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Grading the Canes: GT Report Card

Here's how I grade UM's effort against Georgia Tech. It was the best game this team has played under Randy Shannon and the most complete they've looked in years. Bravo, Canes.

Jacory Harris up close > Quarterbacks: He didn't need to be heroic this week. Instead, Jacory Harris was practically perfect. He threw five incompletions (two were drops) and finished 20 of 25 for 270 yards and three scores. He made one bad decision on the second series of the game, throwing deep for LaRon Byrd and nearly getting picked. He's still off to a great start in two games and the Heisman talk has already begun. He's currently seventh in ESPN voting. I think it's a little premature. But fun nonetheless. Grade: A.

> Running game: If someone would have said UM would outrush Georgia Tech before the game, we all would have laughed. But that's what happened. UM ran for 184 and GT ran for 95. Graig Cooper had 93 yards on 17 carries and Javarris James had 72 yards on 14 carries with a touchdown. Both looked good moving the pile. Tough break for Lee Chambers. He had two carries for 12 yards and needed help to get off the field. We may finally see Mike James next week. Grade: A.

LaRon Byrd > Receivers/tight end: Not too many drops this week. LaRon Byrd had one on a cross route (the ball could have been thrown better), Dedrick Epps had another. But all in all, when nine different guys catch the football and eight of those have gains of 13 or more, you've had a great day. LaRon Byrd did a nice job bouncing back from his tough day at FSU with a team-leading five catches for 83 yards and a score. Former power forward Jimmy Graham even got on the scoreboard with his first catch and first touchdown. Grade: A.

> Blocking: Jacory Harris said it best after the game when he said he didn't even think about Derrick Morgan or Georgia Tech's pass rush. That's the kind of day the big uglies had. There were a few penalties -- false start on Matt Pipho and a holding penalty on Jason Fox. But Jacory Harris had all day to throw. And the line opened up plenty of running lanes. Grade: A.

Allen Bailey > Defensive line: Eric Moncur made his return and was an instant hit. He was huge on the opening series in disrupting Josh Nesbitt. Most importantly, however, other than the opening series when GT ran for 45 yards, UM's defensive line trusted each other to stay on assignment and avoided cut blocks. Freshman Olivier Vernon created three tackles for loss. Allen Bailey created a push in the middle along with Joe Joseph. The only thing missing again was a contribution from Marcus Forston. He didn't have a tackle and left the game in the third quarter with an injury. Grade: A.

> Linebackers: Darryl Sharpton earned a helmet sticked with his eight tackles. He did a great job tying up Josh Nesbitt when he decided to keep the ball instead of pitching it. Colin McCarthy had four tackles and Sean Spence had two. Jordan Futch made his first start, but only because McCarthy was having helmet issues at the start of the game. Bottomline, the guys did their job collectively. Grade: A.

Randy Phillips > Secondary: The only area on defense where there were still some deficiencies. Sam Shields finished with six tackles but was the victim on a few big pass plays Georgia Tech was able to strike on. Meanwhile, Brandon Harris looked like a beast again. He had three pass deflections and didn't get beat at all. When Demarcus Van Dyke (concussion) returns next week, Shields can go back to being a part time player. That will help as much as the return of Vaughn Telemaque did this week when he started in place of Jojo Nicholas. Telemaque and Randy Phillips were both solid on run defense. Grade: B.

> Special teams: If you thought FSU was a tough game for the Canes on kickoff coverage, this one was worse. Walk-on Alex Uribe kicked two balls out of bounds, but rebounded with better efforts in the second half. But the Yellow Jackets still got great field position most of the night. They started at either their 40 or 39 yard line five times on six kickoffs. Meanwhile, Matt Bosher had a tough day despite the lighter workload. Bosher missed a 26-yarder and 31-yarder late in the game. The positive? The lights out block by Futch that made SportsCenter and the returns of Mike James, Travis Benjamin and Graig Cooper. But like Shannon said, the Canes have work to do. Grade: D.

> Coaching: Much better on defense, spectacular again on offense and much better on clock management. Mark Whipple's play calling on offense put UM in position to score more than the 33 points they did. He was scary good. Defensively, UM was always in position to make plays. The work defensive coordinator John Lovett did against the Triple Option and cut blocks needs to be commended. Miami was ready for it. But the best part about the coaching this week? No timeouts because the wrong personnel was on the field. UM burned all six at FSU because of that. None this week. Huge turnaround. Grade: A.


