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Top 60 Countdown: U Decide

I just got back home from Atlanta from covering the Marlins-Braves series. So, I missed Sunday's and Monday's practices. With the Canes participating in a closed scrimmage Tuesday and the team off Wednesday for the start of school, I figured I'd wrap up our countdown of the Top 60 players at UM.

I'll be taking the rest of the week off (I didn't get to take more than a week of vacation this summer) before I return on Monday when the Canes really start preparing for Florida State. Our Susan Miller Degnan has done a great job with features and stories throughout camp. Keep looking to her for updates from camp this week.

With that said, before I unveil my final three in order, I'll give you an opportunity to be heard. Who do you think No. 1 should be and why? Vote in the poll below.


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If we lose Spence, there goes our season.

it's that simple.

I think people have to realize this isn't based on who is most important to the team. Obviously that is Jacory but on talent, you have to go Spence. I see it like this.

1. Spence
2. Cooper
3. Jacory

If this was who we could least afford to lose then it would be

1. Jacory
2. Spence
3. Cooper

bg, that beer is going to taste sooo good.

If we lose Spence, there goes our season.

it's that simple.

Posted by: Carlos

wow a LB is more inportan then a QB???

People have this mixed up. Top 60 means TOP 60 Talent wise at least I thought. NOT who is most important to the team's success.

In '01 would this had been Dorsey??? In terms of importance to the team...YES, but in terms of TALENT...Hell no! You mean to say that Jacory is a better pro prospect than Spence??? Spence already has HARDWARE (ACC Def. Rook. of Year) and will only get more. I love Jacory and he should be in the Top 3. But in terms of big play ability and what they will be counted on to do and what they've done, you CAN'T make Jacory #1. He HAS to be #3.


wow a LB is more inportan then a QB???

Posted by: 27AveCane | August 24, 2009 at 01:17 PM

^^^Point Proven^^^

He says MORE IMPORTANT. This isn't about IMPORTANCE to the team. Its who's the TOP 60 Canes!

If it is based onth eimpact of oneof those players' loss, I would say Jacorry #1, Coop #2, Spence a close 3rd. Sure, we have tons of rbs, but game experience and blocking is huge as well.Coop ran for 800+ yds. JJ was nonexistent and I still dont know what he will do this yr. Chambers showed signs of brilliance. But as far as sheer consistency (even though still not a break-out season) Coop gets my vote over SS. Without him our back field will be filled with unknowns. This year I look for Coop to break 1000 yds, and JJ maybe close. With Chambers or Miller close by, our running output this year WILL BE THE SEASON!!!! Because with a strong runninggame, the passing game will follow, the D will rest and we will control the clock. Period.

HOWEVER, if JH goes down, its the season. Cook is improvingbut the dude is wet behind the ears. It could be that if that happens, we will be in a Dorsey- Kenny kelly type situation and Cook becomes THE next QB at UM, but that is hypothetical. I don't wish that.

Sean is a beast. I want to see him change and control a game, not just make huge tackles here and there like vs UF. I want to see him bassically decide a game. That hasnt happened yet.

I voted for JH because for one, the QB touches the ball every play on offense (unless we run the wildcat). Secondly, if JH does very well, Coop's chances of doing great things go up. What I mean is that defenses are not going to be able to stack the box against the run if JH is making them pay for doing so. That opens lanes for the running game. Jacory is one of the top 2 undisputed vocal leaders on offense along with Jason Fox. He can rally the other players around him and keep them confident. He's a play maker. If he has a great game, it means we're putting up points, getting yards, keeping our defense fresh to pound the oppsoing offense when they get on the field. No other position influences the outcome of the game as the QB does, and Jacory can make or break the season for the Canes.

I went back and looked at the criteria. I was wrong. Manny says...

For the past three days, I've spent time looking over the roster and ranking the Top 60 Canes based on what they mean to the program, what they've done for the program and what we should expect from them in 2009.

