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Top 60 Countdown: No 2, QB Jacory Harris

As we roll along in the countdown of the top 60 players at UM, we reach No. 2 on the list: Quarterback Jacory Harris. Make no mistake about it, he's not just the startng quarterback for the Hurricanes. Jacory Harris is the heart and soul, the leader and perhaps the reason this program climbs back into the national landscape.

Jacory Harris > What we heard about him on Signing Day '08: Harris was a nobody at Miami Northwestern as a sophomore. But as a junior, he became somebody quickly. The skinny and tall former receiver led the Bulls to a 15-0 record and the Class 6A state championship. He followed it up by starring at the Elite 11 quarterback camp as a senior and leading the Bulls to another state title and perfect record. He shattered Miami-Dade records in the process, throwing 49 touchdown passes and only six interceptions while completing 222 of his 333 passes for 3,445 yards. EA Sports decided to name him the National Player of the Year and he was ranked the 7th-best pro style QB by Scout.com and 20th best by ESPN. He chose the Canes over Oregon.

> What he's done as a Cane: He wasn't the starter in 2008, but he was the better quarterback and proved it in 13 games, out-dueling Robert Marve who decided to transfer to Purdue after the season. Harris wasn't spectacular. But he was gutsy and was named the ACC's Rookie of the Week three times and completed more than 60 percent of his passes and finished with 1,195 yards, 12 TDs and 7 INTs. His best work came late in the game as he engineered a come-from-behind win at Duke with five TDs and led the game-tying and game-winning drives against Virginia.

> What Eye On The U expects from him in '09: Bigger things. Harris has been ridiculed for his lack of girth, but not once in his career have I seen him take a hit and not be able to remain in the game. This year, he's added more bulk to his frame (6-4, 190) and his shoulder has healed. Teammates in camp say he can throw the deep ball just fine and he's become even more of a leader. New offensive coordinator Mark Whipple has the reputation for being the kind of coach who puts his players in situations they can succeed in. If that's the case, look for Harris to thrive in the mid-range passing game. He has a collection of the finest receivers in the ACC and if he has any sort of time to throw the ball the saavy on where to put it. If everything goes right by season's end, then there is no reason Harris won't head into the start of his junior year with some Heisman talk. And if things go amazingly well, then we might just see that afro, pink suit and pimp cup at the podium in December 2010. Jacory Harris is a winner. And if he gets enough help, he'll make Miami a winner once again too. 

FYI... Seeing how I didn't get a lot of time off this summer covering the Marlins, I decided to take this week off (knowing the Canes start prepping for Florida State next week). So, there will be no updates here from practice this week. Our Susan Miller Degnan will be out there covering it all when practice resumes Thursday morning. I'll be back out there beginning Monday.


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Now more than ever, UM's OLine must play out of their minds. To get the running game to control the games and not put it squarely on JHs back, and to protect JH in passing situations. JH gets injured and its back to the drawing board for the canes, and likely will cost RS's job.

that flag ... damn

12-1 or 4-8 ?

look out !

go canes

Damn Manny, better knock on wood with your comment about Harris taking a hit!!!

He dam* sure will do more than Cook and Smith!

Da U!


HAHAHAHAHA! Who ended up right after all???


Child Please!

It was a thrill to watch J12 on the field last year.
Every time he touched the ball you knew something great might happen.
Great things are about to happen.
Twelve more days!
Great things are about to happen.

O LINE PLAY will dictate how sucessful this team will be this year. JH will need all the protection he can get for games like VT, FSU, and OK! Oh man...this could be a very painful and long season....


i hate cook is gone and we are in a little trouble .. but just a little ...highsmith will be ready by the 4th 5th game hope jharris can last til then ... cook tranfered becasue of shannon commets saying the back up job was still up for grabs

This year will see the Canes continue to take another step in their return to national prominence.

Go Canes!

