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Canes ranked, Harris (x2) earn ACC honors

The University of Miami regained the nation's attention Monday night with a starry effort from Jacory Harris.

Brandon Harris Tuesday, both the Canes and their new leader began receiving some props for their come-from-behind win Tallahassee. UM climbed into The Associated Press Top 25 rankings at No. 20 and the USA Today Coaches' Poll at No. 22. Harris, meanwhile,  was one of six players -- and two Canes -- selected as ACC players of the week at their respective positions.

Harris, selected as the ACC's offensive back of the week, threw for a career-high 386 yards and completed 21-of-34 passes for two touchdowns and ran for another score in leading UM to the win 18th-ranked Florida State. Making his first career start against the Seminoles and third overall, Harris’ 386 yards were the most by a Miami quarterback in the storied rivalry between the in-state foes and the 10th-highest single-game total in school history. He capped the night by leading Miami on a six-play and 59-yard scoring drive for the eventual game-winning touchdown.

Sophomore cornerback Brandon Harris was selected as the defensive back of the week. Harris had a career-high nine tackles (three solo) and broke up two passes against Florida State -- including one in the waning seconds to preserve the victory.

UM coach Randy Shannon met with reporters Tuesday at UM to recap Monday night's win. Our Bill Van Smith will have a story later tonight. But here are a few notes...

> Shannon insisted Jacory Harris elbow "was just fine" and insisted there were no major injuries suffered against FSU. Shannon mentioned receiver Aldarius Johnson suffered a groin injury, but didn't go futher into detail. He LaRon Byrd was injured in the first quarter, but returned to action. Shannon didn't say whether or not Byrd or Johnson would be available against Georgia Tech.

> Shannon said he was told by doctors there is a good possibility safety Vaughn Telemaque and defensive back Ryan Hill will be able to play against Georgia Tech.


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Oye manny can U tell me if last night game was one of the highest rank view games ever for a monday night college football game.


Let us hope that Telemaque and Hill are back for GA Tech, as well as Byrd... In my opinion, it doesn't look like A.Johnson will be back anytime soon

Hopefully Moncur will be back for VA Tech, and Ojomo for Oklahoma

Get healthy guys! We need U!

Is anybody gonna ask Shannon about those dumb short kicks in the last quarter? He almost cost us the game, and he looked like a deer in the headlights... Three D timeouts in the first half... Ive never really been down on Shannon, but he almost cost us the game...

Knowing Shannon, this means that Harris, Johnson, Byrd, Telemaque and Hill will all be having season ending surgery on Thursday. Kidding, of course.

It's good to be back in the polls, but we have to solidify this win with one against GT. If our special teams don't improve, I've got a bad feeling about the Virginia Tech game the week after (the only thing they did well against Bama was special teams), but I'll feel a lot better if we show up and stomp out the Jackets.

Go Canes!

Manny what's up with DVD?

s anybody gonna ask Shannon about those dumb short kicks in the last quarter? He almost cost us the game,


Oye manny can U tell me if last night game was one of the highest rank view games ever for a monday night college football game.


Posted by: 27AveCanes... | September 08, 2009 at 02:04 PM


This doesn't answer your question but the ACC posted this moments ago: "UM @ FSU overnight rating posts a 5.61....higher than the last two Labor Day Night games...great rating for ACC Football on ESPN"

AP Rankings for our next 3 opponents:

13. Oklahoma
14. Virginia Tech
15. Georgia Tech

Believe it or not, I like the tough up front schedule. I also hope that Bradford is back in time. If you want to be the best you have to beat the best...

Great game, to a pretty good series dating back to when I was a Senior High School watching Wide Right I with my UM acceptance leter in the kitchen. Add 09 to this...

