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Gameday blog: UM-FSU

The Canes and Noles kickoff the season at 8 p.m. The game will be carried on ESPN. Feel free to watch the game and share your thoughts throughout.


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Thats a catch

first and goal!!!!!

Regardless of final outcome, this has been by far the best Miami v. FSU game since 2000.

No matter what the canes are back.

I hate these short kicks..

Why do they do that? 49 yards

YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Canes are back baby... Shannon almost blew that....

What now??? JH for Heismann...

OMG!!!!! Can you beleive it? 6 lead changes and we win..UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!

Now.....get to work and find us a defense and some special teams players that can tackle.

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I would love to hear from those who said 0-4 now. We are back baby. Jacory is the real deal!!! WE WILL GO UNDEFEATED!!!!

OK, I was a Robert Marve supporter thought his xfer would be a big issue. Despite what happened tonight harris has made me a believer. He actually reminded me of Vince YOUNG in Collge. so CALM in pocket, man if he ran half teh times vince did he would be even better. But I understand it, w/ no QB depth. GO Canes

Great Game - U 38 FSU 34

holly shiiiiiiiiiiiitttttttt!


What how i dont see anyone asking about the backup qbs or jacory arm whats the excusee SUCKAS almost 400 yards against the fastest fsu D WHAT NOW please bring more excuses

And welcome back to the rankings!

whooo baby!!!

Not Vince Young, Ken Dorsey; etc. Let Jacory be Jacory. What I liked most of all was he got better with his throws as the game went on. I thought early he was hesitant (no zip and telegraphing) but that changed. Not bad at all for a huge road start at Doak. Now tighten up that D and lets GO CANES.

U keep that 30+ Points Against Average Cane Fan ...

U know Arty, after the CHAMPS
Rolled FSU last year, I thought that was the most Pitiful Bowden Team I've ever seen ... I was Wrong.

1-3 just on the Horizon U Tards... Enjoy Ur Barely Win while U can ...


Enoy Jacory while he lasts as well U Stooges ... It's just a matter of time before Snap, Crackle or POP !

Razorcane, cane999. RONNIE BROWN MVP, CAV, u chumps hae just recieved your eviction notice from this blog u fae cane lovers

Congrat's to The U! 1 down, 11 to go!!!!!

Go 'canes!

Fear the future.....Envy our Past!!! It's all about the U. Noles choked

Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh ... We're # 24 !!!

Jacory Harris is the Moulie Marino!

whipple and JH pulled shannon from the burning building.

We've got things to work on, but it's progress. I predicted 41-10 Canes because I thought the offense could score that much. I didn't think FSU could move the ball so well...oh well, we've got work to do.

We should double Whipple's salary, he'd still be worth every penny.

I'd like to eat my words on Travis Benjamin, Chavez Grant, Randy Phillips, and Baby J.
Phillips was out of position, looks better now.

Sam Shields....what can you say about a kid who goes from WR to corner in such a short amount of time. Great job by this kid. He's keeping out of trouble and doing what he needs to do.

I love AJ Highsmith's body language....didn't seem too worried when he thought he was coming in. A sign of great things to come.

AMAZING GAME....!!!! My far the best UM game I've seen (minus NC games). Jacory's got ICE WATER in his veins.

Make no mistake about it:

Did you notice the 'Fear the Future, Envy the Past' sign. I love that motto!!!

RANDY SHANNON...I did not say (COACH) RANDY SHANNON..because he is the one "dumbness" most stupid idiotic coach in college football!! A total embarassment!! The guy "squib" kicks the kickoff three times and it backfires each.
Any idiot would kick it "long" and make them go 80 yards rather than 45 yards. Daaaa!! The guy is totally reprehenisble. SHANNON SHOULD GO...he did (not) win the game for us tonight...but he nearly "lost" it. What a complete inept jerk! Leave, please, Get fired, quit, whatever. JUST GO SHANNON!! Good ridance.

How is it a bigger freefall when i see we have a fan who stays up till midnight with us too cheer and post admit it U love DA CANES




It's funny how you racist fans can give Whipple "ALL" of the credit for the offense, but then you give Shannon "ALL" of the blame for the defenses short commings. What happened to Lovett's accountability? Open your eyes and be fair with your observations.

