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Ojomo 'trying to stay positive' say teammates

University of Miami defensive end Steven Wesley visited Adewale Ojomo at the hospital Tuesday night -- not long after he had surgery to work on his broken jaw.

Ojomo Wesley said the 6-4, 253-pound sophomore defensive end, who was sucker punched by a walkon Sunday in the team's lockerroom, is trying to stay positive after what teammates have described as an "unfortunate incident."

"I told him to keep his head up, stay focused and be in a good mood," Wesley said. "We were still clowning around. He's still in good spirits and stuff. I've been texting him everyday to make sure his mind is right. He's just saying what he can, appreciating the support."

Said defensive tackle Marcus Forston: "We just keep telling to stay positive, let things go. He's taking things slow, taking the surgery well."

UM coach Randy Shannon still hasn't acknowledged or addressed the locker room incident publicly other than to say Ojomo was injured "horsing around." But chances are Shannon may be more forthcoming tonight during WQAM's Hurricanes Hotline show. From what we've heard from team members, the walkon, a former offensive lineman at Miami Norland who joined the team at the start of fall camp, was kicked off the team shortly after the incident.

The loss is the second big injury to a UM defensive end thus far. Senior Eric Moncur saw a specialist for his groin in Philadelphia Wednesday, but has been on and off the practice field since camp began. It is unclear how long either he or Ojomo could be out. But both injuries could potentially be season-ending. Redshirt freshman Gavin Hardin is expectd to miss the season also, but wasn't expected to see major minutes anyway.

UM's strength defensively entering the season was its depth at defensive end. But that's obviously thinning. Welsey said he and sophomore Marcus Robinson are now the primary players rotating at left end and freshmen Olivier Vernon and Dyron Dye are getting most of the work on the right side. There are reports that Allen Bailey and Marcus Forston are seeing more reps at end now, too. But I was told by Forston he and Bailey are still getting the majority of their work at tackle. If any defensive tackles could move outside, it is Bailey and Forston.


> The Canes will scrimmage for the second time this fall on Friday, but will be off Thursday and Saturday. Expect Shannon to talk about it Sunday. 

> WEDNESDAY'S HIGHLIGHTS (Provided by UM's Sports info staff): Randy Phillips stood out in morning drills with a sack and pass deflection in 11-on-11 play... In a series of 15-20 red zone plays, the defense held the offense to just one TD (a Taylor Cook pass to LaRon Byrd for a 20-yard score)... Javarris James had a run and catch of more than 20 yards in the morning and followed it up by breaking off runs of 65 and 30 yards in the afternoon... Lee Chambers had a few runs of 10-15 yards in rushing drills... Sam Shields and Vaughn Telemaque had interceptions... Jacory Harris hooked up with Thearon Collier (twice), Jimmy Graham and Travis Benjamin for big gains during 11-on-11 work.


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That's an unfortunate incident. I feel for the guy and wonder if the walk-on has visited him to apologize. I'm also glad people are making big news out of this mole-hill for it being at the U. If Bryce Brown had signed with Miami, the university would have regained its image overnight as a thug school. Seems like we made the right move on the guy.

First, woo hoo


CORRECTION- I'm glad people AREN'T making a mountain out of this mole-hill with Ojomo.

Also, was it him or Bailey that was the freakishly strong one that broke all those records?

I wonder how the "outside" media will respond to the walkon incident? Anytime something happans in Miami it makes front page news accross the country. I can see why RS does not want to disclose much about it. It only fuels the haters. Always bleeding orange and green....

shannon needs to step up and tell the truth....We need a coach not a babysitter...

Gavin Hardin if healthy would have had to play probably at some point.

And no mention of Andrew Smith. Is Dye already ahead of him on the depth chart?

Sh*t happens...deal with it. Just have people go more reps, no reason to position change anyone right now.

Now we really get to test the best D-line thoughts we've been discussing.

