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Gameday blog: UM-Georgia Tech

Feel free to watch tonight's game between Georgia Tech and Miami and share your thoughts and questions throughout. I'll begin the live blog just after 7. Feel free to also comment below in the blog.

(The live coverage will display below. Press the play button to launch. It may take up to a minute to load.)


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Lets Go Canes!

Can't wait. Pacing the floor staring at my watch........GO CANES

Anyone know what the crowd looks like? Can't go tonight, home with my kids. Both my boys have on their hurricane jerseys though. Listening to game day on WQAM. PUMPED!!!!!!

Viva La Pirate!

Cane fan in charlotte wishing I were there. Lets go Canes. Have a good game.

Miami, Miami, Miami, Hurricanes
Drive, Drive, you Hurricanes
Keep right on goin, up that scorin'
Miami, Miami, Miami, Hurricanes
Drive on over the goal and on to victory.
M-I-A-M-I, M-I-A-M-I, fight, fight, fight!

Manny do we know if Tommy Streeter will play for AJ?

what time is kickoff?

Hey Arty, can't wait to see that plastic wrap Ring of Honor flap in the breeze on TV tonight ...

Canefan ... meet Earth.

Earth ... meet Canefan .

Welcome home

Smash sumthin Hurricanes lets bring tha pain.

My cousin is at the game, he said he just saw a few MNW bulls walking into the game.


go canes bring home the W...

Go Canes!!1!

Spank !!!!!!!!!

Lets Go JH!

Wreck TECH!!!!!!!!!!

Wreck TECH!!!!!!!

Our kickoff team is a real worry at this point

Special teams is going to cost us this game if Shannon does not get a real kicker in the game. Can't give GT the ball @ their own 40 all night.

canes offense -- wow
canes defense -- wow
canes kickoff special teams -- yikes

go jacory!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why can't we find a kicker that can put it in the endzone?

Ga. Tech SUCKS !!!

So far so good.........Go Canes, get another one before the half!!!!!!!!!

Favorite to win the Coastal in preseason sucks.

Oh man!!!! I feel like I've just gone back into time and am looking at that ol UM Swagga!!! Go CANES!!

Good first half. Keep it going, take it to the bees and blow them out of the stadium. Strong second half!!!!

This is what Miami Hurricanes is all about control the game and go for the kill in the second half

Where's SammyNole and the GT fans who were yapping on here earlier?

hanging in brasil and loving this game...only wish i could SEE it!!

GREAT 1st half by oUr CANES!!! This comment is for all U Randy bashers - GREAT JOB OF CLOCK MANAGEMENT @ END OF 1ST HALF. Keep it rollin' gUys and as always GO CANES!!!!!!

I'm in my happy place right now.

Go Canes!!


As much as I love winning this game, I get even more satisfaction shutting up Lou Holtz

I feel like I'm watching old school Miami Hurricanes football. Quick strike offense and ball-hawking defense. All we need is another 30 minutes. Go Canes!!!

score first in the second half and this game is over they dont have the offense to come back

We have Quaterback!!! Go Canes! The U is coming back!!!

I have been living in atlanta since 2003 and i work with a bunch of tech fans and I told them this wont be a game at all game over The Canes are back all you haters

Lets score!

Harris for Heisman

If we score here thats it!

What Cubalard said im w/ him. My thought exactly.

Javarius James

YEAH!!1! 24 -3

Go Canes!

S W A G G E R!!!!!! It's back - GO CANES

TD!!!! 24-3, how sweet it is. Keep kicking them in the face and blow them out of the stadium.


Please Kirby n Donna, start drafting a 5 year Extension NOW !!!

What game is Sam Shields Playing???? He has been burnt on all their big pass plays!!!! Is he the best CB we have?????

ugh we let them score......

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