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Top 60 Countdown: No. 14, DT Marcus Forston

Another day, another promising Canes player to talk about on our countdown of the Top 60 currently at UM. Today, we look at No. 14 on our list: Sophomore defensive tackle Marcus Forston. In high school, there weren't many more talented and hyped recruits in the nation in 2008. After a strong freshman season,  even bigger things are expected from Forston this year. Will he deliver?

Marcus Forston > What we heard about him on Signing Day '08: Before he even played his senior season at Miami Northwestern, there weren't many recruiting fans around who hadn't already heard of Forston. The 6-2, 302-pound defensive tackle was the booming voice and leader for the 6A state champion Bulls. A three-year starter, he capped his senior season by recording 92 tackles, 20 sacks and seven forced fumbles, winning a mythical national title and playing in the U.S. Army All-American Game in San Antonio. An early Canes commitment, Forston chose UM over Notre Dame, USC, Tennessee and Alabama and helped recruit other players to Miami.

> What he's done as a Cane: Forston played in 12 games as a freshman and started once (at Florida). He finished with 25 tackles, 4.5 for loss to go with three sacks. He had four tackles and two sacks against N.C. State and earned Freshman First Team All-American Honors from three publications. This spring, Forston started on the second team defense and had four tackles in the spring game. He also ran a 4.84 in the spring -- third fastest among defensive lineman. 

> What Eye On The U expects from him in '09: Forston, often compared to a young Warren Sapp, has gotten leaner, stronger and more athletic after one season at UM. Those were the three areas (as a fresh out of high school) he needed to work on last season. If he's physically ready to take the next step forward, he should have a huge season in the middle, especially with Allen Bailey commanding double teams next to him. Ideally, Canes coaches would love to see Bailey and Forston as their two starting tackles by the end of the season with players like Joe Joseph and Josh Holmes and Micanor Regis providing depth. As long as he stays healthy, that's exactly what I expect to happen. 


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Numero Uno! Nice article Manny, with Fortson and Bailey in the middle we should improve our run defense this season.

Good job Manny! We're getting close!!!

Marcus also has a knack for staying healthy

So far "OVERATED" Fortson must pick up his play and start dominating before some of the "Youngin" past him up on the depth chart. This ain't the NW Bulls this is da "U".

Warren Sapp?
One of the greats ever, at UM or the NFL? If Fortson, who, I think will be a great, could be like Sapp as well, and is anything like Sapp, we have another UM Great.

I can't see these young guys play and practice from NJ, so I love to hear Manny's take.

Go UM! Watch out, the rest of the college football world, The storm is brewing again..

And go Randy, he saw it all in his mind first.

I know everyone has a right to their opinion, but sometimes people can get idiotic. The guy was a true freshmen and he hurt a shoulder during the year an still finished with 25 tackles and four sacks only starting one game. It would be foolish to call the kid "OVERATED". Get it together duvalcanesfan.

Duval, WTF are you talking about overrated?? Name a true freshman DT in UM's long legacy of great DTs who even started his freshman year??

Under proper circumstances Forston would've RS'd. But because Coker demolished the program, NO ONE has been able to RS unless by injury.

Now all those superstud DTs also had another thing in common. They all broke out their sophomore and junior seasons. So expect Forston, Bailey and Regis to emerge as the Three Kings in the middle, while Robinson, Moncur, Ojomo, Vernon and Wesley to emerge on the right.


Great assessment. Arent you the same fool that had Bruce JOhnson in the 1st round. Go back to Canespace where you can slurp everyone.

This is not 1992. True Freshmen start all over the place. Noway does a highly recruited player like Fortsen even think about recruiting. He was a little bit of disappointment last year. He was suppose to have a Tommy Harris like impact and was disappointing.

Also, please name the one big play that Allen Bailey has made as a Hurricane. The guy has dominated one game. In big games, he has been awful.

Duval, everyone is entitled to their opinion. Your's however is wrong. Forston came in as a true freshmen and played on a line was missing its best component in Eric Moncur. Pretty much the whole line was young, green, and playing in a new system. That notwithstanding, Forston managed to put up some really good numbers for a player in that situation.
Sure, we all hated watching GT run all over the D. That doesn't diminish the accomplishments of a true freshman.

Anyone remember UNC's Marvin Austin? He was the next great college DT. Had a so so Freshman year and has slowly become a force in the middle for UNC and has NFL chatter all around him. Marcus done fine and will only get better. I guess the first day on the job you asked for a raise, right? Let the kid adjust to the speed of the game, the atmosphere, and playing against better players. He will be fine, cool your jets.

Bailey & Forston Oh Myyyyyyy Maybe For 2 Years If Bailey Sticks Around For His Senior Year That's Scary

No way in hell Forston is overrated. The kid had a hell of a freshman season and will only get better this season. There's a pretty damn good chance he becomes dominate this year.

