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Forston, Gordon, A. Smith out for VT

The Miami Hurricanes just released their injury report for the Virginia Tech game on Saturday -- and they'll be two short on the defensive line.

Defensive tackle Marcus Forston (foot), tight end Richard Gordon (shoulder) and defensive end Andrew Smith (upper extremity) are the guys who will be out. 

Running back Lee Chambers (left knee), defensive end Dyron Dye (leg), offensive lineman Corey White (leg) are listed as doubtful.  

Receiver Aldarius Johnson (groin) is listed as questionable for the second week in a row. 

CONTAINING TYROD: UM coach Randy Shannon was the only person available after Thursday's practice. Here's what he said when I asked him about defending Tyrod Taylor, who hasn't exactly had a great year throwing the football or running with it.

"He can be very dangerous," Shannon said. "One thing you can't be misled by is his running ability. He has a very strong arm. And you can see him when he runs around the pocket. If he can rally, the secondary has to do a great job of locking onto the receivers. If you don't, he'll make a great throw and the receivers will make a catch that way."

Shannon said UM has to do a good job not opening running lanes with their pressure. "Teams have done a good job of corralling him and keeping him in the pocket," Shannon said. "But they'll probably develop a quarterback draw or something like that for him. That's something you always have to concern yourself with. Everybody has to do their job and they'll be OK. When you try to help somebody else on defense out, that's when you jump out of your lane or coverage and that's when bad things happen."


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Sounds pretty good.

Any news on Adewale Ojomo? I see he's not on the injury list this, wasn't he on it last week? Is he expected back soon?

I'm a pretty cautious guy, but I think Tyrod is a scrub. What concerns me is VaTech's D and special teams.

Does this mean Tommy Streeter will play for AJ!! What about we put RAY RAY at Defensive End, I know he wants to play safety but I'm sure if they asked him to play DE because of the injuries he can stay on the bench or play. Maybe we'll see Jeremy Lewis or Curtis Porter in there for Fortson. Funny these guys haven't seen playing time but they're bigger than the starters 315lb (+).

I wonder if Forston's injury was there before the GT game and the FSU game? Maybe that's why he wasn't as effective in those first 2 games. I'd love to see Streeter catch a couple of balls this Saturday. Oh ya, Jacory Harris does have a favorite target for catching the football........his name is "The open guy".

GO CANES!! Crush em' and leave no doubts!!

Hey all

This link is an excellent site to VT coaches analysis of the Canes. A must read.


uh oh! another jaw incident? This time involving Marcus "Fouston"?


'Canes DT Fouston (broken jaw) out vs. Va. Tech

so sad that SI cant get it straight. Yes Marcus Forston is out with the ambiguous "lower extremity" flu like symptoms, but not because of a broken jaw. Guess the editor fell asleep.

Rain is the forcast for this saturdays game.So we wont see Jacory putting up numbers through the air.

Cooper and James need to step up big time

I can not stand Lou Holtz. I'm worried about this weekend now because the idiot is picking us to win. He even gave a "pre-game speech" to the U. Are you kidding me? Lou Holtz, SHUT UP!!!!!! He's the biggest homer in all of broadcasting. I feel like I'm being spit on every time he talks. Why does he still have a job? I wish he would get back in to coaching so we could wax the floor with him. GO CANES!!!!!!

Hate to hear about fortson, but when did smith get injured, practice? running thin on DL. 4DE and 4DT, still so much better than previous years.

And yes agree, Holtz is an idiot.

I'm a huge U fan, and have been for 25 years. I see a lot of people on here talking about national titles, and beating Va. Tech by 40. I hope that's all true, but I'm a little more reluctant to think so. Not that I don't believe in this team, I DO! But after being disappointed the last few years, it's hard to be completely confident. Win this weekend though, and I can start talking trash with all of my Oklahoma friends next week.

