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Harris was "numb" to pressure, pain

TALLAHASSEE -- Playing in big games and events can make some of the greatest athletes in sports physically uncomfortable. Nerves can make them feel sick, drive them to point the of total ineptitude. Jacory Harris wasn't born with that trait in his DNA.

Jacory Harris was Mr. Cool when the pressure was on Monday night at FSU Playing in front of 81,077 at Florida State, on national TV on Labor Day in a rivalry game, Harris was simply numb to it all when Monday night's game was on the line. Mentally and physically.

As the quarterback and leader of UM's offense, he led Miami back from a 23-14 deficit, a 31-24 deficit and a 34-31 deficit in the second half. In the huddle he was J Cool. On the field, he was a 6-4, 190-pound quarterback who could only use three fingers on his throwing hand to throw the football. Three fingers? That's all Harris said he could feel after he took a shot from FSU freshman cornerback Greg Reid early in the fourth quarter.

As Miami waited through two kickoffs to get the ball back after Markus White returned an interception 31 yards for a touchdown to give FSU a 31-24, Harris worked on the sideline to regain feeling in his shoulder, arm, pinkie and ring finger as true freshman AJ Highsmith warmed up. Harris took his first snap and fumbled it. The feeling never really returned. But whatever he did on the sideline convinced Randy Shannon to keep him in the game.

And, somehow, Harris mustered the strength to lead UM on back-to-back scoring drives. Harris didn't just toss the pigskin and let his receivers do all the work. He sparkled, completing seven of his final nine pass attempts for 122 yards and a touchdown.

On third and 15 from the UM 22, FSU sent the house, Harris stepped up in the pocket and found Leonard Hankerson crossing over the middle for 16 yards. On third and 6 from the UM 42, he had an FSU defensive end ready to take him to the turf. He fought him off, kept his poise and found Travis Benjamin opened downfield for 20 yards. Harris converted another third down conversion and then saved his best pass for last, squeezing the ball between Travis Benjamin, the sideline and two defenders 40 yards down field. A play later, Graig Cooper put UM ahead 38-34.

"It was a great throw," Benjamin said. "He put it outside, where only I could catch it and I made the catch."

Harris finished with 386 yards passing (the most by a UM quarterback against FSU), 21 of 34 with two interceptions, two touchdowns and a one-yard plunge into the end zone. It wasn't even close to his best performance. But it was arguably the best game by a Canes quarterback since Ken Dorsey was here. It was gutsy, inspirational and just his third start in a Hurricanes uniform.

Left tackle Jason Fox is amazed at just how cool Harris can be when the pressure is on. Even he was a little nervous when the game was on the line. Harris, however, was the same as he was in the final 12 minutes as he was for the other 48.

"If you get rattled in that situation, your offense will be able to tell, they can see in your eyes that you're scared," said Harris, now 32-1 as a starting quarterback in his football career. "I believe the only thing to be scared about is death. So, why go out there and be scared and nervous?"

Harris admitted afterward this was probably the toughest game he'd play in since he led Miami Northwestern to a come-from-behind win over Deerfield Beach when he was a senior in the state semifinals in 2007.

His teammates, however, couldn't tell. "He was never nervous, no yelling, always calm, working on the next play," Benjamin said. "If the quarterback is calm, there’s no sense to be nervous. Because he's the captain of the offense."

Yes, the type of captain and leader Miami has been longing under center since No. 11 left.

BUZZ KILL: I don't want to be Buzz Killington, but... how upset would you be about this team if Christian Ponder's final pass isn't dropped by Jarmon Fortson in the end zone? My point is Miami's defense still gave up 404 yards, 34 points and FSU was 6 of 15 on third down. As Randy Phillips said after the game, "You’ll never see this Miami defense play that bad again." You better hope so.

