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Gameday blog: UM at Virginia Tech

BLACKSBURG -- The Hurricanes take on Virginia Tech in a crucial ACC matchup this afternoon at Lane Stadium. Feel free to follow the game on ABC/ESPN and share your thoughts during our live blog.

Reminder: Participation in the Cover It Live program is intended for the exchange of meaningful questions and observations during the game between fans and reporters. Not all comments or questions will be posted. Readers can feel free to participate in an open discussion in our comment section below. iPhone users are asked to be patient as it takes several minutes for Cover It Live to load.


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Feast of famine with this team. We either play great or we don't show up at all.

The Canes are back! The Canes are back! Yeah...back to square one. Best joke I have heard in a long time is when after 2 mediocre Ws, some idiots were even talking national championship!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Dont call the bloggers who call it as it is haters.

This was a pathetic performance. If thee was a scale of "patheticness" Um would be off the charts.

Several important points:

- MAnny you are an a$-$-ho-le for overhyping this team. All you media are.

- Um playrs are dumb--a$es for buying into it.

- Whether? IT rains more inSofl than in Blacksburg. guaranteed! No excuse

-Jimmy Graham. Go home. Youjust ciast us a potential game. I say Um scores on thatdrive and its 21-14 and its a different atmosphere. Old redhead and freckles dropped a pass I could have caught with my eyes closed, and my bathrobe and slippers on. Jimmy- you are no football player. take your f-ing degree and go home.

- This team had no energy in the 1st q. The O-line was pathetic. Pipho and Fox are sorry. You guys should be ashamed of yourselves!

- Javarris James s--ks a%$$. he will not play in the NFL.

- turnovers turnovers turnovers

And for the 2009 awards for the sorriestexcusesforfootball playersin the history of collegefootballthefinalistsare:

-Javarris James
-Matt Bosher (dang who nominated hiim for the Groza award?)
-Jimmy Graham
-Chavez Grant

That was shameful. Coaches also stunk. BUt...

That first TD was the result of a HORRENDOUSD CALL which was no where near an INT

We didnt get ANY breaks-- 2 muffed punts, and no turnovers from it.



The rain arguement doesn't hold any water (ha!)...VT didn't seem to slow down at all.

We should have the advantage in the rain...how many storms did we see this summer? These guys never played in the rain?

Only one post game firing for moo. Equiptment manager! Whip is one stubborn mofo. Raining dude change the game plan!

Well if my memory is correct, we beat VT last year and our 2 game advantage did not hold up. So just because we lost this one game doesn't mean we are out of winning the Division yet. They still have to play GT, NC and NC State in the Division, and BC will be a tough ACC game. I'll concede the Duke game to them but VA may be playing for Groh's job at the end of the year. Anything is possible in the ACC.

This is still a very young team. They will grow and get bigger and better. Randy has definitely improved the talent, there is no question about that. There is no need for panic. Occasionally, even good teams lose. This is a good team, it is not a great team yet.

I love it when the someone misspells the very word they are using to call you stupid! Way to go norm!

Posted by: Sarasota 'cane | September 26, 2009 at 10:52 AM

Who is the stupid now. Sarasota 'cane, next time maybe you would listen, and pay attention to what I was saying instead of focusing on how I spelled a word. But then again, maybe you are too ignorant.

This was a complete failure of the team to play .offense, defense, special teams all horrible .No heart another game that Randy stands on the sideline watching never getting involved in the game .

Well the weather sucked and Beamer ball always gives Miami trouble. Don't know why so many posters were so ready to dismiss the Hokies as insignificant. It's one loss. VT has a good team. Even in good weather Canes would have been in a dog fight (no pun intended). The team has to shake this off and get ready for Oklahoma.

Gratz to the Hokies for the win. See you next year.

Ah weather… the great equalizer. This team was completely dominated. The play of this team was completely atrocious by everyone involved. Horrid play calling by both coordinators. Pathetic execution. No intensity. They looked like they were too cold and wet, huddling in their little jackets, and just wanted to go home. Missed tackles all over the place. A million penalties. This was disgusting. I said before that tyrod wouldn’t play as bad as he did against NU. I said watch out for ryan Williams and he ran all over us. Its still vetch. They always play great d. this should have been expected and instead Miami looked like a deer in the headlights. The one chance we had at a comeback was shattered at the hands of jimmy graham. Garbage.

