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Canes climb back into Top 10

The Miami Hurricanes are officially back on the nation's college football map.

For the first time since 2005, UM climbed into the nation's Top 10 rankings Sunday when they leapfrogged 11 spots to No. 9. The Canes, 12-13 under coach Randy Shannon in his first two seasons, hadn't been ranked in the Top 10 since they went into the Peach Bowl ninth and then lost to LSU 40-3. The Canes climbed to as high as third that season before suffering the first of four losses to Georgia Tech.

But now, an impressive 33-17 Thursday night win over the Yellow Jackets on national TV has put the Canes (2-0) back on the national landscape and ahead of their next two opponents -- 11th-ranked Virginia Tech (2-1) and 10th-ranked Oklahoma (2-1).

UM is ranked 13th in the ESPN/USA Today Coaches poll.

Top-ranked Florida remained the nation's consensus No. 1-ranked team in both polls.


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Another test will be OU. They have a BYE this week meaning they have two weeks to prepare. It should not be a problem though. Their OL is terrible and our DL will have another week under their belts.

As far as VT is concerned, we got this. TT is just another running QB without an arm. And if Bud can't stop a Nix offense, there is not a chance in heck he'll even come close to containing the Whipple.


RANKINGS = HYPE, it's that simple. Let it get to your head, at your own peril.

the only thing that concerns me with OU is that they have 2 weeks to prepare for us. other than that their only good reciever is broyles who we should put harris on. their OL is garbage our DL should dominate and pummel whoever is playing quarterback. and their secondary is garbage so J12 should have a field day provided our OL protects him.

Sunday in the NFL:

-Andre Johnson catches 180+ yds
-Ray Lewis seals the win for the Ravens with a 4th down tackle for a loss
-Kenny Phillips has 2 ints
-Bruce Johnson (yes, Bruce Johnson) runs a Romo INT back for a TD
-Calais Campbell blocks a FG which then is picked up by Antrel Rolle and runs it back for a TD
-Frank Gore goes nuts and runs for 207 yds


Any questions?

Tebow got in the face of his teammates and then proceeded to score a TD which puts him 2nd ALL TIME in the SEC, 3 behind Hershel Walker. Dont confuse "Canes fans" with the facts though.

This Canes bandwagon is ridiculous, especially since you were an FSU dropped TD away from losing. Randy Shannon tried his best to give FSU the game with his poor clock management, timeout use, and squib kicks. Miami didnt beat FSU, FSU beat themselves by dropping a TD pass at the end. Let me tell you something, FSU isnt a good team either. Randy Shannon has several losses up his sleeve and they are coming soon. Then you all will be jumping off the boat (probably not for the first time in your life either). BAWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA

The fall is going to be great, from #13/#9 to unranked is really going to be FUN!!!!! I cant wait to hear the true U = excUses!!!! They are coming and dont say I didnt warn you. Then you all can start the traditional "Next year" talk.

The two above posters are kinda pathetic. It must hurt to be in a state with a team that constantly puts you in their shadow, including when you're #1 in the country.

Rawpimple please stop talking out of ur ass. Do u really think we will fall out of the top 25. You obvioulsy don't know crap about NCAA football. Come on buddy. I know it hard been a fiu fan. It's ok I know it hurts. Keep hatin buddy we need ppl like you.

Caniac plzz stop ur non sense. If u anything about Miami vs fsu is that it always comes dwn to the last second type play in a hostile enviorment. Yes fsu dropped the ball. It's the way it goes. Unlike playing 2 preseason type games to start the yr. Gators would of had a better matchup playing a scrimmage. And this so called bandwagon plzz.

Hey don't bother with Rawpimple and Sarasota Cane, it's the same guy that has no life and nothing better to do than to post negative comments in here. You are really a sad individual, if posting crap in here makes you feel good. Go get a life and do something constructive with it, instead of being a negative, no lifer, sourpuss.

And caniac Tim tebow is garbage. Get off his cocky Lil I give everyone a speech for any Lil thing. Plzz. Bro everyone is tired of the same speech they keep replaying on espn. It's old and it's wack. Dam crybaby. Alaways having to get in his teammaes face cuz they hate him too. Lol

I agree with sorry gators damn its nice to see every other hightlight on ESPN is someone from the U this weekend...

Kenny Phillips and Bruce Johnson also had picks in the Giants game. Johnson returned his for a TD. So many NFL highlights from the U.

LEt's get the recruits in now. We have a golden opportunity to solidify our next 3 NC right now on the recruiting trail. Let's get after it because I'm sure every kid in FLA. is looking at Whipple ball and wanting to be a part of that offense. Anf it's a well known fact that if U want to get to the NFL on D then the U is the best place to go. Recruit, recruit, recruit cause the only game left on the schedule that make me nervous is the North Carolina game becuase Butch has that program moving in the right direction and for some odd reason they always play us tough. and look where Sagrin has them ranked.

