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Top 60 Countdown: No. 8, DT Allen Bailey

Been quite a few hectic days for me leading up the start of Canes practice this Saturday. I've been organizing our local high schools media days this week (racking up recruiting interviews for you) and working on tons of online content -- video, podcasts, you name it. Among the projects: a weekly Dade-Broward high school football show and a Canes/college football show that will feature yours truly and a Herald columnist. Stay tuned for that!

With that said, the countdown of the Top 60 players at The U must continue (and end soon!). Today, we take a look at No. 8: junior defensive tackle Allen Bailey. Big Boss Bailey has always had an NFL body. He's 6-4, 290 now. He just hasn't been able to settle in. The Canes desperately need him to this year. Will he deliver and start playing like the first round pick he could potentially become?

Allen Bailey

> What we heard about him on Signing Day '07: Bailey was a big recruiting pickup for coach Randy Shannon, who visited the big man out on Sapelo Island in Georgia and swayed him away from the SEC (UF, Alabama and Georgia). Bailey only played in four games his senior season at McIntosh County Academy because of a stress fracture in his back. But as a junior, he posted 138 tackles, five forced fumbles and caught the attention of the recruiting experts quickly with his 6-4, 285-pound frame. Both Scout and Rivals had him ranked in the national Top 100 and as the seventh best defensive end in the country.

> What he's done as a Cane: Bailey came in as a linebacker -- a deal he worked out with Canes coaches before choosing UM -- and spent his freshman year struggling to pick up the position. He played in all 12 games. but saw most of his action on special teams. The following spring, Bailey was moved to defensive end and quickly went on the shelf when he tore a pectoral muscle lifting weights in the spring. It set him back in his move to the defensive line and caused him to miss the season opener against Charleston Southern. Bailey told us finally started feeling close to 100 percent after the Virginia Tech game. He finished with four starts and the team lead with five sacks to go with 36 tackles. It was strong finish to what started out as a shaky sophomore season. After seeing some time at defensive tackle on third downs, Bailey was moved to defensive tackle this spring. But he didn't play in the spring game.

> What Eye On The U expects from him in '09: There isn't a more physical freak at The U than Bailey, who runs a 4.65 in the 40-yard dash, has a 39-inch vertical (tied for 3rd on the team), benches 405 pounds (2nd on the team), squats 565 pounds (2nd on the team) and power cleans 375 (35 pounds more than anybody else on the team). Those can't be ignored. But neither can the fact the last three seasons Bailey has played have been uncomfortable. From the injury his senior year of high school to the wasted year at linebacker as a freshman and the pectoral injury that slowed him this past year, one has to wonder where Bailey would be right now had he just had some semblance of stability. This has to be the year that finally happens for him. There isn't a player on this team who has more gifts than Bailey. If he can stay healthy and start putting them to use full-time, Miami's horrid run defense could be a whole lot better.


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Good choice Manny. #57 we are hoping that you have an excellent year in the trenches. Let's go get it!!

Bailey is the "Beast from the East!" AB will be wreaking hovc on every QB he faces this year!


I saw AB at a UM Bball game and the man looks like Amare Stoudemire on juice! I hope he can get one good healthy season under his belt. If so, I think he can be the guy to get us back in the first round of the NFL Draft.

LET'S SUPPORT OUR CANES AND FILL UP LAND SHARK STADIUM. THE TICKETS ARE REDICULOUSLY CHEAP. I just bought season tickets for $100. Single game tickets for Oklahoma start at around $90. Let's be prudent with our money and buy the whole package. They need our support. We can't afford any excuses. Our legacy is deteriorating on the national realm. Do what YOU can do to preserve our tradition and SHOW YOUR SUPPORT.


Bailey is built like a super hero. Great find by Randy Shannon, I like this kid a lot.

I couldn't agree more.

Go Canes!!!

The same old sad story--came in as a highly recruited player and has not lived up to anything. Here's part II of the them of the Randy Shannon era--the guy switched from linebacker to DE to DT, having to learn a new position each year, yada yada yada. The story is old. Man, the UM coaching staff would have put Tebow at CB.

Dear cane fans,
please dont worry about what kind of hype or how many stars a kid has; cause when he puts on the orange and green it dont mean squat. He still has to be better then the one he plays against on the next level. check the history books 5*'s dont mean wins or NC just nice blog chat. Good coaching and the will to want to get better and of coursse talent gets you there. With that said lets have some fun and get drunk and watch some good ol fashion cane ball and an ACC Championship. They are kids, let them have fun thats why they are there

LETS GO CANES! LETS GO CANES! Got my season tickets, SEC 135!!!!!!!!!!!!! CAN'T WAIT TO GET TO THE SHARK TANK.....I like our stadium!

I'm with you Atl Cane. I've already started drinking. Oppps... was I supposed to wait for the season to start?

