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Ojomo 'trying to stay positive' say teammates

University of Miami defensive end Steven Wesley visited Adewale Ojomo at the hospital Tuesday night -- not long after he had surgery to work on his broken jaw.

Ojomo Wesley said the 6-4, 253-pound sophomore defensive end, who was sucker punched by a walkon Sunday in the team's lockerroom, is trying to stay positive after what teammates have described as an "unfortunate incident."

"I told him to keep his head up, stay focused and be in a good mood," Wesley said. "We were still clowning around. He's still in good spirits and stuff. I've been texting him everyday to make sure his mind is right. He's just saying what he can, appreciating the support."

Said defensive tackle Marcus Forston: "We just keep telling to stay positive, let things go. He's taking things slow, taking the surgery well."

UM coach Randy Shannon still hasn't acknowledged or addressed the locker room incident publicly other than to say Ojomo was injured "horsing around." But chances are Shannon may be more forthcoming tonight during WQAM's Hurricanes Hotline show. From what we've heard from team members, the walkon, a former offensive lineman at Miami Norland who joined the team at the start of fall camp, was kicked off the team shortly after the incident.

The loss is the second big injury to a UM defensive end thus far. Senior Eric Moncur saw a specialist for his groin in Philadelphia Wednesday, but has been on and off the practice field since camp began. It is unclear how long either he or Ojomo could be out. But both injuries could potentially be season-ending. Redshirt freshman Gavin Hardin is expectd to miss the season also, but wasn't expected to see major minutes anyway.

UM's strength defensively entering the season was its depth at defensive end. But that's obviously thinning. Welsey said he and sophomore Marcus Robinson are now the primary players rotating at left end and freshmen Olivier Vernon and Dyron Dye are getting most of the work on the right side. There are reports that Allen Bailey and Marcus Forston are seeing more reps at end now, too. But I was told by Forston he and Bailey are still getting the majority of their work at tackle. If any defensive tackles could move outside, it is Bailey and Forston.


> The Canes will scrimmage for the second time this fall on Friday, but will be off Thursday and Saturday. Expect Shannon to talk about it Sunday. 

> WEDNESDAY'S HIGHLIGHTS (Provided by UM's Sports info staff): Randy Phillips stood out in morning drills with a sack and pass deflection in 11-on-11 play... In a series of 15-20 red zone plays, the defense held the offense to just one TD (a Taylor Cook pass to LaRon Byrd for a 20-yard score)... Javarris James had a run and catch of more than 20 yards in the morning and followed it up by breaking off runs of 65 and 30 yards in the afternoon... Lee Chambers had a few runs of 10-15 yards in rushing drills... Sam Shields and Vaughn Telemaque had interceptions... Jacory Harris hooked up with Thearon Collier (twice), Jimmy Graham and Travis Benjamin for big gains during 11-on-11 work.


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Hey Green you clueless moron
The SEC Network will feature an SEC football Game of the Week for 13 consecutive Saturdays

Posted by: gaturd agent provocateur | August 21, 2009 at 09:34 AM


ESPN owns you …


Posted by: Certainly Green spends an inordinate amount of time looking at himself in the mirror | August 21, 2009 at 09:34 AM

“too cute to be straight”


to the writer, do you have another day job? i understand that there might be no new news to report, but at least give us something, like finishing your countdown

To the pathetic low life gator fan who come on this blog becaus e he has nothing beter to do than tio spew nonsensical OPINIONS. i AM SURE A DERELICT LIKE YOU THOUGHT THE 2007 TURDS were going to beat Michigan, who lost to APP state in the bowl, and finish better than 9-4 with the Heisman Trophy winner. But as such, they didnt, and many a turd fan like your puny self were shut up, only to be lucky enough to win it in 2008 due to a gift from the BCS.

