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Top 60 Countdown: No. 8, DT Allen Bailey

Been quite a few hectic days for me leading up the start of Canes practice this Saturday. I've been organizing our local high schools media days this week (racking up recruiting interviews for you) and working on tons of online content -- video, podcasts, you name it. Among the projects: a weekly Dade-Broward high school football show and a Canes/college football show that will feature yours truly and a Herald columnist. Stay tuned for that!

With that said, the countdown of the Top 60 players at The U must continue (and end soon!). Today, we take a look at No. 8: junior defensive tackle Allen Bailey. Big Boss Bailey has always had an NFL body. He's 6-4, 290 now. He just hasn't been able to settle in. The Canes desperately need him to this year. Will he deliver and start playing like the first round pick he could potentially become?

Allen Bailey

> What we heard about him on Signing Day '07: Bailey was a big recruiting pickup for coach Randy Shannon, who visited the big man out on Sapelo Island in Georgia and swayed him away from the SEC (UF, Alabama and Georgia). Bailey only played in four games his senior season at McIntosh County Academy because of a stress fracture in his back. But as a junior, he posted 138 tackles, five forced fumbles and caught the attention of the recruiting experts quickly with his 6-4, 285-pound frame. Both Scout and Rivals had him ranked in the national Top 100 and as the seventh best defensive end in the country.

> What he's done as a Cane: Bailey came in as a linebacker -- a deal he worked out with Canes coaches before choosing UM -- and spent his freshman year struggling to pick up the position. He played in all 12 games. but saw most of his action on special teams. The following spring, Bailey was moved to defensive end and quickly went on the shelf when he tore a pectoral muscle lifting weights in the spring. It set him back in his move to the defensive line and caused him to miss the season opener against Charleston Southern. Bailey told us finally started feeling close to 100 percent after the Virginia Tech game. He finished with four starts and the team lead with five sacks to go with 36 tackles. It was strong finish to what started out as a shaky sophomore season. After seeing some time at defensive tackle on third downs, Bailey was moved to defensive tackle this spring. But he didn't play in the spring game.

> What Eye On The U expects from him in '09: There isn't a more physical freak at The U than Bailey, who runs a 4.65 in the 40-yard dash, has a 39-inch vertical (tied for 3rd on the team), benches 405 pounds (2nd on the team), squats 565 pounds (2nd on the team) and power cleans 375 (35 pounds more than anybody else on the team). Those can't be ignored. But neither can the fact the last three seasons Bailey has played have been uncomfortable. From the injury his senior year of high school to the wasted year at linebacker as a freshman and the pectoral injury that slowed him this past year, one has to wonder where Bailey would be right now had he just had some semblance of stability. This has to be the year that finally happens for him. There isn't a player on this team who has more gifts than Bailey. If he can stay healthy and start putting them to use full-time, Miami's horrid run defense could be a whole lot better.


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maybe the university should give reason for support, like hiring a coach. so far, all we see is HYPE of a guy who can "recruit". not one ounce of improvement on the field, only hype called hope. proof is in wins, not numbers by some guy who rates HIGH SCHOOL players. its time to see results, at least playing a top team tough would be an improvement. i cant remember the last win against a top team. stop blaming coker now, its shannons team, put up or go away. 100 bucks is a lot when your team just aint got-it.

Posted by: oldcane | August 07, 2009 at 11:06 AM

AMEN !!!


So U say U want to See Duh U ranked in a 2009 College Football Poll ? Well here U go Canes ...

Scroll down to say ... 'round the 50's ...

Wheewwww how far U have fallen Cane fan...

Get U Two #5 Foam Hands Cane Fan And Raise'm High... WE'RE # 55 !!! That's Duh New U !!!

Funny how everyone outside duh 305 can see U for what U truly are U blinder wearing fools ...

week 4 Insane Candy Canes ... House of Cards .

Manny: who's #7?

$100 bucks too much for season tix???

if you're a fan is more than reasonable.

However, for the bandwagon jumpers out there, don't even talk trash about the team. just get on the next bandwagon, may I suggest UF and their classless fans.

Wheewwww how far U have fallen Cane fan...
Get U Two #5 Foam Hands Cane Fan And Raise'm High... WE'RE # 55 !!! That's Duh New U !!!

Posted by: gaturd agent provocateur | August 07, 2009 at 03:37 PM


USA Today released its preseason Top 25 Coaches' Poll, and the ACC had four teams -- No. 7 Virginia Tech, No. 15 Georgia Tech, No. 19 Florida State and No. 20 North Carolina -- ranked.
-- heather dinich


For the third straight year, UM will open the season unranked in the USA Today Top 25 coaches’ poll.
The good news is that the Hurricanes’ received 46 votes, which ranks 33rd overall.
-- jorge milian

AMEN !!!

Posted by: U Win U Stay ... U Lose U Go ... | August 07, 2009 at 03:34 PM

produce or else
-- Jimmy Johnson


What needs to happen for you to show up to a game at a game?

We played UF tough last year and beat VT.

Got rid of Pat Nix, replaced Bill Young, recruited another great class, and resolved the QB situation.

If you don't like Shannon, that's fine, but it shouldn't stop you from supporting the team. I'm not sold on Randy Shannon either, but we don't really have a choice this season.




The 2009 USA Today Preseason Top 25 Coaches poll is out and yes, it sucks to be the Big East. For the first time in history, a BCS conference that gets an automatic berth is shut out of the preseason Top 25.
-- orlando sentinel

thanks Canesjunkie. I've looked there but can't find any audio archives or that sort like WQAM has.

Maybe you have to be an insider?

true cane, VT really had no offense last year. they always play really good def,. but the QB situation there is not good. so, no that really isnt a win against a really good team. old cane has some points, this team has yet to show an identity, nor have they the right to expect respect. the "U" is from what has been done is the past, its time to earn it now. its sad to see a this program so far down. i know old cane is ready to jump on the wagon like myself and others, but these 2 years have been tough to watch. go canes, good luck randy, but its time to see at least a sign of better things. a couple of quality wins to start would be a huge step. go canes

canesjunkie, been to games since the 60's. enough said. im no expert,like everyone else out there, but just gettin it off my chest. the last game i admit, was virginia in the grand old OB. since that "game", i just havent traveled the 5 hour trip. went to 4 games that year. thats over 100 bucks a trip in gas then. i admit im spoiled from the winning years, and just cant make the trip til i see that the Univ. even cares about winning.not the players but the shalalas and such, i even wonder about randy. well, maybe this will be the year, prove me wrong, please.


I hear you, those trips add up and you have to committ most of the day. I'm directing my comments to people who live down here, have the money and time to go, and purposely stay away because we're not tearing up the NCAA.

Even if you don't go to games, you have the right to come on here and moan and complain all you want. Just know that

1. an empty stadium hurts recruiting and
2. the good times won't feel as good if you don't suffer through these years.

I don't see why we blame Shalala for a mediocre team? It's not like she's in the booth calling WR SCREENS ON 3RD AND 15 WHEN YOU SAW IT DIDN'T WORK THE OTHER 20 TIMES YOU TRIED IT!!!! Sorry...NIX just upsets me.

Shalala can't take money from the academic programs and build a stadium or buy Tuberville or Richt or any other establish headcoach. That has never been the model here because we can't afford it.

Even is Randy Shannon gets fired, don't expect a big-name hire.

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