Great job, Manny, on keeping the readers up to date. The amount of interesting content posted this summer is off the charts. It can't be easy putting out this much information each day.

Re: 2009 'Canes: If our D is to be tops in the ACC, then I think Bailey will have to be a first team all ACC player (+/- 10 sacks and constant double teams) and in talks for all american. Guys like AB are really rare. If he's across the line from a less-than-great OG, then he'll absolutely wreak havoc on the opposing team. How does AB do when going one-on-one against Orlando Franklin? To me that's the best one-on-one match up we'll see during practice.

A healthy AB along with an in shape Forston will be a ree-diculuss inside presence for our 4-3 scheme. I think that's the key to our run defense b/c it lets our LBs stay away from 300lb linemen, and frees them to make plays on RBs/FBs/QBs. As for pass defense, if we can get the front four to constantly pressure QB's, it will help hide what I saw last year to be a very weak secondary (sorry VT/RP/DvD/BH/SS/CG but there's no proof that we can play man-man coverage with top-rate WRs, yet). Our D-line looks really good and it going to have to be for this to be our year to win the ACC.

It's hard to not get convinced that this year is the year the U rebounds to top 10 (or better) status. We have a lot of talent at all but two positions (OL and DB) but even those spots have preomise if just 2 or 3 guys make the leap from mediocre to very good (thinking Trump/Franklin/Gunn-Pipho/Figs and all the DBs above).

It's all speculation until we line up against the 'Noles, but we really do have a chance to beat every team on our schedule, including OU. But we'll have to improve a ton from last year. I know it's unlikely that we make this big of a leap. But with the talent and youth I really think we can see massive upgrades at nearly every single position on the field this year. I think it'll be a totally different team than what we saw in the Emerald Bowl last winter. It better be b/c Cal manhandled us on the line of scrimmage. Let's hope a year of growth changes all that and that it starts with AB dominating the center of the line!

I am so psyched to see how the guys have progressed from last year, and to see how the new coordinators affect the team.

Thanks, again, Manny, for the good work this summer - I hope the team is working as hard as you are!

Allen Bailey is obviously injury prone going back to high school. He might be a nice player if he stays healthy. But he never has, and there is no reason to expect that he will stay healthy this year. Again...weight lifting stats, 40 times...as Shania Twain says, "that don't impress me much." So far, Allen Bailey has for the most part been just a well-built, hurt player on the sidelines. Hopefully, we have depth at this position.


Bailey had to be switched, he grew into a D-lineman (6-4, 290lbs). He's even getting to the point where he commands double-teams.

I don't always agree with Shannon's moves, but he got this one 100% right. He knew Bailey would grow into a DT and expected him to end up playing there.

I don't see him as a disappointment at all, he's doing great.

I got my season tix do u? We need to support our team!

AB is just one more player who will smoulder at the hands of Shannon. He's a typical cane bust that U can blame on Randy.

Whipple on how the shortened WR rotation will work: "We'll rotate when they drop the ball."
---Sun Sentinel

I love this quote!

Here we go again with the negative comments and once again, if you have that much time at least find something nice to say about these kids, remember they are still kids(LKN). It seems that you and PONCE are not athlete's and never were athlete therefore you continue to spend pointless hours on here bashing kids, "KIDS" for crying out loud. The last time I check injuries are something that you can't ignore nor can you can control therefore please remember these are KIDS

AB lead the team in sacks last year! He played DE, because we lacked people at that position.

I got a pair of season tix. This team is going to be a lot of fun to watch.

We got your Canes ova' here!!!

Whoosh Whoosh!!!!! Grad Cane 09!

Posted by: ponce | August 06, 2009 at 10:14 AM

he hasnt been there long enough for it to be an "era" or to really judge his coaching accurately as far as i'm concerned.



a good friend of U met his demise …
WQAM fired their Beast for speaking ill of the Miami dolphins …
how dare he ; )
let those sonsofbitches hear you …

joe bell (GM) joe@wkis.com
josh darrow (PD) joshd@wqam.com


Screw the beast U clown. He lisps. Talk radio is the dregs for 95% of those who work in it.


not sure why this has to be the year for Bailey. It's his first at DT. There will be some growing pains. Probably will be a lot of highlights too though. Just going to be up and down. At least he's healthy this year.

does anyone know if saturdays practice is open

Why is it our Ten best players seem to be the one's with all the what if's?

I could care less what they sqaut, clean, and bench...I just want to know how they can help us win. Seems to me this will be a long disappointing year once again if as we count down the top 10, we have so many question marks for each guy....

Nothing screams this guys is great because....

I predict Bailey to be nominated for the Outland Trophy at the end of the season. We really need for him to stay healty. If he does, then watch out.

as Shania Twain says, "that don't impress me much." So far, Allen Bailey has for the most part been just a well-built, hurt player on the sidelines. Hopefully, we have depth at this position.

