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Bradford or Jones? It doesn't matter

The Miami Hurricanes don't know who is going to start at quarterback Saturday night for Oklahoma. It could be Heisman trophy winning quarterback Sam Bradford. Or, it could be freshman Landry Jones, who set a Sooners record with six TD passes in his last start.

Sam Bradford

Here's the truth: It doesn't matter who is throwing the ball if the Hurricanes defense doesn't turn things around quickly. Nationally, UM ranks 85th in scoring defense (27.33 ppg) among 119 FBS teams, 86th against run (159 ypg), and 89th in passing effeciency defense. They haven't been getting to the quarterback (4 sacks in 3 games) or creating turnovers (two fumble recoveries and one interception) either. But the biggest problem? Tackling.

"Watching film this week was real tough," linebacker Colin McCarthy said. "Tackling, getting guys on the ground is really what we're struggling with. People are in the right situation, in the right position. We're just not doing what we're supposed to. Watching the film was ridiculous. Coach said of the [272 yards] we gave up to V-Tech, 163 yards were after contact. We have to fix that."

Fixing it will become a priority this week -- moreso than worrying about what the eight-ranked Sooners do. And what Oklahoma has done has been pretty impressive. Their 40.67 scoring average ranks eighth in the country and their 18th-ranked offense is dangerously balanced attack (196 yards rushing per game, 256 yards passing).

"We can't just focus on the pass because they've got guys who can run the ball real well," said cornerback DeMarcus Van Dyke, who was torched by Bradford and the Sooners offense in a 51-13 loss as a freshman. "It's all about assignment and technique, assignment and technique for us."

> Look for Oklahoma coach Bob Stoops to announce his starting quarterback later this week. Stoops said Bradford, who visited specialist Dr. James Andrews over the weekend for a second opinion on his injured throwing shoulder, has been making positive improvements throughout practice. "We just have to feel comfortable that he's healthy, that he feels good enough to make the throws he needs to make and that he's ready to do it."

> Don't expect to see senior safety Randy Phillips back for the Oklahoma game. Word is his injured forearm is going to need some time to heal. Miami will likely go with a mix of Jojo Nicolas and Jared Campbell in his place.


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talk is cheap.

go canes give me some becky

Hey Manny....

any chance Ray Ray Armstrong may get a look this week?

i would'nt want to play the canes after a loss

I disagree Manny, tackling was much improved from last yr. against fsu and again looked pretty good against ga. tech.

Why, ok against fsu and ga tech bad against va tech. From what I saw the D played under control and tackled well games 1 &2 got completely out of control, speed became a negative, against va. tech.

The U needs a good defensive game plan against OU, aggressive, but using team speed to gang tackle after plays are contained. and pressure, pressure, pressure on the qt back to help the dbacks.

If we haveto use jojo and jared campbell what's the harm in using ray ray

Maybe Randy should change his favorite saying "guys were flying around out there" because that is what the guys were doing at va. tech, not playing defense just flying around out there.

Whereas at least regarding the run against fsu and ga tech guys were playing assignment football and flying to the contained play.

Why Lovett did not stick to the same formula , only more so in the rain, against va tech is beyond comprehension.

At least Bradford can't burn Randy Phillips this game...

LOL @Patriot act, phillips got tore up against Okla. I was hoping he gets a chance at redemption but o well

Nationally, UM ranks 85th in scoring defense (27.33 ppg) among 119 FBS teams, 86th against run (159 ypg), and 89th in passing effeciency defense. They haven't been getting to the quarterback (4 sacks in 3 games) or creating turnovers (two fumble recoveries and one interception) either. But the biggest problem? Tackling.

2009..... Meet 2008

Same shlt different doofus (Lovett)

it wasn't just a loss. It was a top to bottom asswhipping.


Tired of the talk, I can talk. This could get really, really ugly no matter who their QB is. Where is the PRIDE?


"could get ugly."


It WILL get ugly!

No comparison in coaching staffs.
No comparison in talent.
No comparison in maturity.
No comparison ANYWHERE
UM is badly outclassed by the NC runner up


thanks for stopping by, please exit through the back door.

Think the U beats OU their ou o-line is so bad even a 4 man front no blitz bs allows the U to get to the qtback.

I bet we only get 1 sack against their new OL...The defensive shemes/coaching just flat our sux across the board. That's Shannon, Lovett, Huurt, Barrow, McGriff's fault (can I get 1 fugging int this weekend please!) There was also plenty of chasing Tyrod from behind and plenty of open grass in front of him all day

Hopefully it doesnt rain. Jacory cant play in the rain. He needs 70 degree weather with low humidity.