Im calling out whipple. What kind of play calling was that!? You knew for a fact that vetch was going to bring pressure on harris. you knew they were going to load the box and stop the run. But for some reason we played mass protect with a couple receivers running deep in the pouring rain. We never ran any screens to neutralize the pass rush. We ran slow developing draws and run plays that made no sense in this weather against the speed of vtechs d. our offensive speed was neutralized in the rain so theres no sense trying to run slow developing run plays like that. In bad weather you pound the football with quick downhill power running. You don’t get fancy and dawdle and run slow lateral running plays. We never established the run game because of it. I wondered when the first down passing would come back to haunt us. An incompletion puts us in a predictable 2nd and long in poor weather. Not very creative playcalling either. I think I saw the same counter draw at least 6 times in this game. also im not gonna lie baby james just isn’t that good. He has poor vision. He doesn’t break tackles. And hes not fast. And what was up with the lack of tempo!? half the game they were running from the sideline trying to get the play off at the last second. It was so slow. There was no sense of urgency.

About our defense, why do we just play a base zone defense? Its so basic and predictable. Stop rushing with just 4 down lineman! You cant expect to bring pressure with just 4. Its fundamentally sound (hence the reason it beat Gtech) but it doesn’t reak havoc like a defense should. And is it me or are our linebackers lining up 7 yards off the line of scrimmage? It seems like by the time they diagnose the play and attack the line of scrimmage theyre already being engaged by the offensive linemen 4 yards down field. I have a feeling Shannon hired Lovett on a whim like he did Patrick nix. (he hired nix because he liked his gameplan against shannons D when Gtech played Miami in 07.) I have a feeling he hired Lovett because he shutdown Gtechs option offense when UNC played Gtech last year. (hence the reason we dominated Gtechs offense this year and UNC was dominated by Gtechs option earlier today. [they lost Lovett]). Also where has sean Spence been!? The only time ive seen him do anything this year is when hes missing a tackle or getting pancaked. Hes been a huge disappointment this year and I think its because of lovetts scheme. Hes not able to run as free as he was last year. Ive said this before, our corners are weak and they were exposed today. We missed a lot of turnover opportunities too. Aka muffed punts.

I made sure I didn’t say it until I watched this game. The U is not back yet. They were beaten down by the hype. They didn’t thrive under the pressure like the Miami of old. They should have spent less time doing interviews for college game day and focused on Vtech during their 9 day stretch. Sure we’ve seen flashes. The punt return against UNC last year. The great classic rivalry games against FSU the past 2 years. The big hits against GT. The swagger of jacory. The season isn’t over though. This team better plan on being 13-1. The goal should still be the National Championship. Cant wait to see how this team responds to adversity next week now that they’ve fallen back to earth. Ill be at the OU game, cheering on the canes just the same.

The U is not back… yet…

We're not back yet...that's for sure. Also true we don't thrive in hogh pressure games, seems like we're good underdogs.

What's up with Spence??? Didn't hear his name all day.

canesjunkie: i think every body has been waiting on spence to show up but, he has not. we should move him back to his natural position and move collin in the Middle.

this team was outplayed plain and simple. we missed on opportunities that if we would have capitalized on the muffed PR of VT or the jimmy grahmn dropped pass we may have seen a diffrent out come. in the end this will humble the team and will make this team alot more mature.

before the season started alot of us wished for a 2-2 start would be great and we still can go 3-1. we just need to hope VT slips up and win our games but, first thing is first and that is back to the drawing board. we are not out of the ACCCG by a longshot.

Posted by: norm | September 26, 2009 at 08:24 PM

You got me norm, you called the loss! We are not analysts, we are bloggers. Nothing U or I say on a blog has any effect on the outcome of a game! There are always reasons for winning and losing. Sorry for picking on the spelling thing.

I thought we would win big (half-full), you thought we might lose (half empty)! The only thing we can do is show-up for the OK game and support the team. I'll buy your ticket if you want (cheap seat), just be there!

Go 'canes!!!!

Funny how the Gafors disappear after Tebow gets rocked. They are fortunate they have a bye week.

For what it's worth norm, I went back and looked at your post, and it's obviously a typo! I was out of line to say that. Again, I'm sorry!

Go 'canes! Let's get OKLA.!

What did Marble Mouth say? What was his excuse for that awful performance? The man that preaches no excuses, always seems to have a bunch.

Haters go away them come back?! I love the envy. This game isn't over. Plus, your swine flu Gafors will lose today anyway!

GO CANES!!! The greatest dynasty in this state. UFluke, bye bye now.