Let the kid start 7-12 games and compared the numbers. then if they dont match against other studs at DT, then maybe u can say he is overrated.

the canes will be back in 09,just have faith true canes fans

Forston needs to stop the run. It seems he only wants to get after the qb.

Forston is a beast..if he's got his conditioning sorted out then the sky is the limit.

This guy is not overrated, it's rare that a freshman defensive linemen is ready to play from day 1.

I think Allen Bailey has been pretty good. He doesn't dominate games, but I don't see him getting blocked consistently.

The blocking scheme in the GT system usually calls for double teams...all he's responsible for is holding his ground.

Duval u probably have posted the dumbest blog of the year. This guy had a great FRESHMAN season all our freshmen did that is why all us real cane fans are so hype about years to come. Let's go canes

Some of you need to realize that a freshman dt with 25 tackles, 5 for loss on a defense missing 4 starters (VT, R Phillips, Moncur, C Mac)is a great season.

HE WAS 18 YEARS OLD!! Someone remind me what Sapp did here when he was 18? Oh ya, sat the bench because he wasnt needed. Forston was thrown in and had to be an anchor.

This year will be different, the 4 starters are back and Bailey is going to be a monster at DT now that he is completely healthy.

UM wins 8-9 games and goes to a decent bowl this year. With a little luck and a few breaks the ACC CG

The D-line has to dominate, in order to take some pressure of the O-line.

ACC in 2009.

National Championship in 2010.
Jacory in a pink suit?

hahaha grad cane, and a pimp cup too

u a bad mother ... go canes f the gay-terds dam criminals

southmia15: it would the greatest heisman presentation ever. J12 rapping dressed as a pimp with a huge afro.

That's the swagger we need back at the U.

I'm really excited about our defense. This team is going to catch alot of teams and the press by surprise big time. Any school we play in 2009 thinks that this team is just the same as last year will be looking in the wrong direction. I know that the press and fans alike are not going to like this but I wish the coaches would keep the media away from all of the fall practices. keep the fans,the press and the teams that play us in the dark. This team as it looks now reminds me alot of the class of 91 and 01. No one thought we could do what we did... yet we did it. WHY? because they played as a team... they did not except anything but success. When one player made a mistake they all group around the player and did not be little the kid they gave him all the support he needed. I see the offence setting records. RB's will blow away records. WR will set game and season records. Is there trouble at TR position? I answer this by saying, "Wait till the first or second game." you will be gently surprised. The coaches have to be at their most after the game at FSU which I perdict will be over way before there is time to say, "The field goal is... it's wide left or right. FSU thinks that their home field is a solid home win. NO WAY....After the first 4 games the "U" will surprise the nation. The rest is up to the players and the coaches. Keep your heads on straight and your feet on the ground.. Your hearts in the clouds... Your dreams of the ACC & National Championship in your sights and you can accomplish anything..... Let NO ONE tell you your too young... your still a rookie.... your too slow....you have not paid your dues....You all have made it to the college level.... along way from Pop Warner football... you had your dreams way back then.... Now its time to watch your dreams come true....If anyone out there disagrees with my thinking well then I have only one thing to say...Only a TRUE and FAITHFUL University of Miami football fan would think this way... If you differ than maybe it's time for you to find another college football team to follow... OR maybe you need to atart following the NFL full time... AS for me I'll take my CANES win or loose I have loved this team since 63 and I end with this saying, "I remember the season of 86 our first NC year. NO one ever thought that Howard had the team. It was his belief as well as the teams that they could do anything they set their heart to accomplish and they did... Ive seen that look before... I've read those words before... I think history is about to repeat itself.... Thank you for allowing me to express myself... In this changing world this is becoming a right not taken lightly...LET'S GO CANE FANS FILL THE STADIUM.. GET BEHIND THIS TEAM. THE PLAYERS NEED OUR SUPPORT. The coaching staff will reap the rewards of their hard work at the end of the season...God bless America and while you are at it GOd bless the U of Miami.

Wayne. Nice- but our first NC was 1983 not 1986. In 1986, we should have won our second but Vinnie choked the big Zucchini and we lost to an overmatched penn Stateteam.

I second everything else yousaid. The canes need to play as a tema. they have to bring back the swag, not necessarily the negative swag. Those who have it know what I mean. You dont even have to describe it in words. You see it when you see it.

Forston was ok. But people forget he was a true frrosh! I man, come on!what did you expect????

He and Spence were 6 months removed from their high school prom when they went into the swamp with 90,000 plus screaming, toothless blubbering idiot rednecks!!!!!! What did youexpect? and yet, they held Teblown and his gang to 9 points for over 3 quarters until a horrible, Ohio-state-like call gave them first down andgoal!

These players are going to shock the world IF they play together, play like there is no tomorrow, and stay healthy.

They will shock the world.