Adversity is the key word. Either this team steps ups as a whole, or its going to be a looooonnnnggggg season.
On a side note, these young kids nowadays have no loyalty anymore. If you don't start, you leave. You don't try to work harder then the person next to you.
Harris will tough it out this season.......and for this CANE-FAN, I will always have LOYALTY to the Green&Orange......Go CANES........

perhaps, AJ outperformed the quitters …


im usually a stats guy. but does anyone know how many time UM qb's were sacked last year. actually just Harris?? I really wanna know. I dont think his Height and Weight has to do with anything. He isnt thimble and he can play in this league soo I could care less if he is hit hard. The OL will protect him. We are as bad as we seem. Its only because we have studs on every part of the team. The OL isnt eye popping!! But they will do your job. Whipple..Shannon and Stoutland know this. If Miami is to be sucessful it starts with the OL!! Yesterday i was pissed that Taylor and Cannon left. Now im like BYE!! Go Canes..what is it 12 days until the massacre at Doak..

I am still bewildered by Cook and Smith's transfers yesterday.

I find it hard to believe that they both coincidentally decided to transfer on the same day, only 2 weeks before the season opener.

I can only conclude two possible scenario's here: 1)It was done with malicious intent, in order to hurt the team... or... 2)Something happened behind the scenes, that we are not hearing about

JRod, I wondered about that myself, the fact that it seemed odd that they both transfered on the same day. I figured that yesterday was some sort of deadline, that they had to transfer so they would not burn a year of eligibility or something. But that was a guess.

I have to say, I don't put much stock in any of this chatter that is was done to hurt the team, or that it was because of Shannon saying that the backup job was up for grabs. I think the most obvious reason is the correct one, that these guys wanted to start. Cook is probably hoping to be the next Joe Flacco, who transfered out of Pitt to become a #1 draft choice, while Smith, who has no realistic shot at the NFL, wants a little college glory before running Fed Ex.

Simple--If they waited, they would have to sit for two years. This and next. Second--Highsmith
must be a lot better than anyone is talking about. They were never going to play. Give me the scholarships lets move on. This team is very good and after they kill FSU and GT well VT will be taking notice and OU will be real sorry that they are coming to a 3 -0 Miami team
I hope anyway. Right now its a good year to be a Cane fan

chris H: LOL!!!! Funny about the fed ex thing. That was good.

Agree with most of the comments- No need to panic, even though the Herald, manny and everyone else wants us to with stoopid headlines like, is there a QB crisis?

Crisis? what crisis? Listen people, if Cook is so weak-minded that he cannot take a comment or challenge by RS like that, see ya. It actually helped UM that he left.If he is so greedy and selfish, that he wants to be No.1 at all costs and will not wait his turn (like many other QB greats recently and in the past have done-even ons that went to the NFL), then, like Arthru Brown, he is getting BAD ADVICE, or he himself is stoopid- and we don;t want him REGARDLESS. Any player that leaves like that, under these circumstances, was never a cane, is not a cane, and will never be a cane. Buh bye, you have just gave up a chance for glory--due, good luck at DAvison, Murray state, Union College or whatever.

As for "canon" smith, that little dude did not hold up to his namesake. He is a good athlete but not a D-1 QB. He'd be good at FIU, though.

I for one see this as a natural weeding out process of those players who were never meant to be here. The real good ones stay and compete, the problem ones (AB, WIllie Williams, Marve), the weak ones (Kirby, the QB that went to Penn State but has recently transferred), etc etc. and the sorry one (Kirby)- They can leave. Buh bye.

WHAT IS GOING ON?? 3 QB'S IN UNDER A YEAR! This is unheard of! This is devastating for the U. If you don't think so, you don't watch enough football. One bad shot on Harris = season over for us! How can teams like Florida and the other top schools keep 5 star qb's riding the bench waiting for guys like Tebow for 3-4 years, and we can't get 3 star qb's wait their turn. Florida St. has a 5 star backup that has waited at least 2 yrs. also. Cannon Smith didn't hurt that bad, but damn i thought Cook could have been a good one. Hell all we got is a true fresh in Highsmith, and even his dad thought he would come here and play safety! We still won't get a look from any 5 star or top qb's in the coming recruiting season's... u watch and see.

