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Top 60 Countdown: No. 1, LB Sean Spence

We've reached the end of our Top 60 Countdown and by now you've figured out Sean Spence is the player No. 1 on my list. When I set out to rank these players, I factored in what they've already accomplished, what they mean to the team and what they are expected to do in 2009. Spence ranked No. 1 in two of those categories (accomplished, expectations) and thus earned the top overall spot.

Sean Spence > What we heard about him on Signing Day '08: The leader and three-year captain of Miami Northwestern's defense, which won back-to-back Class 6A state titles. An Under-Armour All-American, he made more than 250 tackles in his final two season combined and was ranked the 13th best outside linebacker in the country by Rivals.com and the second best by ESPN.com.

> What he's done as a Cane: Spence wasn't the biggest name UM landed from Miami Northwestern or even the best linebacker in his class (Arthur Brown was rated higher). But he's certainly risen through the ranks quickly. He heard ACC Defensive Rookie of the Year honors in 2008 after finishing third on the team in tackles (65) and starting in nine games. He returned his first interception for a touchdown against Florida State and made a SportsCenter Top 10 hit on Tim Tebow and Gators running back in the loss at Florida. But his biggest play was coming up with the fumble at Virginia in UM's overtime come-from-behind victory.

> What Eye On The U expects from him in '09: Spence climbed to No. 1 on my list because he embodies all three characteristics I set out when I began ranking players. He's already made a huge imprint win Freshman All-American honors, he's the bonafide leader of UM's defense (say what you want about Randy Phillips, Spence is the man) and without question he's talented enough to be a first round pick in two seasons. At 6-feet, 212-pounds, some people may question if he's big enough to handle the strongside linebacker position. Spence (4.55-speed, 425 squat) is more than qualified. What has always been his strength aside from desire and play making ability is his understanding of the game. This a kid who was breaking down film for seniors at Miami Northwestern when he was a sophomore. Now, he's doing the same at Miami. Players who make it big aren't just physically talented, but they're smart and they're great leaders. Spence embodies it all. And he's just a sophomore. Without him, Miami's defense is at a huge disadvantage. With him a junior, Miami's defense could once again become one of the best in college football. He should not only be top three in tackles again (Colin McCarthy will lead in tackles if he's healthy), but biggest defensive plays (he won that one last year). That's why he's No. 1.

FYI... I decided to take this week off (knowing the Canes start prepping for Florida State next week). So, there updates here from practice later this week. Our Susan Miller Degnan will be out there covering it all when practice resumes this morning. I'll be back out at UM beginning Monday.


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Gainsville where you can get your degree in Manure, and Tebow may end up dating your son. Are Gators Fans ok with the star QB being gay? I geuss an inbred is an inbred

During WQAM's Hurricane Hotline show Wednesday night, Shannon said he had ``just received three transfers trying to transfer to the University of Miami. It's an opportunity that players see at [UM], that we're going to give guys a chance to play. We want competitive young men to come in and compete.''

On Thursday morning, Shannon was asked about the radio comment and if he expected quarterbacks to be joining the team soon.

``No, no, no, no, no,'' Shannon replied. ``It's like anything. You get a lot of kids that want to transfer in and stuff like that. We're solid for what we're going to do this year. We're recruiting quarterbacks. I can't get into recruiting. We have guys that we want and stuff like that [who] have a lot of interest in us. And that's all we're going to worry about that.''

Huhhhhhhhhh ???

Typical backpedaling LYING Shannon.

'lil Kirby Haircut's eyes probably bleed everytime he hears another mystical Marble Mouf soundbyte.

Somebody, ANYBODY, tell Randy to stick a cork in his mouf. Horrible diction aside, he just doesn't tell the truth. And it's getting WORSE.

But by all means 'soda, love U some Marnle Mouf.

Wow. I love that gator fans on here. The gainesville blogs not interesting enough? Or maybe you just have extra time while working at the gas station to surf the internet or your windows 98. I mean really, we want to talk about gator players pouring into the NFL, it's about time. Let's see you put together a list of successful gator players in the NFL. I'll spare you the long list of Miami players though. That would just be embarrassing for you. Your right, your stats are sooo much better than ours over the last couple years. Like we'll just ignore the fact that you have a losing record to every one of your rivals... except tennessee who you are tied with. That's right even FSU owns you... sad.