Wait a sec. I thought Moncur was doing fine? Now he may be out for the season? WTF?

The Ojomo news crushed me, but if he can find a way to maintain weight and strength over the course of the next 6 weeks, and we can escape the first 4 games 2-2 or 3-1 than I feel like we can work him back in the rotation to where he is contributing by the end of the year, where we may be fighting for an ACC crown. Another redshirt year may mess with the guy's psyche.
Wesley is capable, but disappears at times. I wanted to see Dye get a redshirt year, but him and Smith need to play big now as well. We will be fine!

bfbrinkely I believe it was Bailey or Robinson not Ojomo.

When Shannon says that a guy is "nicked", "resting", or that he "will be fine", it typically means season ending. We as Cane fans should know that by now.

Randy "Manhattan Project" Shannon at his best. He better coach this year as if his job is on the line, because in my opinion, it should be.

Bring in Tubbs!!!

As Canes fans, we should already know that when Randy "Manhattan Project" Shannon says that a guy is "nicked", "resting", or that "he will be fine", it is typically a season ending injury. Let us hope that McCarthy is truly just "resting". His loss would be the biggest yet.

I am starting to think that our players are made of porcelain. They are so damn fragile.

Bring in Tubbs!!!!

Glad to see JJ doing his thing! He's our best back when HEALTHY... I like Coop but JJ's vision, cut backs and strength are undeniable...I have a feeling James has a breakout year on his way to the pros!!

When Shannon says that a guy is "nicked", "resting", or that he "will be fine", it typically means season ending. We as Cane fans should know that by now.

Randy "Manhattan Project" Shannon at his best. He better coach this year as if his job is on the line, because in my opinion, it should be.

Bring in Tubbs!!!

Posted by: JRod | August 20, 2009 at 12:53 PM

Yeah I agree. RS needs to be more transparent, they should open practice to everyone. Maybe even bring in FSU to go over all the playbooks with them. Or better yet make it accessible to everyone and put it up on the intarwebz. Anything to give the fan's and rivials the inside info on everything UM.

There's no news here.

Two weeks and four days still we start up the rankings with no stop till no. 1

Bring in Tubbs???? I do not remember how many championships (of any kind) Tubbs has won, please help me out here.

If players are getting injured (2007, 2008, and now in fall practice) I do not see how a new coach will help that. Better recruitng - very doubtful.

RS will be / is a great coach. I suggest you wait and see. UM 24 FSU 17 / UM 30 GT 10

Fortson and Bailey are getting snaps at end, but only in the same situations that they had been previous to the injuries....They are still both Tackles who move to end in certain situations.

All the randy shannon haters s t f u. Half of u neva played the game of football anyway when butch davis took over it was the sameway. An to the a hole caln for tubberville didn't he get run out of auburn wit dat boring as offensive an a garbage defense. Come on man shannon is doing a hell of a job with wat he has ok.



-- U.S. News & World Report

I don't think AO will be out for the year but I'd be surprised if he made it back for FSU or GT. Moncur is a bigger concern to me. I wish both of them the best.

Regarding Coach Shannon's lack of transperency when it comes to injuries. Do you guys not see the competative edge he would lose if he disclosed more?

The way Forston spins, de might be his best position, especially against ga tech

This news is absolutely depressing! I agree with everyone else that we should know that Randy saying an injury is minor means nothing. It is still depressing to read for 2 days that guys are nicked up and then hear that their season is over. The nature of our injuries over the last few years have been very weird too. A broken jaw? For God sake, someone should take this walk-on behind the woodshed. We shouldn't have kicked him off the team...we should have put him as the lone tailback for goal-line drills.

I have confidence the young guys can step up and play big, but I'm getting tired of saying that every year. Still, at least we have actual bodies to put into these positions this year, instead of Coker's best wishes.

Go Canes!

The injuries are a test of our depth and talent...just plug the next guy in.

Did you really think we were going to be injury free all season????

