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Gameday blog: UM at Virginia Tech

BLACKSBURG -- The Hurricanes take on Virginia Tech in a crucial ACC matchup this afternoon at Lane Stadium. Feel free to follow the game on ABC/ESPN and share your thoughts during our live blog.

Reminder: Participation in the Cover It Live program is intended for the exchange of meaningful questions and observations during the game between fans and reporters. Not all comments or questions will be posted. Readers can feel free to participate in an open discussion in our comment section below. iPhone users are asked to be patient as it takes several minutes for Cover It Live to load.


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The U can still win this game. Whipple needs to get his head out if his you know what. Everybody seems to be making simple and stupid mistakes as well. But man I'm truly disapointed.

go for it go for it, why don't they go for it!! tech is probably gonna block the punt or if they don't the offense still has 3 minutes I'm sure they're gonna get into the end zone anyways, if we go for it and make it hopefully we can run down the clock and escape the first half 21-0

The offense is playing like crap; Jacory looks like a kid out there. This is ridiculous. UM wants to keep trying the run play. WTF? Spread out the fokcin offense!!!!!!!!

Classic let down game.


AND LET THE excUses BEGIN!!!!!!





Poor play calling this game is putting the UM in even worst situations... Run up the middle on 3rd and 4 with the run being no existent... Put Miami in bad position for the punt that was blocked...

The only chance is the spread and throw. That is the athletic advantage. Do quick hitters. WRs should have advantage in the rain.

What were they practicing for during the week? cannot stop the run..totally unprepared,,,shannon looks like a deer in headlights on the sideline,,,play calling is so predictable....

I tried to warn you guys all along about your head coach. He is Brutal!!!

Let the excUses begin.

Trade in your Canes jerseys for USF jerseys.

Meltdown coming!!!!

Can someone seriously give Randy Shannon a coaching extension. I mean the U is back!!!


All this Miami Herald/Sports Radio/Media HYPE. All for nothing.

Getting beat down by a one dimensional weak team.

Why does whipple not get jacory out of the pocket or something...he keeps him in the pocket and theyre getting powned!!!

And by the way... UM 24 is awful.

ok - bad day for um - miami football is still a class act though - go hokies!

smh you would have thought um would have scored by halftime........pitiful.

ACC is the best conference by far. Virginia Tech should be ranked #1 by the end of the weekend. I mean they just beat the Miami Hurricanes from the 80s. They just beat a Heisman contender QB in Jacory Harris (LMAO). They just beat an amazing head coach in Randy Shannon (LMAO). How could Virginia Tech not be ranked #1? They just beat the 85 Bears.

Neither QB is doing well passing in the rain. That TD was a duck but the DB fell (24). It is stupid that UM is not running quick routes and having the WRs try and break it for more yards. Run is only going to open up with more success with the pass.

If it wasn't rain the score would be reversed. Speed is not effective in the rain. So VTech fat boys have control of the line. At least our coach isn't ugly!!

i agree david......they need to run some screens, draw plays....use the aggressiveness of vt's defense against them.....their secondary is very suspect.

Three mistakes that we had today have been mistakes Miami has made during these last two games. What did Miami practice on this past 9 days????? That's coaching my friends.

Virginia at Miami in '07, or this?? I can't remember which one was harder to watch... Did anyone tell the Miami coaches what the weather was going to be like today? We look like a team who has never seen rain, which should be the opposite.

At 5:45 am, its not 57 degrees and rain.

david it didn't matter if grant fell or not, he was beaten by 3 steps

Well, it's back to reality. We suck...and, yes, we're going to lose to USF just like the Noles did. The Noles and Jackets stink. That's the only reason we were 2-0.

8-5 this season. Usual donkey bowl. WTF else is new?

Jacory is struggling throwing the ball in the rain more than 15 yards. Got to change the play calling. The weather is a great match for VTs offensive style. But that is part of the game. UM has to adjust and extend drives. UM Defense is getting tired chasing Taylor around and having UM go 3-5 and out.

Va Tech 24 Miami 17 as the rain negates the Canes advantage in the passing game.