Go Cane don't stub your toe in the next two weeks and a BCS bowl is in you grasp.

Tebow sucks. His WRs or RBs get it down inside the 5 and then he runs it in. 40 of his 46 TD runs are less than 5 yards.

You know he isn't stable in the head either the way he preaches. Keep your religion to yourself. What is he in some kind of cult? When a game mid-season ends and you lose don't cry about it.

Tebow looked like the biggest Douche Bag when he went onto the field and started french kissing Meyer in his three piece suit!

It is also SOOOOOO pathetic to watch him yell at the players when the cameras are around! You know if they could those South Florida kids would whip his arse for talking to them like that! Can anyone even tell what he is saying??

And the speech??? Huh?????? It's sad to watch a kid get swallowed up by the hype and expectations of a ridiculous fan base! If Gator fan wants to crown this kid then feel free, but we all saw the same game you did! Is there a worse pocket passer in the NCAA???

Does the UF equipment manager not have towels on the sideline?? Hey Tebow, you got a nose bleed, get a "f"ing towel for God's sake! You do not look tough walking around with a nose bleed, you look sooooooo stupid! And he always glances at the camera to make sure they are filming!

I have never witnessed a school try to deify a player before they graduated like they are trying to do with this clown!

And about the schedule, didn’t FSU just knock off # 7 BYU IN THEIR HOUSE? I believe VT just beat NEB yesterday. Besides that, how can UF question any team or conferences OOC schedule??? With the exception of UM, UF has not traveled to an away OOC game since ‘93 against Syracuse, and they lost that game! We certainly know how UF played against UM over the last 25 years, home and away! Hell we beat UF with their recruit the last time they rolled into the OB!

UF fans are ego-maniacs with the biggest inferiority complexes in all of college football! You want your record to be like UM’s record so bad that it consumes your every thought!

UM is the greatest team in state history because we were beating the greatest teams to get there! U beat one of the worst Tenn teams that you have played in years! Congrats!

Meanwhile UM is navigating through the consensus #1 hardest schedule in the NCAA. UM’s 1st 4 games are considered the hardest opening 4 games in the last 23 years! We will play 4 ranked teams in our 1st 4 games, UF will play none! And this is UF’s self proclaimed, “GREATEST SEASON OF ALL TIME”!

In 1987, UM beat a FSU team considered to be one of the best of all time! (11 players from that game went in the 1st round of the NFL draft!) We went on to beat an OK team considered to be one of the best of all time! Jimmy Johnson vs Barry Switzer. It was a game of the ages!

There is nothing in UFs resume that even compares! Our “Ole Miss. trap game” in 2001 was against Boston College. On the verge of losing the game, UM intercepts the ball, and Ed Reed rips the ball from the hands of his own teammate and runs it back 90 yards to WIN the game. Tebow plunges into the line on 4th down against Ole Miss., and doesn’t convert…game over…”The Speech”…Gay…computer…yawn…

See the difference? That’s just 2 championship seasons! What about when we beat UF with Brock Berlin? That was one of my favorite games of all time. Do you realize that if Zook simply runs the ball in the 4th, you win! But U didn’t win…U lost…again…

We are better than U…always have been…always will be…

Go ‘canes

Pimple and caniac- Yeah, and UF was one Tennessee int away from the game being a lot closer. And in 2006, you lucky b-tards were one missed field goal away from beingbeat by So Carolina, and last year you were one bad ref call away fromUM having the ball on the 50 yd line down only 9-3 with a mostly freshamn and sophomore team, and Um was 7 yds away in 1986 from winning the NC, and in 1988, Um was 4 inches and a bad ref call away from winning back to back to back to back NCS. And in 2000 Um was decimal points in a BS BCS formula fromplaying for the NC. And in 2002 Um was a bad ref call away from winning back to back NCS

So go back to your traylor. shut the do', weigh it down, and tape the winnders, because the strom is approaching son.

Swagg said it best. Enuff said. Dnt worry meyer will be at ND very soon and uf will go back to ground zero.

Sarasota 'cane

Amen brotha

'nuf said.

WOW! what a lot of canes fans. I am stuck in AL also and there are a few of us U fans here. Good job canes, but as so many have said "keep working hard"

Miami 27 V.T. 13 ------ Canes have horses, Hokies have pony's!

I think the gayturds should worry about FSU whipping them instead of showing up here to talk smak!
Kiffin talked smak about the gayturds and still played with them. All the talk about a beatdown and Tennessee comes out of the game looking good after losing to UCLA. What do the gayturds have to say about that?
Canes want to play the gayturds more than the gayturds want to play the U. That's for sure!