Posted by: 360Cane | September 26, 2009 at 05:31 PM

U were saying dumbasssss???

John Lovette got out coached point blank, in my opinion...

Offensively, our Right Tackle couldn't block, or even contain DE#8 (for VT)and he disrupted our rhythm all game...

2nd series of the 2nd half, why not run those same TE plays for #18 Epps instead of #80 Graham...

Im calling out whipple. What kind of play calling was that!?"

Good question. Apparently U dreamy eyed idiots haven't figgered out that WHIP is a retread has been. All this Whip is great talk is a bunch of nonsense. He hasn't faced a decent defense and NOBODY had tape on him.

DELUSIONAL IDIOTS...ALL OF U...especially the highly delusional sarasota who post homoerotic messages all day under different names so his lamespace buds don't know its him...trust me 'soda...THEY KNOW

WOOOOOO-HOOOOOOOOO we lost but the U just went backt to mediocre'''HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAH

John Lovette got out coached point blank, in my opinion...

that's because he is ALSO an unwanted has been. Was an ASSISTANT last year. U don't go from assistant to top program DC in one step U F'in IDIOTS. U just DONT.

The HC is a disaster. And the coordinators look terrible too. That's because UM has no coaching anymore.

They are who we thought they were.

The story of this was not the rain or these young kids reading their own headlines, it all came down to coaching.

What a crappy gameplan by Randy Shannon and John Levitt...I mean Taylor throw only nine times???? Did anyone think that Va. Tech might want to run the ball today, why not bring the linebackers and safeties up, and force Taylor to throw???? Incredible!

Why you calling out Whipple? You have to realize Harris has no arm. When guys arent running open by 5 yards, he cant get them the ball. Look at Harris against good D's. You can only float the ball soo much.

This years stout D will be the key to cane’s success. We have a great D this year. We will have a great season.
Posted by:Tyson


I guess Coop is slightly more expendable, with all the talent we have at RB.
Posted by: Donmcleon

AHEM.... talent at RB?

sixty four yards TOTAL rushing you clueless imbeciles.
Play a decent squad and get exposed for the second tier also rans that you really are. FSU? BWAHAHAHAHa.. GT...one dimensional losers

Whipple will have those kids ready to play OKLA., but this was not his shining moment!

Your on crack LOSER...Whipple is a washed up nobody.

but he did reduce sacks by 70% at D-2 UMASS...very impressive

Keep drinking that Whip KoolAid you clueless moron

Both assistants are just what I've been telling U for months...USELESS

The story of this was not the rain or these young kids reading their own headlines, it all came down to coaching.

What a crappy gameplan by Randy Shannon and John Levitt...I mean Taylor throw only nine times???? Did anyone think that Va. Tech might want to run the ball today, why not bring the linebackers and safeties up, and force Taylor to throw???? Incredible!

Posted by: Evan | September 26, 2009 at 09:53 PM

I'll tell U why, because for many years now UM has hired unwanted untalented 2nd tier coaches and that's what U are now. Keep denying it and hope it will go away...newsflash idiots...ITS NOT

Hey Sarasota, I'm blocked over at Lamespace (boohooo) would U mind cutting and pasting some stuff over there for me bro? Here goes:

"Our coaching staff straight up sucks. We faced a good team and got completely manhandled on the field and on the sidelines. We truly had no business thumping our chests lately. The number nine ranking was a complete farce. Will we even be #20 come monday night?

Jacory's arm is CLEARLY not big boy football material. Dude couldn't throw an out route if his life depended on it. His lack of velocity lead to incomplete after incomplete. Ohhhhh poooor Jacory...the ball was wet...boooo frickin hoooo. At least WHIP is smart enough to only throw touch passes with that overrated twig legged kid. I just can't believe we all thought he was some messiah.

Good god im embarrassed that ANYONE ever said the words Jacory and Heisman in the same sentence. Any casual observer could see tonight that his arm strength is atrocious when faced up with a quick defense.


Thanks 'soda

Keep blaming the coordinators. How many guys is it going to take? The talent is not there. Missed tackles and constantly getting pushed around. I mean who really wants to see Randy Phillips anymore. I wish he would just shut up already. Spence is a safety, too small for LB. Enough of Vaughn being the next Ed Reed. I think we would take the next Greg Threat. Who cares what Allen Bailey looks like, when exactly has he made a big play in a big game? Grant needs to stick to special teams. Sharpton takes the worst angles ever. Tiny DE's and CB's who make new plays except for holding.

