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Gameday blog: UM at Virginia Tech

BLACKSBURG -- The Hurricanes take on Virginia Tech in a crucial ACC matchup this afternoon at Lane Stadium. Feel free to follow the game on ABC/ESPN and share your thoughts during our live blog.

Reminder: Participation in the Cover It Live program is intended for the exchange of meaningful questions and observations during the game between fans and reporters. Not all comments or questions will be posted. Readers can feel free to participate in an open discussion in our comment section below. iPhone users are asked to be patient as it takes several minutes for Cover It Live to load.


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Someone tell me what it's all about!

"It's all about this U." -- Kellen Winslow II

Sleep with one eye open...holding your pillow tight. Exit light,enter night...Take my hand, off to never-neverland.

barely got any sleep too excited. just two more hours than gametime. CANE FANS LETS GET READY!!!

USF is putting it on FSU with their new QB. Hopefully MSU takes down LSU. Tebow is ill along with Haden and Wright, and they had to take different flights because of it.

USF's QB is the real deal! Their "D" is hitting HARD as well!

Go 'canes!

Poring rain + Beamer ball + UM special teams = TURNOVERS !!!
Miami -4 in turnovers
Miami 16 - v-tech 23
(Mia is 5 - 9 vs. VT in last 14 games)

Yeah looks like South Florida came to play... FSU has not been able to block Selvy or the other JUCO transfer D End he is 6'7 245 with a wide wing span... Both D ends are Destroying FSU's O-Line

*yelling* MARK wake up WAKE UP...

U R DREAMING... get back to reality buddy...

What do the 'Canes have to look forward to? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5h1EW5z1wdc Yeah I'm worried.

Actually better video:


manny- what's the weather like? is it raining? is the field soggy? have you seen the team this a.m.? they look fired up? any intensity in their eyes?

Ponder just got sacked again by Pierre and he fumbled lol at the FL ST 13 yard line... USF is going to pull off a big WIN for their program... WOW lol @ FL ST FANS

LSU not looking too good against Miss State. This is a team that will lose at some point.

Go Canes!

Ok guys get ready for USF to start talking smack. They better realize we are The U, nit them country Noles


Let's get it on.

this is BS, game not showing in the Seattle area, they swear everyone here is Big Ten nuts so they have Ohio State v. Illinois on

And of course Comcast says they have an hour wait time over the phone to try getting the game via pay per view on Gameplan

Typing up my complaint as we speak!

Let's go CANES, punch them hokies in the face!

refs cheating allready.

Try justintv.com, you can probably watch the game there.

ok, how do the CANES respond? i think BIG TIME

Did the pay per view but had to order over the TV because Comcast has an hr. wait time.

The TV is a package so Comcast better be a little understanding here

About the game: Dang rain, going to be a field position battle.

smh this is a bad start to this game

Miami needs to get in the game. refs are not helping by missing all kinds of stuff, but the canes have to overcome and they are not doing it right now.

Game over.... lets get ready for Oklahoma.

Depth ?


this what we needed

Just the break we needed!

i dont understand this play calling.......where the screens?

its 4 quarters, let VT energy drain, they will be gassed by the fouth, cut down on 3rd down mistakes

Shows how soft our DL is. maybe injury maybe smashmouth.

Canes will respond.

is it me or is vt getting away with alot of holding?

Fellas if the Canes don't end up on top it aint going to be cause of the refs. Terrible excuse.

Man we are getting schooled, period!

ok obviously its not gonna be a good day for the U, we are getting punked on both sides of the ball. But lets see who are the real canes fans and who will support this team after today.

The canes need to stop the run. They are having their way like Georgia tech did last year.

beat down right now.

C'mon canes! Get this thing started!!!

im disgusted with this play calling

Man that third down is questionable play calling. Wow, this is a total disaster!

This is Awesome!

Your season ends TODAY!

Guess the ref missed the holding call on Bosher's leg too huh? Yall need to get real. The guys let the hype get to them and they are getting beat down. Coaches fault for letting that happen.

wtf whipple terrible

One word.


Well, so ends Miami's "fantasy football" week in the clouds. Reality bites. And yes, it may not be the main reason, but the officiating is putrid. The VT o-line is making more tackles than our entire defense.

plenty of football left in this one if it can start now for the Canes. On the bright side I won't have to worry about seeing those ridiculous game score predictions next week.

why they keep going play action.....nobody is going for that

If Jacory can't throw the ball in the rain...we are done. The offensive line is getting rocked (big surprise) and the only way to back VT off is to complete slants and screens.

Javarris James doesn't run well in these conditions, they need to use Mike James.

Seems like it's only raining on our side of the field.

ok obviously running the ball ain't working, its not working and its not going to work!!! the conditions are horrible and techs defense is on point, I'm just praying the half ends right now. PLEASE!!

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