In that case,

I say

1. Jacory
2. Spence
3. Coop

Splarfly, I misunderstood the criteria so you win. If I had READ what Manny said the criteria was we would've agreed.

Yes, unclear a little on most talent or most important to team, most talent, Spence, than Harris, Cooper 3rd or 4th best back not sure why he is in this position.

bg, now worries. You buy the first round. I'll buy the second.

no worries

I voted Jacory Harris #1.

The reason is simple. He is the player that UM needs a big, breakout year from the most. He's the quarterback, the player that makes everything run on offense. He's the guy who needs to make the decision and get the ball into the open players' hands.

Also, a big season by Jacory has major implications for our offense in general. He has a lot of talent at skill positions, talent that will create mismatches for other teams. If he's making good decisions his stats will reflect it.

Don't forget, if he ends the season with a big statline that will mean that the O-line blocked well. Jacory doesn't look like he can take a bunch of big hits like Kyle Wright.

Finally, Spence and Cooper both had pretty decent years last year and we were still 7-6. Jacory had 12 TD's and less than 2,000 yds passing while splitting time. If his TD total is near the mid 20's and his TD/Int ratio is good and he has over say 2,300 yds passing then our offense is going to have won some games for us.

It's Jacory Harris by landslide in my opinion. If healthy, he'll have the ball too much for it to be anyone else.

my hope

Jacory Harris
3,000 passing yards
20-25 tds
5-10 ints

Greg Cooper
1,200 rushing yards
8-12 tds
4.8-6 avg rush

Sean Spence
100+ tackles
5+ sacks

cooper sucks why does everybody think he is so good. he never breaks any big runs can't break tackles put the freshman in and let them play. coop and jj have had their chance and haven't produced.

Jacory Harris is the key to this season, period! If he goes down our season goes out the window with it.

I wouldn't say Cooper sucks but I feel like he isn't even our best RB on the roster right now. I hope those blades of grass don't get him again this year.

Spence is a baller but Futch, Buchanon, Brown & Holton will be able to fill in for Spence should something happen.

Tony Joiner visited UF campus & gave his old QB a late night visit. Now it is rumored that Tebow has one hell of a sore back & has been sitting out through fall camp.


I think Spence is the most football talented out of those three and would have Jacory in third. He just plays the marquee position.

Thanks Manny, enjoy your break!


Agreed. Coop is the suck. We would have won several more games last year had JJ been the RB in the game when we were down inside the 10. Coop simply cannot run between the tackles unless someone is out of position or a gaping hole is created. He then will make a safety miss then will proceed trip over an untied shoestring. Dude cannot get it done in short yardage situations.

1- Fox

this whole thing has been an exercise in futility!!! if this guy goes down... if that goes down... WHOAAAAAA... as Howard Dean might put it... UM used to be known for it's ability to replace anybody... back in the day the backups used to come in and play better anyway... if UM's season hinders on any 1 player then Shannon is a more pathetic coach than i could have possibly imagined... i'm still 50/50 on Shannon right now... i simply find his EXCUSE of not having talent for losing sickening... but he's our coach so here i am... believing one last time that he's got IT... it surely won't take us long to find out this season... anything less than 4-0 at the start is unacceptable... too bad Shannon doesn't feel the same way...

Are you kidding me Spence...a kid that would have recruited during the Butch Davis years

1. Coop
2. Spence
3. Harris

IMO, you have to judge the player's "impact". Complete impact! Coop makes it tough on opposing coordinators/defenses because of his versatility running and pass catching. He may not have the blazing speed and eye-popping stats (or even more talent than the other 2), but take him away from the offense and neither Jacory NOR spence have much of an "impact": Why? Jacory because defenses will not have to respect the additional dimension Coop brings, and Spence because he would have to be on the field too long to be effective.
There were many plays made by the U last year (by players other than Coop) that would not have been made if opposing defenses didn't have to respect Coop's ability. THAT is an impact player. THAT is your best player! I do think Spence and Jacory are arguably more talented, but how many interceptions/sacks did spence cause last year simply because of his presence on the field?