UF is going to be this years version of the 2004 USC Trojans: Overrated, Overhyped, Overestimated, Over exposed, Over televised, Over discussed. Funny thing is Texas will take care of things in the same way and 2009 will be heralded as the biggest BUST in college football since Ryan leaf. Just like those might gators were b--ch slapped by Nebraska in 1995!

Keep talking UM down, if that is how you feel better.

Just rememeber, these things run in cycles, and by God we will find your pathetic a--.

Anybody got Canesport? Theres an article on there about the Ojomo incident, the Walk-ons name is Tyrone Ballard

There are 2 sides to every story concerning the the walk on and Omojo. We are so quick to choose sides but are we quick to know the truth. Are people on Omojo's side because of his status on the team or because you were there to witness the truth? What makes Omojo better than the walk on? Apparently the coaching staff at UM saw something great in the walk on. Why could it not have been Omojo that started all of this? Ask yourself this question what if Omojo did not have a broken jaw would you still be quick to kick the walk on off the team? Do not be so quick to be judge and jury give the walk on a chance totell his side.

Tyrone Ballard- probably some reject from hialeah High or Broward, who would start at FIU-go ahead Cristobal go ahead and snatch him!

Does anyone know how this happened? Was it a true sucker punch? IS the dude off the team?

Percy HArvin aka Moustafa

his a dt from norland

Matt Shodell
CaneSport.com Managing Editor

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When Nigel Dunn coached at Miami Norland, he wasn't just a coach to players - he was also a father figure.

Dunn always tries to stay in touch with his former players.

So when one of his former standouts called a few nights ago, Dunn was ready to listen.

That former player was defensive lineman Tyrone Ballard.

And Ballard had just been part of a locker room incident that left Cane end Adewale Ojomo with a broken jaw that could cost him the season.

"He's a young man - he said he was provoked," Dunn said. "Now it doesn't mean he was right, but I heard he was provoked."

Dunn denied rumors that it was a hazing incident.

"I think it was playing around in the locker room, guys challenged each other and it went too far," he said. "The young man (Ballard) probably didn't like what was going on."

He says Ballard has tremendous remorse about the incident, but said his former player wasn't going to be talking about it publicly.

Ballard graduated from Norland two years ago.

"He feels horrible," Dunn said. "He's a Christian kid. He feels he let himself down. He feels real bad."

Dunn said of Ballard's character that "He's a very aggressive, but this was out of his character. He's a kid that's a no-nonsense type of kid."

Dunn also described Ballard as "one of my better players."

Ballard had been a member of the Hurricanes team for a week, but was kicked off following the incident.

How can one punch break a physical specimen like Ojomo's jaw?

"He's very strong," Dunn said.

Maybe Ojomo had it coming.

to da dumass above me: why do u come here and post garbage? do u hate the canes that much. ur a st8 up foo. go ahead and reply and dont care what you say becuz u just dumd, ignorant, and st8 duk

Dude, I don't hate the Canes. Sorry I'm not crying about Ojomo's f'ing jaw.

Some idiots out there think the 2009 Gators are as talented as the 2001 Miami Hurricanes. They got me interested, so is anyone an ESPN insider?



Feldman has tocreate the controversy to create viewership, but he is a dum-a-- for even bringing it up. And so are the petty little turd fans who even THINK for one second that the 2009 team is better or even could hold the jock straps of the 2001-2002 UM teams. For one, the Um teams are choc full of first rounders. That is not the case with UF. In fact, there is even a future HOF in there with ed reed, and possibly others. You cant say that with the current UF players.

The only thing turd fans can say, and I will give props, is that when everything is said and done, teblow could be the most decorated and succesful QB of all time. TAHts it.

Thanks AP and USA today for your rankings- Youhave totally dissed the canes- and I feel on purpose- the hate on the U is palpable. Theses geniuses put Cinci and Rutgers ahaead of UM in votes!!!! LOL!!!! In fact, West Virginia is ahead in votes, when WVa is done. Done. Now that there is no Pat whiteand Steve slaton.

