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Gameday Preview: UM-Georgia Tech

It's time to preview tonight's game as the Hurricanes try to snap a four game losing streak to Georgia Tech and take another step forward under coach Randy Shannon.

REWIND: Do I even have to bring it up? 472. That's all you need to know. The Yellow Jackets ran through, around and over the Canes last year in Atlanta. Jonathan Dwyer and Josh Nesbitt had a field day and Georgia Tech flat out ruined whatever hopes UM had of reaching the ACC championship game. To say UM has forgotten about it would be just flat out wrong. This team has been watching film of Tech's triple option attack and practicing for it since the spring. In the Canes locker room this week, newspaper clippings were posted all over the place to remind players what Georgia Tech has done to them.


UM > UM wins because: They slow down (notice I didn't say shut down) Tech's Triple Option, force at least two turnovers and quarterback Jacory Harris and his receivers have another big day to help the Canes jump out in front and stay there. How important is UM's early success on offense? Maybe bigger than if Jonathan Dwyer has another big day. Last season in Tech's four losses, the Yellow Jackets not only fell behind but were at times forced to throw more than they wanted to. Nesbitt had a season-high 24 pass attempts against LSU in the blowout bowl loss, 15 against Virginia, 22 against UNC and 14 against Virginia Tech. At the very least, UM has to create at least a few situations where Nesbitt has to become a passer. If he doesn't, it's going to be a long day for the Canes.

GT > GT wins because: They have the same type of success they had last year running the football, breaking off long runs against UM's defense and demoralizing the Canes and the home crowd at Land Shark Stadium. This is going to be an emotional game for the Canes. They've spent so much time preparing for this game and want badly to redeem themselves for previous losses. If the Yellow Jackets grab the edge early and put some pressure on Jacory Harris, then the game is definitely playing in their favor.

> My pick: UM 34, Georgia Tech 31. I said before the season Miami's best shot at winning in their first four games were the first two. I stand by it. Georgia Tech didn't impress me very much on defense in its first two games -- or offensively for that matter (they scored two special teams TDs against Clemson). But UM's defense didn't look very good in its opener either. That's why I expect a high scoring game yet again. Miami's defense isn't going to give up 472 rushing yards again. But the Yellow Jackets are going to have success running the football. It's what they do. I just think the fact Miami is playing this game at home and has been focused on it for so long, the Canes will find a way with a turnover or two to pull this one out at the end in dramatic fashion.


> Offense: Jacory Harris. After his thrilling performance at Florida State, he garnered a mock Heisman vote by ESPN. Two big performances -- like the one he'll have tonight if UM wins -- will make him a serious frontrunner for ACC Offensive Player of the Year. Georgia Tech's secondary has a special talent in safety Morgan Burnett. As long as Jacory keeps the ball away from him, his receivers should have another huge day.

> Defense: Sean Spence. I've never seen Sean Spence have two bad games in a row. That's why I'm counting on him to bounce back and help tame this Yellow Jackets offense. Miami is going to give up yards and big plays. But I've got a feeling Spence is going to help create some turnovers like he did against Virginia last year.

> Special teams: Matt Bosher. After a really tough game against FSU on kickoffs, he's been released from those duties to handle punts and field goals only. I think he'll do a great job not only converting on his field goal attempts, but keeping the ball away from NCAA punt return leader Jerrard Terrant.


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1st go canes go

This game is not going to be close. Miami is going to score fast and often and the defense will have at least 3 turnovers. Mark it down!! Coop has another big game, and Streeter gets introduced to the college football world on primetime.

Go Canes !!!!!!


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I can't wait! Just hope the walk-on kicker can actually kick the ball and not pooch punt.

You are all HIIIIGGGHHHH!! Tech is gonna beat you badly.

Can't wait for this one. I went to the G-tech game in Hot-Lanta back in 2007. G-Tech fans are a-holes. I extended my hand to a G-Techie fan to say good game before kick-off, only to be told "get away from me you thug".
Bleeding orange$green..........

