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Gameday blog: UM at Virginia Tech

BLACKSBURG -- The Hurricanes take on Virginia Tech in a crucial ACC matchup this afternoon at Lane Stadium. Feel free to follow the game on ABC/ESPN and share your thoughts during our live blog.

Reminder: Participation in the Cover It Live program is intended for the exchange of meaningful questions and observations during the game between fans and reporters. Not all comments or questions will be posted. Readers can feel free to participate in an open discussion in our comment section below. iPhone users are asked to be patient as it takes several minutes for Cover It Live to load.


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My score was of by a few points...eat it FSU ACC CHAMPS

Looks like 2000 all over again... Trust me, that's a good thing....

Oklahoma will be tough and yes our defense is littered with injuries, but if we can somehow win next week, than I see a 10 win season with a BCS bowl... VT is going to lose a couple of games in the ACC (FSU, and NC)

They could not overcome the adversity yesterday, but they will bounce back... Next year was our year anyways...

Lastly, I hope we sign off on playing VT Labor Day night... I want to get them back so bad, that I can tatse it

To the Gator fans talking smack on here, make room for us on the board after U lose to LSU in a couple weeks with your concussed QB...

Man that hit was sweet!! LSU D-Line is licking their chops... I guess he isn't Superman after all... HaHaHaHa

Have a look my fellow Canes...

Beautiful, just beautiful!!

Kehoe youre a tool of magamnimous proportions- go back to the hole you were hunched over at for the last 3 weeks, because you came out as stoopid as ever. Go away, you defective DNA fool.

How many times does anyone have to point out to you that a small school will never have large turn outs? What, did you graduate from MDCC? Miami does not have an alumni base, or large student body. UM has a city, county, region fna base. If you dont believe me, come down from Leesburg, or Niceville, get out of your double-wide for once, and drive your 1975 pick up truck around Broward and Dade for a while and see the tons of fans that the school has, most of which can't afford season tix.

U are just too stu&*pid for your own good.


Regardless of what the sage says, the U players laid an egg. It has nothing to do with Shannon, Whip, or Lovett. The players need to be called out:

Jimmy Graham? Sit down. Youhad a chance. Your hurting the team
Sean Spence? Either the MLB position is clearly not his, or he is hurt, or he just aint bringing it.
O-Line- Fox and Pipho are inconsistent. Neither will play on sundays if this continues.
Bosher. OMG when is he leaving?
Chavez Grant. Please leave.
Allen Bailey. I'm beginning to think, who cares how "athletic he is. He should have had 3 sacks yesterday. He was manhandled. He too needs to wake up.
Javarris. W-T-FFF?

And for youguys who say Umdoesnt play wellagainst physical teams, I say Bo hack. FSU has a huge O-line. G Tech? very physical. In fact,Nesbitt is as good if not better than Tyrod Taylor, and Dwyer and theother huge rb are as good as Ryan Williams, plus they have better receivers than VT. I dont buy it. Translation: UM didnt come toplay. they laid an egg.

Concussions are serious DC, not to mention the way his neck snapped. I love a hard hit, but 1 concussion can affect you for the rest of your life, most of these guys have had at least 5.

It's not funny!

Hey Coach Meyer, I'm... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gqbNQ1D6IUk

This team sucks. Just like it has sucked from 2001 on. The curse of Coker endures under Shannon. GET A NEW COACH!

360Cane aka 360Cane goes by 360Cane and is nothing else but 360Cane.

Looks like the OU game is an 8PM game. I hope they're top 5 and we punch them in the mouth. We will explode back as a media darling that just rubs people the wrong way. I love it.

Does anyone know if Bradford has been cleared? Since they had a BYE, they didn't have to release an injury report. That won't happen until Thursday, I think. I really don't think it'll hurt us if he doesn't play. It'll just be a lame excuse for why we smashed them in the teeth. Their other QB just posted a school record of 6 TDs. He is obviously a good QB. I cannot wait for this game.


Great comparsion to 00 team. The talent is almost the same. I mean look at how similiar they were:

00 Team 09 Team
LT Bryant McKinnie Jason Fox
TB Clinton Portis JJ
S Ed Reed Randy Phillips
CB's Rumph & Buchanon Harris and Grant
LB's Williams & Vilma Spence & Sharpton
RT Gonzalez Pipho

I thought I was 360cane?

360 don't sweat it, he used to think everyone was me, now he thinks everyone is U! That "D" Bag is such a tool!

Win, lose or draw, that clown has to look at himself in the mirror everyday! I wouldn't wish that curse on anyone, including him!

billb, FIU WANTS YOU! We haven't been good since 2001?? Even the "D" Bag gives us 2004! I don't mind when girls and guy's like you know nothing about football when they speak, just try not to blog about it!

Hopefully the Dolphin's can a little bit of the edge off of yesterdays loss!

Go 'canes!


Nice post. Our OL has the potential to be even worse next year. Pipho was getting thrown around like a rag doll.