So brag away, but the sad fact is college football is about history. So your team is better right now, but once Urban Myer hops town to Notre Dame next year maybe you'll find better things to do, like brush your one tooth or try to read a book for once in your lives. Because you sure won't be coming on our blogs talking trash. Congrats gators, you beat us once in the last 25 years. Congrats.

At times it's as if Spence knows what play the offense is going to run. The guy is a beast!!
To have a season like the one he had as a freshman is amazing.

Insulting Randy Shannon's diction is a racist comment. You might as well come on here and say all black people with urban accents sound ignorant.

Go take that stuff to the UF blog.


it has nothing to do with his "urban accent"... but everything to do with the fact that he can't piece together a coherent, grammatically correct sentence. start packin your bags shannon, its tubberville time. with what he did in the powerful in SEC, with average talent, he could be dangerous in the weaker ACC with the talent miami brings in.


I'm immune to Shannon's interview skills.

I used to have the same concern, but Randy Shannon really doesn't share much. He is all cliche answers and secrecy, so does it really matter at this point?

As long as they win, this isn't a big issue for me. The NCAA is loaded with bad coaching and good communication skills.

Run him out of town if the team stinks, not because he's a crap interview.

I'm a man-loving hick from traylorvile and have a w-f beater t-shirt with the word " I have a man-crush on Teblow". weeeeeeh

Go gaturds

We have 3 national chumpionships
we have nevur gone undeefeeted

we have less players in the NFL than the U

we have had less number one drafts

we have lost to the U more times

we have more arrests than the U

but or coach gets paid more moolah because florid atax payers are dumb---aseeses/

go turds. 50 yeasr more of tradition than Miami, more money a bigger school, and we still havent caught up in number of NCs even after canes 2 slumps from 1995-1999 and 2004-2009 weeeeeeeeehaaaaaaa

Its great to be a flor-ida rednck tralyor jockey

i think the storm is coming and every hater is pressing the panic button..
defensive was good last yr until mcarthy and moncur were out now there back.
everyoung stud got valiable learning experience
last yr.
jacory played 1/2 a game mainly to try win from behind situations..
jacory has run 3 qbs out of town...
we might actually have a real OC in Whipple.
maybe the most talnets group of wrs rbs

Insulting Randy Shannon's diction is a racist comment. You might as well come on here and say all black people with urban accents sound ignorant.

Go take that stuff to the UF blog.

Posted by: Canesjunkie | August 27, 2009 at 04:39 PM

Keith Sims has wonderful diction ...

Eminem, not so much ...

Randy ran 3 QB's out of town. Randy promised a HS school kid playing time as a freshman, no matter what. I guess Harris wasnt afraid of competition either. I guess competition is only good where Shannon wants it. The man is a complete joke.

3 recruiting classes later and the Qb situation is still a disaster.

Miami will never recruit a big time QB again.

The D was good before they got hurt? I guess FSU rushing for over 200 yards in one half is good. I guess UNC throwing the ball over the field in the second half is good.

3 recruiting classes later and the Qb situation is still a disaster.

Extremely well said.

Let these dumb jakazzes talk about history two weeks before kick off. It's all the has beens have to beat their chest about since they are fielding straight up GARBAGE. Right here in the present you have a terrible eroded program with Terrible HC. You are about to get the snot beat out of both of your sorry fronts.
By the time October rolls around U will be quiet as church mice.
NOBODY but losers are reminiscing about the good ole days.

Soup said it all. Three years of Shannon and U still have flaming QB mess on your hands. Thank s Marble Mouf.

Watch how bad Mr. Super recruiters O-line plays. You undertake a rebuilding from the interor out. Marble mouf is clueless about this. And he DEFINITELY DOESNT develop shlt. EVERYBODY leaves just as average as when they came. Shannon is a train wreck.

It's amazing...the mind-boggling bitterness of somebody like kehoe and how it consumes their whole lives. It wouldn't make any difference how much the 'Canes accomplish ever...losers like kehoe will always keep to spewing their hatred and talking trash. Their obsession with wanting everything that's bad to happen to the 'Canes is really pathetic. They're truly f'd-up in the head, and I'm sure they'd make an interesting case study for a shrink.

something how 3 arms can not form a time-out

Sean Spence #1 ???? Please...every kid playing LB at FIU across town is much better than Sean Spence. Especially, Tornoto Smith and Pooh Bear Mars.

YOU PEOPLE ARE BLINDED by loyalty and allegiance.

Randy Shannon and Clint Hurtt....wow - what a bunch of BUFFOONS running the show down there !!