Brandon Harris and Demarcus Van Dyke are brutal. They wouldnt be starting anywhere else in the country. I want to see some Ray Ray.

yo manny do you know where i can find post-game videos of the post-game conference or anything? I need to see how jacory felt.

TRUE CANE FOR LIFE is speaking the truth. help your canes out!!!! its about time someone besides me advocated filling the stands.

if we aren't aggressive, fly around, and wreak havoc against OU, lovett's going to have alot of questions to answer during postgame.

ray ray needs to start. our other safeties are garbage. we need to see what the kid can do.

This is the biggest game of the yr. the U startes on a lesser schedule after this game. Win this game and rise in the polls to #12 or so and go from there.

agree Lovett's last chance he is 1 for 3 in descent defensive game plans. Other teams are doing more with less than Lovett has to work with.

2 Weeks ago Lovett was a genious,now this is his last chance.

You "fans" are amazing



One more Florida loss or Colorado win would eliminate the Marlins.
-- AP


Manny, good stuff as usual. Thanxs for crunching the #'s on the defense. Terrible I know but with #'s like that how was this team ranked #9 answer Offense. Our best defense is our offense. That why it's very important that we start off fast. It don't matter which QB start. Tackling is the key. Every defender swarming to the ball and lots of gang tackling ie the GaTech game. Ya'll know how i feel about playing the youngins. If they are more talented then they should play. Talent trump experience. Just because U are a upperclassmen does not mean U are better. Give the young RB some carries and take some from Baby J. Let's see what Futch,Brown and Buchanon can do at LB.If Phillips is out. Why not put play Ray Ray. I know he will tackle. That guy is a hitter.

So for right now, stay positive. If we lost to Wake, or UCF, then I'd be worried.

Posted by: mycanes | September 28, 2009 at 07:43 PM

So MiaCulpa, just how does comparing LSU going to MSU have ANYTHING REMOTELY to do with UR BEATDOWN by Va. Tech ???

Dude Ur reaching ... again

U keep the excUses coming though. It's what U and Urs have been the best in the Country the last 5 years...

7-5 ... 25-25 over 4 years ... .500% ... that's U .... Depth ? U'll painfully see eventually...


Sure did get quiet in here after 2 weeks of Insane Cane chest thumping huh Arty ...

The fun begins as they'll be jumping ship SOONER rather then later.

U Cane tards keep plenty of popsicle sticks and duct tape handy for when J-9fo25 goes SNAP !!! CRACKLE !!! POP !!!

"Duuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ... who's oUr 3rd. string Q.B." ???

U'll know soon enough... Do enjoy.


"We're BACK !!! Pasadena Baby !!!"


Brandon Harris isn't bad, DVD has been a disappointment though.

Play Ray Ray, got to see if the kid can go. Put in McGee also because OU is going to throw on Sam Shields all day. Play Arthur Brown also, can't be much worse than what we've got.

I'm only interested in our attitude in this game. If we let OU blow us out in our own stadium then we need to go in a different direction.

The Cream ALWAYS rises to the top ... Even U Nutty Cane Turds were barely able to float for TWO whole weeks after 5 years ...


Don't forget Ur Buckets Saturday nite.

Do what U do best and U get to bailing and excUse making U Tards .

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh, I hope it doesn't rain ...

I say Lovett has to go. RS has to take over the D to bring the D back to dominance when he was the DC. As for the OU game, i wouldn't count on a blow out.
1) the weather wont hold back our team speed like it did at VT.
2) OU's Oline is a crapshoot, they wont be able to run the ball and when they cant protect the QB and bradford gets hit he'll get rattled. last year bradford never got hit because he had an all american line and days to throw the ball in the pocket.
3) U offense should perform to its ability against a big 12 defense.
4) if this college football season has taught us anything its dont underestimate home field advantage. just ask Ole Miss, USC, Cal, Oregon against Boise St! and our U versus VT.

As I went to VT in the slop and rain, perhaps the fans will lay off the delusions of National Championships (see earlier articles) after only 2 wins.

Just some food for thought.

Go UM.


Vtech is a hard game to measure the Canes talent. One thing is for sure, we do not beat OKL if Jacory turns the ball over two times in our territory. He needs to learn to throw it away quicker or to eat the ball on a sack, he did the same thing against FSU and was picked for a TD. He is only a soph, so he has plenty of time to learn.

The only way the D improves is if we get healthy at the D-line. Our secondary will never be strong, and the middle linebacker, Sharpton, rarely makes tackles. D-Line should have been dominating but with injuries they are not doing the work we need. THE KEY TO STOPPING THE SPREAD OFFENSE IS THE D-LINE. The offense spreads, and if the D-line gets no pressure, big problems. If they can blow it up, especially with the DE on the outside, then the spread will bog down. Watch any team that beats the spread and it is based on the D-Line.