Ugly game and they got ass's kicked, But this is good they needed to get there heads out of the clouds with all this Heisman talk and crap. Maybe now they will play like if there underdogs all year. Next game will tell if they can overcome a loss like this and play UM football.

Canesthang...where are you?

I've been checking the blog for you to explain to us how Marve is responsible for that disaster yesterday. Or how you knew this would happen back in December.

C'mon my man...you have all this figured out.

Seems like a down year in college football. Not a lot of great teams and probably a lot of one loss teams. The only dominant team is UF and now St. Tebow got knocked out.

UFluke dominating?! Against who?

Sota - it's all good bruh. This guy is a loser and I'm just going to skip his nonsense from here on out. It is way past old. No original material and just pure hate. There is no reason to even talk football with this guy. I feel sorry for him to be honest. He's obviously the result of embreeding. Starting after this post he won't see a response from me again. I'll continue to post positive material about our Canes and leave all negative, uncalled for posts to this halfling. It's actually disappointing to know there is someone out there that has such a miserable life they want everyone else to be miserable too. No matter what goes on with my Canes, they are still the greatest thing to and for college football. He just hates hearing everybody outside his cardboard box say so. He needs to see a shrink to figure out what drives his hatred so much. May God bless him and help him find his way.


if ur not a canes fan then dont comment on the message board

why dont they use streeter more? heck they can run the wildcat with travis, pimp, DJ, kendall, coop. where is sean spencee? where the hard hitting safeties at? they better find them before 8:00 saturday

Down but not out "D" Bag! 0-4 right? Look at your posts you tool!

You're like "Professor Chaos" from South Park! What a dork! Does your Mom know you're using the internet on a school night?

Let's go 'canes!!!!!

I'm so sick and tired of gators on a UM board. I'm a lifelong cane fan, and for the life of me can't understand your obsession with us. Here are the facts: yes, Florida is rollin right now, but don't be so ignorant to think this will last forever. Secondly, talk all the garbage you want about our program, but we all know tha Miami is getting better, while maintaining a clean program.
The thing that bothered me most about this past week was, all the hype was incredibly premature. I support the Canes as much as anyone, but made me sick that ESPN and all of their clowns were annointing us national champs. These are the same people who have been bashing us. ( holt, herbstreit, etc...). Let us play, and we will continue to improve which is what realistically anyone can hope for. Go Canes.

Despite yesterday's debacle, did anyone think we'd be ranked after week 3? Anyone who says yes is a liar.

Watch- Teblow will be back for LSU. HE had a concussion and should be off for about 3 weeks. But Urban the liar will find a way.

For the life of me- How in Florida's state budget is it permissible to take 2 count them 2 charter planes for a COLLEGE team, when there are high schools, and colleges in the state cutting sports and band from tehir budgets? How is that permissible? And what excuse dio the Florida leaders have to allow 6 (or more) players with potentially H1N1 to have contact with their teammates?

UM - Ok at 8 pm. Under the lights. Primetime. Another ratings record. Win or lose, Umis relevant, back and all of the above. 3-1, 2-2 is not that bad. Once Javarris, Grant, Bosher, Fox, leave, the team will be even better- remember- J12 still has 3 years of eligibility left after this year. Gators: Um will win at least 1 during J12's tenure. Guaranteed. You heard it here.

Correction- 3 charter planes. Where are they getting all that mooolah?

The U melted like sugar in the rain! V Tech played in the same rain we did!!!!!!!!


That was straight up , UGLy.....................bitzch

Posted by: 'Lil 'cane | September 27, 2009 at 09:46 PM

Word up, 'lil!

Before anybody else tells 'ya, your hat's on crooked!

True 'dat!

P.S. Don't tell the ladies your name begins with 'lil! Just a suggestion!

Go 'canes!

the loss
barely affects us
No. 17 in the new poll?
We win Saturday vs. OK
and we're in the top 10 again, 3-1
win and move up a couple spots each week
and we will finish in the top 2, play for NC.
these are just the facts
the NC is totally in our hands.
just win baby!
see you Saturday!

great point by D-nice. the loss of patrick johnson and major wright really hurts. theyre both beastin at UF and LSU right now.

to be honest this team could easily win out. get back on their feet against OU, and its smooth sailing until UNC. stay focused kids. i have a feeling they're gonna turn the corner at some point this season.

on a sidenote: help the canes out! fill the stadium! bring your friends!

Poring rain + Beamer ball + UM special teams = TURNOVERS !!!
Miami -4 in turnovers
Miami 16 - v-tech 23
(Mia is 5 - 9 vs. VT in last 14 games)

Posted by: mark | September 26, 2009 at 02:02 PM


OK VT is in the past. All I hope is that despite the injuries, players and coaches can realize how things went wrong, how to fix them, not to repeat them.