Gators vs Texas in BCS Title Game.

Okay. Enough already. Tim Tebow is a good kid and a great college player. Will he make it in the pros? Only time will tell because he is not there yet. He has great leadership skills, can take a hit and get back up and ball. He is good under pressure and wins games by carrying the Gators on his back. I wish WE had him. Can other Canes besides Spence play for the Gators. Face it, we all recruit the same players. We have 4 RB's who could play ahead of the Gator RB's. Moncur, Bailey, C-MAC, and Fox would almost definitely start. And the gator tight ends are nothing to brag about.I prefer to root on my boys and could care less about anyone else. I just enjoy watching OUR kids go out and give it all they have. We have the players now and we will surprise. Will we get the national respect we will earn? Probably not. Do I care. Definitely not. I just want to see our kids go out an hit people.

Open letter to Gator fans:

I hate the gators, but not the gator players. Even tebow. I hate the gators because of the smug, primaddona coach that they have hired, the way he was hired away from ND, and I hate Jeremy Foley (the architect of all this illusion). I hate their under-the table recruiting. I hate that they pretend to be clean and pure. They are not. I hate gator fans (not all). But I've never seen, inmy 28 years as a die hard cane fan, the entitlement, the in your face smack talk that I've seen by gator bloggers and gator fans all around. Not all, and maybe thats a by-product of the internet. BUt IHAVE NEVER HEARD OF UM FANS GOING ON GATOR BLOGS TO WRITE TRASH. I would never set foot at the swamp. I would surelyget arrested. But I could go to Tally. No problem. Because there, its mutual respect. I dont hate gator players. Many are south floridians anyway.
regardless, I can't imaging rootingagainst a florida team, say in an NC. Say, against Ohio State (obviously), or even USC. I could never do that. But I would love to see Urban Cryer squirm. I weven didnt hate Steve Spurrier. I liked his antics, and his offense in the mid-to-late nineties was years ahead of schedule. I didnt hate the cheater Galen Hall either. But Urban Cryer makes the hairs in the back of my neck stand up.

Point #2

Fox Spoprts has all these possible scenarios. tennessee beating UF, Central Michigan beating State, BYU playing for the NC, and get this,
there is arelistic possibility that UM, with all of its talent may lose so many games that they may not go to a bowl? I'LL TELL YOU THIS MUCH,IF THAT HAPPENS, RS MAY AS WELL START PACKING HIS BAGS BEFORE THE USF GAME,AND HE MAY AS WELL MOVE OUT OF SOUTH FLORIDA (ATLEAST LARRY COKER LIVED IN FORT MYERS).

Point#3- All the haters here about the QB situation- Did you see what happened at USC? Mightier than-though Mitch Mustain, who dissed UM, and dissed and transferred out of Arkansas, has now been relegated to possibly Number 3, as Matt Barkley, a true frosh has been named starter. You see people, every program has QB problems at one point or another. Wait till Teblow and the current defense leaves- UF will sink faster than the titanic!

Um fans are the biggest scumbags on earth. Big headed, two faced, bandwagon riding ,insecure, delusional scumbags.

An irrelevant sorry team with the worst coach in D-1. And all the fans think they are the best. Sad, very sad.

The only boom lowered was the boom that had a wrecking ball attached to it. History aside the OB was the filthiest shlt hole in existence. No blocky. No blocky. Complete cesspool. Lower your lips on this dlck you insecure thug.

wrecking ball- if you were anyhting more than a parasite of existence, a wormy slime no better than the pimple that my dog currently has on his arse, you would write down your address so I could talk this over with you. Otherwise, your words are proof of why I said why I said. You turd fans (assuming you are one) are sorry whiney babies who just because you are now winning think you cantalk trash. So,,, where were you pi$$Ants from 1872-1996 and from 1997-2006?

And your statement aboutthe OB- fair enough. But you obviously are biasedm, because the "hallowwed" swamp is no better. THAT is a s--hole of huge proportions. What you didnt like about the OB is the huge proportion of minorities in the stadium and around it. Figures, as most turd fans you are a hick fromloserville with few teeth, bad lungs, a greasy baseball cap, who drives a 1994 Ford truck with tools in the back. By tools I mean your buddies.

So Wrecking balls- go home to your sister. She is waiting for you so you can continue making recessive genes and more gator fans.

whew! That Wrecking ball got gotten.