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Good game all around execpt in the kicking game. If we don't correct that we will be in for a long night in Blacksburg. Why does Bosher need any rest? Let him handle all the kicking duties.
I don't know the answer to this thus why I am asking.. Do we have a special team coach?

I hope we can Whipple around for awhile, something tells me won't be able to though.


Typical white sportswriter. Randy Shannon gets no credit. Not even a mention under the "Coaching" section of your grades. Mark Whipple? Check. John Lovett? Check. The black head coach? Not even worth mentioning. I bet if the Canes had lost you would've mentioned Coach Shannon. Typical. And sad.

OK Manny good job. Now rate the players. 1. Jacory 2. Coop 3. B. Harris 4. Moncur 5. Spence Honorable mention the offensive line, Benjamin, and Javarris

Typical white sportswriter. Randy Shannon gets no credit. Not even a mention under the "Coaching" section of your grades. Mark Whipple? Check. John Lovett? Check. The black head coach? Not even worth mentioning. I bet if the Canes had lost you would've mentioned Coach Shannon. Typical. And sad.

Posted by: Anonymous | September 18, 2009 at 03:16 PM

The dumbest thing I've ever heard. Turn every little things to racism.

what's the injury report?

Agree on everything but the coaching, it should be an A-

I thing there is a plenty of room for improvement on special teams and genreally cutting down on penalties, a great deal of which comes down to coaching and instilling discipline (not to mention the secondary issues). Great coaches minimize assignment errors (on special teams, for instance) and silly penalties like false starts, etc.

Great news if Van Dyke is actually/publicly expected back! It sounded like he was having a great spring. If he is anywhere near Harris in terms of development, that will be a big boost. If he isn't, it should still be an improvement over Shields (who has actually been better than expected - kudos to him).

anonymoUs UR A DOUCHEBAG!!!!! Not mentioning Coach Shannon has nothing to do with the fact that he is black!!! ObvioUsly yoU know absolUtely nothing aboUt football - when the coordinators get high praise it's a direct reflection of the head coach & HIS game plan. Coach Shannon DOES NOT want the credit & he is well deserving of mUch more than he gets. Get off of the message boards with yoUr crap we don't need it or want it!! From a WHITE CANES fan in alabama as always GO CANES!!!!!

Let's get ready for VT, any word on if it will be Nationally Televised; ABC, ESPN/ESPN2, or ESPNU?

Oh God. The race card. Is that you Jimmy Carter? Okay. Shannon made a great hire in Whipple and Lovett. Credit Shannon for fixing the substitution along with his assistant coaches white and non-white. How is that for yah.

If you wanna hear the black coached getting props and no white ones. Go follow FAMU or pull you zipper around to the front and be grown up about it.

Jacory through five incompletions? You mean 'threw'? Come on. Where'd you go to school, man?


What happened to the "Program is in a downward spiral" Manny?? Oh and UF is going to start stealing all our recruits!! I guess u were a little premature there. LOL It must eat you up inside to see Randy is bringing us back. I'm sure you will come up with another Meyer is making inroads with S. FL recruits and UM should be worried. Get outta here....

Thanks Manny! This is getting fun again!

anyone get an injury report yet?

tally cane- ABC & ESPN (out of market)3:30 game starting time.

what a game. except sammy sarasota shields. hope the starters are healthy agains Va Tech. Win this one and the division half should be well within reach.


Posted by: SammyNole | September 18, 2009 at 03:48 PM

No more excuses for a poor turnout from here on out. The team is legit and the Dolphins are taking a step back.

(against) Va Tech

It is funny to me how people always try and knock the U on the attendance at the games. We are a school the size of Wake Forest and they don't put 100k in the stands do they. Most schools our size average less the 20k a game. Where doing okay!!

Manny! YOUR RIGHT! We very well can be playing in a BCS game THIS YEAR! People bashed you on that last blog because our expectations have fallen. We went from believin we'll go play for a national tittle every year, regardless of who we had waering the U on there helmets, to hoping we make an ACC tittle appearance. ***Our bigest problem is our fans.**** Not Randy Shannon, our fans. These kids play there hearts out for a half full stadium. And half of those people still complain! Dang!
I can't believe how much they were bashing you on that point Manny. I was @ the game and our fans are worst than our special teams coverage, our injuries, and whatever else you want to say about Miami.
One love Manny
By the way that was a category_4 in miami. (Special teamz kept it from being a 5)

By the way. Sammynole is a canez fan. That why I like the kid. I'm also a canez fan. Look. I believe Florida State will beat BYU (hopefully) and show up in the ACC tittle game ranked. And lining up on the other side will be bobby bowdens nightmare team. (Much love to Bobby by the way. -legend) A revenge game. Miami win and finally the ACC will have there money making scenario. One love Sammynoles AKA another canez fan.
(This is what I meant by bad fans. Now they're pretending to be noles fans.)