Richard U are a fool we won if reid would have returned it for 6 or to the 20 your dumb ass still would have scream I bet your dad is still upset with your mom tthe condom broke

Atl-cane where do u watch the games at in the ATL I bet Doug Stewart from the 2 live Stew give da U a Baller award

lame cane fans... a little bit of support... head coaches don't win games, the players do. coaches call plays, players execute...

Haters put a muzzle on please. Its all about the UUUUUUUU and the real UM fans always new about the home grown talent and what we had in Jacory.Its just a surprise to the rest of the nation. If Jacory keeps throwin for 300 plus games, you will hear Heisman very soon!!!!!!

Atl-Cane is right...Randy Shannon takes the blame when things are bad, he should get the credit when we make progress.

I'll just say, credit the coaching staff.

Squib kick was a bad decision...wonder what that was all about.

Non-existent pass rush in 2nd half. Secondary was heroic tonite.

Like I said in the chat, it was good to have intelligent conversation, some of you are friggin retarded...right richard?

Man you so call UM fans are so lame to me. Shannon can do nothing right in yall eyes. Everyone really know the reason you guys are acting like that towards coach Shannon. Yes it's a race thing, and its sick the way you so call fans are. You would rather have a losing season just to try and get Shannon fired, then to rally behind him and give him a REAL chance. I'm so glad you so call FANS don't have the last call on him coaching. Now I already see you guys trying to give his job to the new offensive coordinator. He hire the guy, but he don't even get credit for that. He got a coach that isn't scared and that don't hold back with the play book. You guys didn't like Jacory either, but he's cool as Tom Brady. No other QB from UM has ever threw that many yards against FSU. I know yall so CALL fans will find something negative to say about him, I just wish you guys just find another team or something. Go Canes. To all the real UM fans lets enjoy this win, we will grow from this. The best thing happen to us was that Marve left. I see why the other two QB's left they would have NEVER seen the field

i feel like i sprinted a mile against usain bolt!!!gr8 win canes.lets take it one game ata time though.

LOL at all the dumbass Shannon haters. Piss off. We dont want you supporting this team.

These are the games where winning teams are made. This team would have imploded sooo many times before if it wasnt for Shannon and Jacory's cool. Those guys are stone cold.

Thank God we have an offense again!!!

That was a good game. Bobby Bowden says that was the 3rd best game he have seen. He said the first one was the 87 FSU vs Miami, the 2nd one was FSU vs ND and this game the next best game he coached against. I'm proud of DA U we are on our way back. I might have been the only one that said 4-0 and I still believe we will be 4-0.

DA U great post but its good to have these fools right stupid things we cant get to the top unless someone is tying to hate so please encourage them u must realize so far i weakness none of the next 3 teams cant exploit G-tech or VA tech QBs struggle passing

A very entertaining game to watch unless you are a defensive coach! Just when it looked like FSU had blown the game, here comes Miami throwing an int for a touchdown. But at the very end, Dumbo Fisher managed (or should I say mismanaged) the clock and cost the Noles the game. Both playing for distant second or maybe third place in the state...

Howdy Pards:

Great game Canes!!!!!! Cooper sensational, Travis B, Jacory, Leonard H, great O line. The D did it when it had to.


Pretty good Run D

We've corrections to make on D, but I like us going back to Randy Shannon's read/react defensive style. It just seems to work better for the type of talent we recruit.

Can't say enough about Sam Shields. When is the last time you heard of him getting in trouble. Now he switches to corner and makes plays. Impressive.

Richard you are stupid. Did you see how number 5 almost ran the ball back the last two times. That kid had the hot hand we couldn't keep kicking it to him he was bound to run one back. So the special team coach had to prevent him from doing that. When you kick it short you give up field position and know I didn't like it either. But our kicker can kick the ball into the end. He was kicking it to the 10 and 15 yard line and our special team could cover the return. Stupid guy the special team coach is over the special team. Now if he would have kicked it back there and number 5 would have ran it back your racist ass would have said he should have kicked it away from him.

Gotta love 'Cane haters posting nonsense after we beat the 'Noles. They were ranked. We were not. We beat them in their house. Was it a perfect game? Of course not... but only one team walked off the field with a win. As for the rest of the schedule - one at a time. To those who appear to be hoping for Jacory to get injured, I have great advice: Go back to church, say 5 hail marys and then...
go **** yourself.

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