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Grading The Canes: VT Report Card

Here's how I grade UM's effort against Virginia Tech: It was clearly the Canes worst performance of the young season and showed there is still plenty of work to be done by this team before it really is "back" to being a serious contender. Right now, I see them as an improved football team that simply isn't completely where it needs to be yet.

I'll admit it I got caught up in the excitement myself. I thought this team was on the verge of taking a big step up. I picked them to win in Blacksburg last week after I had called for a 2-2 start to the season with losses against the Hokies and Sooners in the preseason. That being said, fans shouldn't take this loss as if the sky is falling. Miami's 31-7 loss Saturday came against the ACC's preseason favorite in their house in terrible weather conditions. It's not an excuse. Like Jason Fox told me after the game, "It was the hand we were dealt and we didn't step up to the challenge." 

The good news: UM will get another opportunity this week to redeem itself against Oklahoma. If UM wins -- and that's a big if because Oklahoma is probably the best football team UM will play this year -- the Canes could be right back in the Top 10. A 3-1 start would still be much better than most of us thought would happen. 

> Quarterbacks: The numbers weren't pretty for Jacory Harris. He completed 9 of 25 for 150 yards and an interception and a fumble. But his protection and help from receivers was much morse. Twice he made perfect throws on plays that could have gone for touchdowns -- Dedrick Epps and Jimmy Graham -- and twice the balls were dropped. I thought while some of his passes were clearly off, he did a decent job trying to keep Miami in the game. He showed leadership, going to his players like Graham on the sideline after his drops and reassuring him he had faith in him. UM didn't look great and neither did Harris. But he showed toughness, leadership in the loss. Grade: C.

> Running game: Miami attempted 34 runs and finished with 59 yards. Graig Cooper led the way with 55 yards on 11 carries. The field conditions weren't great and Cooper slipped several times on plays he might have been able to break for bigger gains. But what he showed me Saturday was that he's still better than Javarris James, who got 14 carries and finished with 35 yards and a touchdown. Cooper just did a better job finding holes and breaking tackles. At times, I thought James made poor decisions, cutting the ball through traffic instead of around it. Grade: D.

> Receivers/tight end: Randy Shannon said in his press conference Sunday he counted seven to eight drops. Obviously, Jimmy Graham had the two biggest ones. But Travis Benjamin had at least one or two himself. LaRon Byrd led the team in receiving again with four catches for 58 yards and Leonard Hankerson had three catches for 79 yards including a big one down the middle of the field to set up UM's only touchdown. Both of those guys played well. But as a unit, seven to eight drops is simply unacceptable. I don't care if it was raining. Virginia Tech didn't have that many drops. Grade: D.

> Blocking: In a word -- terrible. The lasting image for me in this game is watching Matt Pipho get completely destroyed by Jason Worilds and then Harris getting sacked. It wasn't just the fact Virginia Tech's front seven dominated Miami either. It was the bone head mistakes with false starts and blown assignments. Miami's running backs, who had done a good job picking up blitzes, completely whiffed a few times allowing Hokie defenders to get clear shots at Harris. Grade: F.

> Defensive line: They were shorthanded this week with Andrew Smith and Marcus Forston. But they were still dominated up front and out of position to make plays most of the game. Instead of staying in their gaps and protecting against the running ability of Tyrod Taylor, they were over aggressive and allowed the Hokies to have big gaps to run through. In all, UM was only able to produce two tackles for loss. That tells you what type of day it was up front. Grade: F.

> Linebackers: Colin McCarthy set a personal record with 13 tackles and Sean Spence had eight to finish second on the team. But neither of them nor anyone else on defense really had a great game. There were too many missed tackles and runs that ended up becoming the secondary's responsibility. When a team runs for 272 yards you've had a horrible day. Grade: D.

> Secondary: Tyrod Taylor only threw the ball nine times. But he completed four of them for 98 yards and a touchdown. His receivers were usually wide open, a product of what coach Randy Shannon didn't want -- guys leaving their responsibilities in coverage to go and help. Even if Chavez Grant doesn't slip, I'm pretty sure Jarrett Boykin scores on that 48-yard pass play. Brandon Harris had a good day tackling (he had 5 including a big one to stop a long run). But there were too many other guys like Demarcus Van Dyke who whiffed and gave up big plays. The Canes have to be worried about the loss of Randy Phillips. We still don't know how long he'll be out. Jojo Nicholas and Jared Campbell are not the answer. Grade: F.