Graig Cooper GAME BALLS: Obviously, Jacory Harris earns the ball on offense. Defensively, I'm going with Brandon Harris. Despite being whistled for pass interference late in the game, he had nine tackles to lead UM and one huge pass breakup in the end zone in the waning moments. He also stayed stride for stride with an FSU receiver and batted another pass away in the second half. Good game for Harris, who was clowned against FSU last year. Graig Cooper only ran for 31 yards on seven carries and had a nice touchdown grab on Miami's next to last possession. But where he really impressed me was on kickoff returns. He had five returns for 177 yards including a long of 63. He gave Miami field position at its own 34, 46, 25, 32 and the FSU 29 yard line. He was very, very important in this win.

HELMET STICKERS: Got to hand one to receiver Leonard Hankerson, who started the night with a Hankerson special (drop), but rebounded with four catches for 72 yards including a long of 40. Here's a number that should grab you. Hankerson caught all of 11 passes last year. So, he's on pace to destroy his career bests. Randy Phillips should pick one up to for recording UM's first interception of the year and fifth since the 2008 season began. That's three picks now for the Canes secondary in the last two years of the Wesley McGriff era. Matt Bosher had a few kickoffs that weren't impressive and a few squibs that nearly blew up in UM's face. But he still did a great job on punts. He pinned FSU inside of its 10 yard line twice.

THE BIG UGLIES REPORT: Game 1 for new starters Harland Gunn and Matt Pipho were surprisingly good. Jacory took a few licks and was sacked by Dekoda Watson, but all in all plenty of time to throw. "“We didn’t want anybody to touch him,” Fox said. “He got hit some, but he was able to be successful tonight and that was our main goal.”

WORRY ABOUT: As good as Harris was Monday night, Miami fans ought to be concerned about his throwing arm. At the Emerald Bowl he suffered similar numbness after taking a big lick. He stayed in Monday's game because of adrenaline. But it will be real interesting to see how he wakes up on Tuesday morning and if the numbness is still there.

INJURY WATCH: On the injury front, the players to follow this week are sophomore receivers Aldarius Johnson (who looked like he tore a muscle as he was writhing in pain on the turf) and LaRon Byrd, who didn't return after landing on his back hard after trying to haul in pass in the first quarter. All of the other players who went out Monday -- defensive end Olivier Vernon, defensive tackle Marcus Forston, linebackers Colin McCarthy and Sean Spence -- returned after cramping up.

AMBER ALERT: If anybody spots Miami's pass rush please call John Lovett immediately. Outside of Allen Bailey's sack and Marcus Robinson's key sack and strip, Miami failed to put much pressure on Christian Ponder at all.


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Hey guys, enough Randy Shannon bashing for now please! Yes their were some errors with TO yesterday, but its the first game of the yr with a lot of young guys. The lack of pass rush wasnt his fault either. We were missing out 2 top guys at the position. Thats a tough pill to swallow on opening night.

1 thing he did do right, and surely silenced me up, was knowing what he had in Jacory. I was as pissed as anyone last yr withthe 2 QB system. But he knew all along what he had in Jacory. Letting Marve leave took guts, but saved the team from distractions of a QB battle.

The gameplan yesterday was solid. FSU pretty muched just dinked and dunked us underneath, and they caught a lot of breaks. It could have been worse for them.

Buzz kill is right- Dont forget Manny, FSU has a pretty strong Offense as well, with a very good and exp. dual threat QB and one of the best O-lines in cfb!

And what aboutUm's offense against that speedy FSU D? A

Mark MAy- s--k my left nut
Lou Holtz- S---k my left nut
Jessie palmer- s---k my left n-t
Corso--- sssk my left nut

Kehoe- suuk my left nut
All you haters-- suk my left nut
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Sam Shields- got burned, looked horribly confused in the first Q, literally gave up a TD, but then came back strong!

The whip

B harris-looks like a different playa vs last year!


Sean Spence looked pathetic! He got blocked all night and maybe all of the post 2008 accolades are getting to his head. He stunk and got schooled

RS_ WT_F with the time outs still?

why pooch kick when you want to give them poor field position?