I think that we are a little bit ahead of schedule, but I think a realistic ranking is 11 or 12, but if they say 9 I will take that. I just hope that it doesn't go to the palyers head and they perform like the #9 team in the country. VT doesn't scare me Okl gives me something to think about, but they can be beat. Go Canes. !!!!

'nuf said is right! Let's get ready for ACC Champ VT Saturday on ABC @ 3:30pm! Meanwhile UF will be getting "lubed" by KY at 6pm, while the rest of us are getting ready to go out to dinner!

Is this not the best season in a long time for UM!

Karma is such a byatch!

Go 'canes!

Tebow is an athlete, but he's not a pro QB. Someone will take a chance on him....probably the Raiders. I wouldn't want him on my team though.

Posted by: Canesjunkie | September 20, 2009 at 07:12 PM

Really you can honestly tell me that you wouldn't want Tebow on your team? Really? Let's see he's tough, enthusiastic, able-minded leader, athletic, and by all accounts a bonafide football player who has succeeded on every level and continually captivates an audience.
You know what you're absolutely right I wouldn't want him on my team either.

Geez some people just can't get past their biases and homering.

The following U players will play on sundays:
Jacory Harris
Brandon Harris
a. johnson

just for starters

if we get better on special teams we will win next to games

marlininseattle, call me old fashioned, but i want a qb thats a pocket passer. I want a qb that can read the field and check down when he needs to. Thats the formula to win in the NFL.

Last i checked, everyone in the NFL is tough, enthusiastic, able-minded leader, athletic, and by all accounts a bonafide football player.I could give 2 s**** if hes continually captivates an audience. Just win baby!!

Posted by: marlininseattle | September 21, 2009 at 11:17 AM

Want him yes, at QB....hell no! Tebow looks lost in the pocket. He would be on injured reserve week 1 in the NFL with his schtick. Just look at Donovan McNabb! I hear the Jags want him simply to sell seats in his hometown.

Another problem I have with Tebow is he looks like he is starting to believe his own hype. He looked like a fool on the sideline this week. A nice slice of humble pie will make him a player any team would want, just not under center!

Go 'canes!

The Storm of 09 has not reached its potential its still like a category 2 let it keep strengthing in this warm water......

damn i dont care if we win the acc or make a bcs just get us in a bowl game with those gaytards...

they dont want see us:
we have a real OC and defense is taking baby steps to grow up... by the end of the season this storm hits a cat 5

as for tim tebow playing qb in the nfl-that aint going to happen. Virgins don't make the nfl.

Junkie's post didn't say a position, he just said "on my team"

I'm not sure I'd have TT be my QB in the NFL but you better believe he can be helping out somewhere on my team without a doubt

Oh almost forgot, and this is coming from a huge Cane fan (myself)

As far as "just win baby" last I checked the young man has already won a heisman, 2 Nat'l Championships and may just add another Heisman and NC to the list. Yes, I'd call that winning.

That said I'd love for the Canes to beat Tebow the Gators in Pasadena if they can both get there and do not get the chance to destroy ND in some other bowl.

Damn Sarasota cane I couldn't put it better myself. Probably the best post I have ever read.

UF is really exposing the faults within the BCS and voting/ ranking system.

Caneic know your history, Herschel Walker played for 3 years. There is no comparison to what he did in his college days.

Has anyone heard of any Student - Bring a friend offers for FIU Football games? Like what they had last year, a student can bring up to 5 friends and family.

Posted by: FIURage | September 21, 2009 at 09:07 AM

Green, work your magic! If this is true, ohhhh myyyyyyyyy!

U v. oklahoma 3:30p or 8p ABC

to the victor belongs the spoils
-- william learned marcy



First off I would take their record anyday over the last 4 years of our record. With that said...

Questions remain about whether they even deserved to play in those games, given the teams that were left out. Do you want your 'ships decided by a game of musical chairs, or would you rather dominate on the field?

The Dude lost 3 games leading up to the Heisman, and then lost to Meeeeechigan in their bowl game! (Who had lost to Appalachian St. in their opener!)

All of UF's recent accolades strike at the very heart of what is wrong with college football. The Golden Rule is alive and well in the NCAA. Those with the gold, rule! Or in this case, the SEC had a big hand in making a lot of that stuff happen!

Have we squeaked out a 'ship or a Heisman that another school could debate was theirs? Probably! But keep in mind that we have 2 'ships that are not only indisputable, those teams are considered to be 2 of the greatest to ever play the game, in ANY era!

That's what UF wants so bad that it consumes their fan base day and night! Look, if UF runs the table, we will be looking at one of the best teams in recent memory. But if they lose even one game with that schedule, the whole run will look contrived!