Wow Cav... Alarmingly poignant and honest.

And while it's accurate ( all this "were loaded" talk is laughable) the coaches are not guys you'd want to bring home to mom either.

How many times do I have to explain this to you...


The game didn't depress me. Reading this post game blog does!

Still have a long way to go. Some fans bought into the hype. The media sure did and is the reason the haters are coming full force. I'd be pissed too to have THE U take UFluke out of the spotlight in just two games. I mean, it did take UFluke 100+ years, and a few million dollars to get there.

We sure did lose today, but does it phase me? No. We are still the greatest program in this state. The media knows it, we know it and so do the haters. We'll regroup from a sloppy game and punch OU in the mouth. After that's done, we're right back in the spotlight and be hated even more. We're the media darling and I love it! We just gotta keep working. We are working with two new cordinators, and looking better than we did last year. We beat two teams that put up 500 yards on us last year. Then we lose to a team we beat and won the ACC last year including the BCS to Cinci who's looking great right now.

We have fans that call themselves realists but it's negativity not realism. Plus we have so many imposters, how do we know if they are fans? By the way they comment, I know they're not no matter what they say.

So what, we had a drop off game. Seems the norm these days anyway. At least it was to #11 in the country at their house. The media saw the game. We were nationally watched and they know the rain took our strengths out of the game.

And to say J12 is not a QB is idiotic. Were there not NFL experts drooling at the mouth after they picked his style apart? Didn't Mel Kiper, Jr say we're the team he'll be watching? A wet ball isn't good for any dominate passer. Even Tom Brady.

Our D was suppose to stand up but not without #6, #99 and #48. That hurt us as well.

The ball and ref calls simply went VT's way. They had a great game plan and started fast. We did not start until the second half, BUT we are two key drops by Graham from being right back in it.

If the OU feat doesn't get done then I am very happy we went 2-2 in the toughest stretch any CFB team faced or will face the entire year. I'm still on my 9-3 pick. We have a fantastic team that will be here 2 more years. It's not over. We're just getting started. Making a little noise this year and we may still explode. Lots of football left and it's great to be a Miami Hurricane!!!

At least we're playing ranked teams cause we fear nobody unlike the creampuffs up north! They still are playing against a losing record!


I feel you 360! Regroup and try again. For me it's the 'canes and the Dolphins. As they go I go! Thank God I fish!

I will say that he woodshed whoopin's hurt a lot more! Oh well, I think I can hold down solid food now! I'm going to go watch the rest of the games! ND looks ready to fold right now!

Get well soon Tebow, and then graduate ASAP!

Go 'canes!

shhhhhhhhhhhhhhuuuuussshh ...

4-4 ?

he's o.k.

What calls are you talking about? The rain. You must be Randy Shannon. Enough with the excuses. The toughest stretch. We beat a FSU team that could be 0-3 at home by a dropped pass. VTECH has already played two teams in the top 9. The rain had nothing to do with a sloppy D. The D is not top calibar. As for next year, their will be a new Oline including starting two tackles who will have never played a meaningful snap.

shhhhhhhhhhhhhhuuuuussshh ...

4-4 ?

Posted by: Sea Level ... | September 26, 2009 at 11:23 PM

Dude, smack talk is one thing, but you and your sick friends with your Bryan Pata crap have done it for me. Nobody wants you loser. I'm done with you.

Relax people. Miami's strength is it's passing game, while Va Tech is running. The intense rain took away our passing offense. A soggy field and a torrential downpour negated the speed of our defense, taking them from fast, smallish defenders to just small defenders. The real Miami is what you saw early in the third, when the rain died down for a few minutes. The Canes zipped down the field and scored pretty easily. Once the rain intensified again however their problems resumed.

People will now overlook the Canes and say they have no chance, just like they did after Miami was obliterated by Syracuse in 1998. Be prepared for a high-scoring, close game next week...a 45-42 encounter.

As long as there is not an intense rainstorm in Miami.

CAV, it was a woodshed beating. No need to watch film. Stick a fork in that one.

UM got punched. A lot more than the weather went into that beatdown. UM had chances and could not capitalize. Lets see how they rebound.

Go 'canes!

The coaches didn't get out planned, the team just got physically abused. When we play a physical team....we lose. That's the problem we have to fix.

Whipple couldn't have done anything differently. He can't block for Jacory nor catch the ball for Jimmy Graham.

VT, on the other hand, has a massive OL that threw us around.

Our defense doesn't shed blocks. We don't tackle very well either. We can't blitz on every play...we tried that last year and it didn't go very well.

