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Top 60 Countdown: No. 4, LT Jason Fox

Through all the ups and downs the Hurricanes have had over the past three seasons, the one constant good has been No. 4 on our list: Left tackle Jason Fox. Without question, he's the one senior on this team who has exceeded expectations. The Hurricanes simply need him to live up to what he's already done -- stay healthy and protect the blindside of the quarterback.

Jason Fox has started in 36 games for UM. > What we heard about him on Signing Day '06: When Fox picked the Canes over Texas A&M, Arizona and Oklahoma State, we heard whispers he was the second coming of Eric Winston. Another player who played tight end in high school, we were told to expect Fox to develop into an offensive tackle. Rivals.com rated him the 16th best tackle in the country. Scout.com had him 24th.

> What he's done as a Cane: Everything that has been asked of him since the day he arrived. Fox has started every game since he was a true freshman, 36 in all. He didn't give up a sack in his first season while starting eight games on the right side and four on the left. He graded out at 83 percent for the season. As a sophomore, he moved full time to left tackle and graded out at 96 percent, totaling five pancakes. His junior year, he was named one of three team captains and produced 16 pancakes, grading out at 97 percent for the season. He even scored a touchdown a throw-back play against Florida State.

> What Eye On The U expects from him in '09: The preseason All-ACC selection has to continue to be the leader he's been since he arrived. With so little experienced depth behind the starters, Fox and the rest of the top five may be asked to play major minutes -- possibly without breaks. if this list was ranking players based on who UM could most ill-afford to lose this season, Fox would be No. 1. I don't believe there is a player on this team who could replace him and what he brings. As long as he stays healthy, UM's offense has a chance to be among the best in the ACC.


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# 0 ?


4th are U Kidding me? A part time starting QB in his second year, a great talent at LB who disappeared at times, and a slow possession WR U put over Mr. Consistency... C'mon

It's critical that Fox stays healthy and plays well. He is consistent and lets hope it spreads to the rest of the OL.

so j12, coop and spence in that order?

I have always thought that un-sung hero's of any uccessful football team are the guys on the line. Off. hold the line and give your QB just an added second and you will have success. Open up an hole and let the runner get that extra yard and 1-10 does not seem that far. On deffense get to the QB quicker make him rush his step throw off balance or hit the dirt early can win more games even with a lower than avg. offense. Hold a runner to under 100 yrds make him run latteral make him make mistakes, hit him hard on contact make him loose his grip on the ball. and again put the offense on the field. the line is really important on both sides of the ball. get key players in certain positions and a win will come easier. Football is not that hard to understand. The #1 rule is that this is a team sport and it takes all the players offense, deffense, and special team players. Play as 1 and success will come. Like a well engineered machine it takes all the componets to run. When one part breaks down the whole machine comes to a hault. In this game everyone has to be on the same level of thought. NEVER underestimate how good or bad you are. YOU are on the team... play with heart and your GOD given talent and it will show not only in your own reflection but will reflect upon others on the team. What I have seen and read about the 2009 Canes is percisely this...They are showing alot of Heart, and team feelings... display it on the field as good as you have on the practice field and NO ONE.... and I mean no one will beat you.....Thanks

Maybe Spence had such a exciting freshmen season we are really high on his upcoming success so much he is looked at as being more important than Fox. We could replace Spence and Cooper way more effectively than we could replace Fox if he went down. And im thinking Harris would be #1. If this is so, Fox should be #2 to protect the blind side of the player thats most important to our team.


I love what you do for us 'Canes fans and please continue to do so. But, I must say that I vehemently disagree with you placing Fox at number 4. The guy is a solid #2 player on the team. I'd like to know WHAT CRITERIA you are using to rank the players. Fox definitely got robbed here.

You said it yourself that the man is Mr. Consistency. Cooper hasn't had a 1000 yard season and Spence was only a freshman last year. I am baffled by the fact that you have Fox at number 4 and I would like for you to please explain to me (or us) why he's #4. I know that the big uglies normally don't get their due respect, but Fox deserves to get a little bit more respect than being #4.

Again, please tell me why he's ranked behind Cooper & Spence.

If Fox is 4th; then look out for Coop, Harris and Spence, Not sure about his one.


Coop will rush of 1,200 and 14 TD's, Harris will throw for 3,000 and 20+ TD and coop will be All American.

Just reading your column makes it tough.

Storm is coming,

Canes fan in Cincy

Manny it is perfectly acceptable in the jornalism to print retractions when unintentioned errors are made in print. We will forgive you for this one. Clearly, you really meant to list Fox as #2, right? I guess your next two articles on Coop and Spence should be pretty entlightening and cogent. Look forward to them.

