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Top 60 Countdown: No. 11, DE Marcus Robinson

As we move deeper into the countdown of the Top 60 players at The U we hit No. 11 on our list: Defensive end Marcus Robinson.

Of all the stories I've heard about Robinson, nothing demonstrates more about his toughness than the one I heard from his father Mitchell, a security guard/custodian at Homestead's Air Base Elementary last November. On his last day of school at Southridge, Robinson was greeted by a rush of thugs, who were swinging and punching at him. Robinson fought them off by himself and quickly changed his life around at Homestead High. So, will "He-Man" continue that torrid path toward greatness as a UM sophomore? Like his dad told me, "Bank on it."

Marcus Robinson > What we heard about him on Signing Day '08: Speed, strength and athleticism. Those are three words we heard most often about Robinson when he was at Homestead High. He certainly lived up to it last year. But before he put on the green and orange, Robinson put on a show in high school. The 6-1, 231-pound U.S. Army-All American had 98 tackles and 24 sacks as a senior. Rivals.com ranked him the fourth best outside linebacker in the country. Scout had him eighth and ESPN had him seventh. He chose UM over Florida State, Ohio State, USC and Michigan.

> What he's done as a Cane: Robinson's first season was definitely eye-opening. Next to linebacker Sean Spence, he made the biggest splash of any freshman on defense. His three sack, seven tackle performance against Virginia Tech showed the country the type of speed he has on the edge. He earned ACC Defensive Lineman of the Week honors for his performance and was selected by Collegefootballnews.com as a Freshman All-American. He started in five games and finished fifth on the team with 35 tackles and second with four sacks.

> What Eye On The U expects from him in '09: Big things. Robinson (6-1, 237) could potentially have an All-ACC type of season if UM's defensive line performs up to expectations. With Allen Bailey and Marcus Forston causing havoc in the middle, Robinson could see lots of one-on-one matchups on the outside. With veteran Eric Moncur and fellow sophomore Adewale Ojomo providing depth, Robinson probably will be fresh enough to remain effective well into the fourth quarter. And we all remember those days when UM players would hold four fingers up in the fourth quarter. When Robinson does it, he might be telling us how many sacks he's already collected through the first three.


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First! Marcus will be a beast!


Robinson is a monster out there!!!

Why don't they move him to MLB? 6'1, 237 lbs., those are LB measurements. We are killing this kids chance to make it to the NFL. I'm sure he'll contribute on DL, but it's because he's got that 'it' that makes people good regardless of where they play.

Colin McArthy is a month away from getting hurt, so might as well prepare now.

How low has the U fallen. People bragging out being competitive with Florida and losing a game 26-3.

Why move Robinson? He is the best pass rusher on the team.

Anyone can look at TV read articles and blogs and feel they know what a player should be doing. The coaches are out there everyday and have been watching these kids since high school, not to mention theyve been doing this coaching thing for some years now. Lets allow the coaches to do their jobs.

Manny, are you gonna be providing answers on your live chat???

I love MRob's game. He reminds me of Dwight Freeney.

Manny do you know his 40 time?

"Why don't they move him to MLB? 6'1, 237 lbs., those are LB measurements"

Those were his measurements in highschool. That's why he played LB then. He's closer to 250 now.

Good reporting. So far Manny the only disagreement I have with the countdown is J. James being ranked at 18. With a young skinny quarterback and unproven Oline, ball control as well as blocking will be very important. When healthy James is the best back to control the clock, and the best back to protect Jacory Jacory whether through max protection or blitz pick up. A D-Coordinator will be more likely to bring blitzes with Cooper or any one of the smaller backs in the game. James should be in the top 5. Here is my top 10, anybody else??

1. Harris
2. Fox
3. Bosher
4.J. James
10.Epps (If healthy tremendous asset to Harris)Dont think he will be 100%

I'd move Robinson because I want him and Micanor Regis and are 15 other DL on the field at the same time.

Article says he's 237lbs, he looks like 25lbs. I don't know how well he can move, but that's still LB weight.

He's our best rusher, yes, but we have a problem stopping the run.

Second guessing coaches is what this blog is all about. If not, we'd be chatting about Urban Meyer's salary all day.

