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Gameday blog: UM at Virginia Tech

BLACKSBURG -- The Hurricanes take on Virginia Tech in a crucial ACC matchup this afternoon at Lane Stadium. Feel free to follow the game on ABC/ESPN and share your thoughts during our live blog.

Reminder: Participation in the Cover It Live program is intended for the exchange of meaningful questions and observations during the game between fans and reporters. Not all comments or questions will be posted. Readers can feel free to participate in an open discussion in our comment section below. iPhone users are asked to be patient as it takes several minutes for Cover It Live to load.


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See, it ain't over num nums! Champions are made from adversity! Just grab your popcorn and continue the envy! 53


extra special kudos to those dorks doing WQAM's pregame especially Don Bailey. They kept going on and on about a 3-0 Miami and next week's Oklahoma game, how ESPN was coming to the UM campus. Seriously, I had to turn it off because I knew they were jinxing them. Yeah like you guys are not superstitious!

Look the canes obviously came out flat, lets see how many adjustments was made at halftime they can still win this game.....VT is not a good football team.

Joe then leave. You weren't invited. No one asked any of you to be here. Bu-bye!

Maybe I should shut up!

Lmao U fairweather fans... U gotta f n believe man

Razor stop being a fake. Be a real man. U know no futbol!


I still believe! And that's the difference between this year and year's past. I'm optomistic where as last year I had have long said its over.

Go Canes!

Oh Razor. Can't run, can't throw. You're a true num num. LMBO!!'


Last year's offense didn't put up all the pts against FSU. Take a look at the Special Teams and Def. Scoring stats from that game.

Nix's scheme to Whipple's thus far = apples and oranges.

i dont understand that 4th down call........graham dropped two key passes. But I like what I see from the offense righ tnow

lets see he misses a catch and go to him again, what a waste!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Again coaching... You don't turn to a basketball player on back to back plays to come through in the rain/ clutch.

why isnt there a qb spy on taylor....he obviously scared to throw the football.

most pathetic tackeling team in the acc

Those drops by Graham were huge.

Had some momentum going and all went south with epps and Graham dropping easy passes.

Hey cane fans you are lucky you can watch the game the Los Angeles market did not get the Miami vs VTech game. We got Cal vs Oregon. Oregon is destroying Cal right now 32 to 3. Miami just scored hopefully we can get back in it. Go Canes!

vt knows they cant stop the passing game if harris has time.....their secondary cant cover our receivers we need to dig in and win this game.

24 - 7 this drive is crucial. Nice run by JJ.

it would be 21 -14 if graham didnt drop balls

So much for Whipple? Mass confusion.

Time to show some grit Canes!!!

We got this, you can feel it!

Jimmy Graham just has to make either of those catches.

We need to pick up the pace on the in and out of huddle. Time is now a factor. We also need VT to help us with a turnover.

We'll likely lose this game because of a fumble and blocked punt.

The playcalling has been fine, it's the lack of execution that is killing us.

Plenty of game left... You weak minded people have let your emotions get the best of you... This is where legends are made my friends...even then they have already exceeded expectations this year

This was always going to be a momentum game especially in bad weather... The poor play calling and mistakes have made it very difficult for the Canes. VT is playing a good game but 1/2 of this is the Canes and the weather. Oh well. We our out of national title picture if we lose. Obviously still hope for ACC.

ughhhhh we needed a score on this drive and why do they run play action on 3rd and long.....where are our screen plays?

smh there was the turnover we needed

Notice all the UM players dragging butt on the punt coverage... that's why they lose.

Way too many missed opportunities in this game.

That's two muffed punts we missed. When the ball doesn't roll your way, it just doesn't go very well. It still ain't over!

Out of all the teams in all of college football...we should be the best at playing in the rain.

This has been a craptastic effort by these guys. Don't blame the coaches, playcalling, ESPN, fans etc.....it all rests on the lack of effort we had today.

thats ball game......

Ball game over

Quick passes slants and crosses you idiot Whipple! Jeeeeez....

Correction: way too many mistakes and missed opportunities in this game.

bad game for the whole team, dropped passes, can't recover fumbles, throw interceptions, and on and on and on. Bad weather did not help BUT VT was more ready than the U. Better luck next week against Oklahoma. One loss does not kill a season, VT WILL lose another conference game!!!! The U still IS a good team, just playing a bad game today.

I think the canes came in here believing their own hype because VT is not a good football team at all, and they allowed them to dominate them the whole game.

Ok. Maybe now it is. We beat OU, we're right back in it. No worries. We're still way ahead of the curve. It's not like we're losing to a bad team. They're freaking #11. Remember, Dorsey went to Washington and lost then kooky what happened. We will have this team for two more years. It's great to be a Miami Hurricane!!!


What a effin surprise. Our coach didn't have this team grounded and prepared and we got handed. I hope everbody realizes that this isn't just one loss and we just lost all gain we had made in recruiting and exposeure for years to come. They would take the canes on faith again for a long time. The season is fine, but the canes future just took a huge hit.

How far will we fall in the polls, my guess is 17.

Unless Va Tech loses twice in the ACC I don't think we can get to the conference title game (and that presumes we win out in the ACC, which seems much more suspicious after this performance all around).

Does anyone not listen to coach and player interviews. They weren't believing the hype. They simply went into Lane Stadium on a crappy rainy day and lost. We had two great DTs out today which obviously was an issue because VT was getting that push up the middle. We'll be fine. I'm still going 9-3. Remember, we played a very tough 3 game stretch. No one else in the entire nation played something like this. We are THE U!


It's a loss to ranked team unlike Cal. We'll drop but we gotta come to play next week. A 3 - 1 start isn't tha bad considering the schedule. I'm gonna tough this game out

Well our coaching staff was great yesterday. Freaking fairweather fans. A huge hit for our future?! Geez Louise! Remember, 5-7 then the #1 recruiting class? If anyone is hurting for future it's FSU not THE U!!!


Porky Pig...

they're not back yet. Here's to OU next week and hopefully a lot of sunshine.

And to the genius above who said VT isn't good at all: Are we watching the same game? Its 31-7 you ignorant fool. They beat Nebraska last week as well. So define for me what a "good" team is.

well this lost might be good for them... get them back to having the chip on their shoulder......everybody was hyping them up and they was the favorites to win this game. It went to their head and you could tell by the performance. Lackadasical effort at best out there today on national tv, I'm dissapointed! You couldnt tell me that VT was going to blow out the canes. I would told you that you was crazy

I know. It's crazy. UFluke lost to an unranked Ole Miss team last year. Was their future over? I guess since USC lost to a winless Washington team their future is over too. Maybe Cali being spanked by Oregon and they're over. Double, geez Louise!


Earth meet Duh U ... Duh U meet Earth ... Welcome home boyz ...

one good win ... one win by a dropped winning pass ... today, where U at now ?

Bradfords AC Joint cleared ...

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