Randy Shannon isn't the type of guy who discloses injuries, it's really not a major issue for me. He's not an orthopedic surgeon...he's a coach.

Why do people think Tubberville is a good coach. If you ask me he is right there with old tricky Nick of Alabama. Tubby told the Old Miss faithful he was there to stay on friday. Saturday he is wearing a Auburn hat. Now Auburn fired him. Give Shannon a chance. At least we know he is going to stay. This is his dream job. I think time will show that Whipple was a great hire. Shannon is moving the team in the right direction.

Canesjunkie, you don't have to be an orthoperdic surgeon to know that a broken jaw means you're going to be out longer than a few days. I'm getting realy tired of listening to RS make up stories like we won't ultimately find out the truth.

The tide of discontent is growing by the day. And while giving a bunch of info about injuries is not in the teams best interest, a guy getting knocked out for possibly the season with a broken jaw and then lying about it is nothing short of bizarre. Did Shannon think that this was not going to come out? His thought processes are puzzling. He makes one misstep after another. Shannon needs to GO !

In Shannon's defense...

Why would you want to show everyone your dirty laundy in the media? Those things are in-house items... Also, he's looking out for th ekid.

Imagine th ehumiliation a kid would feel if his head coach would jump on the news and report Ojomo got knocked out by a walk-on.

The same thing that makes you hate Shannon, makes the players love him; which makes him a good recruiter.

Everyone wants a coach that has their back!!!!!

Get that straight, and look at it from all angles before you attempt to bash Coach Shannon.

The media is not the core of the team, his job is to protect the core of his group as their leader.

The sun does not revolve around a news report !!!!

I have confidence the young guys can step up and play big, but I'm getting tired of saying that every year. Still, at least we have actual bodies to put into these positions this year, instead of Coker's best wishes.

Go Canes!

Posted by: ChicagoCane | August 20, 2009 at 03:41 PM

Second and Third Verse... Same as the First.

Why Coach Shannon ?

Hey, " 'cane in Knoxville"

You're the one that needs to go. Your thought process is baffling. Shannon remains tight lipped about an injury, which because of the circumstances was of a sensitive nature, and you say he has to go and NOW??? Sure, that makes a lot of sense, fire him now before the season begins - we'll be much better off, right?

You're either a gaturd troll, or perhaps the most imbecillic cane fan ever.

A piece of advice, install a filter between your brain and your typing hands and give yourself some time for your double-digit IQ (and I'm being generous)to kick in.

When your brain sends the signal that you need to urinate do you just go ahead and piss all over yourself?

Please stay away from the keyboard.

You people saying Shannon needs to go are morons. Give the man his 3rd yr to see what he can do. You sound like whinney little *itches aka Croc fans

Casual Observer:

I'm like you, I'd like to know what's going on with the team, but it's not going to happen.

Limited info is Randy Shannon's MO. I really don't think he cares much about the fans and that's OK. I'm sure Randy is pretty stressed and just wants to get the season started. No problem here; I've learned to live with the situation.

I do, however, reserve the right to freak the hell out if we haven't progressed as a team. This is my trade-off with Randy Shannon. When he takes me from no information to Georgia Tech running wild on us, don't be surprised when the pitch forks and torches come out.

go canes gayterds suck

I do, however, reserve the right to freak the hell out if we haven't progressed as a team. This is my trade-off with Randy Shannon. When he takes me from no information to Georgia Tech running wild on us, don't be surprised when the pitch forks and torches come out.

Posted by: Canesjunkie | August 20, 2009 at 06:29 PM

Be prepared to get Ur Freeeeeak On Cane Fan !!!
18 days... Get Ur pitch forks and torches ready.

Is it me or has the reporting on both the Ojomo and Moncur stories been terrible? Moncur went from healthy to "maybe out for the season" seemingly overnight. Seems as though we were mis-informed when the story initially broke. Same for Ojomo, although the U is to blame for the confusion there.