Again, before any National Championship game can be won - Canes need to win the ACC Championship game, which they still have not even played in since joining the ACC.

One step at a time. Coach Shannon has always said that after the first four games he'll know what kind of team he will have.

To the point, after a bad loss last Saturday, everyone will see what kind of team he will have come late Saturday night.

One step at a time. Coach Shannon


U quit falling down ... 1 step forward , two steps back ... u 2 steppin backtracking blowhard 'necks ...

The season is really on the line in this game; if we don't play well Saturday the rest of the season means nothing.

I'm not referring to winning or losing this game, we really need to play good football against a great OU team. If UM has another poor showing against a major program it will probably mess with the psyche of these kids. Wins against UCF and Duke won't mean much and there will be little motivation. Beating OU keeps us relevant.

We've already lost control of our own destiny in the ACC. The GT and VT games meant more than FSU and OU because they put us on track for the ACC title and the Orange Bowl. Losing to VT now pushes all of that urgency to this Saturday.

Whipple is a washed up nobody. He was out of work.

There was NO TAPE ON HIM

FSU was a mirage.

Nobody will "fear the U" after watching the laughable VT tape.

Hell, nobody feared U prior.

IT'S OVA U CLOWNS.... Nice little two week run U had. Very impressive. Now please exit through the back door. The CHAMPIONS find U annoying.

hey river rat, sorry i mean PEDRO, how about about knowing your sh** before you run your sh** hole on your face. You sound like a gaytor fan and last i checked UF never won a title with a clean record. we lost, get over it. we can come back from this loss and make a season out of it. you keep talking about how bad the team is, please what football KNOWLEDGE do you have. how far have you gone in football. we flat out got beat by VT thats it.

and PLEASE stop saying "WE" when you talk about the canes, because you are not a canes fan. but if you think you are a true canes fan and come bring that talk to game in front of some real cane fans

Pedro makes me smile.

Reading this I have concluded that the U has the worst fans in college football. Ok, we lost a game. S#$% happens especially in the rain. We still have a lot of football to play. Oklahoma may beat us too; and then we will start to roll with the easier part of the schedule. Anyone who thought the rebuilding was finished has NOT been watching - but Canes ARE getting closer.

USF made me smile....chew on that

River Rat, please tell us what football knowledge do you have. did read about football before you get to this country or are you learning every weekend when the gameday show is now. how far did you go in football. Pop warner, maybe JV in high school

Gotta agree with Pedro. The coaching staff actually sucks across the board.

Whipple? Please! Unemplyed washed up old guy that found a home.

Lovett? Please! AN ASSISTANT! If he was worth a damn in his previous DC position he would have STILL BEEN A DC. When you go from DC to ASSISTANT clearly something ain't right. Another nobody that found a home. Dude looked totally LOST against Beamers boys.

SHANNON????????? Unqualified, lying, cluless idiot who has the worst ST's in the whole conference and HORRIBLE run D. This from a former DC HIMSELF.


Then come up to Tally and make me smile!!!!

and scored more points against FSU.
Posted by: pedro | September 29, 2009 at 09:35 AM

Don't look now, but the defense recorded a Pick 6 last year....so Whipple did score more points than Nix. Pay attention....

Lazaro - Aren't you pedro?

Nope I'm SammyNole.

I think???

pedro - You mean your an unemployed loser?

pedro for princes of the year

what they this? Nope, you didn't do to school!

Your boss, you mean your wife!


Pedro just shut up.

Problem is that UM won't ever be hiring sought after coaches. All you have to do is look at what has come through the door in the last few years. Nothing but garbage. There is NO LEADERSHIP at UM. A stoic J12 is not leadership.

All the big talk disappeared in one freaking week.

This team sucks.

ACC Coastal
VT 1-0, UM 2-1. See the problem here? The "2"means nothing.

Fort Smith Repair Your Credit Bowl ..... Here we come

leave it to some retards who arent even fans to ruin a blogg..

lets hope vt was j12's learning game like dorsey had his sophmore yr against washington then went on a win streak that was flawless for 2 1/2 yrs.

even then he was still bailed out by GR8 DEFENSE boston college.. we dont have a gr8 def.. our def of talent is really younger than our offensive talent..

and its a new game this week and if byu beat ou so can we everybody is beatable in NCAA which is the beautiful thing about it!! it takes a group of special young men to go undefeated.. and were not there yet but were knocking on the door.. fla won the NC last year with one loss anything can happen!!!!

damn i cant believe any real canes fans are on this sight... not the old school fans that knew no matter what the score is dont lose the faith in your canes... not any real fans that didnt leave the building when a team jumped out on us and we came storming back in the 4th qtrs to steal vicories...

any real canes fan knows that OU is in for a scrap sat these kids will show up this week....


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