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Top 60 Countdown: No. 9, K Matt Bosher

How do you let a kicker sneak into the Top 10 list of a football countdown at a school like the University of Miami? You don't. He has to kick the door down and earn it by taking the Team MVP honors from the year before. Matt Bosher, who became UM's second kicker to earn the honor (Carlos Huerta, 1991 was the other), wouldn't have made my Top 10 if not for the trophy he won at the end of last season. But how could you argue against it with what he did on the field for a 7-6 team? He just wasn't going to crack the Elite Eight. Sorry, Matt.

Matt Bosher > What we heard about him on Signing Day '06: As a senior at Jupiter High, Bosher developed into one of the nation's top high school kickers. He converted 7 of 10 field goals with a long of 52 yards and drilled 70 percent of his kickoffs for touchbacks while averaging 46.5 yards a punt. He was selected to play in the CaliFlorida Bowl and the US Army All-American Game. Scout.com tabbed him the No. 1 kicker in the country. ESPN had him third and Rivals.com sixth. He picked UM over the Gators.

> What he's done as a Cane: Steal the spotlight on special teams. After red-shirting as a true freshman in 2006, Bosher handled the punting and kicking duties. He averaged 40.2 yards a punt and had a 75-yarder at Virginia Tech (the fourth longest in school history). Last year, he elevated his game and earned All-ACC Second Team honors after handling all three duties for UM. He made 18-of-20 field goal attempts (his misses were from 40-plus) and averaged 40.3 yards a punt. But who could forget his biggest highlight? Bringing down a Gators return man with a vicious hit in the swamp. He also picked up a first down on a 9-yard run on a fake punt against FSU. He took this spring off to rest his leg.

> What Eye On The U expects from him in '09: Truth be told, there isn't a player on UM's roster with a better chance of nabbing a national award this year than Bosher, who is one of the nation's top candidates for the Lou Groza Award. Would a kicker ordinarily be in the Top 10 of a UM player countdown? Not in the good old days. But these aren't the good old days and Bosher is no ordinary kicker. While Hurricanes coaches would like to see redshirt freshman Jake Wieclaw take a step forward in development and handle at least one of Bosher's three kicking responsibilities, chances are it probably won't happen. I expect Bosher to handle all three -- with perhaps an opportunity or two for Wieclaw.


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ouch, a kicker makes our top ten!?

Still, love Bosher! His ST tackles are a riot! Just hope some other guys can make the case to pass him up on this list for next year!


We all clown on kickers.. but i'm dam glad we have a good one!!

Shank-a-potomus cracks the top ten.

Punting and field goal kicking are skills that can be taught to anyone playing pickup soccer in Tropical Park.

Why do we group this in with our football players.

Manny...We disagree on this one, but I think the countdown is excellent.

Taught to anyone in Tropical Park?

Tell that to Boooby Bowden.
Maybe top 10 is a bit too high but a consistent Bosher is one of the keys to our success.

I seriously dont get all the "hes a kicker!" vitriol guys. He's a football player! Brandon James probably would have ran one of those back on us if it weren't for bosher. We would have most certainly lost to VT if it weren't for bosher, and I seem to remember him pinning some of our opponents back pretty good and he had maybe 2 shanks all year, canesjunkie. Bottom line is, he's more than just a kicker to this team, he's a leader. And he plays with a lot of swag. So just give him his props please, he earned this spot.

Manny, you are absolutely correct with this selection.

If you watched our games last year, you saw that Bosher was one of the few players who consistently played passionately and to the limit of his abilities.

The guy clearly relishes every play he has on the field and succeeds in elevating morale when other supposed team leaders are hanging their heads. I hope he is a finalist for the Groza this year and that he continues to quietly deliver for the Canes.

People it's not an arguement over whether or not kicking is important. I'm saying the kicker (includes punter) isn't a top 10 player.

My reasons:
- it's the most replaceable skill on the team, I can't find a QB or an LB in Tropical Park.

- If this was a 'people I hope don't get injured list' do you really think the team would be OK of Vaughn Telemanque, Marcus Forston, or Theron Collier got injured and not Bosher. Because that's what it means to have Bosher in this place. It says that Bosher's success this season means as much as Telemanque's development.

