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Gameday blog: UM-Georgia Tech

Feel free to watch tonight's game between Georgia Tech and Miami and share your thoughts and questions throughout. I'll begin the live blog just after 7. Feel free to also comment below in the blog.

(The live coverage will display below. Press the play button to launch. It may take up to a minute to load.)


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Great morning everyone!

The media is officially on the bandwagon. Rod Smith on ESPN says 3-1...no, wait...4-0!


Your special teams will blow it next week and your lack of defensive backs versus OK will make it 2-2 which I think is great. Too bad Whipple will be gone next year. I predict Gator Bowl versus Ole Miss but serious contention next year.

Chris - IP check on SN
Reason: JCM

you also stated 0-4 then 1-3 so now its 2-2
Go back to your dungeon and dragons game and leave well enough alone
You have made a fool of yourself on here for way to long

Never said 0-4. See you in the ACC Championship Game!

Chris Mortenson: "Enjoy Whipple now Miami Fans, he will be gone next year"

Posted by: U Of Miami | September 18, 2009 at 10:11 AM

loved the post about the "if" statement. to that guy that doubted shannon you ppl do not understand how tough of a job this man had. he did not walk into the greatest situation if so i think greg schiano would have came in and took the job. shannon was left with basically no depth and relied on a few players that could get the job done.

the whole world could be on the what if situation. what if that ref did not call that horrible pass interfernce against sharpe we would have 6 ships.you do not support the coach at all so, how can you support the team. coaching and playing is a whole other beast.

If Tebow's lucky, in the NFL, it'll be Jacory throwing him short passes, in Teabag's third string H-back role, during garbage time late in the 4th quarter

why do you hate sammy nole? you must that dumb troll that patrol these blogs.

We're not back, yet. We're back when we crush a team like we could've yesterday.

We could've crushed GT's spirit for the next 4 years last night. I hate this business about taking a knee and not running up the score. We should've put up 45+ on those scrubs.

Beat VT in their house the same way we beat GT last night. Play with that same intensity against UCF and USF....humiliate those programs to the point where they feel like they are decades away from being in a game with us.

We do that and we're back... Right now it's all just really good progress.

Sam Sheilds has to keep his head up...he's doing great. Teams are going to come after him because he's not a CB. He'll get beaten occassionally, but he's making a great contribution filling in for DVD.

SammyHole/Art/Don/pooltable/racist rant post/Curse of Kehoe/Dumpster Fire/GTech fans

All the same person doing whatever he can for attention

Posted by: Get A Job | September 17, 2009 at 11:09 PM

a wayward gaturd assumes various aliases to sow dissension …


Too bad Whipple will be gone next year.

Posted by: gaturd agent provocateur | September 18, 2009 at 09:23 AM

Coach Whipple confided in the wayward gaturd ; )


Too bad Whipple will be gone next year.

Posted by: gaturd agent provocateur | September 18, 2009 at 09:23 AM


we’re back …


Posted by: MH | September 18, 2009 at 10:08 AM


NO FAnes showed up...said 45K

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