Please explain to me how can he look like 250 by looking at the article....douchebag

1) Fox
2) Coop
3) Spence
4) Harris
5) Bosher
6) JJ
7) Byrd
8) Johnson
9) Bailey
10) Epps

i agree i think randy phillips is ranked 2 high but he got burnt like toast as a corner. The worst was louisville game. As for robinson being hurt to make nfl are you crazy? do you look at draft picks this year aaron maybin who went 240 went 11 as a de to buffalo. Orakpo who barely tipped 260 went 13. Robinson will put on 20-30 lbs in next 2 years to get up to 260 range. with 3-4 defense in nfl the fact this kid is flat out fast and can rush the passer will make him a top 5 pick if he can actually sack the qb 10 or more times in a season. with the rash of teams like gb, denver and kc going 3-4 hybrid guys like marcus are gonna be the rage in the nfl. teams like pitt and ne already love to draft guys like him. marcus robinson will be at least 250 by time he leaves miami and will be one of the top 3-4 hybrid olb types the nfl raves about like shawn merriman who was 250 when sd took him 5th in the nfl.

He was a monster against VaTech...as a matter of fact the whole team was. What is it about GT, NC State, and UNC that the Canes can't figure out?

Looks like 250lbs. in the picture and in person. People can estimate each others weights based on heights.

Nice blogging with you.

Maine...good point about the NFL weights. I just think it's easier to run against lighter DL like a Jason Taylor or any of the guys you just named. I know it's the whole quickness v. size arguement.

I'm not sure how Robinson can move, but he seems like he would be a great Ray Lewis (NFL not UM), Bart Scott type of LB.

Robinson is a great player and belongs up amongst the best on the team.


1. Cooper
2. Fox
3. Bosher
4. Spence
5. Harris
6. Byrd
7. Johnson
8. Bailey

Why would we move Robinson???

He was our best DE last year, and will be playing on Sundays in a couple years.

Three years ago JJ would have been top 3, but unfortunately he is coming of mediocre seasons. Cooper is the starting RB, with JJ a solid number 2.

Hopefully, JJ has a comeback season, improving his stock in the draft.

Phillips is a scrub of the highest magnitude. Why is he this far up in the countdown?

Posted by: Canesjunkie | August 04, 2009 at 01:16 PM

He is that far up the list because your roster is jam packed with scrubs. Hasn't 19-19 taught U anything?

Stay tuned. 25-25 awaits....so does 0-4. Do U clueless morons have any grasp on how far your beloved program has fallen? Clearly not.

That Ojomo and Robinson punch will be nasty.

Our roster isn't loaded with scrubs. There are some glorified scrubs out there, but there's lots of talent.

Robinson is an example of talent.

We're not going 0-4...but what do you care anyway?

U WILL go 0-4...

After that, what will it take to reach 8 wins?

U aint winning EIGHT IN A ROW cane fan. ( okay lets give you a little bit of slack and start you off at 1-3...U still aren't going 7-1 the rest of the way....NOT HAPPENING)

Pray for 7-5. Accept 5-7.

That is what U are now. That is your new reality under General Shalack and corporal Shannon.


Fox at 2 and Bosher at 3???

Anyway, respect your opinion, but punters don't make my top 10.

Top 10 (based on who will shine in 2009)

1. Jacory Harris
2. Sean Spence
3. Graig Cooper
4. Aldarius Johnson
5. Marcus Robinson
6. Theron Collier
7. Allen Bailey
8. Brandon Harris
9. Tommy Streeter
10. LeRon Byrd

That'sm right. I have the photo of the receiver, and it was Louis Murphy you moron, and he came down with the ball.

Posted by: The storm is approaching. | August 04, 2009 at 04:14 PM

I guess Murphy switched jerseys to # 16 for that grab and then back to #9 when he caught the TD later in the game ...

Ur Beer Goggles made U BLIND and Ur Picture DOES NOT EXIST !


click n learn U TARD ... U Have NO CRED !!! Now STF Up !!!

he's all Urs Cane Stooges.

btw- 10-2 this year huh ? Bwwwwwaaaahhhhhh !!!

UF beat a very young UM team at the D(swa)mp. Ok. yey> be happy>

Posted by: The storm is approaching. | August 04, 2009 at 04:14 PM

Here's another FACT for U and Ur Blacked Out Glasses ...

The 2008 Gators were YOUNGER Than Duh U !!!

Any more ExcUses ??? Get'em ready, U'll need them this year ...

Too bad the elbow was on the line .

Posted by: Canebrake2009 | August 04, 2009 at 04:37 PM

Wrong yet again ! Slow mo ground level endzone shot showed his elbow WAS clearly in with control... 1 elbow ='s 1 foot ...

Refs fault Ur Anemic Second Half offense amassed 4 yards rushing and 25 yards passing and 2... TWO!!! First downs without EVER crossing the 50 yrd. Line ???