> Special teams: Matt Bosher did his job -- averaging 41.5 yards a punt and knocking three inside the 20. And Graig Cooper had a nice 39-yard return to setup UM's only score. But the rest of UM's special teams unit didn't do their jobs well at all. The blocked punt turned what was still a close game at 14-0 into a much tougher task. Also, the punt coverage team has to come up with at least one of those two muffed balls. Virginia Tech recovered both of them. You can't leave opportunities like that on the field. Grade: D.

> Coaching: Can't put all the blame on the coaches in this one with the way UM executed with missed tackles and dropped balls. But I thought Mark Whipple could have made some adjustments a little quicker in the first half because of the weather conditions. Miami threw on the first play of its opening seven series five times. They weren't just short to mid range passes. They were passes deep downfield. It left the Canes in second and third and long most of the night. Defensively, whatever John Lovett had as his game plan didn't work. His team was out of position at lot of times and didn't stick to its assignment to close down those running lanes. But you can't put all the blame on him. He wasn't out there missing tackles. Grade: D.


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1st!...Which is what the Canes will be in January!

Harris..gets a D...two turnovers that were all his Fault..14 points...he will get pressure.he needs to protect the ball and make better decisins...it cost us at FSU and VT...THE D WAS FLAT OUT HORRIBLE>..6-6 year,,at best

It's all good, just beat OK and the U will be back in the Top 15.

In Randy I trust!

nealtrom, they lost one game, and all of a sudden they are a 6-6 team, what the effin' do you even know about football??? what game have you been watching the last 4 weeks?? you must be the most idiotic football fan alive!

Nealtrom is a fan of another program or the most negative person on earth who continually writes negative crap about the Miami program.

Could you imagine being around this guy all day, I think I would shoot myself!

Don't U have a funeral to attend?

It is definitely not an excuse, but it really looked like the weather put this team completely out of whack! Champions, of course, learn to win no matter what (weather, injuries, finals, etc), and this is not a championship team yet. But it may still be a great team.

This reminded me a LOT of the game up in Washington where Ken Dorsey was making his second or third start. We traveled to U Washington and it was pouring down rain and the team seemed completely frazzled and out of sorts. We lost that one, but went undefeated the rest of the year including upsets of #1 FSU, #2 VT (in Blacksburg I believe...Michael Vick's team) and top 5 UF in the Sugar Bowl. We would not lose again for 2 years.

We all knew this team was young and was going to have a game where they were inconsistent and couldn't pull it together. Remember, we all were hoping for 3-1 or 2-2. We can still get the former. Even with only 2 defensive line starters, a turnover, and a blocked punt for a TD, we still made a run early in the second half until Graham dropped those passes (incidentally, that was the only time the rain wasn't coming down in sheets). We knew they would lose one because they were too young to stay consistent all year. This was it.

Ken Dorsey's team came back to whoop 3 of the best teams in the country. We've got OU coming to town next week. Let's see what happens.

Go Canes!

Good learning experience for the young Canes. The focus on tackling and blocking and opening running lanes will be key at practice this week. I like our chances in the night game against OU. Cooper needs to be the featured back. Use TB and Mike James on punt returns and kickoffs. JJ is not hitting the holes fast enough.

OU is still very beatable even with Bradford back. BYU was winning that game and moving the ball very effectively against OU before SB went out injured. We have better talent than BYU. So let's be confident, fill the stadium and win this game. Go Canes!!!

I don't think Saturday's game is indicative of the Canes this year. We looked really out of our element with that weather. That grimey game definently suited VaTech's scrappy play more than it did Whipple-ball.

That being said, I wish we would've had a better offensive game plan considering the weather conditions. Jacory's interception came on a 15 yard double move by Byrd in a damn swamp. The routes definently needed to be shorter. It appeared that we kept trying to impose our scheme and it came off a little hard-headed.

I still feel confident in the team's outlook. A big win vs. OU will put us back on track. Besides, did anyone really expect an undefeated season? We'll be fine.

BTW I still think we faired better than any other major Florida team this weekend.

FSU- Loses to USF
UF - Tebow loses his conciousness

yes I do like another team...THE OLD MIAMI Huricanes...season ticket holder since 81..I am probably the only person that has the right to complain..not you bandwagon fans who never studies or sees what is front of you...I hope Miami does well...but to have a Championship team you HAVE TO WIN games.Something we have not done in 7 years..Miami has a chance to show ALL America its great team Saturday night..hope it does not rain

What else can be said? A humbling day in Blacksburg. Obviously, the weather conditions didn't help. While it can be said that both teams played in the same weather, those conditions definitely played to Tech's advantage, particularly on their home field.