Sad to think that UM's marquee victories are over two unranked teams come Monday. UM would be 1-2 this evening were it not for FSU's inability to throw a 1-yard TD pass.

UM is back, 2006-2008 style.

This game is squarely on coaches. The coaches inspire no confidence that this team will be a contender in the future. Just the opposite: I am confident that coaches' judgment will repeatedly fail a few times per season.

The real canes fans support your team win or lose.

Dudes, hostile environment, motivated team, rivalry game, top 11 team.

You should have known they were coming for us.

I am more concerned about injuries piling up.

The media helped pump VT up. But for everyone to lose focus or the haters talking crap is premature. Do you not watch college football? Teams are getting beat every weekend. Another example is the year Dorsey's team went to UWash and got beat. Then they won out. An OU win will propel us back into the top 10. We'll have some key players back that missed this weekend. OU is coming to our house and it is simply a must win. If we lose it's still ok. I'm happy for what we have. To do what we did with 2 new cords and a young team is still amazing. Remember the 0-4 chants? We have tons of football left for J12 and the boys. At most 2 more years.

Also, when USF keeps playing like they are and we go into their house and beat them, that will help because they'll be highly ranked by then.

GT will be back in the polls after their defeat of UNC. FSU is up and down so they may be the only unranked team out of the four by end of season.

We were hyped up which hurt us this weekend. The young Canes will learn from this and bounce back. They're not saying were the youngest team in the nation for nothing. Lots of growing pains we still have to go through.

It's great to be a Miami Hurricane!!!


Crucial,crucial loss to a coastal division foe. Remember canes the 24 hour rules. which mean forget about and move on to the next opponent. We can't afford another coastal division loss. If we want to winn the ACC. Remember canes fan we can't win a national championship without winning the ACC. With that being said. play calling sucked today. Whipple was to conservative on the first and second 3rd down call. throw the ball there and move the chains. Where was the short passing game. Where were the screen plays. I put the loss on Whipple. He didn't make in game adjustments. Canes fans we got work to do on defense but we must realize that our best defense is our offense. The offense is the strenght of the team, therefore it is very important that we get off to a fast start. Go CANES!!

I love it. Keh-puke is back at it. He (or she) was very silent for 3 weeks. Just as expected. He (or she) is a born loser who kicks people when they are down. The type that would kick a kitten, hit a dog, or a child. He is a nothing. The same losart that said we were going 0-4, 6-6. By that measure we are waaay ahead of the loser.

Besides, there are worse things than being a UM fan:

-Being Kehoe
-Being a Clemson fan
-Being an FSU fan
-Being a Penn State fan
-Being a Cal fan
-Being a Kentucky fan

-Being a UF fan- Timmy Touchdown is not showcasing his passing- MARK MY WORDS- HE WILL NOT BE AN NFL QB! Every pass that he throws is a lame duck

By the way- for all you haters who post about filling the stadium, and the blah blah about poor attendance... A lot of good that did for Penn State- 107,000 screaming fans and their team didnt show up, and got out man handled by a more inspired Iowa team. Same with Kentucky-70,000 fans (Kentucky football 70k fans?wow!) and they were down 31-0 in the 1st Q.

I just got done looking at the box score from the game. I could not believe baby J got 14 carries for a poultry 2.5 yds per carry. Baby J looked slow out there. That position needs a upgrade. We have talented RB and its time to get those guys some carries. Let's see what they can do. I like Coop but baby J carries need to be cut in half and or moved to FB. This guy has done nothing in 4yrs. When was his last 100yd game? that is what the team is lacking a dominant every down back. we have not had one since Portis,Gore and Mcgahee.

What an ugly game. I felt the canes came out flat. Still a young team and they will learn from this. Go Canes.

Man I've been saying ACC this year, next year run at the title. We're ahead of schedule. We have holes, but every team in the country has 'em.

I just can't understand the lot of people who have never said a positive thing about the U who are now coming out of the woodwork. Where've you been the last two weeks? Yep.

We got uot played,out muscled and yes, the 1st half, outcoached. but some of you who overreacted to victories are now compensated by those that overreact to a loss. Hate to burst ya'll bubbles but we're a top 15 team. Not top 10, but definitely in the very good category.

The "U", overhyped and overrated. FSU sucks, and if GT didnt play 3 games in 12 days you guys lose, period. Good luck with the smurf bowl. Obnoxious Miami fans, go back to Calle Ocho.

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