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Canes new rap song?

Are you ready for the start of this season or what? If not, maybe this will get you ready. Check out Orange on One Side, Green on the Other Side (Warning, there are explicit lyrics), a song produced by a cast of mysterious unknowns. Not sure if any players were involved, but I know Jacory Harris has been rapping since he was in high school. Here's to hoping nobody gets suspended. No question, however, this will get the Seminoles fired up. Got to give credit to Early Edition Is dead for posting it first.

Among my favorite lines...

> If it's close FSU is going to blow it up with a wide right...

> You Seminoles can't bear it when the ball is in the hands of Jacory Harris...

> Damn, it looks like they ran into a fence, but all they really did was meet Sean Spence...

> Orange on One Side, Green on Another, McCarthy hit you so hard you're going to cry to your mother...

> No more [Robert] Marve (expletive) is going to be great, Jacory finally getting four quarters of play...



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lol....no players are on this, it just kids having fun making a song

The song is funny. What's wrong with them having some fun? People act like this song is up for a Grammy or something. I support it 110%.


YEAH just think these are the morons that we will have to pay for if Obama gets his healthcare passed. Get a real job you thugs!! This is why so many people think negatively about miami university.

YEAH just think these are the morons that we will have to pay for if Obama gets his healthcare passed. Get a real job you thugs!! This is why so many people think negatively about miami university.

Posted by: tim | August 24, 2009 at 11:13 PM

That is clearly one of the dumbest posts ever!


The song is ok. Unless u can make a better one, show some respect.

7th floor crew is still my fav though

11 days ...


ur outta reasons ... Ur excuse ?

u used to freak it , now u fake it ...

These blogs amaze me. One moment everyone is on hear wanting the "swagger" back. Then something like this comes out and you are offended by it. Isn't this really just a sign of the "swagger" coming back?

Personally, I'm a white guy stuck in Northern Illinois, but I LOVE the song. Of course it isn't grammy material, but it is cool none the less.

Go CANES! Back up the talk by walking the walk!


Last Laugh, you wont be laughing you will be crying like a little bi*ch. Because if you are at the game which is at FSU, you will be surrounded and getting your as* kicked. See ya there!

LOL Another thug U production

That sure as heck sounds like Jacory. He ain't got nothing on King Ding a ling

Lighten up guys - don't get so worked up over a song - I thought they were really good.

Toots, if you thought they were good, then u must be one of the guys who wrote it. Loser!

LOL @ anyone that says a player involved in this should be thrown off the team. here's a suggestion, grow a set of balls (even if u are a chick) and man up. are a fanbase of pu**ies or what? christ

Mediocrity on one side, empty seats on the other side. It's all about the "U" - "U"nranked, that is!


The lyrics in this rap weren't any big deal - I'm not sure what the concern is about suspensions.

But if the Canes team is associated with it, they'll look pretty silly if they don't beat the Noles. They should probably save their talking for the field.

So, is this Noles-Canes game gonna be another one where the first team to 10 points wins? :D

Yo, CANADIAN CANES FAN! I is calling you out, dawg! I know you take cooking classes, homeboy! Ain't no true th"U"g in any damn cooking classes.

I love the term "THUG U". (Only the soft will disagree) When we were truly "Thug U" we won "chips". 5 to be exact. Let's get back to doing what we do!!!

It's Cane time baby!!!!!!

BTW - The song is technically whack but since it's about the Canes it's "raw". I'll be pumping it at the tailgates.

Git At Ya Boy!!

MNW-CANE 4-Life!

CANADIAN CANES FAN? Where ya at, dawg? You be rolling wit da "U", but why you frontin? We know you ain't no thug!

I heard the QB's transferred ecause this song is so horrible.

LOL... UM has fallen so much... we are about to make it 4 out of 5 years... and should have won the last 4 games. We are back on top of the ACC... This game isn't even going to be close.

That piece of garbage is perfect for all of you stinking u fans. Why are you so worried about Tebow? You should be worried about your bad team which is coached by a bad coach, and "supported" by bad fans.

The only coverage "da u" gets is by this dumb reported who tells you "candicanes" to listen to such a horrendous song.

With Tebow we are looking at 3 NCs in 4 and with Harris you are looking at 0 and 4 to start the year.

Go Seminoles, Yellow Jackets, Hokies and Sooners!!!


Us FSU fans are loving this song! I'd listen to it again but it wasn't as funny the second time just lame.

Seriously, the blogger should take it down its embarrassing for you guys.

Thug U!

DieHard FSU Fan, How many UM fans do you think actually went to Miami? I have actaully never met one. If I did, I couldn't tell what he was saying b/c I dont know spanish

Typical UM garbage. Gonna be hard to laugh in anyone's face after we spank that a** again. How many players has UM lost in the last 48 hours. Your team as well as your fans and coaches are a complete joke. Look me up after that 0-4 start Last Laugh, I hope for your sake your life has more promise than your football team.

All y'all haters be hatin on th"U"gs! Yo! Thugs be representin fo da 305, dawg. And all y'all Canes fans dat ain't thug, y'all jus frontin. Canes bow down to no man. We is about excelence at da "U". Canes 47, FSU 3!


This song makes me embarrassed to be a UM alumnus. Half these UM "fans" have no idea that there is an institution of high learning associated with the 'Canes. Stop making "raps" and learn the University's fight song, it has lyrics BTW:

"Miami U"

Miami, Miami, Miami, Hurricanes
Drive, Drive, you Hurricanes
Keep right on goin, up that scorin'
Miami, Miami, Miami, Hurricanes
Drive on over the goal and on to victory.
M-I-A-M-I, M-I-A-M-I, fight,fight,fight.

We're a university, not a gang of thugs.


Dat's what Im talkin bout. No mo pretendin. We are gonna kill em like we done did back in da day. Not gonna need no wide write either.

Go Canes!!

CaneFo, Dat what I talkin' about, dawg! Da "U" bow down to no one. You ain't thug, dawg, den you ain't Cane. I see all y'all in Passadina. GO CANES!

u can tell none of the players are on this just a bunch of rich kids in the dorm who were bored as hell. this canes song has nothin on the 01 version which featured real canes players

This is some D-list rap...it is so bad, but not as bad as the Tim Tebow rap song...


A LOSER team makes a rap song? LOL

What will you report next, Purdue makes a rap song as well?

The Canes are sorry and Randy Shannon is the biggest joke in all of college football.

There are are more cane fans that posted on here than will actually go to the game!!!

The SpongeBob Hurricane Remix of this song!


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