The refs, Nix, we were young, it was hot, whaa whaa whaa blah blah blah .

Hey Art, what ever happened to all those Cane Honks that were all charged up last year about that being the season of ***No ExcUses*** ???

guess it didn't take huh ?

The elbow was on the line you tard. I mean turd.

The game was 9-3 the was 4th down and the ball was on the 50. Were you there? The Dum(swa)mp was vewy vewy quiet. You could hear the tobacco chewing.

By te way- You turd fans sound scared. very scared. why else would yoube talking all this stupidity? That and you are jealous.

24 million to Nurban the Liar: 1 million per arrest LOL!

go blow virgin boy you pig

I have Bosher in my top 10. If you don't think Kickers are that important, why don't you give BB a call...

1. J Harris (QB will make / break the season)
2. Spence (Great tackler / Reads Defense / Make up speed)
3. McCarthy (D' needs SR Leadership)
4. Johnson (We need to stretch the defense this year more than ever)
5. Cooper (Must stay healthy)
6. Bailey (need to stop the run)
7. Fox (Left Tackle is 2nd most important Off position, but he is no McKinney)
8. B Harris (need that shut down corner)
9. Bosher (Mr. Reliable - Guarantees 9+ points a game if we get inside 40)
10. L Byrd (Needs to complement AJ)

Did florida have a better team last year y es. but a canes team with 20 freshman playing was only down 9-0 nothing going into 4th quarter. sure florida is better right now. Randy took a team with a bunch of guys who never lived up to the billing. Youth isnt an excuse its just the truth. From 83-2008 miami dominated florida. Randy is rebuilding and miami wont go 0-4 im betting 3-1 i think miami can beat fsu, georgia tech and oklahoma is the tough one we probably lose. the starting 22 and top 35 players on miami has mostly sophmores and freshman in it. there are a few upper classmen on miami in our top 35 players but not many. Florida has alot of juniors and seniors in there top 35 and very few freshman or sophmores. zook did what randy is doing now he gave urban alot of talent tow ork with. randy took over a team devoid of depth and talent and has rebuilty that 2 years ago when miami went 5-7 they were starting 230 lb des at dt because they had no one else to play there.

Let's face it, fellow 'Cane fans, these taunting low-lifes like curse of kehoe will NEVER have anything to say beyond continuous trash talking and cheap-shots...all-mouth, no-life low-lifes. If we lose, they gloat. If we win, they find some excuse that we did because the other team screwed up, etc., etc., o they disappear altogether. They're totally arrogant morons and deserve nothing more than to have their brainless remarks ignored or banned altogether by the Herald. Interesting that they always seem to be gaturd fans, too. That should tell you something...probably the reason that despite their recent football success, all their money still doesn't get them respect...quite the opposite.


Who is BB?

Exceptional kickers are important, but bosher isn't one of them. There are other field goal kickers in the NCAA who are better than Bosher and 40 yards isn't anything extraordinary.

How many punts does Bosher shank?? Didn't we lose to NC State a couple of years ago on a missed chip shot?

We are in for a long season if Bosher is top 10 player.

What are you talking about? What is a top 35?UF has about the same breakdown as Miami does as with upperclassmen. All of Meyer's key players were recruited by him. Miami has to worry about getting back to the ACC title race before taking on the UF's or USC's of the world.

canesjunkie,what are you a gayturd fan? get the f off this blob you loser!

1. Jacory Harris- Field General, poised & irreplacable.
2. Jason Fox- Games are won in the trenches. The anchor of the O-line is the #1 players body guard.
3. Allen Bailey- Reiteration: Games are won in the trenches. Physical freak of nature. The anchor of the D-line must dominate. It makes the rest of the D's job easier.
4. Sean Spence- Frosh All-ACC, makes big plays, etc.
5. Matt Bosher- All-ACC, kicker & punter, tackles like a DB. Special teams are 1/3 of the game. More often than not, close games come to the kicking game. Ask FSU about the 3 wide rights & 1 wide left. THEY'RE A FEW CHAMPIONSHIPS SHORT BECAUSE OF IT!!!
6. Graig Cooper- The playmaker on offense. Can take it to the house from anywhere on the field.
7. Laron Byrd- The most physically gifted WR. 1st round destiny. The best player at the most talented position on the team. IMO
8. Thearon Collier- The player that moves the chains on 3rd down better be in your top 10. Especially when he's capable of takin' it to the house.
9. Leonard Hankerson- Sorry AJ fans. Hank beat him for the starting spot last fall. He's bigger, faster, runs better routs & now Duper's got him catching the ball. Hank, Thearon & Laron are going to carve up secondaries all season.
10. Jimmy Graham- SURPRISE! 6'8 260, running a 4.6! He's going to bust thru DB's in the flat, outjump anybody for the ball & get vertical on LB's. His big hands won't drop shyt. He's been boxing out for the last 4 years. Blocking will come natural. He'll round out the best pass offense in the ACC this year. Plus, he'll allow Epps to redshirt & come back full strength for next year's take over.

