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Canes climb back into Top 10

The Miami Hurricanes are officially back on the nation's college football map.

For the first time since 2005, UM climbed into the nation's Top 10 rankings Sunday when they leapfrogged 11 spots to No. 9. The Canes, 12-13 under coach Randy Shannon in his first two seasons, hadn't been ranked in the Top 10 since they went into the Peach Bowl ninth and then lost to LSU 40-3. The Canes climbed to as high as third that season before suffering the first of four losses to Georgia Tech.

But now, an impressive 33-17 Thursday night win over the Yellow Jackets on national TV has put the Canes (2-0) back on the national landscape and ahead of their next two opponents -- 11th-ranked Virginia Tech (2-1) and 10th-ranked Oklahoma (2-1).

UM is ranked 13th in the ESPN/USA Today Coaches poll.

Top-ranked Florida remained the nation's consensus No. 1-ranked team in both polls.


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please no black unis that's cheesy as he--

does anyone know whether the baseball diamond will be gone for the OU game? Of course this depends on whether the Marlins are mathematically eliminated and whether the Phillies or Rockies completely collapse in the final two weeks of the season...

I think the Marlins final home game is Sunday 09/27

Don't read the paper, or listen to the radio. Eat, drink, and sleep VaT, and we'll be fine.

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Dumpster Fire/GTech fans/Rawpimple

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Posted by: Get A Job | September 17, 2009 at 11:09 PM

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ESPN.com leads with U …


There is only one worry that I have for the VA Tech game and that is weather... weater.com is calling for a high of 64 and a low of 58 with a 40% chance of rain... If it rains, that will play right into the Hokies hand, as they are a run-first, defensive oriented team...

I hope the report is wrong, because I don't see Harris airing it out in a cool rain... Javarris and Coop are going to have to get ready for the rock...

We need this win!!!

OK is gameplanning for us as we speak... Hopefully Bradford is ready, as I want to beat them with their best

Us gayturds ain't got no teeth, Kiffin kick them in when he kept running the ball. I wanted to score more points, WAAAAAAA, WAAAAAA, WAAAAA. Please Wildcats, don't run the ball, so we's can run up the score. WAAAAAAAAAAA, WAAAAAAAAA.


F or some reason my post were deleted
S o I can't respond to the criticism
U nless I do it sentence by sentence
R eally not cool as others have a forum
U nderstandably cause I am write the truth
L ook out for VTech first then OU
E nough of the championship talk until
S hannon takes his tema to the ACC champ game

About that baseball diamond. Last year they said it took 4 days to allow the turf to root before playing on it. If eliminated, the Marlins last game at Landshark will be Sunday the 27th. 5 full days before Oklahoma. I'm not expecting them to get'er done though. They can't even open the concession stands they claimed would give us such a superior stadium experience.

Q: Talk about the pride players have playing for Miami.

A: "It is good to see. You see a different bunch of guys all of the time. As a matter of fact, I am looking out my window right now and I see Dwayne Johnson, "The Rock," jogging on the field getting a workout in. Every time you see a guy like that come back - and like Andre Johnson came up to Tallahassee last week to watch us play - and watch us play games at home and on the road is something that I think is very special. I always want to see it. Once you are part of the Miami program, you always are going to be a family member forever. That is the one thing that we always say."

Can you smell what this team is cooking? That's what they mean when they say that The U is a family!

Suck on that "D" Bag!

I heard Weird Al and Carrot Top are HUGE UF fans!

Happy Gilmore vs Shooter McGavin!

Come on HemiNole/Art/Don/Curse/Stealer of Posters names/Racist rants

Is there nothing else for you to do in your hometown of Palm Beach then come here and pose as others

I guess sticking with the name Adam just isnt enough for you is it?

It should be quiet in here on Wed. and Thur. I hear they have all you can eat Fatburgers, pizza, cheese fries in Palm Beach

So you know the slob will be busy on those days

One game at a time CANESNATION, it's been a long time of defeat and rough road...Now it's time to FOCUS and be humble...GO CANES

Randy Shannon talked with Evan Cohen on ESPN 760 about Jacory Harris and the Hurricanes 2-0 start to the season.


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