Were you thanking the man above when Bosher signed his LOI the same you did when Marcus Forston did?

If Bosher gets hurt Wieclaw kicks and whoever punts. Marcus Robinson goes down and we have problems that we can't solve with a soccer goalie.

Well, if Huerta was the MVP in 1991, I think that would still qualify as the good ol' days.

Right on David! Huerta was are best FG kicker, now Bosher is pushing for his place at the top. We are going to be good this year! 9 - 3! WE GOT SOME CANES OVER HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

haha why y'all hating on Bosher?? and I agree with the previous poster that james probably was going to the house with one of the kickoffs if Bosher doesnt make the tackle...

Huerta was golden but dont forget about Todd Sievers, that boy did his thang too!! (I still remember selling out my homeboy who is a fsu fan when Sievers he made the FG to take the fiesta to OT saying "we dont miss FG's!!!")

Canesjunkie, you are killing me!!! Stop hating on my boy! :)

I promise you, he will win us ATLEAST one game this year. People only remember kickers when they kick a winning FG or shank one when time expires.

A solid kicker takes pressure off your QB, your Head Coach and gives the team a little extra confidence.

Remember when Seivers kicked the 49 yarder against Ohio State to send the game into Overtime? And conversely 3 years ago when FSU blocked the a 30 yard FG in the final minute to prevent overtime (10 - 7 Loss). Finally, Gerry Thomas missed a 34 yard FG in 91 (and remember, that was when the Goal posts were 5 feet wider). He makes that kick, Bowden wins his first NC, Casey Weldon wins the Heisman and we have no "Wide Right I".

For a young team, its about putting points on the board and this guy is one of the best in the nation.

You can't under estimate the value of a solid kicker. I agree with Manny (and my own pick) in Bosher at #9.

Don't know bout you all, but I need a fix of the Glory Days !!! Dis how dem real CANES do...........


Can't wait for 2009 season to start !!! oooooooooooooOOOOOOOOOOO C - A - N - E - S

CANES !!!!!!!


I've said my peace, I'm done with this pick.

Bosher is great...football deflate themselves so that he doesn't kick them, QB's take a knee 3 times so that it will be time to punt, he can thread a needle with 2 football...he is the most interesting kicker ever!

I wish you were all in my fantasy league, you'd all have Adam Venetieri by round 3....lol.

hey guys, go check out my article. First thing I've ever written that I really put my heart into. Please comment: http://bleacherreport.com/articles/230767-a-miami-hurricanes-fan-at-fsu


You're on too much of me right now. A real "cane junkie" that follows the team should know other than Jacory, he's the most irreplacable player. If it's so easy to find a kicker/punter, why so many teams at all levels of football struggle in the kicking game. Why hasn't one of the others stepped up & took at least 1 of the kicking duties off of his hands. Did you see Wieclaw at the spring game? I did. That boy was missing extra points. The only players we don't have decent reserves for is J. Harris, Fox & Spence.



hey guys, go check out my article. First thing I've ever written that I really put my heart into. Please comment: http://bleacherreport.com/articles/230767-a-miami-hurricanes-fan-at-fsu

Posted by: Nate | August 05, 2009 at 04:37 PM

just rock your UM gear!! my friend just graduated from fsu and hes always said there are countless students everyday on campus wearing 'Canes gear and i've been to fsu/miami games in tally and there fans are very tolerable(even been in an fsu boosters suite once in all UM gear and everybody was cool)

just dont switch out! getting an education is cool but that doesnt mean pledge your allegance to fsu....



Kicking game is about more than the kicker, it also counts the coverage and returners. Yes, I saw the hits on James, I was also excited.
Clearly, I am alone on the Bosher thing....so I quit, he's great.

I'm glad you broght up special teams because I think this is another problem area. Our coverage teams are lazy, they don't even run to the end zone the way used to. A couple of decleating hits and blocks were impressive, but overall I don't think we're getting the most our of our talent.

I also was not impressed with Wieclaw, he's as good as Uribe.

Is Uribe on scholarship? I hope not, this kid's dad can buy Honduras. I hope this is some kind of exchange for services deal.

Bosher showed consistent passion for the game.

