gaytors in Gaynesville do. Do the world a favor and kill yourself loser.

Thanks for the info. Manny. I REALLY believe that we are going to shock many of the "so called" experts this year. Congrats, to the loyal Cane's fans up in Iowa on the birth of your beautiful baby. It's great to see that we have a loyal fan base in the midwest. As far as the scumbag Gator fan, it is all good to bash on the Cane's and on the Cane's fans, but to bash a helpless child??!! You would have thought dude would have been like "hey, I got to respond to the picture", but then would have thought to himself "you know what, it's a baby, I'll just leave it alone and save it for another topic". This just shows how ignorant and deviant you are Gator fan, even Urban thinks your slimmy, you pond scum!!

Cute baby...A new edition to the CANES family is always good.

First congrats on the birth of you baby girl.

Second, I believe a sick secondary is forming, Harris, McGee, Tele and Ray Ray, having these guys together for 3 years kind warms the soul from days of old.

strom is coming, just not sure when.

these players are rated by people who sit behind a desk analyzing HIGH SCHOOL football. they dont have a clue about college football. rankings for recruiting is a waste of time. miami is being OVERRATED thinking they can even go 500. no bowl this year for the "U"sed to be

Will Tebow cry like a 'baby' again when they lose to another SEC also-ran? UF is not invincible, besides, at the rate their players are getting arrested they'll have to forfeit a few games at the end of the season. That or play some walk-ons if they're not in jail, too.

Bring it on Gaytor-troll-haters! If y'all weren't scared of the U, you wouldn't be here dissing our fans. We Canes are content to support our OWN team and follow our OWN team. No need wasting time peeking over the shoulder of the ugly inbred step-child of FSU. Can't wait to see the Noles stick it right up Tebow's _____.

Jealousy is a mofo, you gaytor-trolls better enjoy the U's "down period" while it lasts. We'll be back to winning titles and you'll be back to wishing you were as good as this U!

Do you really think that UF team last year could have lifted anyone on the '01 team's jockstrap? Doubt it- how's your first round draft streak going? What are ya on year 2 or 3? Dorsey and co would have slaughtered Tebow, etc. Just like we did your ol ball coach, crybaby Spurrier. U GAYTORS remember his last college game at UF? I sure do! You got stuck by the REAL '00 champ. FSU had NO business in that game against Okla. The U would have crushed them to start a three year championship game streak. Instead, we just beat down their ugly step-sister, UF. Oh, and how's Spurrier doin now?? Not so hot without the boosters and bent rules, eh? S. Carolina will always suck and so will Spurrier. The Gaytors will ALWAYS be known for their crybaby coach, and his wannabe 'disciple' crybaby Tebow. Tebow is a nice dude and all that but his NFL career will be shorter than Eric Crouch. Dorsey at least got signed...


"We got what we deserved tonight," Florida coach Steve Spurrier said. "Miami played more disciplined, smarter and with more desire. They were a better team. They were better coached and played with more of a purpose."

-Sports Illustrated January 2001 after 37-20 loss to the U in his final game at UF.

Came in as a loser, and left the sme exact way.

Better know your history b4 you step to this U!

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