Posted by: LKN | August 06, 2009 at 12:21 PM

You should be banned for using that kind of quote!!!!!!!!!

Bailey has great size and quickness. He was near the top in sacks and was drawing double teams by the end of the season.

I don't see any question marks. I suppose 'if he stays healthy', but that applies to everyone.

There will be more growing pains this season...I hope this doesn't come as news to you.

ok - started drinking too! The "U"!!!!

Let's Go Canes!

See you in Tallasee!

Two questions:

1. Did somebody on here seriously quote a Shania Twain song? You need to be hit.

2. I think Bailey's power clean was reported last week as 400lbs (UM record).

So many people bare their midriffs, I don't know why mine is such an issue.
-Shania Twain

Hey other than quoting Shania "swaing" Twaing's idiotic lyrics that are fit for those off of 1-10, I can say that girl is hot. I'll tap that like a canadian mountie taps a grizzlie.

By the way- I agree with all these hyped up players.



UM PLAYERS: WATCH FILM ON "Anytime" Hester, Sinorice Moss, Tyrone Moss, Roscoe parrish, and yeah, willie mcGhaee. DJ Williams, Baraka Atkins, Damione Lewis, Shockey, KWII, etc etc. Those are playmakers.

We need playmakers. Just one will do!

Why is it our Ten best players seem to be the one's with all the what if's? Posted by: annoyed | August 06, 2009 at 03:34 PM

not sean spence buddy...he's the real deal

my starting d-line is from end to end- marcus robinson, m-forston, AB, and either eric moncur or ojomo.

The turds are #1 in the USA today poll. Shades of 2000. Only difference is that Umwas #2 despite having clobbered them th eprevious yr and bringing back an evenbetter team (the best of all time) ESPN loves UF but can't live without the U.


WQAM-AM (560) dropped Brian “The Beast” London, who served as the UM sideline reporter and a weekend talk show host. WQAM management wasn't happy with his approach on talk shows at times, and the last straw was his negative attitude about the excitement over the start of Dolphins training camp Sunday.
-- barry Jackson


I guess Jolly Joe Bell finally figured out the Beast is Jewish. Elbow, out he goes.
Oh well. Didn't belong on the air. Too bad this wasn't a package deal with Zagacki.
His lasting legacy (and it's a good one) will always be "The Bong Song" (Sisqo parody) from Neil's show.
-- IbisNation

I hope it's not true. He was one of very few guys that could / would do shows mostly dedicated to Canes talk.
-- Gooby

i've been out of so. fla for basically two years. do guys like bailey and zagacki admit that coker was a joke? or do they still defend him as vehemently as they did when he was a dead man walking?
-- krcane

i listen to qam for canes stuff, like basketball, baseball and football games and the occassional hurricane hotline. otherwise, i listen to 790. but beast always seemed like a nice guy. he is a true canes fan. anf hey, in this economy, he is married with a kid i think, you should not wish that anyone lose their job.
-- ibiscool

Although he was a bit of a jerk to his callers, he really did care about the UM programs. The whole crew of Beast, Zagacki, Darrow (who I think is the worst of them all), and Bailey is just terrible. It's a shame we can't have better announcers than these clowns.

The only people worth listening to on QAM are Joe Rose (he brings on great guests) and Goldie.
-- Gocanes881

It wasn't always roses between WVUM & WQAM when I worked for the former, but the Beast was by far the friendliest of the QAM broadcasters and very generous to student broadcasters with his time. He was incredibly nice to me, and was always willing to get VUM kids internships or help anyway he could. I hope he lands on his feet, he's a true Canes fan.
-- TruePoacher

When will the axe fall on Balllick Jr. and Zadorki? Not soon enough, I'm afraid.
-- DCF in LA

I will say that it was nice at least having one guy who would always talk 'Cane sports. He was a big fan (no pun).
-- Don Caneleone

Here we go again with the negative comments and once again, if you have that much time at least find something nice to say about these kids, remember they are still kids(LKN). It seems that you and PONCE are not athlete's and never were athlete therefore you continue to spend pointless hours on here bashing kids, "KIDS" for crying out loud. The last time I check injuries are something that you can't ignore nor can you can control therefore please remember these are KIDS
Posted by: CaneFan4Life | August 06, 2009 at 12:43 PM

C'mon CaneFan4Life:

These guys are not kids. They are starting football players at a big time college football program. If they can't withstand the sting of fan criticism, then they are going to have a hell of a time when they hit the field against FSU, Oklahoma, et al.

If it's you who is personally offended or threatend by my comments, then I think that you need to pull the throttle back a little on your emotional attachment to the Canes. News flash...even if they are kids, they are not YOUR kids...Get it?