Ole Miss looks like crap...a win this weekend, and we're in the top 5

no doubt about the top five. we'll definitely get no. 1 votes if we put the hammer to tech.
we're already number 8 now heading into Saturday.

We don't even have to put the hammer to Tech...we just need a W. With the way the rest of the country has played...it's not even close, we're top 5 at least.

Should we be concerned?

I am concerned, only because of the way we've played in the past. How long did it take us to believe in this team again after the probation period in the late 90's? Once Dorsey had a big win, we were back...and I think Jacory can do it again.

Read the VT article, looks like they are going to dial up big pressure. We'll probably throw screens and slants all day on them. Just got to take what the D gives us.

Whipple will call max protect like he's been doing. FSU and GT tried blitzing to add pressure but didn't work. Whipple put the TE and RB back there blocking. We may not have to worry about it IF the weather is going to be like what people are suggesting. VT's run D is not looking so good either. We got this by 3 TDs.

Go Canes!

Got to get the running game going. Coop, JJ and James need to total >150 yds on the ground. That will open up the p[assing lanes and it will be over.

The team that is uni-dimensional will be on the ropes.

Manny- any word or comments by anyone on the kicking game, Moncur, and Ojomo???

If it is raining will be interesting to see how that effects the game and Jacory. Offensive players know where they are going on a wet field, a couple slips and one play could turn into a huge play.

Deconstructing: Miami brings bombs over Blacksburg

Lou Houltz speech to the U:

the losing team had 4 players

everybody, anybody, somebody, and nobody

they were all given an important task everybody was to do it everybody felt sure that somebody would do it, because anybody could do it, but nobody did it

somebody got mad because it was everybody's job...everybody felt that because anybody could do it, but nobody realized that somebody didn't do it

in the end everybody got mad at somebody because nobody did what anybody could do

Indy Cane, love the link. thx

Manny knows we are going to have to deal with the Hokies version of a CAT 5, Bud Fosters' defense vs. Whipple ball.

Can't wait.

We all must admit, this is a different "U" from a year ago. Not only is there sooooooo much preparation for the U, but you even have analyst drawing up schemes on our OL and putting it on the internet. WOW! Who would have thought. I think the most profound statement I have heard about JH is the espn article about Bud Foster referring to Jacory Harris as the "trigger man", but I also like what Jacory told the johnny come lately folks, the BANDWAGON IS CLOSED! Canes stay focused, no mental mistakes, and WIN! GO CANES!!!!

Thanks for the link SJMPARMAN!!!

Funny Comment from Bud Foster about Jacory

ON HARRIS’ POISE IN THE POCKET: “He stepped in the game last year against us and he kind of dribbled down his leg, so to speak. They played him one series and got him out. ”


So their hand is played, they will bring a lot of pressure and crowd noise to rattle Jacory.

S--rew Bud Foster. Budddy boy- YOUO like all of your hokie teams C-H-O-K-E in the big games.

Gosh I love to be hated and feared once again!

FINALLY - a track that captures what the C.A.N.E.S. are really about!


"Orange on one side, Green on the other side"


Go 'canes!

That UM v. UF BCS article was funny. It's the 3rd game of the season!

How do you think that is being received in Tally? FSU would play both of us (UM in ACC title game) before a BCS game. We would would be tearing that thing apart if we were in their place.


UM 41 VT 24

I wonder if the Canes will have the same energy playing an afternoon game compared to the two night games we have already played? That has been a problem for us in recent years.

Two down one to go.. Hearing Miami will win big again. Then the show down OK. Bring them on.. Pay back for the bad game two years ago. We embarrassed ourselves. Win this one and its on to the NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP GAME. Miami is getting better and better on both sides of the ball. this is a very scary team
Miami Bob

The network scheduled its documentary on the UM football program for a marquee time slot -- 9 p.m. Dec. 12, following its Heisman Trophy telecast.

That documentary is going to give us a huge recruiting boost. Don't underestimate street cred amongst these kids.

