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Top 60 Countdown: No. 5, WR Aldarius Johnson

It's no accident two receivers have landed among the top six in our countdown of the Top 60 players at UM. They're that good. Sophomore Aldarius Johnson, much like No. 6 on our list LaRon Byrd, can be among the most dominant players in the conference at his position if he continues to develop. AJ has proven it at every level and UM's coaches only expect more in 2009.

Aldarius Johnson > What we heard about him on Signing Day '08: I still remember the first time I saw AJ at Miami Jackson High. I watched him haul in a 60-yard touchdown pass in the playoffs against Booker T. Washington and instantly called up current high school editor Andre Fernandez to tell him the next Andre Johnson was playing for the Generals. Little did I know at the time AJ was just a freshman. AJ went on to become the most prolific receiver in Miami-Dade County High School history. He finished his senior season at Miami Northwestern with 76 grabs for 960 yards and 13 touchdowns -- the first two were single-season county records. Rivals, Scout and ESPN all had him among the top receivers in the country.

> What he's done as a Cane: True to his own tradition, Johnson worked his way to becoming UM's leading pass catcher last season, hauling in 31 passes for 332 yards and three scores. He averaged just 10.7 yards a catch, but demonstrated the ability to pick up big first downs with tough catches in traffic. He started eight games and had the game-winning touchdown grab in the come-from-behind win at Virginia.

> What Eye On The U expects from him in '09: More catches, more production and a stellar sophomore season. At 6-3, 215 pounds, Johnson (4.67 in the 40) doesn't have the speed to burn you, but his toughness and ability to get open make him one of the hardest receivers in the ACC to cover. Along with LaRon Byrd, Thearon Collier, Tommy Streeter, Kendall Thompkins and Travis Benjamin, there are many who believe UM has the best receiving core in the ACC. By the end of this season, many will probably be saying its the best group of receivers in the country.


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First!!! AJ is the man hands down.


take that gayterds........fagggggggggggggsssssssssss.

... Top Sixty...

"By the end of this season, many will probably be saying... its the best group of receivers in the country."

Per your list of receivers... The top one, might be all of them... It's just a matter of player position of wide out verses slot, but they all have great moves and can house it.

I know one thing, we're going to catch allot of balls this year

In the ACC?.....Name One School in the Country that has a Wide receiver corp as deep and good as this one....If someone says Florida with that rash of midgets they have, I'll puke!

No one will be saying its the best receiving corps if Jacory can't get them the ball. And Jacory won't be able to get them the ball if the O-line doesn't make long strides from last season. That's where your games are won and lost.

Bold last sentence, Manny. I like it. And core is corps.

Is there going to be a tie or is Marcus Robinson going to be left out of this countdown? If he is, well.................

Aldarius does everything so smoothly, kid was born to play WR.

Maybe he should mentor Ted Ginn...

Al, Al, Al ALDARIUS!!!....he is, he is.....

Nothing like some home-grown 305 talent picking the U back up!

Let's make sure we make it out to Land Shark Stadium and support these guys. We might be witnessing the next UM legacy. DON'T BE LEFT OUT!!

Marcus Robinson was already in the countdown...9 or 10.

Best D-line in the country also.

If we can fix the O-line we might do something this year.


Listen, if Sean Spence goes down (God forbids) Colin McCarthy will replace him with no problem. Any other person remaining on the top 5 can be replaced(outside of Fox & Harris). You can't put neither Cooper nor Johnson 1 or 2 because, there's a plethora of talented running backs and receivers waiting to take their place. I understand that Fox is very valuable to the team, but he can't be more valuable to what's considered to be the brain of the team and that's the quarterback that has to know everyone's play in the playbook. So, my list is as follow:

1. Jacory Harris
2. Jason Fox
3. Craig Cooper
4. Sean Spence
5. Aldarius Johnson

P.S. Craig Cooper & Sean Spence are interchangeable.

are you kidding me top 5 da cat only had a few catches not to mention freshmen Tommy streeter is the same size with better speed and the rising kendall thompkins the best receiver of them all and the best receiver core in the nation is a stretch but we will see this season.

i agree with 1lewy, GO GATORS!!!!!

1lewy. actually. he led the TEAM in catches..yards and td's i believe. as a freshman. Streeter who is good. didnt play. red shirted because up injury. well. name someone else's receiving core who is better?? usc? that about it. and they are shaky after d.williams. soo i believe The U is going to shock the world. thanks for the post manny!! cant wait for the top 5!!

Having watched these Hurricane teams for too long to recall, I went into the season ticket holder practice last year with several doubts, but I called my buddy to tell him flat out that this will be the best receiver corps in history.

FSU and Miami have historically been recognized as having most of the great receiver classes and this isn't even close. I felt like injuries, leaving early, or transfers would be the only way this group wouldn't accomplish that goal.

Brian made the point that matters and someone responded to it appropriately: the o-line has to deliver and Whip will have to mask some of their faults while they learn. The good news is that he may be one of the best offensive minds of our generation and that's a good combination.

On paper, Oklahoma is a better team, but I believe we will win that game. There are only 2 things about our schedule that I'm willing to guarantee: we will win at least 8 games, and we will have no certainty over which games we'll lose. This team is so similar to the 2000 team with the exception of not having continuity from the coaches.