91, Tal, Canes Win, Wide Right I, classic
92, Mia, Canes Win, Wide Right II, kick to tie not even close, fist game as student
93, Tal, Noles Win, Costa throws a big pick, Charlie Ward shines in close pretty close game, my first time to Doak as Soph
94, Mia, Canes Win, Costa and D.Erickson get redemption, Sapp dominates, Ryan Collins gets 2pt conversion off bench
95, Tal, Noles Win, first beat down, Clement looks terrible, Miami falling, welcome ButchDavis
96, Mia, Noles Win, Tony Gator drops sure touchdown from Clement
97, Tal, Noles Win, 47-0, Covington blasted into goal poast in most humiliating UM loss (until UVA 2 years ago)
98, Mia, Noles Win, Miami plays close, but Winke pulls away in second half
99, Tal, Noles Win, S.Moss and Kenny Kelly have amazing day, but Winke and Warrick do too.
2000, Mia, 'Canes Win, Dorsey to Shockey after Davenport costly fumble, Wide Rigt III
2001, Tal, Canes Win, fake punts, fumle returns, Nix follies
2002, Mia, Canes Win, McGahee screen play goes all the way, Wide Left
2003, Tal, Cane Win, Jarrett Peyton mvy in Rain Bowl
2004, Mia, Canes Win, Labor Day Night OT, Frank Gore, Sinorice Moss
2005, Tal, Noles Win, Ryan Moore can't handle snap for tying FG
2006, Mia, Noles Win, Kyle Wright ints kill rally of sloppy low scoring game
2007, Tal, Canes Win with unlikeliest hero Kirby Freeman throwing winning TD while getting dismembered
2008, Mia, Noles Win, Miami comes back from being down big early, but cannot stop the run late in game
2009, ESPN Classic tonight
P.S. Shannon is going to trip up his own teams success if he keeps up this inexplicable sideline management. What was up with the squib kicks????

I agree with Canadian Devil. Those kicks nearly cost us the game. Was that just dumb play calling or does Boscher have an injury?

Any news on Olivier Vernon? Is his knee OK?

Any news on Olivier Vernon? Is his knee OK?

What about Olivier Vernon? He went out holding his knee. Any word?

Read manny's chat Shannon stop kicking deep because Bosher couldn't get it down there.

Whats going on With Byrd and Aldarius?

Spence seemed non exsistant last night


Great game by the beloved but I agree with everyone who thinks that eventually coach will cost us a game if the short kicks and wasted timeout continue. Also I get the feeling the young Mr. Spence is going to really drop the hammer on GT in what will ammount to a redemption game for him. I can't stress enough how important it is for the U to back up this weeks visit to the top-25 with a win against GT. If we don't win I'm gonna be sick.

yeah. if you read the chat he said that he didnt want bosher doing KOF and Kicking and Punting..soo he didnt want Boshers leg to go out like last year. I think that backup should do that. It did almost cost up to game. Greg Reid...wow. that kid is gonna be a force. im glad Patrick Robinson had a off game. D.Watson didi some great things though. The cramping was getting on my nerves..4 players went out to that. Then when Jacory was hit by Reid..i was like damn!!but im glad we came out with the !W! kudos to Coach Whipple!! finally a offense. and Spence didnt have a bad game. Florida State was just effective. i swear. SOME FANS. BE HAPPY WITH THE W..DAMN. BE HAPPY WITH IT. WE DIDNT LOSE. WE WON. DONT START DISSECTING EVERY WRONG MOVE

With all the soccer (excuse me, football) players at Miami, can't we find one with a strong enough leg to put it in the end zone and give Bosher a rest?

Did you enjoy the game? You want to thank the players for a great effort?

Then go to the Georgia Tech game!!!!

Can you imagine how disappointing it must be to play in front of a crowd like the one in Tally last night and then come home to hear the crickets in your own stadium?

Does anyone know if VT will be back for GT... Jo Jo looked bad on some plays...

If we can get VT and Moncour Back look out...

Canadian Cane Fan formerly known as Canadian Devil Fan.. lol.. Wrong chat site..