The cramps! No excuse. You guys have been practicing all summer long in South Florida. No excuse for that. As it was, Colin McCarthy had to come out, so did Forston in KEY situations! No excuse for that. That is either conditioning or poor preparation by the players- you need to stay hydrated the night before!

It was obvious that we miss Ojomo and Moncur. Obvious.

Jimmy Graham: This aint basketball. You need to fight for the dang ball.


The swag is back baby. JH has it. That boy didnt looked fazed. This is a differentteamand I could se it in the 2nd q- at that time, I knew. This is a differentteam. We baaaack!

Turds and the world: IS you scarrred yet?

cane fans- show up vs GT. Sell your dog, sell your golf clubs, stop smoking for 2 weks, I dont care. Show up at the game.

Oooooohh baby!

where was the blitz??.only at the end of the game won't cut it..need pressure on the qb..come on lovett thought you were going to be aggressive??

Great game by the offense. The way things have been going the past couple of season, I thought I would never say this, but "3rd and long" situations no longer scare me. It was a sight for sore eyes to see us attempting and connecting on passes of more than 20+ yards.

The one thing that did scare me was the defense. Sean Spence looks like he has regressed. I would need at least four sets of hands to count how many time her was either: not in the right spot, getting pancaked/pushed around by a blocker, missing tackles, and being out of position in pass coverage. He had a horrible game. Also, what is up with our safeties not wrapping up on tackles?

I don't want to sound like a buzzkill, but when we play GT next week missing tackles and being out of position is not an option.

Overall, great game by the offense, but our defense needs to step it up, quickly.

With the Exception of Spence .... I thought our Linebackers played a great game.

Sharpton is a beast in the making.

Big time win baby! Manny I like the nickname JCool. It fits perfectly. Kudos to the offensive line. They did work protecting JCool from the blitzes.

Fix the kickoffs. Great point about FSU's offense. We had to play a little containment on defense rather than blitz all over the place. Against GT however, we have to run blitz 85% of the time.

See you Thursday 9/17 baby!!

The defense definitely struggled in the second half (did well in the first I think), but I think you have to credit FSU just a bit for that. We're thin on D and they wore us down and the boys got knocked around a lot in the second half. I see some real trouble against GT because we definitely looked confused a bit and GT is an offense designed to confuse you.

Still, the defense came up BIG when it had to. 6 plays from the 3 (including a ticky tack pass interference call) and they kept them out of the endzone! For all the struggles and cramps, this D came up big when it counted, and that's a huge change from last year (think UNC, NC State last year).

Also remember, I can think of a few HUGE mistakes the Canes made to keep FSU in it (giving up 3rd and 23 in the first quarter, JH getting that stupid pick 6 late when he should have just fallen down or taken the sac, 2 late hits to give FSU great field position off kickoff returns). I cannot think of very many mistakes FSU made to keep us in it...we were mostly making plays to keep ourselves there. If we stop 3rd and 23 or Harris doesn't try to force that ball, this game isn't nearly as exciting and the D looks a lot better at the end.

I know...if if if...but it's worth remembering.

Go Canes!

Please NO Shannon apologists. He has to be the WORST game day coach ever at Miami. This team won, despite his ineptitudes! Let's keep this in perspective.

Well after the first game I have to say that our offense looked great, but again its only the first game. Either both teams will be the class of the ACC or both of us are in real trouble. Lets take it a game at a time. I like our chances against GT, mainly because they don't pass and I think Miami is ready to handle the option again. Kudos on the game, the rest of the season is there if we can take it.

Please NO Shannon apologists. He has to be the WORST game day coach ever at Miami. This team won, despite his ineptitudes! Let's keep this in perspective.

Posted by: Jonathan | September 08, 2009 at 08:09 AM

Unbeleivable! Even the most tenured coach (Bobby Bowden)makes mistakes coaching a game! This is his 3rd year coaching against how many years against Bowden? Have you forgotten the 20 or so seconds waisted by FSU in the red zone on their last drive?!?!

Butch was NOT a good game day coach when he was here either!