But that's ok. UM playaz: use this as motivation and climb up the polls (poles). It will be a tough climb, but use that as motivation. Nobody thinks the U will do anything. Everyone is looking at an 0-4 start.

And for the turds- recall, U all were ranked #1 preseason in 1994, and 2001. How did that turn out? LOL. Thats how much these voters know- 2001 ranked UF over Um, even when the U had lambasted them the previous year with Rexie baby!!!! The anti-UM voters are at it again, and the U will prove these sages wrong again.

UF will be this years version of the 2004 USC: Everyone ws comapring USC with the 2001 canes. You know, with Reggie Bush, and Leinart and all. What happened? I know that Oklahoma and texas this year have a lot to say.

How about this scenario--- UM goes 11-1, Rose Bowl UM vs UF. UM sacks Teblow 6 times en route to a 34-16 win and their 6th NC! Buh Bye timmy

There's only one team that can get with the 2001 Canes....the 1987 Miami Hurricanes.
USC's team with Reggie Bush and the Noles with Charlie Ward...are the only other teams worth mention.

People say 1995 Nebraska; I personally don't think so, but that is considered one of the great teams.

The 2001 UM team will always stand in a class of its own. People can talk "today", but you can't judge any team against that one on talent until 3 or so years from now. That 2001 team sent something like 20 First Rounders into the 2001, 2002, 2003 and 2004 draft. Plus, Portis who was probably one of the best from the 01 team and he was a second rounder.

It total, over 30 guys were drafted in the NFL that played on that team and more than 10 of them have played in atleast one Pro Bowl.

Hands down in 50 years, they will be talking about how the 2001 UM Team was the greatest collection of talent on one College Team ever.

15 days ?



Posted by: Week Two ? | August 23, 2009 at 12:46 AM


Lee Chambers seems to be doing well in practice, I wonder what this means with Cooper in a boot. I would think he would at least get a 50-40% split with Cooper in the FSU game.

Lou Holtz is predicting a ND v UF Riose Bowl. Geez if that happens, why dont we just skip this seasonand hand UF the title. I would hopw voters would know better and Ok,texas, USC would have something to say about it. The problem is the OVERRATED SEC has no one beside UF. No one. Yeah there are some nice teams, but if you ask me, Only LSU should be in the top 15 let alone the top 25. Alabama is super overrtaed, Ole Miss' beatingUF last year was a fluke, and Ga is overrated now ithout Stafford and Moreno. Period. the whole SEC is overrated, except, I'm sorry to say, the turds. OK and Texas will eliminate each other.

I'll tell youwhat- It'd be nice to see va Tech step up for once and maybe win their first against the turds. I hate to do this, and really have never done this, butI am so sick and tired of turd fans' attitudes, and mouths that I'd actually cheer for Tech.

Or---- Um goes 4-0 and by the 5th week unseats the turds for Number 1.

hey manny nice job on the canespace Q&A's

so my comment was deleted? cant take a little criticism?

No new Cane updates ?

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, guess if there is nothing good to say, say nothing at all huh Cane fan ...


ETA 2 weeks

Hunker down canefan. It's gonna get



Regarding most of the anti-cane posts here by Gator fans - have you noticed the strong racist undercurrent. I mean, really, things like "marble mouf", "Uncle Tom.." as above.

It's ok to hate on the canes, I mean I don't blame you gators, we still are superior. We have more 'ships, and yes, that counts your nice little run over the last couple of years.

But the racist stuff needs to end. Not that it surprises me, because the majority of the Gator fan base IS racist, if these posts are representative.

Keep on hating...you will be quiet soon enough

What's racist about saying marble mouf?

White people don't have marbles in their mouth? Explain the racist angle?

This Andy Gannon fellow could be whiter than rice, wear penny loafers, listen to contempoary Starbucks playlists, and hold major stock in Denny's restaurants.... And he'd STILL have marbles in his mouf.

Capiche overly sensitive guy?

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