Am I the only one that thinks Jacory still has much to prove? Canes have 2 pretty good back- ups. Coop is much more than a runner only. Spence, we'll lets just say we'll all be watching him on Sundays. Jacory, hope your the man. A lot of hype so far!!


I am down with Spence as first. The kid tore it up freshmen year but I dont think he is even a top ten linebacker yet. Give him one more year and he will be one of the best linebackers in the country. But in terms of importance I say it is Harris. Coach Shannon has a lot of chips on harris this season, If harris plays well then UM will do will and Shannon is save. This season there will be a lot of pressure on harris. But in terms of talent Cooper is number one.

Is this Most Valuable or Most Talented?

Sean Spence is one of the most talented players I have ever seen come through Miami. He reminds me of Ed Reed. A ball hawk, is always around the ball, not surprised he scored a touchdown already in his career. More are coming trust me.

But, Jacory is the most valuable player. If he goes down with injury the U is in big trouble. They are both leaders, but Spence is far more talented.

I don't understand all of you who seem to think Graig Cooper is the messiah. Is it a good player? Yes of course. Is he great? Absolutely not. He is a good solid player. And that's fine, but he is definitely not the key to this team.

cooper needs to be the guy...if he runs the ball well...it keeps the chains moving and the D on the sidline resting,..and it allows Jacory time to pass the ball it all starts with a GREAT running game....COOP...1st then Jacory then Spence


Spence is the most talented....Jacory is the most valuable. If it's most valuable

1. Jacory Harris - The only QB with experience, he needs to play well for the offense to click. If Jacory can't read coverages team will put 8 in-the-box and completly shut us down.

2. Grag Cooper - The only RB with true experience, able to get significant yards when he gets a crease. Looks bigger and faster this year...expecting a breakout year.

3. Sean Spence - A stud, it's almost as if he knows what play is coming. It's amazing that he is this good, this early in his career.

Why is there hate for Cooper? Those of you who don't think he has enough breakaway runs need to look at the offensive line play we've had. Also factor in that Cooper has shouldered a huge part of the workload at RB. The guy has made himself into an every-down back.

Why so many haters?

All three are very talented players. Spence and Harris both played great as true freshman, and Coop has been carrying the load for two year.I hope they all have breakout seasons.

Voted for Harris, only because he is the hardest one to replace and plays the most in important position in the sport.

GO Canes!!!

Hopefully the team will be eating oranges in early January!

At this early juncture how can any Cane fan in their right mind declare Jacory the Cane's top player? He played less than half of last season's offensive plays folks. Yeah I'll do cartwheels if he ends up being this year's top player because he plays the most important position but please all come back to reality.

And Norm and Rob please spare me any upcoming game predictions! Manny I love ya but that goes for you as well.

The Canes success depends on the team excelling. That said, in a pro style offense, the running game is key to ball control and opening up the pass. When they gave Craig Cooper his share of carries last year, he gained yardage and the Canes won.

With Whipple, I'm sure the play calling will be more disciplined. After all, Cooper and his supporting cast of running backs include some of the most experience on the team, from Javarris James to Lee Chambers and Damien Berry -- that's genuine depth and talent.

As Coop goes ... so go the Canes!

Jacory Harris hands down followed by Sean Spence and Laron Byrd or Aldarius Johnson.

These are your 3 finalist's ?? Ohhhh my....

Good Luck this season, you'll need it.

No.1 Sean Spence
Let's be smart about this ladys n gentlemen. Yes it sound good as jacory being the number one player. But as the rankings came out, they went by what the players had done n did. Jacory was a back up to a tranfer kid. Spence was rookie of the year as a linebacker which u would barley find in college football. He accomplish something no player on there roster did they whole career. Yes jc id the qb but all he do is deliver. But spence cover sideline to sideline n always around the ball. D fence wins championships n that's what its gone take. Spence will n can leaver for the 2011 draft n be a first round linebacker/strong safety. 90 tackles 8 sacks, 5 force fumbles, 6 recoveris n 4 defensive tds.