Realistically, we still have to be content at 2-1 given the calibre of our opponents. Perhaps the Canes are not "all the way back", but they are pretty close. Truth is, the rise was probably a little too fast. I would have preferred the hoopla to have come after Game 4, not Game 2. Again being the ultimate realist, the Canes are a dropped pass away from being 1-2.

Let's give our team the support they deserve when they play the Sooners Saturday night. A win against OU, whether Bradford returns or not, will be the perfect formula to move on with the season and to the ultimate return of the "U" in its quest to replace the Gators as the dominant college football program.

Unfortunately, from the conference perspective, the Hokies are in complete control of playing in the ACC Championship game at this early point in the season, but a lot can happen.

Like you Manny, I must admit that I was caught up in the excitement last week and dared to imagine a Miami-Florida Rose Bowl Game in the recesses of my mind. FReality hurts!! GO CANES!!

The u had a bad game! Weather, lack of tackleing, etc etc. VT has alwas been a torn in our side going back to the Big East days. One thing that this weekend showed me is that college football loves to have Miami back in the spot light!

I see GAMEDAY has choses..FSU 2-2 @ Boston college ( horrible team)...over Miami and OK....what does that say...ESPN IS HORRIBLE>

lets make em pay

My thoughts

1.)I believe we have more talent than VT but our team bought into the hype.

2.) Coker really left crap to Randy. Our upper classman are horrible, Jojo, Randy Phillips, Sharpton, Pipho, Chavez these guys just don't cut it.

3.)Injuries are adding up. Our DL is decimated. We could really use Aldarius back because of his great hands.

4.)Give up on the Jimmy Graham experiment. I am tired of hearing how our coaches this kid have a chance to play in NFL. Are we playing to win or for Jimmy to have a chance at NFL. It is so clear he doesn't belong on a football field at this level.

5.) So younger guys need to play. Can Brandon McGee be worse than Shields? Could Ray Ray be worse than Jojo Nicholas or Chavez Grant. How worse could Jordan Futch be? How about Ramon Buchanon? Can we get some experience for Ben Jones, Jermaine Johnson, and Brandon Washington?

6.) Cooper needs more carries than Javarris.

If we beat Oklahoma, we can run the table till ACC title game. I think this was a good loss because it humbled our guys. If we have a 2 loss team that sets us up for a national title next year.

FSU is the class of the ACC...that's why.

I was off my prediction of 34-9 by just a bit. Where's Neil?

So called, Mr. Season ticket holder since 81' The U has won 2 games this season already. What are you looking at? Maybe you shouldn't bet the house a college football game. Why you so angry off of ONE game?

Sorry, I meant bet the house on a college football game.


We'll have several losses every season like this with these coaches. It doesn't matter how well we recruit, these cheap coaching hires will get a team to Boise, but never to a national championship game. We've been a .500 team for years now, and it's beginning to look like that's the best we'll ever do.

Canedan, your email is 'spot on'. I, too, got unexpectedly caught up in the serendipity bestowed on our team. You are so right that we could easily be 1-2 right now. Hype after game 4 would have been nice, but I'd rather lose to VTech early than UNC late in the season.

I'm an '89 alum, love the Canes the most when they're behaving. Right now, it appears we get well behaved young men couple with talent - will only get better from!

FSU is the class of the ACC...that's why.

I was off my prediction of 34-9 by just a bit. Where's Neil?

Posted by: SammyNole | September 28, 2009 at 11:45 AM

If FSU is the class of the ACC then the ACC is in trouble. Cheating scandals, free shoes, arrests, and getting beat by Freshman and Sophmore quarterbacks from better teams inside their own state and the season has just started. FSU better look around for a new head coach in waiting and o coordinator. Oh wait, they can't cause it would cost them a lot of money....

Where else does it rain more and harder than the tropical climate of South Florida yet the Canes are using RAIN as an excUse???? What a joke!!!
The bottom line is this. You win and lose games on the lines and Miami was dominated on the lines. Shannon has done a good job recruiting athletes but horrible job at recruiting linemen. We will not be back until we get some big, mean guys on the lines and develop them quickly.