Anyway, my point, in case you missed it, is that the best thing that can be said about many of our top players is that they are big, fast, and strong. Nobody (except Bosher) rates high based on on-field production. The last time I checked, the score board didn't register points for 40 times or bench press stats. If you can't (or won't) see this, then you are in for a big disappointment this year.

Given our talent, coaching, and schedule, I would be happy with an 8-4 season and a victory in a mid-level bowl game. That would show real, meaningful progress. Anything better than that will pleasantly surprise me. Even if they are 0-11, I will watch and cheer for them every game.

Furthermore, anybody who thinks that Randy Shannon won't be given the opportunity to coach out his contract, no matter what happens this year, is ignoring the economics of paying 2 head coach's salaries. That's a luxury the Canes cannot afford in this economy.

Finally, it's perfectly valid to use these boards to air well-reasoned, non-bashing, critical opinions of the Canes' football. These boards are not built just for blind, rah-rah, Go Canes comments.

No Shania Twain quote this time...happy all?

No Shania Twain quote this time...happy all?

Posted by: LKN | August 07, 2009 at 08:12 AM


Excuse me while I quote Shania Twain:

"Why the hell I'm I being metioned in a FOOTBALL blog??!!!"

BTW I believe this Saturdays practice is exclusive to season ticket holders (which are too cheap to pass us).


Season tickets are seriously cheap. Don't use the 'I can't afford to go' excuse if you live in South Florida. At the current prices, that stadium better be packed.


These are kids; some of them are 1 year removed from prom. I really hope they don't read this blog, some of the things we say (myself included) are pretty severe.

Can you imagine someone coming to your job and critiquing everything you do? Most adults would crumble under that pressure.

I agree, it's NCAA football and people like us pay the bills, but make no mistake that what we put these guys through is pretty severe.

maybe the university should give reason for support, like hiring a coach. so far, all we see is HYPE of a guy who can "recruit". not one ounce of improvement on the field, only hype called hope. proof is in wins, not numbers by some guy who rates HIGH SCHOOL players. its time to see results, at least playing a top team tough would be an improvement. i cant remember the last win against a top team. stop blaming coker now, its shannons team, put up or go away. 100 bucks is a lot when your team just aint got-it.

and just because im not buying into the hype THIS TIME, doesnt make me not a canes fan. freedom of speech. or am i a racist because i dont drink the shannon kool-aid. prove it randy-please prove me wrong. we will see what everyone is writing in 5 months.

Freedom of speech yes. No you`re not a Canes fan. If you have to ask if it makes you a racist then yes it makes you a racist. Its just 1 team and I get that but did we not beat VT last year. Go back to whatever team it is that you are a fan of.

Oldcnae has a point- but everythinghas to be read and considered in context.

while these ARE kids, they chose to be hyped. No? go bacjk to where these kids played: popwarner, high school etc. Did they go to these so-called Combies? eg Rivals, Nike, Ultimate 100 etc etc. If so, they are just as at fault. They WANT to be in the spotlight. They want to be in a major program, and that is why they came to the U.

Now for the quality of coaching- is it RS or Coker's fault that Kyle Wright was a bust? That Kirby Freeman was a bust? Tyron Moss? Leggett? Moore? Shields? javarris? Greg Olsen? ALL busts at UM.

"A coach needs to develop players"-- Biggest bohack in the world. True only to a certain extent. A Tim tebow will be a Tim tebow anywhere. He can run the ball here, at Ball State, or at the Citadel. But Kyle Wright had 4 years to show that he could throw the ball to a guy wearing a green and orange uniform. Instaed, he threw it to someone else, took 9 sacks against FSU, and another 8 against Ga Tech, etc etc. Kirby had 1. Count them 1 completion against Virginia!!!! How is that coaching?

Now- The college coaching world are a bunch of morons: UM non-rnaked? Rutgers ahead of UM? Rutgers and Cincinnatti ahead of UM? I guarantee you 100% that UM plays Rutgers tomorrow (or Cinci) the U will put 50 on each of those. And so will Clemson! That is the biggest joke in the world! ESPN- get it right!

UM playaz- look at the disrespect you got by the USA today poll. Show the world what youhave and how stupid they are. Use it as motivation. Period. end. Next

I think Kirby had 1 completion against Ga Tech?

who's doing the recruiting of these kids?

At 2:00 pm MIAMI vs fsu ON ESPN U

Shannon and the coaching staff saw the same things that everyone else saw. Guys getting run over and no aggression on D. So, now the U is recruiting big, developed physically players and Lovett talking , not over thinking on the field. Sounds like they are on the right track. Also , getting Swasey to get buys stronger in the off season. Its all about adjusting, this yr, it all fits into place.

anyone got a link to the Harris interview with LeBatard?


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