Either way this figures to be a great season for us. There is something about having so many doubters that makes it enjoyable to bounce back into the national scene.

Go Canes and God bless

This is going to be a great season for the Canes. Go to the stadium and check out for yourselves.

Good play is contagious, the O-line will step it up.

Go Canes!!!


discuss the top 60

I AGREE...in 2010...UM will be recognized for the best corp of receivers in the NATION...which means...JH will have a stellar year throwing down field....DBs will not be able to cover our bigger WRs...of course...pass defense will OPEN the running lanes and FORGET ABOUT IT on play action....if the O Line is just "competitive" PLAY ACTION will freeze defenses cold!


u hurricane fans are pathetic, we have a better recieving core than u all. attention hurricane fans: your leading reciever runs a 4.6 and had a total of 332 yards for a season. last time i checked that wasnt good. the glory days are over for u all and u guys refuse to see it and its sad.

watching u all tryin to make a comeback is like watching elvis past his prime. PATHETIC.

Listen ZarOKoN i dnt care wat he did his stats and none of the other receivers stats add up to the best in the nation. what do u call best when no one have proven themselves and also how many catches did he have over 20 yards. da cat cant stretch the field sumthn tommy streeter can do. u um fans are Pathetic i see you guys will do anything to bring hype to a non existing program. they never play the right players as you can see dvd is still a starter and the development isnt there anymore. how can you explain a pretty much veteran oline dat hasnt come as one in some years.you guys should reach for winning atleast 8 games before yall start throwing these expectations around from wat i see harris cant get da ball down the field on his back and mike james should be starting ove james and cooper he's the only factor back yall have the rest is all flash and dvd is a touchdown waiting to happen i could route him rite now he need to change his last name to van trash cuz dats wat he is. oppossing receivers eyes light up when they see that cat on the other side. after the season shannon will be fired and you guys may do something with the next coach but wat does dat say about ur organization when the playeres want to play for shannon but you guys dnt want to extend him till after the season dats sad u guys have no trust and continuity its sumbody new coming in every other year

well written lew

Bring on Florida State.... This would be how i end the top 4...

1: Fox
2: Cooper
3: Spence
4: Harris

Gators 3 & 4 Has Tebow tebaged any of the freshmen guys this year?

Dear Gator losers, I understand you don't have jobs and have nothing better to do than sit on a 'Canes blog, but honestly, you need to get a life. Your nonsense and bs that you keep putting up here MAKES NO SENSE! You are not in our division, you are too afraid to play us, why even bother to read this? You have won more recently, but we have won MORE. Get a life and be honest with yourself, and don't stay on the internet too long, it gets expensive and they will turn off the electricity in your trailor. Root for a school you went to... haha!! Guess you won't be rooting for anyone.



1lewy? Do you even watch football?UM played as many as 9 receivers last yr. our D had injuries. and did you see what we did to U in the first 3/4 last yr. with practically a young D. the HURRICANE IS COMIN AND THE GATORS WILL GO BACK IN THEIR HOLES TO WAIT IT OUT.I hope uf wins as many games as UM this yr.so we can see. Hopefully ya'll make it to Jan.we're back and you're scared.we see it.

Don't be hatin' 1lewy has a part time job as a greeter at walmart.

Lew...most people on this blog are pretty honest about the status of the team. Noone is saying DVD doesn't need work on that Mike James shouldn't get carries.

I think the real issue is that your starting to get a little worried.

1lewy: Sorry bro, but "a mind is a terrible thing to waste"! And your inbred Gaytor wussie buddy 3in4 is so stupid that he actually understood what you wrote and agreed with it, or at least what you tried to write. That is the value of an edumacation at Florida...LMAO. By the way we have 5 rings (and 1 stolen)which is greater than 3, you will learn that someday when you actually take a math class Gaytor retard. By the way, when you learn to count try counting how many times the U beat up on the wussie Gaytors during the last decade... shut the f... up fool, we own the Gaytors.

You gaytor fools better enjoy your last year of relevance...glad your happy being relevant for 4 years with your boy Tebag...WHAT AN ACOMPLISHMENT...WE HAVE BEEN RELEVANT FOR THREE DECADES...HAHA...WE OWN THE NFL FOOLS...Canes will surprise many this year...all I know is if we somehow by the grace of God run the table and get a chance to play yall for the NC...YOU WILL BE POOPING YOUR LITTLE DIAPERS...HAHA...Go back and watch how scared Tebag was when he threw the ball to whatever his name was when Spence lit him up at the end of the game...just left his receiver GET LAID OUT...WHAT A PUNK!!

#4. spence. #3. james. #2 cooper. #1 harris. Count it...

# 0 ?

#0 = Gaytors' IQ!

you know ive sat back this weekend and watched u candy canes rant and rave about "we're back", and the only people to really believe it is "U" dummies. ATTENTION CANES FANS: college football does exist outside of dade county. i dont know what papers you guys have been reading but you're not on anyone's top 25 list. stop living in the past and accept the present. As far as DVD is concerned that cat is "T"RASH AND RANDY PHILLIPS ISNT TOO FAR BEHIND. I HATE THE FACT THAT FELLOW MNW BULLS ARE LOSING, O WELL GO GATORS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!..IDIOTS

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