It's game time!
Canes 63, GT 12.
Be amazed tonight by my exact-right score call.
Canes 63, GT 12.
Canes 63, GT 12.
Canes 63, GT 12.
Canes 63, GT 12.
Canes 63, GT 12.
Canes 63, GT 12.
Canes 63, GT 12.
Canes 63, GT 12.
Canes 63, GT 12.
Canes 63, GT 12.

Game ball: defense: Colin McArthy
Offense: Dedrick Epps

I hope Highsmith is ready as well as the cane fans and their excuses. Should have done everything to let Cannon stay. GT 41 - Da U 17

SammyNole, you're about to show the country you're for real on Saturday tearing up BYU, so class it up, already. This game is all Canes. It's going to get ug-leee. Jacory will burn it up AGAIN on espn.

+1 for Colin McCarthy on defense. He wasn't at the GTech game last time. Definately our best chance against the run.

Offense: Matt Pipho + Jason Fox I hope :b Stop Morgan.

Love da hype-

Want to throw out three key match-ups

Canes OL vs GT DL - love to see Whipple use a less talented group (OL) outperfrom GT DL with superior play calling, formations, miss matches.
What an awesome OC........

Canes defense vs stopping the triple option
(assignment football) - would love to see the D of old reacking havoc the the limited offense. DL getting off cut blocks, LB making the right reads. dbs crashing up blowing up the run.

Kick off coverage - hate to say it, GT has the clear advantage. WTF - pouch kicks- while other pound it to the 5 or deeper

You can hate on me for not cheer leading, but at age 45, its hard to cheer lead.


Go Canes!!!! I've waited for this payback for a year.....I love how the Cane haters come on this blog.They just can't stay away...People love to hate us and that's what i like...Everyone hate on us.we'll have the last laugh.Leaving work early for this one.

Tech fans forget that we have horses too! I am really glad that Tech is looking past Miami...The Canes will make you believers just as we did the rest of the college football world on Labor Day. Tech seems to forget that they only managed ONE offensive touchdown last week. We no longer have last years starting QB or the inept offensive coordinator. Keep talking shet...all you've done is fire the defense up! You are still Georgia Tech...and you are still irrelevant.

GOOOOOOOOOOOOOCanes Baby!!!!!!!,Jascory thats right JaSCORY Harris is going to light it up tonight. Tech did even look like a ranked team last week. Miami owns thursday night ah lets see 13-2 on thursday night. My prediction Miami 42 Tech 10 write down all you gambler's. Hurridalfan13

Begging and Pleading for championships!

Howdy Pards:

Marcus Forston has big game. Miami wins on D by pressuring the middle, and Forston has breakout game.

Go Canes

Shannon is a POS coach. I will be booing him from my seats, and then I will kick a GT fans ass. its time to fire him

ok I this has nothing to do with the game but as a fan I'm loving the Dolphins app for the iphone and now i see there is a gator 1. As a die hard CANE fan I'm a little upset this app hasnt been created yet. Whats the deal? Make it happen I wanna jump on that app ASAP!

As a die hard CANE fan I'm a little upset this app hasnt been created yet. Whats the deal? Make it happen I wanna jump on that app ASAP!

Posted by: Gerry Couzo | September 17, 2009 at 05:14 PM



Why is there always a dumbas Shannon hater on here? Yes, im looking at you UMBrynn. Dude, STFU. We dont want you as a fan of this team, seriously, get the eff outta here, you're stinking up the place.

Great game tonight and it went just how i thought. This is a good football team. Fantastic talent and great coaching. We are on the verge of something special. If i have one word to describe Shannon, its class. He is such a classy guy. Had we of been coached by Urban Myer, instead of going for the fg's, we try to get a TD for the sole purpose of running up the score. I was thrilled to see Shannon go for the kick and the kneel down at the end of the game. We as Canes fans are sooooo lucky to have Coach Shannon. Great start to the season.


Go Canes!! I am disappointed that I will not be able to attend this beat down that GT will be getting from the Canes! So, if their is someone out there that will be attending the game and needs to buy a ticket please contact me @ gdsffg@bellsouth.net. I am in the ATL. GD Smith

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