First step was to regain South Florida in recruiting. Re kindle those relationships with the South Florida HS Coaches. Now that RS has done that, the talent & depth gets better as he continues to develope his game day coaching. People say his inexperience shows (did Bowden's show?). You can only get experience by doing it! Go U! Go RS!

Great game!! I think people are underestimating FSU. That's a really good FB team that's going to win a lot of games this year. I wouldn't be surprised if this win looks huge at the end of the season. The defense can use some work but let's keep it in perspective. FSU's offense only scored 27, our offense scored 38. If you take out Ponder's running FSU could not run the FB which bodes well for the upcoming games against GT and VT.

And the biggest thing of all, this team scored 21 in the 4th quarter. The last few years they would have folded up in the 3rd.

I'm still going with with 8-4 or 9-3, but this team has made huge strides. Everyone should just get off of Shannon's back. The team is improving and he's winning the right way. The players are graduating and winning with class.

Huge congratulations to Coach Shannon, and the team. Great win against great team on the road.

As an older UM fan, so I'm not sure what's with FSU hatred, they are a class team unlike UF (which given their player arrest record probably qualifies as a State Penitenary as well as college). So hats to off to FSU and Coach Bowden. They played a great game. That game is what this rivlary is about.

GO CANES!!!!!!

Byrd did return for a few plays after his hard fall. Hopefully is just a bad bruise or just sore. That some ice & rest can not cure! I am with Chicago cane, our looks real bad. We made some nice plays @ the end. But we go no pressure on Ponder all night. Missed tackles, and coverages. We need Moncur, Ojomo and VT back ASAP. I say move bailey to DE again and rotate forston, holmes, regis, joseph on DT.

Solid win and hopefully we no major injuries to report and build on this against GT!

Huge win for the Canes...You can nitpick all you want, but a win is a win.

Also, you can't help but feel for BB, CP, the other Noles players, and their fans. They win/lose with class and dignity and are generally good sports...unlike another team in Florida that shall remain nameless.

Great effort. This team needs to kick long and deep and get better at covering kickoffs. Jacory is going to be a great QB.

First, I am loving the fact that NO ONE on ABC/ESPN gave the Canes a chance. During halftime and after the game, the backpedaling from their predictions was priceless. Just goes to show how clueless these guys really are. Herbstreit was the only one who knew.

As far as JH injury, from what he was describing, this is not a shoulder injury. He's describing an elbow/ulnar nerve "injury." Sounds like he got hit pretty hard on his elbow where the ulnar nerve (aka, funny bone) runs. He had numbness in his 4th and 5th fingers which is expected since that is part of the nerve's territory. He'll recover quickly from this (if he hasn't already). Wouldn't worry about it.

Say what you will about our defense, but FSU has a great team this year. The defense was WAY more fundamentally sound compared to last year. Tackling at the point of contact was much improved. Agree with the amber alert for a pass rush, BUT fsu's O-line may have had something to do with that. I would like to put out an alert for Spence... hopefully he learns from this game.

All in all, amazing game and gutsy performance that I haven't seen in years from the Canes.

Great game, instant classic....

However I think think the Defense that we have grown accustomed to is no longer.. Not because we don't have the talent...

Get this: It's because Shannons isn't coaching the defense anymore.

Shannon is a master craftsman at going up against opposing offenses, and his strength was adjusting to whatever is been thrown at him...

We have yet to have the same caliber of Defense since Shannon handed that cap over to take the Head Spot bottom line.

If Shannon decides to be more involved in the defense, then we'll be set, as that will fast forward our progression to the top tremedously!!!

Dyrty Dawg,

There can be no question, Miami won despite Shannon's blunders. The squibs, the pooch kicks, his meddling with the D. Over all time mismanagement. Please, let's not annoint him the next JJ. He's in freaking South Florida - it's not that hard to recruit here. Until he shows me he can be a Head Coach, I'm not buying it.

As far as the pass rush, it was apparent that the game plan was to not create any lanes for Ponder to slip through... Therefore the DE's weren't necessarily going all out for the sack for the majority of the game.