I'm back..........The losses last year and the player fine tuning of the troops wasn't in vain. UM will make a run at the big show. Jacory has matured just right ,as well as. the defense. The offenssive unit is straight, we've got good hands and legs. Florida State is going to clobber their next opponent. I guess, I'll be talking the (305) trash this season. The Canes are for real, yo fans, the student body and supportive alumni family get up those U(s) we're in fora great season. Randy, the mission is easy stick to your game plan and one win at a time. Save a secret razzle scheme in your play book when everything is on the line. Ice Daddy is back on the mic.

Who cares about AJ. Benjamin should be starting. Keep Hankerson, Collier and Byrd. Benjamin is by far the most explosive player Miami has.

Bad news for the Canes is that even if they are 4-0 they probably wont be any higher than #8. VTECH, Oklahoma losing really hurts the strength of schedule. Plus FSU is going to be 1-2 because BYU is going to beat them down.

When did FSU stop recruiting Dlinemen? A walk-on starting.


Man you so call UM fans are so lame to me. Shannon can do nothing right in yall eyes.

Posted by: DA U | September 08, 2009 at 12:37 AM

a gaturd in sheep’s clothing assumes multiple aliases to sow dissention …



Posted by: gaturd agent provocateur | August 27, 2009 at 11:38 AM

U v. f$u 54 scores 5.61 rating …
placing it third among ESPN’s most-watched college football …


I understand that Miami wanted to be in the ACC for it's more traditional rivals I guess, and to save some $, but I hope it was worth drastically reducing their chances of winning another national championship over, because I bet that's what happened the second that USF became a BCS team. For y'all's sake, I hope I'm wrong.
Pretty ironic that the ACC's power brokers are now going to be mediocre. It's getting more than a few snickers in Big East land though....

Posted by: BigEastFan | September 07, 2009 at 10:37 PM


next spring, ACCepts bids on a new TV deal …
the most conservative estimates peg bundled basketball & football rights at $120M a year or $1.8B over 15 years a la the yes-e-c …
as a point of comparison, disney pays the bigbad10 $1B over 10 years for theirs …
throw in A-1 baseball, women’s basketball & olympic sports …
not to mention Raycom partnering with Comcast or FitTV selling equity stake or ESPN rebranding Classic to distribute the brand new ACC network nationally …
don’t fret for me my friend …
no other conference can match our depth, reach & market size …
from Miami to boston …
going my way …


ESPN finally showin the CANES some love. If you look at the post when the depth chart came out pple flipped how Shannon called it. Kirk Herb just gave us mad props about being the only two teams that left it all on the field. Its crazy how one game can silence all these pundits and critics now they saying JH is so poised and calm under pressure. You know who really is sick right now R.Marve. Not to mention Cook and Smith. They knew they weren't gonna play and ran. This is good to weed out the non participants. But check my post in depth charts. I called that Sam shields move and keepin benjiman fresh in the 4th. Not to mention the reason JOjo was starting was Shannon was hiding a injury.

Manny, did any one else notice that Fla State got an extra 7 or 8 seconds at the end of the game????

With 27 seconds on the clock Ponder ran the ball and then called time out - he was at the 4 yard line. The clock did not start for at least 7 or 8 seconds on that play. WTF didn't anyone else notice? Whats up with the replay officials????

The squibs were stupid!

We finally have an offense again. Whipple is the man. I like that he is on the sideline and coaching up the offense during the game. This will be a huge advantage to Jacory as time goes on.

Actually on the short kicks he answered that question in an interview on the Canesport site. I'll cut and paste and hope to not get in trouble:

"I watched (film of the game)– there are some things we have to improve on as a football team," Shannon said. "I'll start with special teams. Our strength was kickoff return. (Graig) Cooper did a nice job of returning with some key blocks from those guys. Our punt team did a nice job also with (Matt) Bosher hanging the football up. The kickoff team is the one I was concerned with. We have to get somebody to take the load off Bosher. Last night Bosher's hangtime wasn't very good. He was kicking it down to the 10 and they were getting big returns. By the time they were catching at the 10 we were getting to the 40. We started squibbing it, pooch-kicking it, but his pooch kick wasn't even on yesterday. Usually he's pooching to the 20; he was pooching it to the 40, which was off for him. Those things we have to work on special teams-wise. It didn't pan out the way we wanted to.