I actually thought the play that killed us was the fact that we tried to blitz and got burned on the long TD pass when it was 3rd and 8. Very bad defensive play call.

IO agree with many that the offensive game plan shouldve changed to shorter passes exposing VT' constant blitzing. This is what UF did when they won their first Championship, also the 49ers used to do this a lot, short crossing passes behing the DL.

I do believe we will win the Sat and still believe we are better than VT.

We believed the hype and were on espn a bit too much. Please Coach Shannon when the U wins this saturday can the whole team not watch ESPN?

God bless!!

Spence had eight tackles? I sure would like to see the proof on that one. Now if your saying he tried to make eight tackles ok but when did he make one solo tackle? let alone EIGHT! He is to under sized to play LB time for a replacement in his position.

The hype from the local and national media was ridiculous. Everyone was picturing the old U back and they just arent. I never understood why people overreact one way or another over a game or two. It happens both ways. Everyone was thinking Miami was a top 10 team and completely overreacted to their wins against a bad FSU team in shambles, and an ok one dimensional Gtech team who had played several games in a few days.

Now people will overreact the other way. The truth lies somewhere in the middle. We arent horrible nor are we great. Still a long way to go.

Chicago Cane,

"This reminded me a LOT of the game up in Washington where Ken Dorsey was making his second or third start. We traveled to U Washington and it was pouring down rain and the team seemed completely frazzled and out of sorts. We lost that one, but went undefeated the rest of the year including upsets of #1 FSU, #2 VT (in Blacksburg I believe...Michael Vick's team) and top 5 UF in the Sugar Bowl. We would not lose again for 2 years."

Lets not compare this team to the 2000 version just yet. That team featured Seniors: Dan Morgan, Santana Moss, and Reggie Wayne. And I'm sure others that I can't think of at the top of my head. Without Googling here I believe UW beat the Canes 34-29 not exactly 31-7. The game against VT was in Miami (at the game)a 41-21 victory and Vick might have played a single series since he was injured. That said I think the 2000 team would have destroyed a Vick led VT anyway. And personally I think by the end of the season the 2000 team was better or at least just as good as the undefeated 2001 NC version.

Basically let's not call the 2009 Canes a 2000 redux just yet; they're still young comparitively

The washington game ran threw my head big time. I feel the same way but they had better seniors.

Blame it on the rain...a running teams beats a passing team 95% of the time when it rains like it did Saturday...trust me I actually played for over 10 years at several positions on on defense and offense. The defensive coach could have helped himself by going with a 5 man front and a cover-3 in the secondary; which would have forced VT to throw more...which plays in your favor. The UM offense is at a complete disadvantage because you don't completely change your game plan for the chance of rain...so how do you become a running team for one game, when your strength and run game is based on a successful pass game. Even Peyton Manning and the Colts who is a legitimate passing team would lose to the Ravens 95% of the time in that weather...Running teams are built for bad weather, passing teams aren't...trying throwing a wet football 25 times accurately to receivers that can't run precise routes due to slipping who may or may not can't it with wet hands or gloves...trust me, this is why most coaches run the ball in the rain...we needed to pack the box like they did us and change their game plan. 'Canes for life...I still see a 9+ win season, starting with OK!


I agree with everything you said, I was only noting that a lot of people gave that team the same crap after the loss as they are giving this one after this loss. We have have lost 34-29, but we got buried in that game and were never really in it. I remember watching it and being very depressed the entire time. I apologize for the mistake on where the VT game was played, but they were ranked high nonetheless.

I think the parallel still holds. You're looking back at how talented that team was, but projecting forward from that game we didn't know how good that team would be. At that point in the 2000 season, that team hadn't beaten 2 ranked teams yet, so there was less room for optimism than now. This team is loaded with talent and the schedule is front loaded. If we can beat OU (or even if we don't), we have a great shot at running the rest of the games. The youth will get in vs A&M, and the depth we don't have now will start to grow so that by the end of the season we'll be looking pretty solid. The coaches are afraid to play the kids (McGee, Ray Ray) this early (I agree that may be a mistake, but whatever). We'll see them a bunch when we get our weaker teams.

Everyone is thinking that these Canes bought into the hype and let it get to their heads. I completely disagree. I think this is a young team whose seniors are not all that talented, so the youth has to carry the day (McCarthy is the exception). That youth is bound to be inconsistent, and it ran into a buzz-saw in the form of a great team, a hostile crowd, and crap weather.