Also, UM must have beleived FSU would want to throw deep, so they stayed over top...
However, Lovette, you gota give different looks, so when the opposing QB expects one thing, he gets another...

Randy please get involved on Defense!

By the way...

Cook was silly to transfer!

why did UM keep on doing short kick offs? was it b/c they had a lot of faith in their defense? they shouldve made fsu work a little harder in getting the ball upfield

That was Randy's defense all of the way not Lovett's. And I am guessing Randy went in with a three game plan fsu, ga tech and va tech. STOP the run on defense. Mission accomplished on that so the Canes build from that game. FSU could not run the ball, that was the game plan.


We need guys to get health on D. Moncur and Ojomo, Hill and VT...those guys were missed. Then Van Dyke missed most of the game, that exposed us even more. The D looked mediocre, but it was missing 5 of its regular players.

Not sure why Wieclaw is not kicking off...

Great game though!

Ummm 1 down 3 to go I knew these Gator fans would fade to the back. Great win.

all i know is that RS better talk to the special teams coach. the pooch kick almost cost us the game. to the nay sayers this is why we are so big on jacory. now lets get our boys healed up and ready for GT.

As great as that game was, we need to get healthy quick... Moncur, Ojomo, Telemaque, A.Johnson, R.Hill, etc...

Thank God that we have 10 days until GT...

Herbstreit likes Miami. Corso hates miami. Mark May was clueless.

As far as the game, we outcoached FSU. The problem was pressure on the quaterback. Even though he crapped up, Vernon is gonna be a stud. Marcus Robinson also got hurt. The first half we played very good d aside from the first possession. The field position in 2nd half was horrible. I agree Spence looked confused. I am still not comfortable with JOJO, hope VT comes back soon. Also, they should have never been on the 2 yard line, it was a bs pass interference call on Brandon Harris.

On offense, man we have some weapons. We had big plays from Cooper, James, Collier, Aldarius, Benjamin. What talent. I honestly think next year we can win the national title. I think we can beat VT easily and OK without Bradford. Gt i am worried about.
Difference between Jacory and Cook, Marve, and Cannon is Jacory wants to be a Cane.

i think they were pooch kicking it cause the kid reid was tearing our special teams a new one... i know bosher has the leg to get it back there.. but the coverage team was chasing instead of staying in their lanes...i guess SPT coaches figured id rather give up a short feild make them go 60 than give up the big run and let them only go 30 or 40... still i dont like the strategy... congrats to the canes on the win. your boy harris looks stellar.

Great win.....Those kickoff's were driving me nuts...Make them freaking run the ball back..

Too much to write about, so just one question! How stupid would Taylor Cook feel if JH would be out for a couple of games. Whipple would've made him look like a first round pick. Know he's sitting out a year and he still has to compete no matter where he goes.

AMBER ALERT: If anybody spots Miami's pass rush please call John Lovett immediately. Outside of Allen Bailey's sack and Marcus Robinson's key sack and strip, Miami failed to put much pressure on Christian Ponder at all.

Dont forget this fsu O-line could be the best line we see all year.

Did you even watch the game Manny? Byrd was in there holding his side in the second and third quarter. He should have been sat down. Maybe you thought he didn;t play because he didn;t do anything. I hope he is ok because he is a great player and would add another great wr to this squad

A jonathan get off shannons back he must have boned your girl or somethn. No one's perfect buddy geesh Bobby B had the ball inside the 5 yard line an let 20 seconds run off the clock ok. U mus be an fsu or gaytur fan or sumthn, stop disrespectn dis U fool.

What a Win - but Randy needs to get involved with the defense and realize that you can't play zone all game long if your front four are not putting pressure on the QB - that is a recipe for disaster. How about a change during the game and play some man to man, or how about a zone blitz now and then. We were lucky to come out with a win, but I'll take it.

Uh...Laron Byrd was in almost the whole game, buddy.