I don't mind this guy Morris coming in, even though he is not rated that high. I would however like a 5 star can't miss kid recruited with him. Let Morris beat him out if the top rated qb is like our past ones. We should be getting more looks from top tier/5 star qb's. It is worrysome that we don't any longer. In the 80's and early 90's we put alot of qb's in the nfl. Look at USC, they got like 3 5 star qb's at one time and they other 2 are willing to ride the pine.

This is why I have a problem with oUr people bashing Kyle Wright. KW was a true cane, no matter what happened while he was a cane he never gave up. A true cane in my eyes. Cook really surprised me, he was 1 JH injury and 2 years from QB a very talented group of receivers. If JH has 2 big years I'm sure he would be looking at the NFL. Cook under Whipple with his size and arm strenght would've been following JH foot steps. Besides look at other teams out there: USC, Notre Dame, Texas, Oklahoma....they all have players at QB that could be starting at other teams. What Cook and Cannon did was flat out malicious. That's BS that they are going to miss there teammates, it's a good thing they left fast because I think they might've gotten there ass kicked by there fellow "Teammates".

Here is a link for Aj Highsmith's highlight reel..


The picture is a little grainy, but you can see that the kid does have some talent. He looks pretty good, as this was against TX 5A competition.

He throws a good deep ball and can surely scamble pretty well.

Ray Ray is our emergency option at QB, after AJ. Hopefully, Jacory is as durable as Dorsey was.

On a side note, why is VaTech ranked in the top 10? They only had 6 passing td's all of last season.


"This team is very good and after they kill FSU and GT well VT will be taking notice and OU will be real sorry that they are coming to a 3 -0 Miami team"

Very good team Bob? What the F are U smokin bro? This team has been getting killed for years and it is facing a brutal 4-game stretch with TWO brand new coordinators. (the HC is a disaster but we already knew that)

U should be mum on all that "very good" talk. Get back to me on OCTOBER.

Thats b-crp. Show me one iota of evidence that Taylor Cook, and for that matter Smith were more talented than AJ Highsmith; therefore, unless JH went down on games 1-3, IT DOESNT MATTER! IT DOESNT MATTER! JH will be the QB. AJ will be number 2. Next year I am sure RS will recruit heavily for QBs. That leaves JH No1, AJ. 2 and whomever comes in. Therefore, people, people. Its OK.

These 2 jokers leaving is a cleansing process. ESPN had an article showing how many "top ten" QBs have gone to one school and then transfered- eg Jevan Snead Texas to Ole Miss. So what. Brock berlin, Pat Devlin. and so on..................

Bottom line, is we are loaded at rb. The OL will be much better, and our D is better. UF put more points on OK than on us. In fact, inmy opinion, we gave UF a better fight, and it was AT the swamp.

This year the canes are goingto surprise people. This K-puke guyand others- haters. Make no sense. They are scarred and wishing. But when everything is said and doen, the canes will be back. this yr nexty opr 2011. But they will be back.

Of that there is no doubt.

I'd like to see the Canes incorporate a small wildcat package for both Highsmith and Ray Ray.

They are both great athletes and this shouldn't deter from their learning of the base offense and defense.

A small package of 4-5 plays designed specifically for them, could confuse defenses. This of course can only work if utilized at appropriate times, and with different looks and formations by the O-Line, Backs and Receivers.

This would also get Jacory off the field a few plays a game and really keep defenses on their heels with Ray Ray at Shotgun, and Highsmith/Cooper in the backfield. You would have two guys who could throw and three that can run. This would throw the defense into a frenzy and open up opportunities for options, RB Tosses, Reverses, etc.

I'd also like to see some Ronnie Brown like direct snaps to Cooper, James, and Chambers.