This is still going to be a special year, and VT won't win out.

Go Canes!

Oh, and PISS ON FSU FOR LOSING TO SOUTH FLORIDA! God I hate FSU. They should be 0-3 in the STATE right now. I normally revel in FSU losses, but this one stinks...laying an egg at home to an in-state upstart with a freshman QB. My God!

Some observations,

1) Javaris James most of the time runs to the defender, and even helps at times by falling down to their feet when they are near enough to breath on him.
2) Cooper seems to be too fast for his own good. He tends to run to his blocker which slows him down enough to get tackled, or he'll slip.
3)Bud Foster's game plan versus UM is always blitz, blitz, blitz. I expected Whipple to make the proper adjustments but it never came.
4)Hard to tell how good or bad was the defense when 14 points wheren't on them. 7 points of Jacory for the fumble and 7 on Bosher for blocked punt.

I hope the team gets it once and for all - don't believe the hype!

Where else does it rain more and harder than the tropical climate of South Florida yet the Canes are using RAIN as an excUse???? What a joke!!!
The bottom line is this. You win and lose games on the lines and Miami was dominated on the lines. Shannon has done a good job recruiting athletes but horrible job at recruiting linemen. We will not be back until we get some big, mean guys on the lines and develop them quickly.

Posted by: Caniac | September 28, 2009 at 12:26 PM

you are an idiot. not one player or coach is blaming it on the rain, and there are even quotes to prove it. only other fans and bloggers are mentioning the rain. you are the biggest joke

Listen to Ponce, 2-2.

This is a talented Canes team. The big loss to VT was a fluke. They may have lost a close one because of VT's running game and special teams, but without the rain it would have been a fun and exciting game to watch. I'm excited to see how they respond to the loss. I was at the BYU game this weekend, and I don't know how they beat Oklahoma with the way they played the last two weeks.

Better get ready for OU...that is a good team. BTW this is a revenge game for us, no? Everyone remembers the whipping they gave us last time.

I'd give a left nut for Foster as a D coordinator. Our gameplan was wretched; but that's just Randy's D the past 6 years...no adjustments to a running QB!!! Inexcusable. Use zone, disguise the D for once! Maybe we'll play contain the "pocket" passer this week instead of getting after him..lol

Sammei Gary you hit it exactly. If the D comes out to totally stop the run that game would have been a 10-12 affair with probably the U winning. I cannot figure how, or why the defensive scheme was as it was, made no sense. But I did not understand the defense in the fsu game either, it was so soft on Ponder it had to make him look good and get in a groove.

The U is a passing team that sets up the run.
For s.fla kids game was like playing in green bay in dec. they had no clue how to cope. Game was no indication of how good the U is this yr. that remains to be seen. Just some pts.

Now that I've had two days to recover, (I couldn't even enjoy NFL football yesterday) I'll say this. Prime Time under the lights, we better take out all of our frustration on Oklahoma! ALL OF IT! I had this weird feeling in my gut going into the game, but now that feeling is gone, that fire is in my belly like it was before G-Tech! We will win Saturday.

might add, how does Bosher not adjust and get that punt off. He was looking right at the rusher had the ball in plenty of time to hurry the kick, terrible worse play of the game.

ChicagoCane, Jacksonville State is actually in Alabama.

Forgive my ignaance:

Someone xplain to me how many scholarships are permitted on a cfb roster, how many can be given per year, and how many non-scholie players (i.e. total number of suited up players scholie and non-scholie) are allowed on a D-1 team.

It just seems, that 1, 2, 3 players go down, and there goes the year. Unlike say the turds or USC, who seem 3 deep in everything. We are 3 deep at wr and rb, but when it comes to qb, O-line, d-line, we are thin as he--!

What's the status on Ojomo? Smith? Forston? Phiilips?

Wow. Going back to Coker. Thats a great excuse. Its funny that Meyer built a championship team in 3 years with mostly all of his own recruits. But Shannon's team is young. The fact is Miami still is doing a terrible job recruiting Oline and Dline. What recruit has Randy signed that is a starting Oline? Look at what Georgia has done recruiting Oline. or Bama. or even UF. Where are the stud DT's? Great recruiting skill positions lousy job on the lines.

I agree with ChicagoCanes.... PEDRO you are a fool and no fan of the CANES...go hang out on the FSU or UF blog....