And if Pipho was so good, why do they resort to flipping franklin and Fox to the right when they wanted to run in that direction, for example, on Coopers winning TD?

Come on Manny. Don't slip.

Where were Randy's mistakes??? Timeouts were called on the field, not by the coaches on the sidelines. Timeouts were called when Jacory came to the line and didn't like what he saw. Then there was the defensive time out because they didn't have the right complement of players on the field. No time management problems unless you want to call that last TD time management problems (personally I think they scored too early. 1:58 left on the clock and coop run's it in from 5 yards out. They should have milked the clock for an additional minute 30 or so). Yeah Bosher has the leg but was it a tired leg?? Finally, the one bad thing I saw in the game was the cramping. Usually it's the other teams that have those kind of problems. What gives?? Gotta hydrate starting a day or so out so you don't get the cramps. Overall a good start to the season.

ESPN, do you really look at the teams or do you have your heads so far up teblow's posterior that you can't see daylight.

Hey jonathan, if it's so easy to recruit south florida, then why didn't Coker get anybody???

Miami is #20 by the AP.


Great game, better win! Let's Go Canes!

We're ba-ack! You better board the windows and lock up doors there's a Hurricane a'comin!

I was just great to see the ball going down the field in the form of long bombs. The defense has to lock it up and work together. FSU exposed the D, but I am hoping RS addresses the issues. My main issue is the special teams kick offs and coverage. We can do much better than that and VT will expose that. It is what kept VT in the game against Alabama. So we better find a South American soccer kicker just to kick it out of the endzones.

All in all, a great start and I am sure it has caught the attention of all the Cane haters out there.


Dyrty Dawg,

There can be no question, Miami won despite Shannon's blunders. The squibs, the pooch kicks, his meddling with the D. Over all time mismanagement. Please, let's not annoint him the next JJ. He's in freaking South Florida - it's not that hard to recruit here. Until he shows me he can be a Head Coach, I'm not buying it.

Posted by: Jonathan | September 08, 2009 at 10:00 AM

It's clear you are either an RS Hater or a fan of another team. Each of your arguments are not well thought out & is the stance of someone who's already made up his point of view no matter how rediculous they are.

Pooch kicks - I did not like it either, however, consider the alternative of having no coverage when Greg Reid is running it back to a TD. They took off some of their coverage guys to focus more on their positions due to injuries (Sharpton, Harris, Sheilds).

Time Management - Huh? Do you mean the TO's called by the "Players" on the field? What about FSU's Time Management when the game was on the line? UM used the TO's to get their plays straightened out (a legit reason to use them). They did not sit on it & let 20 seconds expire for no reason at the end of the game.

Meddling with the D - Ummm... yeah... what special insight do you have that RS was "meddling". What insight did you have that his "meddling" was the reason for the #18 team with a JUNIOR (quality) dual threat QB nearly won the game that ALL THE "EXPERTS" picked to win over the un ranked, young & inexperianced team from Miami.

It's not hard to recruit here (S. Florida) - Really shows your ignorance of UM football & South Florida HS Football. You have no clue buddy! Not too long ago we had a guy named Coker running this program.

About the "D" for those who have followed the canes they know that was classic Randy Shannon defense. Tampa cover 2. keep everything in front of you and come up to make a solid tackle. Randy did it for years. he seldom blitzed!!
Not that i agree but thats his scheme so i guess we have to get used to it.
the problem last night is that we played against an offensive line that surely is in the top 3 in the country plus Ponder would have ran wild on us again if we went blitz happy> think about it Bill Young blitz all day and Ponder conjured up 144 rushing alone on us.