I agree. And The other slime dog is Billy- greased back-hair Donovan. he is in the same category as Rick-slicked back-hair Pitino. Slimy greaseballs. Just like Nurban Myer the cryer

News: http://nolesports.tallahassee.com/article/20090828/FSU03/908280343/1002/SPORTS/FSU+s+D-linemen+hurting

The James Gang right at em straight up the middle!

UM sucks
UM is irrelevant
Duh U will be 0-4
Randy Shannon sucks
UM is overrated
UM is number 5 in the state
UM fans live in the past
UM has a QB crisis
Um fans are scum bags
UMs are thugs
Thug U
The ACC sucks
UM was a winning program decades ago
Ga Tech "only" ran ragged over UM

UM has a very high grad rate- higher than UF and FSU
UM has 5 national championships, last only 8 yrs ago
UM last played for the NC 7 yrs ago
UM last rank in the top 5 6 years ago
UM has a higher winning pctg than UF
UM has beaten UF, FSU, FIU, UCF, USF more times
UF has had 24 arrests in the last 3-4 yrs
UM has the most players in NFL rosters than any school
UM owns the longest home winnings streak
UM has been involved in the highest rated televised football games of all time.
UM has won the most NCs in the last 25 years.
ACC vs SEC head to head in 2008- 6-4
ACC put a record ten teams in bowls last year
Ga Tech averaged 272 yds rushing last year and rushed for >400 yds against temporary Number 1 georgia Bulldogs!

UM has a very high grad rate- higher than UF and FSU (have u ever listened to former players?)
UM has 5 national championships, last only 8 yrs ago (LEGACY means NOTHING NOW)
UM last played for the NC 7 yrs ago (???)
UM last rank in the top 5 6 years ago (???)
UM has a higher winning pctg than UF (OMG)
UM has beaten UF, FSU, FIU, UCF, USF more times (FIU has HOTTER women)
UF has had 24 arrests in the last 3-4 yrs(UM has more MURDERS or dead former players)
UM has the most players in NFL rosters than any school (literacy in the NFL is OPTIONAL)
UM owns the longest home winnings streak (at a stadium that does not exist anymore)
UM has been involved in the highest rated televised football games of all time. (no one cares)
UM has won the most NCs in the last 25 years (and U still don't even have your OWN STADIUM)
ACC vs SEC head to head in 2008- 6-4 (Yaaaawn)
ACC put a record ten teams in bowls last year (PARITY or ACC SUX)
Ga Tech averaged 272 yds rushing last year and rushed for >400 yds against temporary Number 1 georgia Bulldogs! (Ga Tech will crush U again)

Posted by: CAt 5 approaching | August 28, 2009 at 12:20 PM


Great job hypocrite mycanes. It was so easy. Spend one minute throwing out a bunch of nonsense about U fans being "scumbags" and watch u lose your little obsessed mind. IT WAS THAT EASY. Generalizing an entire fan base is ignorant. "lower the boom" made a bunch of childish statements. I shot back with the EXACT same thing to mock you. Of course you lost your mind and went on one of your 509 word rants. lmao. So Booms wanton degrading is accurate and okay but mine isn't?

Do you grasp whatsoever what a small mind you have?

For a guy that spends endless hours making toothless hillbilly jokes , you sure look like an enormous moron calling anyone racist. You are the biggest bigot on earth. Your obsession with "FACTS" on a wingnut FOOTBALL BLOG are pure comedy.

Tony Dungy? Awesome coach. Upstanding human being. Black guy
Mike Timlin? Classy guy. Black guy
Byron Leftwich? A QB that I just personally like. Black guy.
Eminem? Scum bag exploitive chump. White guy
Dick Cheney? Evil scumbag. White guy
Barack Obama? Communicator. Family man. Leader. Black guy
Tony Masilotti? Greedy scumbag. White guy.
Charlie Strong? Hard working. Dedicated. Winner. Black guy
Randy Shannon? Liar, embarrassing speaker, terrible leader who likes to throw kids under the bus, leader of a sports program at a respected private institution but continually embarrasses the institution with his deplorable speaking skills. It's just like he has a bunch of marbles in his mouf. He also happens to be a black guy.

