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Canes new rap song?

Are you ready for the start of this season or what? If not, maybe this will get you ready. Check out Orange on One Side, Green on the Other Side (Warning, there are explicit lyrics), a song produced by a cast of mysterious unknowns. Not sure if any players were involved, but I know Jacory Harris has been rapping since he was in high school. Here's to hoping nobody gets suspended. No question, however, this will get the Seminoles fired up. Got to give credit to Early Edition Is dead for posting it first.

Among my favorite lines...

> If it's close FSU is going to blow it up with a wide right...

> You Seminoles can't bear it when the ball is in the hands of Jacory Harris...

> Damn, it looks like they ran into a fence, but all they really did was meet Sean Spence...

> Orange on One Side, Green on Another, McCarthy hit you so hard you're going to cry to your mother...

> No more [Robert] Marve (expletive) is going to be great, Jacory finally getting four quarters of play...



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This song sucks.... a song produced by a cast of mysterious unknowns.

3 sh*ts and 1 F*ck;I've heard more explicit and "dirty" lingo waiting in line at Publix! It was as mild and unoffensive a "trash talk" rap as you could ever hear!!! If that is a suspendable offense, Please! Compare that rap song to what goes on at the criminal assembly lines known as FSU and UF and the Canes are Boy Scouts!

The song is actually pretty good, but I think the artist should have waited until we win more than 7 games before it was posted!

Da U!


what a joke...I hope any player that is associated with this gets throm off the team...this is the t.h.u.g crap we have to defend all the time....lets learn to play football and win games first...this crap sickens..and thanks manny you went from a GREAT guy to classless allowing this to be read...real class...

Tebow still doesnt like girls, but we heard he like's guys with curls...

That was a truly horrible song. I have no problem with a UM song, but rap in general grates on my last nerve.

Some UM metal would be a nice change-up...

...just a thought.

Chill out...... We don't know if any player is on this rap, heck, the lead singer sounded like Tim Tebow.

Def no 7th floor crew.

I HOPE THAT NO PLAYERS ARE ON THIS....Lets learn to play football and win games first...

Well said above...

Win 8 to 9 games before you play that song...

Yo ! This song be BAAAAAAAAAD !!!

We shoulds play it after every 3 n Out as we's trots out our M.V.P.

The Miami Herald's Manny Navarro, the hardest working media man in the 305, takes time out of his busy schedule to share these words of wisdom with Canespacers...

Q: Ask Manny about the younger OL and what he thinks of their potential and progress? Posted by: MM01

A: Not sure what to make of who is really shining among the young guys.

Off the topic: What ever happened to Barry Jackson's Sports Buzz??

That "song" is the worst thug c r a p I have ever heard.

Embrace that sorry rap thug junk morons. U are the Thug U. You embrace the thug life.

Your loser fans "composed" that hunk of shlt?

Yelling...OHHHH and heyyyyy and yeahhhh does not make music

Win 1 Lose 1, Win 1 Lose 1, UM UM UM No-Stars !!!

Considering the mispronunciation of Telemaque as Telemaki I doubt these guys are actually players. Unless it's a nick name I'm not aware of or it's the correct pronunciation.

Orange on One Side, Green on the Other Side,

Orange on One Side, Green on the Other Side,

Win 1 Lose 1, Win 1 Lose 1, UM UM UM No-Stars !!!

Let The CANE Civil War Begin !!!

The beat is nice the lyrics are funny but bad,lol but they sound from opa-loca so you know who they are LOL...this is no big deal so stop calling then thugs cause they havent done anything elegal there just being young...

fsu 20 MIAMI 28

I agree this song sucks. Go CANES!

Hey Arty...

Remember the good ol days when the box in the locker/weight rooms were booming Brick, Confunksion, P-Funk, Kano, Rick James, Zapp, Sly, Curtis Mayfield, O-Players, Isleys, Bootsy and the rest of the real funk boyz ???

Sad to see where these kids get their groove on now days ... No heart... Just rehashed, sampled noise ...

Guess that's where the bar is set these days...

Haters gotta chill out.

It's actually a pretty good song, J12 would be proud.

Sure it's not the best rap song ever, but it's prefect for getting pumped!

Canes are going to win the Orange Bowl!

Orange on one side green on the other side.