No 2. Graig cooper
Cooper has showed promise what he can do, and this year with that new running scheme, he wll be the man. I believe with a pro offensive coach like mark whipple, he has help GC with his vision.
If the pass game don't work you can lead to him. JC will need the offense to help him get better, drop passes n miss blocks will not lead him to a heisman trophy ceromony. I like him all the way to the end zone. Cooper skills is far best in college football right now if the o line come to play every week. 1100yds rushing 8tds 400 receiving 4 tds

No. 3 Jacory harris

Yes he has the brain, the amr, the mobility but do he has the support. His reciever far as thompkins, collier n bryd might show promise. If he don't baby sit aldarius thru out the year and atleast focus on 3 WRs in the passing game. They may win a lot of games. But that don't put in front of cooper sure not spence. He can be the leader but spence is on another planet, cooper is taking off.
2900 passing yds, 23+ tds, 9 int, 200 rushing yds and 4 tds

I am with Canesjunkie on this one...

Harris 1st, hands down. If he goes down, Randy's job is on the line.

As for Coopper, I think people also under estimate his blocking skills as a back. While he is no Portis, you need a RB who can put a shot on the blitzing defender and slide into the open for a screen. Cooper does that well (and can break it once he is in the open field).

I think Spence is a monster at LB, but the reality is he played better when McCarthy was in the line up last year. Think about it, he was invisible against Tech and NC State. I am expecting him to have a big year and to be the cornerstone of the defense.

If we lose Spence, there goes our season.

it's that simple.

Posted by: Carlos

Jacory Harris is the key to this season, period! If he goes down our season goes out the window with it.

This definitely isn't a team that has all this depth that everyone is so enamored with.

"Am I the only one that thinks Jacory still has much to prove?" yes Dee Money you are. I agree with you. I've seen him look average more than I've seen him look great. I'm not sold on Harris... Yet.

“I never said that.” -Andy Gannon

This guy is amazing. Truly a lying sociopath.

Com’n UM fans. U have to be getting tired of Gannon pissing down your leg everyday.

I wonder how Cook’s family and friends feel about seeing him back the bus over Taylor? Oh that’s right, Cook is white.

I’d love to be a fly on the wall when the beat writers are making small talk after one of Gannon’s ” press conferences.”. More like ” deceit conferences.”

I guess I’m being a little bit hard on him since he doesn’t even have a depth chart.

I promise you that every starter on the team is insulted by his “no depth chart” comments. Haircut needs to put a gag order on him immediately. He’s doing irreparable harm on a daily basis.

Busing to Tallahicky?

I find it hilarious that canes even open their mouths to say anything these days… a program that has to take busses for away games… that will never get their own stadium… a team that is and has been completely irrelevant for the last 5 years.

un-believably mediocre

and one other small thing.. U haven't seen the bottom yet.

What's up Manny. Ur really milking this top 60 Bro. I know U want the top 3 that's cool but i'm gonna give U 2 bonus players.

1.Jacory Harris - The guy is a winner. I love his confident and love his SWAG.

2.Sean Spence - A heat seeking missle but need help from the LB's. Keep bringing that hat Bro

3.Lee Chambers - The best pure RB on the team right now M. James & L. Miller will be good ones but Lee is now and will be our first 1,000 yd rusher since Willis.

4.Thearon Collier - Probably the best all around player on the team can run,catch and return punts. The best playmaker on the team.

5.Cooper - I love Coop. He runs hard but he is just a change of pace back. Hopefully Whip can use Coop like he did Westbrook.

manny blows

It will be intersting to look at this list at the end of the year - duvalcanesfan (two comments above) reminds us that no one really knows this team yet. That's a distinct advantage against Oklahoma, VT, GT - who have no idea (literally) what's coming.

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