The storm is approaching -

Amen, we beat FSU by 10, beat one of the techs for sure, maybe both, lose to OU by 10 or so in a close one

This team could win the ACC this year with some luck.

Delusional morons. Great job at ignoring reality U dumb horn blowing honks.

Looked at scout.com this guy is a 1 star prospect that is an unranked qb. When did the U start recruiting 1 star players??

Posted by: jason owens | July 30, 2009 at 02:26 PM

I like this Morris kid, but I really wanted Miami to pick up godfrey from central. Oh well.

Posted by: a | July 31, 2009 at 08:11 PM

Let's be real, we got Morris cause we couldn't pull Godfrey!! Gotta get 3 stars,cause the 5 stars are going to Florida and the rest of the SEC. I believe Miami will be good again, but it will never be like the good ol days!!

Posted by: NORM IV | July 31, 2009 at 10:27 PM

seduced by stars …



(Stephen Morris) had already wowed the coaches last summer at University of Michigan camp by throwing the ball 72 yards, the longest of any camper. Morris didn't stop there.
Moments later, the campers went inside the Wolverines' practice bubble and the 6-3, 185-pound Morris ran the 40-yard dash in 4.5 seconds. It was the best among quarterbacks.
-- sunsentinel’s shandel richardson

Jeffrey Godfrey is more talented and has proven himself a lot more than Morris. But talent only takes you so far in high school. You need the grades, the character and the ability to learn and take orders in college. Morris has those last few down for sure.

Posted by: Manny Navarro | July 31, 2009 at 03:24 PM

when you wish upon a star
makes no difference who you are
anything your heart desires will come to you
-- jiminy cricket

That (Morris) kid is waiting for a Gators offer. He would have committed if he wasnt waiting.

Posted by: gaturd agent provocateur | July 30, 2009 at 02:53 PM

talking out of your ass …


TAp your shoes------

So, If I was an Ole Miss fan last year, I wouldn't have dreamed of beating the almighty Turds at the Du(swa)mp last year? Reality Reality Reality.

The reality is, it happened, you moronic stooge. It happened. And so it happened that with many freshmen on D, The U had the almighty turds on the ropes and down only by 6 points, with a 4th down in the 4th quarter! Your already patulous sphincter tightened a little bit didnt it? yeah, until that joker ref overturned the on -field call of that non-catch by Louis Murphy!!! LOL.

That's reality. Now, for U fans:

There is clearly a chance to go 4-0. why the f not?

If you do not believe, then f--ing go back home.

The first stage is to believe, like in 1998, who would have thought that a decimated but rebuilding canes would have beaten almighty gun-slinging UCLA?

we did.

Like in 2001, who would have thought that Ohio State, who squeaked by Purdue, luckily, by Michigan, and several others would have beaten the mighty U?

Like App State beating Michigan?

West Virginia beating Georgia in 2005?

Wake Forest beating FSU three years in a row?

Boise State beating Oklahoma?

It can happen.

and this clown's (like all other UF clowns)talk is scared talk. he and everyone else who hates the U is scared because the REALITY is, The U will be back... in full force:

Bu bye Turds
Buh Bye USC
Buh Bye Oklahoma
Buh Bye LSU.

The stars will realign again. The U will be back. Sooner than you fools expected it. Start crying.

Damione Lewis started at DT as a freshman

How can you call the guy overrated when almost everybody picked him as a Freshman All-American?

I was at the swamp....in the UF Alumni section. I never met a group of such resentful, uptight idiots in my life. I had a 20 year old girl cursing me out as I attempted to get through the aisle. Truth is the mummering from quarters 1-3 were music to my ears. I've never seen so many nervous people in my life. I could only see Murphys catch live but my friends told me the tv announcers were talking about how obvious it was that Murphy was out of bounds. Sure enough the game got out of hand and I had to hear UF fans flaunt like the game was a legitamite blowout. I left with my head high though bc i knew, and so did they, that they dodged a bullet.

Jacory is the truth and them NW boys don't play......the storm is brewing and the swag is back. J12 rockin the hawk with a pink suit. Girls eveywhere while Tebow circumsizes little boys.

when u say it like that, is sounds funny... j12 for heisman

The reality is, it happened ...

Posted by: The storm is approaching. | August 02, 2009 at 11:40 AM

even more real, 2008 Champs ... # 1

yeah, until that joker ref overturned the on -field call of that non-catch by Louis Murphy!!! LOL.

I could only see Murphys catch live but my friends told me the tv announcers were talking about how obvious it was that Murphy was out of bounds.

Murphy was # 9 U dipsheets .

# 16 Moore WAS in bounds ( ball control + elbow ), and U still lost by 23 points U Underdogs ...

fiddy, fiddy , that be U

now do what U do best, and kick a field goal .

Gaytors will not win the National Championship this year and T-Bag and the Cheating Coach will be gone

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