Of all the reply's to this article I value UM95 the best. I love all the next day QB's that look back at the game with IF'S and WHATIF"S. Im so tired of every day reading this colom and seeing the most over critical people anywhere. You people are not the coaches, you are not the players, you were not on the field. You were either in the stands or at home, or a local pub watching on TV. This is what I saw. I saw a team that never gave up. Both on OF & DF. is that only the players or does a coach get some credit. I watched individual players playing at their best. Yes there were set backs... I wonder if someone watched you at work and could comment on your every move how good would you look?. I watched what I consider the best FSU-UM game Ive seen since I started following this team. The coaching staff have their reasons for the play calling. All of the short kick offs had to be planned. "Maybe they saw something in films that we did not" who knows. We had some #1 stars out of the game becasue of being hurt. We found some new #1 stars after the game. It was a WIN lets all except thats the real reason for playing. Now it is on to the next game. If this team plays with the same determination and guts that game should be a win also. I'm so glad that the players do not read all the written statements about them. They would be defeated before the first snap. ESPN reporters and game day announcers know nothing but reading their scripts. Most are ex players, ex coaches all have a grudge against the "U of M" We are the team everyone is suppose to hate. We were the bad guys of NCAA Football. well those years are long gone. ONe last comment PLEASE PLEASE If you are a true and loyal fan of Canes Football. Praisse goes along way. Do not nit-pick the game apart. You guys are not doctors you do not have to disect every play of every game. Have as much fun watching the game as the players have in playing them. LEAVE THE COACHING to the real coaches. sit back and enjoy the 2009 tour.... Something tells me this is going to be a very special year. My best to the team...

I am still drained from watching last night's game. Absolutely one of the best games in this historic rivalry. My take-aways from the game:

1. Spence - Last year he moved a lot on instinct, yesterday he looked like he was thinking too much. I am sure that will improve as the year progresses.

2. FSU went almost all night to Shields side. He struggled at first, but got into a rythym late and held his own.

3. The new offense was unreal. Whipple called a great game and Jacory did an excellent job of execution. He needs to improve his 3rd down completion percentage as year goes on.

4. Bosher - Remember you are a kicker! Don't be a hero, just push the guy out of bounds.

5. Defense - Lovett is ULTRA conservative. I liked that he kept everything in front of the safeties and did not give up the big play. However, the pass rush was aweful. They rushed 4 down lineman I think on all but 5 plays. We gotta have more confidence that the Corners can go man.

I will miss Bobby when he is gone. I am NO FAN of FSU, but you have to respect a coach who gives no excuses and then tells the media it was one of the top 3 games in his career even though they lost. Say what you want, but Bowden is all class and great for College Football.

For everyone crying about the pooch kicks, here's a quick recap:

1st: "Matt Bosher kickoff for 56 yards returned by Taiwan Easterling for 19 yards to the FlaSt 33." key take-away - ball RECEIVED at the 14 yard line

2nd: "Matt Bosher kickoff for 31 yards." - this was an intentional pooch with 42 seconds left in the half

3rd: "Matt Bosher kickoff for 60 yards returned by Greg Reid for 29 yards to the FlaSt 39." Ball RECEIVED at the 10 yard line

4th: "Matt Bosher kickoff for 65 yards returned by Greg Reid for 51 yards to the MiaFl 44." Ball RECEIVED at the 5 yard line (best kick of the night, but terrible coverage)

5th: "Matt Bosher kickoff for 42 yards returned by Vincent Zann for 8 yards to the FlaSt 36." - this was the first of the 4th qtr pooches

6th: "Matt Bosher kickoff for 42 yards returned by Lonnie Pryor for 2 yards to the FlaSt 30." - this was the 2nd of the 4th qtr pooches and FSU's worst field position after a kick off.

7th: "Matt Bosher kickoff for 39 yards returned by Greg Reid for 20 yards to the MiaFl 49." - this was the 3rd and final pooch; notice who was in position to field it.

Maybe the take-away for Randy is that they should have two kick-off [plays] called in those situations based on whose back there and kick accordingly. Having said that, Bosher was not kicking it deep and wasn't getting much hang time. If you're a coach in this situation, you're damned if you do and damned if you don't.

After finally taking the lead, the haters would have been merciless if we would have kicked off and FSU had ANOTHER nice return. You'd read "why are they kicking when the kicker can't kick deep and they've already had a couple good returns."

