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Gameday blog: UM-Georgia Tech

Feel free to watch tonight's game between Georgia Tech and Miami and share your thoughts and questions throughout. I'll begin the live blog just after 7. Feel free to also comment below in the blog.

(The live coverage will display below. Press the play button to launch. It may take up to a minute to load.)


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answer back jacory -- winner!

The offense wont let us lose this game

That's what I call an ANSWER!!! Great job Offense. 31-10!!!! Defense, keep them down.

NOW is the time for a pick!!

Give Whipple a million dollars, he is worth every penny of it. What a difference a brilliant coordinator makes.

Wow. I didn't realize Jacory H was THIS GOOD!

J Cool is the man...Quarterback U is back!

lol @ the gt punter kicking it out the endzone

WOW were backkkk


Keep up the pressure


Time to pour it on in the 4th, no letting up!!! I want an embarrassment, 2 more TDs will do it! 47-10.

Ya think VT is getting a little NERVIS!

For the first time since Dorsey left, I'm not nervous everytime the quarterback drops back to pass. I LOVE J-Cool

The talent is really unchanged since last year. We just have a coordinator who knows how to call a football game. And a defensive coordinator who knows option football.

those butt-holes embarrassed us last year.. Randy.. DONT LET DOWN THE ACCELERATOR!! another 21 pts! jackory can end with 400+ passing yards!! its hard to say WE BACK.. but we are not too far away.. we wanna show the nation that MIAMI is still MIAMI!

Go Cooper, coo coo cooo

We are more than way back. We are definitely the best team in the ACC and we may be a top five team before its all said and done.

Yep, Time to keep pounding the points.

To SJMPARMAN: You are wrong sir! Thank god Marve left!

yeah points impress the pollsters......keep scoring dont let up on them

Love the F-ing Hurricanes. Time for AJ Highsmith. Did somebody say 0-4, ithc please

We have 2 give it to them without th KY

No MVP for Matt Bosher this year. Love ya Matt

What the HLL yous Guys Editing!

Bosher's gotta hit that FG. Come on. Losing focus.

ugh shannon being too nice.......keep scoring points!

OH! there is a little Delay


Look, I think Robert Marve was a selfish and undisciplined player. He was a sandlot quarterback at best and my happiest day as a Cane was when he left. I wanted Jacory to start after the Florida State game. Don't confuse me as a Marve supporter, he SUCKED!!!!

Sean the hit man spence and Vaughn T. Virginia Tech dont wanna see that

#8 is the only reciever they have an he scores, WTF???????????????????????/

see thats why we got to keep socring points

Defense losing focus.

missed FG = TD
Randy will let Bosher have it!
Canes focused on run tonite - hopefully secondary will be OK against passing teams


Dwyer looks okay to me!! what does his lil va j j hurt... send the lil gurl some masingil

yeah i agree what supposed to be wrong with dwyer he doing an LT impersonation?

ugh i wanted them to score 40 points at least

WTF !!

Where is SammyNole now?

Put up the score Randy!!!!

Good game overall, too much letdown in 4th quarter, have to play to the end. Good game though, THE U IS BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

smh more points shannon!!

coaches must learn to coach to the end... great game overall, but the coaches cannot call over off the dogs if they want to return to greatness!!

Oh nice job see you in the ACC Champioship Game if you make it....listening to Jacory with EA...if it doesnt work out he shoudl debate for Polar Cup cause that boy can talk...GUHHHH!!

GO NOLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jacory Harris is a better NFL QB prospect right now than Teblow. hahaha

Posted by: JoDGTFan | September 17, 2009 at 11:33 AM

Posted by: Optionoffense | September 16, 2009 at 11:04 PM

Hey Optionoffense and JoDGTFan, where are you guys now? Was GT's D able to stop our O? LOL

Posted by: SammyNole | September 17, 2009 at 10:58 PM


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