Uf has a better legacy of Championships in your RENTAL HOME stadium than U do. We draw much better crowds too. "FACT"

your game attendance numbers are amongst the very bottom of all major D-1 teams "FACT"

your record of developing Qbs has been laughable for over five years. The numbers show this as "FACT"

you lead the nation in number of dead players "FACT"

your home field was ignored by local leaders and subsequently demolished to create a space for an art dealer "FACT"

on two ocassions U have had multiple candidates decline your coaching vacancy leaving you to hire from within "FACT"

your defense surrendered FOUR HUNDRED AND SEVENTY TWO RUSHING YARDS nine months ago "FACT"

The Gators (and their sorry fans) suffer from an inferiority complex that they just can't seem to shake off, kinda like the little kid who rarely got picked to play in the school yard games and nowt hat they're getting some playing time they want to challenge the big boys. UM and FSU are down right now but the U will be back and you gators know it so you better talk all the trash you can for now cuz your days are numbered...and you know it too!

What is amazing is that over the course of history a school as small as the U can dominate a much larger school that has much more resources - like UF! Yea the gaters have some recent success and BIG DEAL I say, it's still not enough to overcome years of being inferior to the U - AND THAT IS A FACT!

Long gone subculture. That's your only history LOSERS.


Yeah U rule alright.

U RULE the middle of the ACC Coastal division. Always have. Always will.

U have NEVER won an ACC title "FACT" and the overwhelming opinion is that is soft and embarrassing c

News: http://nolesports.tallahassee.com/article/20090828/FSU03/908280343/1002/SPORTS/FSU+s+D-linemen+hurting

Posted by: clwtrcane | August 28, 2009 at 11:10 AM

Maybe Bobby will agree to go 7 on 7 ?

Hey Canzfan,

I'll give you the point about all schools have similar deadlines, but I'm not sure about some of your other points. Mostly, I'm not seeing any animosity between Cook and Shannon. Both are praising the other, the high school coach, the dad, all saying kind words and acting like adults. I don't see this as a rerun of the Marve fiasco. In this case, I'm taking everyone at their word. We are allowed to do that sometimes.

Like I said in an earlier email, I see Cook as wanting to be the next Joe Flacco and I see Smith as wanting some college glory before joining the corporate world. I don't see them as bad guys, or angry guys. As for the Canes, we need another Scott Covington, a guy willing to wait for three years for his one year of glory. I'm not sure they make too many like that any more. Maybe Highsmith will be such a guy. If he tries to transfer his dad will tackle him.

oooohhh ahhhhhhh. My best friend is a black guy. oooohh ahhhhh. I knew a black guy once!

Saying something nice about a black guy doesnt cover your bitter racism. Yes. You are still a hick. Go marry your other sister, gator.

How about this fact, gator p**sy:

UF will never be a UM. And we STILL have a better record against you and more ships.

Take that and s-ve up your ednek traylor a$-$

How is a white man calling another white man a renck a bigot???? LOL> That UF education really paid off.

Here's a "FACT" bigot.

Uf is ranked preseason NUMBER ONE in ALL TWENTY THREE POLLS. That's "depths" that u have no clue about.


read it and weep. It's also a "FACT" that EVERY school in the top 25 has an on campus stadium. U on the other hand are rental bozos. U won't sniff the too 25 for yet another year. Marnle Mouf will get the boot and your dumpster gore program will start over yet again. Doddering old WHIP will nit set foot in a 305 living room and U will fall further off the relevance map. U are nothing more than a had-been SMALL SCHOOL with a BIG napoleon complex.

U truly have not reached the bottom yet keep your snorkle and mask handy as you will need to breathe while all of U rats jump off the sinking ship.

U should probably go look ip the word bigot because clearly u have no understanding of it's meaning mycanes.

U are a bitter bigoted pig

This ranking idea was stupid to begin with, but Graig Cooper at no. 3 is ridiculous.

Cooper is all or nothing, and HAVING AN ALL OR NOTHING BACK AS YOUR No. 1 DOESN'T WORK. JJ, Mike James and Chambers are all better at shaking a tackler, fighting out of a tackle or even falling forward. Cooper either gets past the line and gets 20+ or he gets nothing. Take away his 20+ runs and his average is minimal. Add them in and it still doesn't get him to 5 yards a carry.

You need a guy who can consistently get you 4-5 yards, whether he can break the big one or not. You can't sustain drives without that. You can't control the ball without that. Long runs are nice, but a steady average is better.

How come nobody can see this.

Mike James has 0 NCAA carries, you want to start him against FSU? You have to let both freshmen ease into getting the ball. I wouldn't throw them in against FSU.

JJ is too frail to be the no. 1. It doesn't matter that he gets 4 per carry. If he gets hurt on the 3rd play that comes out to 12 yards.