Man there are a bunch of ---ys on this blog hating on the canes. Yeah especially you--- yeah you the racist rednck from Ganinesville (youknow who U are)- CAll us Thug U I dont care. Thug U has been Thugging You --ies for 30 years. And Whos the real thugs ah rednnk? 24 arrests in G-ville and about to lose 17 wins for cheating in Tally.

So take this rhyme as a warning m-fs/

DAStorm is coming

Most yall trippin... 5 friends rap over a beat after some drinks on night. It doesn't sound like any current CANES... But CANES.. former students. Players.. Fans.. When making music becomes a crime I am moving to Cuba..


let it ride... 4th Qtr

Sounds like a bunch of teenagers (not affiliated with UM) excited about September 7th! You people need to relax.

That was pretty tame. Anyone who tries to tie that into "thug U" stuff is totally ignorant.

i know the kids who wrote this song..it is NOT a song written by any miami football players..they are actually just die hard miami fans that attend florida state

jacory is all over that song .. come on cane fans you have to hear that .. its jacory and at least one other cane ...

Manny, please take the song off the site. It is not in keeping with the direction of team or the liking of the fans. It is more suitable for youtube. Thanks.

Hahaha, there ain't no football players on that song. But four hatin' ass FSU students and a dumb gaytor. Beat is tight song is basura

I think this a funny song. I know the guys that did it and they are far from THUGS. It's all fun and games...I think people need to loosen up a bit. It's football season...enjoy it!

There is a clean version for all the moms

Jacomo and the other haters are losers.

The song is fun. I understand, and respect, if you don't like it. That's the way art goes.

Don't take yourselves or this blog to seriously.

GO Canes!!!

Manny, pleeeeeeeeeease, yank it already!

here is the clean version to download


Jacomo, replace the word Manny for Mommy and you'll find your true self.

And for your theory of fans and the team not liking it. Need I remind you that our starting QB and standout WR are a rap duo, and that this isn't the first, nor the last, rap song made by Cane fans for Cane fans.

Go Canes!!!

Stop hating and buy season tickets!

I would think that whoever wrote this might think about what it does to the opposition. Let the team try winning a few games before anyone starts rapping. So far, there has been nothing to rap about. Go Canes!

allwayyys something to rap about....go canes!!!!!!!!!! people need to stop hating on the kids who wrote this..they were probably just messing around and wanted to make a song. I like it alot and it does nothing to the opposition


Everyone talks about the Canes getting their swagger back, well i'm glad to see that some Canes fans are showin some swagger. Those of u who didn't like it probably bow down when faced with a Seminole or Gator fan. It's time! Get u some swagger too!!

Do you guys really think that this is going to make the opposition play any better?

Come on, be real, players want to win and that's that. A simple rap isn't going to make someone better or worst it's just fanfare.

Win 10 games on the field and them we will rap...

A few points...

"Turnpike to 75 then an hour on I-10"
...thanks for the directions

"beatin teams by 45"
...when have you beat any team other then Charleston Southern in the last few years by more the 45?

and finally...coming off a 7-6 season doesnt make you hard...it makes you look like an idiot when you do this...

it's nothing dissing FSU the whole song...a team that beat you last year!!!

can't wait to hear the remix after the 0-4 start...

Some of you need to calm the vuck down. Sounds like some kids having fun, that's all. I don't think they're expecting it to go platinum.

This is news worthy? I won't bother with the click. Spend more time in the film room.

hi haters

I just don't understand the love to hate. Hate on this and hate on that. You're life must really SUCK! I don't feel sorry for you either.


Haha, Manny I think this may the best post of the Summer. Some fans are going crazy over it.

The bandwagon fans have shown their true colors (win and it's ok).

Go Canes forever!!!

This song is HORRIBLE! Written by a confused little geek from FSU who apparently has been rejected from the social sence. Hey Stephen N. you must have been watching too many revenge of the Nerds movies, get a real life. Just because you know UM is going to lose, no need to be a hater. If anyone wants his number, I have it!!! Bids are starting at $5.00.

If any UM fans actually like this, and I don't mean the ones in the Prisons or on Parole,(they probably love it)I mean actual fans, Canes have no future, give it up. If this song is any indication of the season, it is going to be a long year for you. Can't wait for Chief Osceola and Renegade to spear the UM chicken.

DieHard FSU FAN, i hope ur going to the game.

Ill be the guy laughing in ur face after the game is over.

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