That's a top 10...


I'm a Gator fan because I think Bosher is an average punter?

You guys are annointing Bosher as if he were some type of freak punter who makers returners run backwards to catch his kicks. He's a punter, we can probably replace him with the goalie from any soccer team.

Some of you have him in your top 5!!! People, Matt Bosher doesn't mean more to this team than Graig Cooper.

Excuse me for not putting Matt Bosher in the Ring of Honor. We should also get to work on a Freddie Capshaw statue for the middle of campus.

Are you sure?

Bosher scores more, doesn't shy away from contact & wins field positions battles.

He does mean more to the team than Cooper. We've got 2 other RB's that can carry the rock & have done it in games(J. James, L. Chambers).

Who's going to kick for us if Bosher goes down??? That's a blow to field position & no more guaranteed 3 points inside the 30.

Give the man his respect. He's earned it. Quit hatin'...

I need me some football!!!

BB = Bobby Bowden

I'm starting to get sick of all the talk, irrational arguments, and needless insults.

Cane, and especially, gators fans have to start showing some class and respect.

Can't wait for labor day!

grad cane- don't be hating on cane fans- this is a UM blog. No where here does it say "UF blog". I am not on a UF blog talking trash, although I could have from 99-2006. Or whenever the internet became popular.

Bosher is ok.

People forget Colin McCarthy- if healthy he provides needed leadership for the LB core.

Soup- go chase yourself. You make no sense.
UM can play with anyone. They may not win, but they can keep up. At this point the only weakness we have is the O-line and experience. Granted, both very imp. I'd say, bring USC on. I am sure they wouldnt be scared to play us like the turds are!

CoCane - I agree. In College, people under estimate the importance of a solid place kicker.

When Bobby Bowden (BB) won in 93, his Freshman kicker (Scott Bentley) was rated the #1 kicker in the nation and if you remember, he kicked the field goal that won the game against Nebraska. In 99, Bowden had Janikowski (1st round pick as a Junior!).

I know for certain at least ONE game will be decided on the foot of Bosher. That one game could be the difference between playing in the ACC championship game and the Emerald Nut bowl again.

For that reason, I have Bosher in my top 10.

Howdy Pards:

Marcus Robinson Has IT!!!!! I was at the Va Tech game he was awesome! How fast is he? Fast enough to catch Tyrod Taylor!! I cant wait for Mon Nite. Go Canes

A moment of sanity, please...Stop the Gator bashing!!!

I started going to Canes Games in 1971. I bleed orange and green.

But let's be realistic here for a second.

Gators are the defending National Champs.

Their roster is loaded with proven talent and their coach has proven that he is good enough to win the National Championship.

As much as I would like to claim that the Canes are on par with Gators, it's really madness to do so at this point.

If the 2 teams played this year (even in Dolphin stadium), would any of you be willing to bet your next paycheck on the Canes, even if you got 21 points?

Real Cane fans root for the team, win or lose. And that's exactly what I'll do this year, no matter what.

But anyone that thinks that the Canes would not be grossly overmatched against the Gators this year is off their meds.


I agree, move Robinson to LB. Imagine the furtue at LB: Robinson, Brown & Spence...

You have quickness, power, and playmaking ability. That's another, Smith, Barrow & Armstead dudes!!

Robinson is good, but i truely beleive we can spare him at DE. Look at the guys we still have at DE with room to spare:

"Moncur, A. Ojomo, O Vernon, D.Dye, G Hardin, Andrew Smith, Steven Wesley"

I think Vernon, will fill in and compete at the same level as Robinson did last year. So that makes room, and sense, for Robinson to move back to a position he played in HS. Ranked #4 in the nation!

Seriously, it should be considered !!!

Big Sonny....you expressed the idea before me a couple of months ago.

I'm a believer in getting as much talent on the field as possible.

This dude is the epitome of the NEW CANES. He is puttin in the work. When he first arrived it was painful to hear him do an interview, now he speaks well, speaking with confidence and having something to say. He is making tremendous strides on and off the field.

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