- The O-line played awful
- Jacory didnt get rid of theball quick enough
- Whipple didnt adjust to the knowledge that Foster was going to blitz the --- out of JAcorry. He should have put 8 in the box to block, and done screen passes and adjusted. play small ball instead of goingfor thelong passes. That would have worn out their D and opened up running lanes.
- The D: Poor tackling, missed assignments, slipping.
- Dropped balls. Jimmy G: 2 key drops, Hankerson at least 1
- The rbs (especially JJ) need to see the hole, and hit the hole. Jj was dancing around like a dummy instead of at least falling forward for 2 yds.
- Did they not think that VT was going to attempt to block a punt? Guess what. They did. What is so magical about blocking a punt?

Finally- the rain. The slop. That clearly is the equalizer. No excuse. Just an equalizer. remember-last year, VT had same qb, just as good a freshman RB, and just as good a D- Macho harris, etc. And we beat them with aninferior team. By beatingthem at their own game and putting pressure on Taylor. Lovett, in my opinion, has to take most of the blame this time. Not Shannon.

I was worried that would happen, everyone started talking about National Championships and we were only 2 games into the season. I think this loss could be good though, we can refocus on winning the games we have left and you never know what happens to Va Tech down the line. Ga Tech could beat them and we have a 3 way tie for first. Let's forget all the talk about Championships and get down to doing what we need to, win games. I think this loss could help us refocus and do what we need to do to beat Oklahoma.

RS says "can't dwell on the loss". Dwell on it RS, dwell on it, because there are a lot of things your team and coaches did poorly that YOU don't want to do again!

Patrick Johnson and Major Wright??? C'mon, you guys are going back to look at recruits who didn't come here as the cause of all of this. We could drive ourselves crazy over guys who didn't come to UM.

Worry about who is here, not the guys who went somewhere else.

Hey, if we sneak out a win against OK, great... We'll be 3-1 and close to the top 10 again, but if we lose and are 2-2, all is not lost...

We should still win 9-10 games this year and play in a big bowl game... Randy has shown improvement every year, and hopefully it continues...

This is a revenge game and I feel that this team is going to be ready to play... Hopefully we can get some guys back on defense, as we are in shambles, but if not, than we'll have to hope the replacements are ready... It should be a great crowd Sat night

Show up at the game!
Support the canes!
Night game, under the lights, Oklahoma. 'Nuf said.

You hit it right on the head JROD! We said 9-3 would be great, 10-2 would be unreal at the beginning of the year! We can go 3-1 against 4 teams many said we would be 0-4 against.

That loss stung because we were beaten in all phases of the game. There is no need to review a game like that! Prepare for our next test, and let's see how we do against a national contender who also has one loss!

It just wasn't our night! I am certain that GT would have done the same thing to us with our preparation for VT. We could not fall on two muffed punts by VT in the red zone, we had a punt blocked, and then we had the two dropped passes in the red zone which killed our momentum.

So three out of the our game changing isues were our fault, or simply the way the ball was bouncing. For what it's worth, if we get that score to 21-14, the whole game would have changed. Our kids are not going to win a trench war with a smash mouth game plan. We are a finesse team like it or not, and if we are to win games we have to rely on our playmakers, and a game plan hat sets up mis-matches!

I love this team, and I still think Jacory is one of the best pocket passers in the NCAA. A win over a top ten team on Saturday will go a long way to build confidence in these kid's! We get a few patsies of our own in the next few weeks, but everyone of those "weaker" teams will be coming for UM's head! I do not expect a letdown going forward!

Go 'canes!

Randy, where's Robert Marve when we needed him?

Posted by: Bruce | September 28, 2009 at 10:17 AM

He's probably tending to his torn ACL right now! Marve was Marve's worst enemy! He would have started a season before Jacory if he had not gotten in the accident.

That would have given him several games to prove himself before Jacory even graduated from High School! Marve IS a good QB on the field, but he could not keep it together off it.

He had leadership issues, coupled with his physical issues from his accident. Beside that, right or wrong he's gone! I wish him the best! (His Dad and HS coach can go to hell!)

One more thing for 'nole fan. We did not win on ONE dropped pass! We won with an 80yd TD drive, 6 goal line stands, a pass interference call, AND a dropped pass! So go suck it!

EVERY close UM/FSU game ends with a Miami win in the LAST second, and Bowden crapping his pants! U should be used to it by now! Lord knows we are!

Go 'canes!

To all true Hurricane fans like myself, keep youor heads up. We are going to be alright. i attended the Va Tech game and just let me say, after all the hype put into this team over the past week by the media, we were going to lose that game no matter what. We were just to flat. But its only one game, no need to waste what could be a great season still on one loss. As for all the Va Tech fans, all that I kept hearing was how good of fans you are and sportsmanship was a very high priority to Va Tech.. Saturday and this is not because my team lost, was absolutely the worst time that I ever had at a sports venue. There were fans in the section that I was sitting in who were confronted by the Police, more than once about yelling very offensive comments towards myself and other Hurricane fans. Also while in the concessions area during and after the game there were so many rude fans making very offensive remarks and jestures that it really made me sick.Believe me I can take trash talking but when you make it personal towards someone, get a life and grow up. But at end of it all, every dog has its day and we will overcome because WE ARE THE MIAMI HURRICANES. every other team ENVYS OUR PAST and FEARS OUR FUTURE.

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