I'm not saying he's the best or most important player on the roster by any means, but he can flat out play and do whatever is asked.

From tackling (UF game), and fake punting (FSU game), to kicking (50+ yards, Wake game), and punting (75 yards, VT game).

He's a stud and you guys are hating the team MVP for no good reason. He'll probably be the difference in the closest games.

Better of spending your time and effort buying season tickets.

Go Canes, win the Orange Bowl!!!

I graduated from FSU also. And it is so true, there are so many Miami natives that attend FSU and love the canes that just couldnt get in UM. Tuition and Academics keep many of the Miami faithful from being able to attend UM. Who really wants to go to Gainesville and live there for 4 yrs with the good ol boys and the backwoods of trailor parks?? Si you go to FSU and make the best of it. But a real cane never stops loving those canes. I didnt know one student from Miami that didnt love the canes,a nd all the other students would just hate it!!

Canesjunkie, you might disagree with that pick, buy honestly if it wasnt for bosher we could've lost a couple of more games. example VT, some fields saved us. all i'm saying is give the guy some props. lets see what happens this season.

I've always hated when people dismiss fans who dimiss fans who aren't alumuni of a school. A school represents a community and you can be a fan an attend somewhere else. UM is a very expensive school and it also depends on what you planning on studying.


What's up with those FSU girls? They look good at the games.

haha Canesjunkie, I haven't been up there yet, but everything I hear is that the, umm, scenery couldnt get any better. Them with girls is like USC with qbs. They don't rebuild, they just reload :)

Nice article, thanks for sharing and best of luck at school. FSU has a really nice campus and it's a fun place to live. Lots of us were born and raised down south and grew up on the Canes and how lucky we all are. Just remember where you came from and enjoy the experience, you'll always be a Cane!

See you in Tally 9-7-09

Go Canes!

LOL!!!! Good luck Nate!

Bosher , Bosher,Bosher He's our MAN.....
Good choice Manny
to all the doubters keep in mind they call it Football for a reason , 3 or 4 games can easily be won or lost by the kicking game Matt gives us an edge

Canesjunkie... I appreciate your passion and commitment to this team. Keep up the posts, you have a lot of insight and knowledge and I am enjoy your comments. Thanks!

Thanks Jersey, same here.

Could the Hurricanes win the Atlantic Coast Conference title this season? YES

Could pigs fly out of my pimply poop stained buttucks? YES

Will the Hurricanes win the Atlantic Coast Conference title while Whhhhaaaaaaa-dy is our head coach? NO


Can't wait for 2009 season to start !!! GoooooooooooooOOOOOOOOOOO C - A - N - E - S


Dare I ask what's the over/under we end up at 24-26 by the end of 2009?

If it wasn't for bosher it would've been 26-0 in favor of Floriduh!

Bosher was the #1 kicker (Scout) coming out of HS and he committed very early to UM (if everyone remembers he was the first recruit of 06'). He will probably be the #1 kicker taken in the draft and have a great chance at a long prosperous NFL career. His dual duties make him a hot commodity. (Not saying for the Dolphins as they are set, but Coaches/GMs/Bill Parcel-types love those players that can address multiple needs/roles like Matt) His game-saving tackles add another dimension - toughness.

Canesjunkie, you could argue this both ways. He is certainly not in the top 10 when it comes to being an athlete as he is a "mere" kicker, but he is in the top 10 when u look at it from the "player's importance" or "what he means to the team" point of view. ST is still 1/3 of the equation and if he went down, we would probaly have to go for it on every 4th down. I don't trust the backup punting and FG kicking. So from a depth perspective I would say a rating of 9 is fair.

canesrule- if the canes are irrelevant why are U talking about them?

SMD you P-Y

Anyone who thinks that kickers are not important hasn't watched much football. In college or the pros, every team has several games a year which come down to a kick. Make it, you win, miss it you lose. It may not be the last play of the game. If you win by 2 points, and your kicker made one field goal, then he won the game.

Bosher is a DOOOSH bag. A kicker is a top 10 player. HAHAHHAHHA ! WOW great players you have.

Oh and that post about being a U fan and not attending the school. Is what i call an ueducated DOOOSH BAG!!

I am grateful to you for sharing this information.

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