Diversify your Offensive Portfolio Shannon!!!

Take this recent QB crisis and turn it into an opportunity!!!

I am still bewildered by Cook and Smith's transfers yesterday.

I can only conclude two possible scenario's here: 1)It was done with malicious intent, in order to hurt the team... or... 2)Something happened behind the scenes, that we are not hearing about

Posted by: JRod | August 26, 2009 at 10:41 AM


Taylor Cook's high school coach, Brad Dumont, said Cook stills respects Shannon, but did say there was some concern when AJ Highsmith began receiving so many reps in practice.
-- sunsentinel’s shandel richardson

perhaps, AJ leapfrogged ‘em on the depth chart …


the rook leapfrogged the vets ...



I'm on the outside looking in because of media credentials.

Posted by: 86Cane | June 02, 2008 at 08:35 PM

I have been playing nice because I had invited the UM athletic department and ticket office to snoop around here. I even offered FREE advertising, but they will not even return my emails.

Posted by: 86Cane | April 13, 2008 at 02:52 PM

The University of Miami wants nothing to do with tom thumb popadak aka 86Cane & his ill-gotten blog …


competition breeds excellence …
the rook outshined the vets …


Does anyone know if AJ highsmith is a dual threat?

The reason these QBs are leaving is because of the way they came in. Coker left the QB depth to a minimum. Who was there after Freeman?! Exactly. Shannon HAD to bring in Marve and Smith. The next year, Harris and Cook. I give Shannon props for getting pretty dang good QBs here even though Mr. FLA Football I and II were already here. They were bound to leave anyway because they feel they are ballers, and simply want to ball. Too bad it has to be somewhere else.

We all could see the team gel better with Harris on the field anyway. The writing was on the wall, and included Marve's reasonable suspensions, he was gone. Marve held the starting job because he had an advantage over Harris which was a year in Nix's system.

Smith loved his spotlight at prep school, and simply wants that star QB feel again. He realized he was not D-I material, but I give him mad props for trying.

Cook gave it his best shot. He also wants the spotlight because of his all-star performance in HS. He came here, and realized he also was not going to beat out Harris. He simply did not want to wait his turn, and could not rely on Harris leaving a year early or wait 2 more years.

This is what happened when you have to build depth from nothing. You bring in the best guys you can, and let the play on the field weed themselves out. It's never heard of before because it is rare to recruit like this. It will be smooth from here on out because we have Harris (soph), Highsmith (fresh) and Morris coming in (HS senior). No telling who else we get next year. We may pick up a JUCO in between.


Yeah Thats a good point 360Cane. I just hope that I staff stays intact. I think Whipple will do good considering he had Ben and McNabb. He also has a superbowl ring. If he can develop jacory and AJ we will be fine.

I saw AJ Highsmith throw passes at the first fall practice. He didn't have anything close to the technique and arm strength of Taylor Cook. I know it's only one practice, but the disparity between them was that large. No way Highsmith would outshine Cook with only 2 months of practice.

Something was really wrong if Highsmith was getting a lot of reps.

Was that the first day of practice? truth be told AJ will play more this year than Taylor. So at least he will have some game time exp. For example when we play FAMU.

Shannon made a stupid comment on Monday saying
the no.2 spot at QB was still open...He could have waited 2 more days before he made that remark Classes were starting today)...And Cook would still be at the U....Shannon is not very smart and doesn't know much
about psychology and communications...He has some major problems dealing
with college players as HC...

He will be fired after this season...Too bad we didn't get Butch Davis when he was available when LC was fired...


So u suggest Shannon become a manipulator. To play games and mislead student athletes like other programs do??? You shine that up and call it using psychology and having communication, but in reality its unethical and not becoming of the respectable coach we have in Shannon as well as what he stands for and is building in these student athletes. We dont need that, and this is not what the U is being built on. Respect the coach we have and his decisions. Try to become a honest and respectable man a sShannon is. He is a act to follow.