This loss to VT (and they way we lost the game) will stick with these kids all week...Just the type of MOTIVATION (to redeem themselves) they need to stay focused on beating OU.

They have the talent...they just need to "execute". THIS WILL BE A REDEMPTION GAME and put them back on track to make it to the ACC championship game and a BCS bowl...

GO CANES....UM 30 OU 24

A victory over Oklahoma will cure all the bad that took place in Blacksburg . This team is young but talented, they will respond with a great week of practice ,,,, don't count 'em short....they will beat Oklahoma 38....16

I think Miami matches up on D better with Okla than they did with V-Tech. UM's achilles heel is always a mobile QB--(look out versus USF at the end of the year).

Pedro I agree...with your score prediction!

How about Streeter at TE? Hello??? He has the size and speed to create mismatches all day long. He isn't seeing the field as a receiver so far how about switching him over to an area of need.

Put away the swagger, until you learn to use the dagger! Dropped passes, missed tackles, blocked punts, missed opportunities ... that's not the killer instinct. That's repeating last year's flop after a big win. Too much limelight and not enough heartlight. Where's the fight.

Manny, at the start of the season, you picked Sean Spence as King Cane. Well ... where's he been? Really. Has he shown up this year? Really?

Mccarthy is the man in the linebacking corps. Brandon Harris in the secondary. Jacory on offense. But we dont' have enough leaders yet on this team.

Still too many Coker-ites.

Javarris James should sit if he fails to produce after the first five carries against OK. He's had ample opportunity and has proven he can't consistently get it done. I agree, Coop is more reliable. Let's see Cooper get more chances with help from a stronger back like Damien Berry. Shake it up. It's a non-conference game.

Javarris should be used to block and catch balls out of the backfield.

Defensively ... oh, so many injuries. Like a repeat of last year. Front line and secondary have too many holes. Our linebacking unit is supposed to be tops in the ACC. Let's see them step up. Maybe more blitzes would hurry these
QBs and help the secondary get some picks or stops.

Agree ... coaches have to adjust in game more quickly. That sense of urgency will carry over to the kids.

Whipple needs to give Jacory a game plan that lets him get rid of the ball quickly against OK. Lots of short passes and draws to make their aggressive defense pay. Even a halfback pass, Coop to Benjamin like last year in the FSU game.

Jacory needs to roll out a few times and throw. Mix it up a little, as he throws on the run and later from the pocket.

I'd like to see Shannon step up and take the blame for the VT loss. He didn't shield his team from the limelight. He failed to block out the distraction and prepare them properly.

Now onto OK, and adjustments that put the Canes in position to win. Take some risk ... it's a non-confernce game. They alread lost the critical one to VA TECH, and VT has an easy schedule. It will take a miracle for us to win the ACC coastal.

But we can win out if we play to win.

I've been a Canes fan since George Mira...
I see this team headed in the right direction.
J Harris is a legit QB...My gosh man, we could have Kirby Freeman. The kids a proven winner and team leader. We will get better and we will be in the mix at this year's end. The Canes will do some damage...I think 9 wins is realistic.
However, we are still thin on the O and D lines...This will kill the Canes this weekend.
I see OU controlling the line of scrimmage on both sides of the ball. I think Miami keeps it close for a while then eventually OU wears them down and we lose by 14-17 points.
Then the ACC...NC is the only team left to challenge...and that's in Chapel Hill. That could be Miami's 3rd loss.
Go Canes.

I think we will be fine coming up this Saturday! I think the guys will play with a BIG CHIP on thier shoulder against OU and we def owe them, for sure! I've said this a couple times last yr but Spence is too small to play linebacker at this level. I'm 6'0 210lbs and played free safety and when it came to getn off blocks i had no problem with guys maybe 240 and under but anyone bigger i had problems, and thats the same thing thats happeneing to him. Banging into sumone that weighs that much more than you is a hard thing to do consistently! If you go back and watch the last 3 games he gets lost and swallowed up very easily and it takes away from the legs also! We have to get sum1 bigger in there and he needs to go to strong safety. Its hurting the team more than its helping. I know people will bury me for saying this but its soo true, like my coach used to say "THE TAPE DOESNT LIE"

We shouldn't make every game a referendum on Randy Shannon and the coaching staff. Whipple and Lovett were geniuses last week, now they're garbage?

If anyone is garbage on that staff it's Pannunzio...our special teams have been consistently poor for the past 3 years. Every game our special teams does something that costs us a touchdown.

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