Noway Spence or Cooper is more important than Fox. IF Fox gets hurt who is going to play LT? A true freshmen? I mean there about 4 guys that fill in for Cooper and there are at least adequate replacements for Spence. Fox has been the one consistent in a terrible line for 3 years now.

Why are people getting so bent out of shape over these rankings? #4, 3 1? Who cares! Just read and enjoy all of the great work Manny has been doing for us.

Manny, I really enjoy your coverage of the Canes and I don't know why anyone would get upset with your ratings. J12 is the key to the offense this year and without a descent ground game (Cooper) and stingy defense (Spence), the Canes will only be an average team. Therefore, your ratings would appear to be on point. Keep up the good work!!

Manny, you the man!! Keep up the good work!! I trust you know what your doing and when the season starts all the people doubting you will realize why your doing what your doing and thir not!! Thanks for everything an GO CANES BABY!!

Just read that the NCAA has asked college football programs to encourage all-team handshakes BEFORE games to encourage good sportsmanship.

Hey NCAA- how about encouraging good refereeing? and common sense? This isnt a picnic, in case you havent noticed, a 240lb linebacker running full speed at a 200 lb rb running full speed is violent.

Danged PC libs makes me want to puke. I am 100% sure Donna Sha ne ne has "demanded" that randy do it.

I wonder if Teblow is going to preach the word to opposing teams

Any comments?


no kidding, the Canes have no depth on the OL. Tyler Horn and Ian Symonette won't get off the bench. The only reserve who will get playing time will be Harland Gunn. We got to hope either Brandon Washington or Jermaine Johnson are ready to play as true freshmen.

#4 is way to low for Fox he is way to valuable to this team.

Jason Fox has been terrible his whole career. The line played better when he wasn't there last year, when the had Rutledge and Youngblood at tackles.

For some reason, when it comes to offensive lineman, the media and coaches hype the highly recruited guy with athletic ability, regardless of how lousy they played. We heard the same stuff about Eric Winston and Andrew Bain, and both were horrible.

I think the NCAA is asking for trouble if they want teams to shake hands before a game. Only the NCAA would ask 100+ kids prepped for physical violence to come together fothis r handshakes.

Storm is right, this isn't basketball or soccer.

I don't think Fox is a great linemen and I agree he gets a little too much hype.

Fox is good though and very important to this team. These guys are right when they say an injury to Fox would hurt the offense because offensive line play would negate all that talent at the skill positions.
Jacory, Aldarius, Cooper etc...aren't going to do much more if the offensive line can't play.

Think Giants-Pats Super Bowl if you don't think good QB and WR play can't be shut down.

for joe

"His junior year, he was named one of three team captains and produced 16 pancakes, grading out at 97 percent "

Jason Fox has been terrible his whole career. The line played better when he wasn't there last year, when the had Rutledge and Youngblood at tackles.

For some reason, when it comes to offensive lineman, the media and coaches hype the highly recruited guy with athletic ability, regardless of how lousy they played. We heard the same stuff about Eric Winston and Andrew Bain, and both were horrible.
Posted by: Joe

Would you want your team to shake hands with another team with the h1n1 virus going around? Half the Duke football team has the flu right now, better to keep your hands to yourself.

You gaytor fools better enjoy your last year of relevance...glad your happy being relevant for 4 years with your boy Tebag...WHAT AN ACOMPLISHMENT...WE HAVE BEEN RELEVANT FOR THREE DECADES...HAHA...WE OWN THE NFL FOOLS...Canes will surprise many this year...all I know is if we somehow by the grace of God run the table and get a chance to play yall for the NC...YOU WILL BE POOPING YOUR LITTLE DIAPERS...HAHA...Go back and watch how scared Tebag was when he threw the ball to whatever his name was when Spence lit him up at the end of the game...just left his receiver GET LAID OUT...WHAT A PUNK!!

"We got what we deserved tonight," Florida coach Steve Spurrier said. "Miami played more disciplined, smarter and with more desire. They were a better team. They were better coached and played with more of a purpose."

Spurrier after his last game at UF in the '01 Sugar Bowl-

So true.

Spurrier came in a loser and left the same way.

So easily you Gaytors forget....

1. harris
2. FOX
3. Bosher

I also could careless about pancakes...I want sacks allowed


I also could careless about pancakes...I want sacks allowed

Posted by: nealtrom

When a OT grades out at 97% he is not giving up sacks...

Manny you have effectively created a meaningless countdown that kept our attention for two months. I am glad that it almost over and we can judge for ourselves the production and value that each of these players have on our team. GO CANES!

How about you finish the last 3?

Hey manny, i may just be lazy in looking for the other 54. Did you rank them? Or is it like the top 10 of the top 60? haha

You're almost as bad as Armando Salguero. Why are you holding out the last 3?

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