Jammi German AD


Mr. Harris,

I Shall Release A Barrage Unto U, That The Likes Of U And Urs, Have Never, Nor Will Ever See Again ...


Dial 1-800-DANNYW7 For Advice ...

One Flag Made U 12-1 ...

One More And Ur 3-9 ...

You all are making a mountain out of a hill of cr-p.

Think about it. A QB "leaves" or transfers after ONE YEAR!!! Because he's notgetting reps, 2 weeks or less after he publically said "he's ready" to take over if JH went down. He and Smith are 2 whiney, crybaby, cowardly little woosies. I DONT WANT WOOSIES LIKE THAT, LIKE MARVE ON THE CANES. SO LETS PLAY DEVILS ADVOCATE AND ASSUME SHANNON WAS BEING LESS THAN FORTHRIGHT TO COOK, AND Cookie saw that AJ was getting more reps. Well, be a man, boy, and compete! Dont go crying to Daddy, waaaaah.

Kenny Dorsey did not do that (didnt do that). Kenny Kelly quit and played baseball (thank God). Testaverde didnt do that, Toretta, Costa didnt do that, Ryan Collins didnt do that, and even when Kirby was made the starter over Kyle wright he didnt do that either LOL>

These 2 whiners dont belong as canes. What ever happened to bidingyour time people? Whats wrongwith today's young athletes? You wait. Let's do a taylor Cook- Marve- Smith follow-up 3 years from now, and see where they ended up!

Lets do it with harris-High Smith and Morris (or another one) and bring in an NC.

Did you all read the Sun Sentinel thread and notice that Ke-hore is running his mouth there as well?

ke=hore you are a pig of gargantuan proprotions. Go back to your den yeah up in traylorville that is.

why is everyone saying it's something randy said the OC whipple said that jh would be playing most of the game so it could have been that statement check out the article they did on him but the canes have to go foreward these guys would not have seen much playing time any how.

am i the only one not 100% sold on Jacory? odds are hes going to do fine...but with both of these transfers...we basically have all of our eggs in one basket...its enough to worry about the situation...i think taylor cook had tremendous upside...there is something going on behind the scenes that we dont know about, there arent many other teams that transfer this many QBs just because somebody else is named the starter...now our #2 QB was somebody who was widely considered to be a DB in college to most programs?! pray for Jacory's health Canes fans.

Does anyone know if AJ highsmith is a dual threat?

Posted by: faithfulcane | August 26, 2009 at 04:36 PM


AJ Highsmith: Dual-Threat MVP
--tee martin's playmakers passing camp

now our #2 QB was somebody who was widely considered to be a DB in college to most programs?! pray for Jacory's health Canes fans.

Posted by: jman25 | August 26, 2009 at 08:21 PM


Before (AJ Highsmith) came to camp, a lot of people were saying that he was an athlete who could play a lot of other positions. But what I found so surprising was his throwing skills and his knowledge. He won our 'Student of the Game' award for his attentiveness at our meetings. I hope he stays at QB at Miami because he can definitely play the game at QB.
-- tee martin

Well at least Randy Shannon has a new excuse once the pink suit 150 lb pimp goes down. The Canes are turning into a joke and have fallen faster than any team in the history of college football. All it took was a little Randy Shannon.

I don't see why everyone thinks the sky is falling. Our situation last year was worse. We were starting a redshirt freshmen and the backup was a skinny true freshmen. Hell, the skinny true freshmen started the first game.

I'm just speculating, but it seems very logical that Taylor and Cannon would wait this long before deciding to transfer. They got a chance to absorb as much as possible from a respected offensive mind and QB coach. In addition, transferring before classes start preserves a semester of eligibility you'd otherwise have to sit out.

This is only a big deal b/c the product on the field is not yet making enough noise to drown out paranoia from the weak-minded, always pessimistic fans. After Kenny Kelly left and Ken Dorsey was given the keys with no experienced backups behind him, did anyone even notice?

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