Either way, these injuries are catastrophic, I dont care what any of you Oya's say. I feel like someone pissed in my gatorade.

Losing Ojomo hurts, but losing Moncur is a devestating blow to our defensive line. I don't care what anyone says. I'm doing my best to stay positive here, but this ain't lookin too good. We better have Moncur for FSU

Canesjunkie, Chic Le Freak, matt

... are all the same. All gaturds that can't seem to stay on their own blogs.

Listen guys, go back to looking at blownup Teroid's shirtless pictures on GQ, admiring his massively oversized melon head and artificial pecs. Not that there's anything wrong with that, as they said on Seinfeld. I totally accept your alternative lifestyle and certainly wouldn't judge.

It's ok if looking at a future fourth round, third string tight end/H-back turns you on, I mean it's not my thing but what the heck.

Just please stay off this blog.

He needs to step up and tell the truth. We need a coach not a baby sitter. You sound crazy dude A coach is a baby sitter they are young kids...... What does him telling you what is going on have to do with being a coach? Thats not coaching either that's telling you about injuries.

The Canes will be going with small little baby DE's against GT and the triple option. The spells big trouble and lot of gains outide.

I heard the walk-on was a FSU fan.

GT is still running from last year,maybe we can hold them under 400 yards rushing

Gator fan? That's crazy!

The earliest my pitchfork and torch comes out is Oct. 17th at UCF. I don't think we'll have a problem getting up for the first 4 games. Win or lose, I'm pretty sure we will play well. The remainder of the schedule will tell us a lot more about our RS's ability to motivate.

i would keep the guy that punched AO on the team. thats the old school aggressive, killer instinct cane attitude we used to have around here. love it!! imagine what he'll to opponents. AO will be fine!


You would keep a guy who sucker punched someone on your team?

The guy (a punk) is a walk-on, who was never going to dress, and AO was a potential starter.

Your logic makes no sense. I'm worried about our DE, hopefully the young guys will step up would.

AO should red shirt, he won't be football ready all year. He can't eat or train for a couple months.

Maybe he'll finally grow up during a redshirt year on the scout team.

Where is Courtney Harris? He was a projected starter last season but received a medical redshirt.

The SEC Network will feature an SEC football Game of the Week for 13 consecutive Saturdays, beginning Sept. 5. That game will kickoff at 12:20 p.m, and will be preceded by a live SEC Studio show. The Gators will play that game of the week on Sept. 12 against Troy.

The SEC Network will also televise a majority of SEC basketball games, as well as 5,500 SEC athletic events over the next 15 years.

Hey Green you clueless moron, when U posted the "top tier" college rankings link you FAILED to mention that UF is ranked AHEAD of UM. we beat U in EVERYTHING.



your a moron


To the miserable turd who just trashed "Green":

You are miserable.

Your life must be miserable.

Your family must be miserable because of you.

But you are right,

UF is ahead of UM in just about everything. Including number of arrested athletes

Losses. Since 1999, Um and UF have the same number of losses (33).

And in bowl wins. UF has a losing record in bowls

And in all time head to head play: Um>UF

And in National championships in the 3 major sports. 9>5

Also UF is ahead of UM in the number of sad, pathetic fans and alumni it calls its own. It includes you, you loser.

Posted by: The canes are going to lower the boom | August 21, 2009 at 11:51 AM

Sounds tough but in reality is just more empty talk from Rhetoric U. Terrible lying coaching, blowout losses, and a .500 record paint a more accurate picture U delusional clown.

The only thing you'll be lowering is your standards since U are a BADLY ERODED PROGRAM. U chumps are done, as in PERMANENTLY. Or have U already forgotten that U are no-title ACC chumps? Your LIAR head coach isn't fixing this. Fire him and let that kid you call an AD hire from within a third time.

Paul Dee ROYALLY screwed U
Donna is busy screwing U
Ross will eventually screw U


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