The pressure UF is under is crushing! Spikes is hurt, Deonte has a problem with his hammy, Dubose is out with a hammy, Tebow looks lost under center, Harvin is gone, swine flu, new OC, excuse, excuse, excuse! I'm betting they lose at least one game, maybe two. Time will tell.

Our best DE is out with a broken jaw, but God forbid we mention it here! Gator fan would have a field day! There is most certainly a double standard with our "excuses" and their "excuses"! But don't get me wrong, I'm glad our enemies hold us to a higher standard than we hold them too! It makes us STRONGER!!!!

I understand your point though about Tebow. Any team would take him in a second, college or pro. I personally think he could be the next Mike Allstot, or Tony Gonzalez. I'm just not sure if he's ready for Sainthood yet!

Go 'canes!

I like Miami 31-13 vs VA Tech and if that is the case, say hello to top 5 baby!!!

Regardless, if we win the game in Blacksburg the game against OK should be at 8 on primetime ABC...

We need to take care of business in VA first and hopefully we get Van Dyle, Jo Jo, Aldarius, Fortson, and Chambers back healthy... We could really use those guys... Also, I hope Ojomo is ready for OK, as that would be huge!

tebow just needs to go away. aside from idiotic gator fans and the media, nobody likes him. get off my f***in tv. let me know when you become a real leader like vince young, J12, or mark sanchez. your little rants do nothing but attract cameras.

my brother is actually a florida fan and he HATES tebow with a passion. he says he cant wait til he leaves. he feels ashamed to be a gator fan sometimes because of how big a ******bag tebow is and all the bull**** that surrounds him. UM's his 2nd favorite. (im tryin to get him to jump ship lol)

too bad the only time The U will ever get to play UF is in the NC because they're too big of p*ssies to play us otherwise. they're so afraid to play us and lose. its pathetic.

about the fsu game: why is everyone blaming fortson for that dropped pass? ponder threw that ball in the dirt. that wasnt the recievers fault. that was a sh*tty throw.

also, enough about this bull**** about how fsu sucks. they played us to the end like they always do, had a letdown in a trapgame against a D2 school, and then blew away BYU in provo. FSU isnt a bad football team and we'll probably play them again in the conference championship game.

on another note, congrats to all the canes in the nfl, especially bruce Johnson. he deserves it. He should have been drafted.

after we beat the gators in pasadena.
1.urban goes to notre dame.
2.tebow gets drafted in the 3rd round as a TE/wildcat qb/fullback.
3.gators lose the peach bowl in 2010.
4.gators win music city bowl in 2011.

Let's blackout the OKlahoma game. Let's get it going. Primetime game. Black it out.
Go canes

hold on dont crown ojomo our best DE he has yet to do anything... however the freshman Vernon may actually be our best DE....hes makin plays


Any info. about injuries?

hold on dont crown ojomo our best DE he has yet to do anything... however the freshman Vernon may actually be our best DE....hes makin plays

Posted by: canes are back | September 21, 2009 at 02:53 PM

I just wrote that because I know the "Troll" READS EVERY WORD OF THIS!!

Ain't Karma a byatch!!

Go 'canes!!!!

Guys, I apologize. I made a mistake...

UFluke has actually played a combined record of 2-7 not 3-6.

And to think some retards on here think we're about to be exposed...BAWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!


Palm Beach Post is reporting that ABC will make a decision no later than Sunday on whether to broadcast the Oklahoma game at 3:30 or 8:00 pm PRIMETIME!!!!!!

Translation: If we beat VT, it will play at 8, if we lose 3:30!!!!!!!

I bet Gameday will be there if they play at 8!!!! Herbstreit LOVES us, and he's a Buckeye!!!!!!!!!

Go 'canes!!!!!

as fas as fsu they had a day and half to prepare for a football game after an emoitional rivalry game lost... takes the air out of the old sail wouldnt see but they still won and came back the next week and thumped the #7 team that beat big bad OU...

im postitive gaytards arent looking forward to that game at the end of the year.... stack the middle and make tebow throw to the sidelines which hes not very good at

I cannot help but feel giddy about being "The Darlings" of college football, while the Gators are in the midst of their self proclaimed "Greatest Season of all time"!


Or in UF's case,


Go 'canes!!!!

Just curious...

...what does Florida have anything to do with UM after 2 wins and 10 remaining games? Can someone explain to me why a team in a separate conference we don't play this year is in this discussion?

I'm jacked over being 2-0. But again, restraint and common sense, people.

Manny, AP poll has now put a big ole target on Miami's back, but I think we can handle it. I watched the game with VT and Nebraska and feel that we can come out of Blacksburg with a WIN. If the "U" can just stay focused and play our game plan. Yes, we are ranked where we should be. I believe this is a very special team and they can do it! GO CANES!!!!!!

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