Hopefully we'll have a category_5 in blacksburgerking

This attendance criticism is so dumb, and it wreaks of desperation that this is still thrown around! We're a small private school of ~8000 undergrads! Even if every single student were free and a football fan we still wouldn't be able to fill 1/6th of the stadium. Most Big Ten and SEC schools have student populations ~35-40,000, so they can fill a huge block of the stadium.

And we're in Miami, not the middle of Bumble-f@&&, where everyone for 1000 miles will stop their life, hitch up the trailer and drive out and camp for the weekend to see the game. Miami's population is heavily imported from the Northeast anyway, so it's not like the majority of the people living there grew up watching college football.

I'd like to sell out the stadium every week too, but you can't compare these numbers straight up with Penn State, Michigan, Tennessee, etc. Completely different situations.

Somebody better start the donation plate to keep Whipple in UM.

You know what ChicagoCane, your right. But the faz complain too much. And lack in optimism.

(You know what ChicagoCane, your right. But the fanz complain too much. And lack in optimism.) How many great coaches have come and gone. They will alwys come back because of the talent and a chance to acually win. Whatever.

Let's get ready for VT, any word on if it will be Nationally Televised; ABC, ESPN/ESPN2, or ESPNU?

Posted by: Canes fan in Tally | September 18, 2009 at 03:42 PM


depending on your location, ABC or ESPN televises …


SammyHole/Art/Don/pooltable/racist rant post/Curse of Kehoe/Dumpster Fire/GTech fans

All the same person doing whatever he can for attention

Posted by: Get A Job | September 17, 2009 at 11:09 PM

a wayward gaturd assumes various aliases to sow dissension …



Posted by: SammyNole | September 18, 2009 at 03:48 PM


that’s still 10 times what the marlins normally draw …
A for enthusiasm …



while neglecting to mention the millions out there in TV land …
mind you, 5 of ESPN’s all-time telecasts involve U …


chicagocane.. i get what your saying about colleges in nowhere's ville but real question for you what are hte attendance #'s for a school like USC or UCLA.. not trying to be smart but would you not agree those are # that would be more comparable to?

It is funny to me how people always try and knock the U on the attendance at the games. We are a school the size of Wake Forest and they don't put 100k in the stands do they. Most schools our size average less the 20k a game. Where doing okay!!

Posted by: Jeremy Blalock | September 18, 2009 at 04:25 PM

along with washington, U top attendance for a university in an NFL market


Anonymous made a great point. No where in the article credit was given to Randy Shannon. That's expected from Manny. Lets not kid ourselves, we live in America and racism do exist. Alabama Cane should know that! It look like Shannon was going to be out just a few weeks ago and now he is winning he gets no credit. I hope the U don't turn into a Notre Dame type of school.


Posted by: SammyNole | September 18, 2009 at 03:48 PM

Sorry I couldn't go, I was over at SammyNoles house. We were getting facials. See you tonight Sammy!!!!

JPHurricane go follow FAMU!? Obviously you know nothing about football. Have you looked at FAMU coaching staff? White and black idiot! Comfirmation of a Rac>>>>

Don't feed the troll with that Race stuff. Plus Manny is part black. His high school girlfriend said so...

/I am black but with Korean parts :-(
//my eyesight
///get your mind out of the gutter

chicagocane.. i get what your saying about colleges in nowhere's ville but real question for you what are hte attendance #'s for a school like USC or UCLA.. not trying to be smart but would you not agree those are # that would be more comparable to?

Posted by: CJ | September 18, 2009 at 05:10 PM


No, it's not a fair comparison unless USC & UCLA have an undergrad attendance of 8000 or less. If not, then it's not a fair comparison.

I like Manny and enjoy the way he covers UM, but he & SD wrote an article accusing Randy Shannon of lying and I don't think that was right nor fair. But, it is what it is. I am just glad that RS doesn't let silly things like that get to him.