It looks like Shawnbrey can play....he should see a lot more of the ball this year.

keep blogging. You are proving evryone's point you i-diot rednk.

go ahead prove my point. But swallow this...

5>3, a%%hole

besides, who would make light about the death od student athletes?

Please elaborate on why or how it is important to you to mention UM's deaths> Please do!
Please how do youoadvance your argument by mentioning these?

And why do you feel compeeled to talk trash on this blog?

YOU are on this blog. WE (UM fans) did notgo searching for your pathetic a$#%=$.

Go ahead keep on. Yopuhave already proved my point (s).

But remember 5>3. do the math baby

Here's the deal people...

1.) Highsmith beat out Cannon Smith as the 3rd. Q.B. making Smith the season scout team Q.B. So, goodbye Cannon Smith.

2.) Taylor Cook WAS going to be the "Convensional" Backup this year. But to spell Jacory at times (ie.ShotgunSpread/WildHog/WildCat) Highsmith is learning to run a package, designed just for him, that includes maybe 5-6 plays out of 4-5 different formations. Anybody that knows anything about these "gimmicky" formations, knows that they're designed to inside ride R.B. Flow RUN RIGHT And Q.B. Belly/pull roll RUN or THROW to the LEFT (ie. Tebow/R.Brown/P.White).

***And A.J. Highsmith CAN Throw Very Well to his LEFT*** (i've seen him do it over and over)

This special package does TWO important things.

It gives Jacory a 1-2 play blow here and there as well as protection from him having to run it. But most importantly, DEFENSES WILL HAVE to gameplan for it not just as a wrinkle, but as a Weapon, providing A.J. can pull it off (which I hear he can without a doubt). As to when they were going to or will show this, I don't know. But no doubt it's going to be an option that will be used more often then just pulling Jacory from time to time to have given Cook reps.

So the reason really wasn't that A.J. beat Cook out as the Number 2 overall Q.B. (he didn't), it was that Highsmith was going to see the field before and more often than Cook early in the year, barring any injury to Jacory Harris.

So Cook says thanks but no thanks. 2 Backups gone and you move on. But without Cook as an Insurance policy, things could get very interesting fast. A.J.'s learning curve to go under center just changed dramatically. I'm sure he'll handle it.

A Very Simple Numbers game is all this was.

But then again, I'm a just Dumbaazz Gator, so what do I know ?

Where does the team stand Marbles?

"You don't know."

Hey Marbles, is "mentals" a word?

"You don't know."

Hey Marbles, Who will start against Fee-shoo?

" I don't know. It just depends."

Depends on what Marbles?

" I don't know."

Marbles, your players have been busting their hump all summer long in the heat and battling for starting spots. Anything you'd like to say to them about who gets the nod at position?

"The players don't worry about it."

So when kids call home to mom and dad and the parents ask them if they will start what do they tell them?

" I don't know."

Ummm... Marbles? What do you know?

We's building depths." (sic)

What about Ohomo's broken jaw? Was there a fight?

"No no no no! Just kids rasslin round. U know...horseplays."

What about Moncur's surgery? His parents texted me and were wondering if there was any thing they could tell everyone back home?

" He's fine. Just nicked up. It's undisclosed."

Marbles, I can only conclude that you don't know much. Care to comment?

" I don't know."

btw- you Canes and Gators going at it here are a riot !

Yes, I did prove unequivocally that you are a bitter BIGOTED pig.

"FACT" Your football budget is much smaller than all the schools in the upper echelon. But then U are NOT in the upper echelon.

Just axe Cal or Butch.

No way Highsmith would outshine Cook with only 2 months of practice.
Something was really wrong if Highsmith was getting a lot of reps.

Posted by: Canesjunkie | August 26, 2009 at 04:53 PM

(AJ’s) a very mature guy. He's young, but he loves to study film. He knows the whole playbook and he rarely makes a mistake. To beat him out you're going to have to beat him out mentally, and a lot of guys can't do that because they don't sacrifice things. He's always meeting with coaches, always watching film and just trying to be the best he can be.
I guess that's why he got moved ahead of those guys.
-- Randy Phillips



three cheers for AJ …


"FACT" U play your spring game in a 50 foot high soccer stadium known as Lockhart. U also share it with FAU...LMAO Nice exaggerated crowd U packed in there. Reminds me of the tumbleweeds blowing around the upper deck at your rental digs otherwise known as Florida Gator Championship Field.

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