Good luck..if you don't win the ACC is ours.

Manny, where that prediction at, man?

Here's my prediction:

17-6 VT in slopfest.

Too much cold rain!

Rain likely. High 59F. Winds ESE at 5 to 10 mph. Chance of rain 90%. Rainfall may reach one inch.

sammyNole???? you actuallythink 60 degree weather ia bad for football? hell that is about perfect. and from the first 2 weeks canes have proven the ability to move the ball and in case you didnt notice it rains in florida too. most of these guys been playing ball here in rain there whole life. so unless GT and FSU are the 2 biggest poser's in college football there isnt a iceberg's chance in hell Miami will be held to 6 points...... oh we have a few guys who can carry the rock as well and ask FSU's defensive line if our O line can open a whole on a blitz... ROFL 17-6 only in your dreams....

Dang Sammy...

What are U, 0-2 for the season on picking against my Canes? Keep doing it please!


Your right Keith,


Sammynole, I don't usually involve myself in such drivel, but I can't resist today. We played your sqaud already. You lost. I know it hurts, but your shittalk is old and dried up now, son. Leading up to a game, OK, shittalk is all good. But after a loss? Now you're just shittalking for shittalk's sake. It looks desperate. Vindictive. Woulda, coulda, shoulda. SCOREBOARD, DOUCHELICK. Lotsa luck with the rest of your season.

I hope we're practicing with wet footballs. I also hope were traveling with extra backs.

Hello, hand-wringers. This is the part where we remind you of one very important detail about QB Tyrod Taylor.

The kid likes man coverage. Why’s that important? Because Miami plays a lot of man coverage. So did Florida State when Taylor was a true freshman ... a game in which he completed 10 of 15 passes for 204 yards and two touchdowns (and rushed for 92 more yards and a score).

Miami played a lot of man-to-man last year, too, when Taylor was sharing reps with Sean Glennon. Playing mostly in the second half, he was 6 of 12 for 75 yards and ran for 43 yards and two touchdowns.

Likely forgotten, though ... he should’ve been 7 of 12 for 144 yards and a TD. With a little less than eight minutes to go in that 16-14 loss, Taylor tossed a PERFECT deep ball to Dyrell Roberts – who dropped what would’ve been a 69-yard touchdown.

So, believe it or not (and I know most of you won’t believe it until you see it), this could be a big day for Taylor and Tech’s passing game. Miami has already allowed 10 passes of 15-plus yards in two games. The Hurricanes have surrendered five passes of 25 yards or longer.

FSU’s Christian Ponder lit them up for 294 yards and two touchdowns – and had a game-winner dropped in the end zone.

Just a little food for thought, dear readers. And now a few words from the


Get a hold of yourself people! I believe in this UM team but you have to stop setting up for disaster - we are playing on the road in Blacksburg in the cold rainy conditions. This favors VT.

VT is hungry to break out and silence critics - only 3 sacks in 3 games, run defense sux, etc...they have more to prove than we do.

Focus on Tech...then Oklahoma and then if we knock them both out we can start talking championships.

Ray Liotta, remember my after FSU wins the ACC.

Is there an mp3 of this ???

FINALLY - a track that captures what the C.A.N.E.S. are really about!


F$U has no chance of winning their division
Now SemiHole/Art/Don/Curse
Go back to your Trailorville blog and talk about how sick your team was and that any win in the SUC is a good win UCLA-19 Rocky Slop-15..hmmmm
Wedge yourself back to the buffet special over there in Palm Beach.

As for you norm
Way to go to the what happened last year card and the IF he would of card
Your team dropped a pass. We all know things like that never happen in games right?

Virginia Tech is overrated. They are totally propped up by the media with their emphasis on special teams and their 'we're not scared of miami' attitude.

I'm expecting to hear a loud crowd, Enter the Sandman, some special team trickeration, and the same team that lost to high school kids last year.

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