Whose agrees with me when I say, cut the jacory for heisman stuff... He himself isn't gonna let it get yo him he's "ice cold"

Thanks Miami for coming out last night...45K what a joke fan base...I enjoyed the $25 parking...$95 decent seat ticket...two beers $16 plus tip..$8 for water..I enjoyed the game..and I will return but at these prices not so many will..what happened to the 60K that manny said was sold...the 45K showed up late and left early....we have a great thing happening at the U...but not for long with 45K showing up for a game like this....Miami fans are pitiful...GO CANES...1 of 45K..by the way I drove over from Fort Myers and drove home..that is a FAN...

I see both sides of this race thing. I want Shannon to get mad props for what he's doing. I come from liberty and that place is horrible. Plus the man lost all of his siblings to crack and AIDS right? For me I love to see the team I grew up following, hearing all the bad stuff about them and they just keep winning. Yall ain't forgot the convicts and thug team talk. I been hearing that crap since 85. They show boat they don't play with class.

WHAT THEY REALLY WANTED TO SAY WAS LOOK AT THESE N****S ON TV. And they killed teams on TV. I mean murdered people by halftime. And they did showboat and I loved it. I loved seeing them act like kids from my neighborhood.

As I got older and the Canes still in my heart it hurt to see that brawl in 05. I mean that brought all the "black kids from miami don't know how to act" talk back.

A few weeks ago two white qb's tranferred and people start saying Coach wouldn't recruit white kids. I think anonymous wrong too but best believe its people that hate Miami and want to see Shannon fail. For people who know Huck know I live in Texas. Man when NW came here and beat Their beloved Carroll oh its was those ghetto black kids were to old. They said that some of them had failed and shouldn't have played. They used every excuse except this all black team beat our all white team. And thats the truth. Turner Gill blew the Auburn alumni away. I was told he hit them with a line like "Where Nick Saban goes I'm gonna be in that kids living room the next day." What ever kid is committed to Bama I will personally make sure he knows exactly what Auburn football is. I mean I heard the guy was dynamite and some big wig basically said we can't have a black coach with a white wife. Racism is alive and well. But Miami had enough sense to stick together through it. The stadium was never sold out cause most Canes fans were poor. But the players know they got a whole nation of followers. Always remember we all Canes.


Any more injury updates? I am thinking of AJ, Van Dyke, Chambers, and Fortson?

BTW, any chance Fortson is playing with a hidden injury b/c he just doesn't seem to be exploding off the ball and making an impact.


You mentioned you were going to review the tape of the game. Is that the ESPN broadcast or soemthing better.

One broadcaster (either idiot CJ or JP) mentioned JH missed receivers wide open on a couple palys. I don't trust their opinion. Just sounded stupid with JH craving up the GT defense.

And on another blog, why not NC in 09, you made good points.

BTW, its the coaches and player's responsibility to focus, (play 1GAAT) what fools thinks writers/twitters can effect players performance.

Jacory for Heisman. He is playing like one, can't wait for the pink siut.

Racism is alive thats why the U.S. has a black president.

not trying to be smart

Posted by: CJ | September 18, 2009 at 05:10 PM



CJ roots for f-i-u-don’t-matter …
of all the nerve …
you draw flies …
exaggerate crowd size to appear larger & meet D-1 requirements …
but for strong-arming an unsuspecting student body thru obscene activity fees …
your unwanted athletic program would die a lonely death …


There is no racism in college football, move on. Look in the stands at most games you will see 95% white people cheering for black players, loving them.


It used to be Eastern Airlines was our one large industry.
(Now? Take away tourism) I guess I’d say the largest entity is the University of Miami.
-- miami herald’s edwin pope


All white people aren't racist. Ironically, the ones who aren't pretend racism doesn't exist anymore...



a resurgent U gnaws at the grimy gaturd …
next spring, ACCepts bids on a new TV deal …
the most conservative estimates peg bundled basketball & football rights at $120M a year or $1.8B over 15 years a la the yes-e-c …
as a point of comparison, disney pays the bigbad10 $1B over 10 years for theirs …
throw in A-1 baseball, women’s basketball & olympic sports …
not to mention Raycom partnering with Comcast or FitTV selling equity stake or ESPN rebranding Classic to distribute the brand new ACC network nationally …
don’t fret for me my friend …
no other conference can match our depth, reach & market size …
from Miami to boston …
going my way …


All white people aren't racist but the ones that aren't are in denial of it's existance.


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