Do you fellas watch the game. I mean seriously do you watch the game. First of all lets understand something right off the bat.


FSU will gave Miami they best game no matter the record. The pre-game on this was set. Basically both teams was said to have equal talent. FSU had the edge because JH was unproven and UM was breaking in 2 new coordinators. FSU was ready for this game and so was Miami. The game was as everyone has said a classic. For all you whiners about VT not starting and Why is Benjiman not returning kicks and why JJ was starting. Hopefully you saw the moves the coach made to cover the D. The best thing Shannon did was start James and let Coop return kicks. Benjiman was so fresh and dynamic in the 4th just when we needed him. The Unsung hero of the game was Hankerson with the big 3rd down catch breaking a tackle and stretching for the first down. That started the final drive and that comes from coaching. Hankerson knew his position was up for grabs and he responded by his play last nite. his coaches brought that out. JJ dropped all that weight and look at the results. We see Jacory is the "Real Deal" enough said about that. Our o-line need more time to gel as a unit. They did a c+ job protecting Jacory because you have to consider the environment. Hard to stop a mickey a blitz but they held up.

As for the D we need to step up. I thought the D would struggle but how bad did they really struggle. Someone needs to teach Spence to cover in space. They got lost dropping in zones. FSU had a wicked play-action with the to drag routes. But we got an INT and a fumble. So they did create turnovers. This no pressure on Ponder was something I think they coached the D-line to do. I think they made them stay in lanes so he didn't run all over the place. Lovett totally got out-called by jimbo when FSU went up 23-14. I mean that was sad play calling the whole series. He called in the worst defenses and it showed he was not up to snuff. Then it happen they gave FSU a 5-2 look and it looked like it confused Ponder. Then he followed that up with a blitz and it showed we should have been doing that at least 25% of the game. We made Ponder look like a first rd pick. BH got pushed at the 2 and still broke up the fade. Then it was a bogus flag on BH but didn't hurt us because of the time on the clock. Those 3 plays he was under pressure and he was not on target like he was all game. The kick coverage need work but we wont see Reid every week(man i wish he would've chose UM like his cousin). That kid is the truth. But besides the special team kick-offs and coverage we played really good last-nite. To go into Doak Campell and get that one was big for the season. Reading FSU post they all say UM played a great game and Jacory could not be stopped. They were giving lots of praise and wanted to wish us luck on getting to the acc championship. this was a great win

Maybe now all the doubters can finally admit it: Jacory is a true leader. He doesn't get ruffled, even with the D bearing down on him, and his teammates respond accordingly.

Ghostride The Whip! Loved the different formations and packages. Our new OC will be keeping opposing defenses on their toes all season long.

Coop and Baby J looked strong. TB is still dynamite. The U is ranked #20 and is gonna take down #15, #14, and #13. Just wait and see how May, Corso, and the rest of that crew changes their tune.

A couple comments.

1) We kept pooch-kicking it because Ried twice almost broke one to the endzone. If they're gonna get to the 50 to start anyway, may as well eliminate the possibility of a touchdown.

2) The special teams STUNK, and it occurs to me that the last coach on this staff from the Coker-era is special teams coach Panunzio, whom I have hated for years. I don't know why Shannon keeps him around.

3) Anyone remember when OSU got that bs pass interference call in the title game? They scored on the next play in that game. This time they held on for 3 more plays and won the game. The difference b/w Shannon and Coker as coach maybe? Coker had way more talent, but it is Shannon's guys that rebound and come up big.

will you clowns please stop saying we're back?? Are you kidding me? We play one good game and we're back???

Is UF scared??? Are you kidding me? UF would put 56 on this defense and we would be lucky to score 24 on them.

Lets celebrate a great win, get ready for GT, BUT PLEASE KNOW WE ARE NOT BACK! WE AREN'T EVEN CLOSE! We will be back when we curb stomp teams like GT, NC St, and UNC

And regarding the bad 3rd down conversion rate in the first half, see


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