Posted by: TonyCane | September 25, 2009 at 09:25 PM

Someone said yesterday that I'm not a real Cane fan. I AM MIAMI, but I'm also realistic. Our strength is throwing the ball, not running. A downpour takes away our strength and the advantage goes to Va Tech. So far through two quarters I've been proven right, even moreso than I thought.

Whipple needs to stop running on 2nd and long each drive. This happened every drive but the last, and the Hokies have stopped us for no gain each time!

all that hype DID go to the heads. of the HOKIES. this is a rivalry like fsu, to just expect to go there and not play your A game will result in 21-0. go canes

We don't suck! It's just one of those games that's gonna test any team. Everybody has them. Miami cam come back but the defense and offense as well as special teams need to make adjustments! There's no reason why their running game is all they have. We need to lock that down NOW! And the offensive play calling needs to change to short passes and screens. We can still win!

lets hope we do something, we get the ball first that could change the whole game

Miami will come out and play in the second half, Jacory is a winner!!Go Canes

Its all about the pewwwww.

I can smell the stink all the way to Hialeah.


There were some bad calls by the refs and I agree VT seems to be getting away with some holding, but they aren't the difference. We can't win if we can't block on offense or special teams and can't tackle or stick to assignments on D. O-line and D-line both look awful.

We need to score on first possession of the the second half and get into the game on both sides of the ball. This first hald of this game was awful, but it is not over yet. Win or lose, how they play in the second half will show us what kind of team we have for the rest of the season.

They came onto the field with absolutely no swagger that a so called #9 team should have. Beaten down by VT and the hometown crowd. They look lost, confused and completely out of sink.

This is good, though. They need to get back to earth.

If we do lose how far of a drop do you think we will have? Lets Go Canes

Jacory foe heisman....NC champs...what a joke....Thanks Manny for all the hype..


Why aren't you running your mouth now?

Bad Calls




Jacory caught a cold

and Randy Shannon doesnt have a contract extension


next year and on and on and onnnnnnnnnn

Hey Revenge - 21-0. You're right. You are the U okay. U for Unbelievably overrated.

How is it that Jacory can't throw in the rain, but the VT quarterback who everyone said was awful, can throw it downfield with no problem?

It's raining on both teams, folks, not just UM.

raw how come I knew you be on here today....lol...Were back all right headed to the tampon bowl

welcome to blacksburg Patrick Nix. Missed U

This team sucks

Hey Joe your moms calling you for dinner.... The losers are out... Who is flordia playing today Massouga County North Dakota,, The Battle of the imbreeding fans?

Hey all those cane haters, keep on hating. We true Miami fans will be here after this game. We can still win, but if we do lose, it will only make this team stronger. The 2000 team lost one game and ran the table. Look what this team has done so far in the first three games. Sorry but if any of you are true canes fan, I would be happy to know we are on our way back!!!!!

I would rather have a loss early than late, VT will lose to GT this year!!

Patrick Nix offense scored more against FSU last year than the Whipple offense scored this year.

Time to go back to squeezing the Charmin for mr. Whipple

Really once the U gets a real coach, I think they have the potential to be back.

They will NEVER do it under this joke of a head coach.

Wrong. Not a Florida fan. Hope Kentucky whips their butts. Nice try though Canadian. Would you mind if we cut off the entire southern half of the state and towed it up to whatever the eastern most provnce is? Just askin.

Haters go away them come back?! I love the envy. This game isn't over. Plus, your swine flu Gafors will lose today anyway!

GO CANES!!! The greatest dynasty in this state. UFluke, bye bye now.

finally red zone.......

they should have made these adjustments long time ago.... TD!

Looks like everybody including the team and coaches bought into the hype. How a team goes from unranked to 9th after just two weeks is beyond me. Harris has consistently floated balls to his receivers and now the rain is making that a liability. Cannot run, cannot stop VT's run. Remember folks, this is a team that barely beat a mediocre FSU team and a one side GT team. Still a year away. Good thing this experience comes early in the year. Let's see how they learn.

Yes I greatly envy obnoxious South Floridians. Always wanted to be one, but I lived too far north, didn't migrate from NY or Cuba and don't know as many variations of the F word. Oh and I know who both my parents are. See ya.

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