HE kicked a squib kick becuase greg ried from FSU almost scored twice. that's why he did it any smart coach would have done it. you wrether put them on the 40-45 yard line and play good defense then let the kid return the kick for a touchdown or on your 20 yard line.
I didn't really understand the timeouts i know the first one wa because miami had the wrong personnel on the field. he was trying to match up better. the other 2 were kind of point less because one we gave up the touchdown. In they should know who needs to be in the game during the personnel changes. Guys we need to chill it was only the first game those small things are going to clean up.

For the JEALOUS Gator fan(s) who think that UM is irrelevant, go to ESPN's site and check out Jim Romes rant about UM in the beginning of his show. The "U" is never irrelevant you jealous lizard. UF will NEVER have the relevancy of UM, I know it makes you mad and pissed that no matter what you guys do, you will NEVER be as loved or as hates or a hot button topic like UM. Does ESPN have a documentary coming up about UF's football program like they do UM's?? No go away you jealous lizard. The U will always stand above your hookie program!!

"Plus FSU is going to be 1-2 because BYU is going to beat them down."

I completely disagree. FSU is a very good football team. By the end of the season this game will seem like a huge win. FSU has a great QB. I'm a hard core UM fan, but props to the Noles. Great team, great game.

Here's to hoping UM and FSU get to play again this year in the ACC Championship game. Where I live no one is a Cane or Nole fan, but everyone was talking about this game at work today.

BTW- If anyone didn't see the pre or post game, this is what's called a class rivalry.

Here's Coach Shannon on the great Bobby Bowden (and anyone who wants to criticize a coach whose won that many games needs to stop following college football):

Shannon: He's always been good to me, even when I was an assistant coach. Before the game I said `How you doing, coach?' He said, `Well, another one of these games, football, ESPN, nationwide TV.' He said, `You can't get better than this.' We talked Miami-Florida State rivalry and good times. After the game he said `Gosh, I've never been around a game more exciting than this - maybe one or two others.' We wished each other good luck. We always say whatever we can do to help each other we will, and that comes from him and his coaching staff. A lot of coaches on his coaching staff I know very well, too. We all have great respect for each other as a coaching staff and as a football team.

I'll leave final words it to Coach Bowden:

“It was a great game, though,” Bowden said. “I guess it sounds funny to hear a losing coach say that.”

Did anyone see VanDyk at all? Did he play? Was he hurt??

Thanks Coach C for pointing out the obvious to the Madden Gurus who think they know football.

I'm sure they thought Bosher was kick it better. Sometimes you just have to gamble. Sometimes it doesn't work out.


BTW- That Reid is really going to be something. Wish we had him. :-)

A very encouraging start. No one who wasn't at the practices REALLY knew what kind of team we were going to get last night - and what we got was brilliance.
Without our DE starters, without a great Spence performance, we completely shut down their run - which bodes very well for GT.
Our offense was explosive - we are already back to the heights of our most potent offenses in UM history.
Just think: Byrd and Aj were invisible, and that didn't stop anything. We largely passed at will. We have too many weapons.
Jacory will be a top contender for Heisman next year (and he'd be already the early favorite THIS year, had he had the advantage of the necessary pre-season hype.)
In short, we awesome.
This is an undefeated NC year, next year we're pre-season no. 1 and we're not going to lose next year, either.
Saddle up and watch Thursday's GT game knowing that they won't be able to do squat about us - but they're going to *think* they can for another week, until they arrive at the home opener. After that, it will be "uh-oh" Miami's back, and we won't be able to enjoy the ridiculous smile of being an overlooked underdog.

Be careful about next year. Miami will have a completely different Oline next year. Two brand new OT's. This year is lining up as a perfect year to make a run at the BCS. Just look at Oregon & Oklahoma as examples of teams that had to break in brand new lines.

Special Teams, not so special ...

Defense, not so defensive ...

Offense ?

Smelly Offensive soon ... U showed Ur hand .

9 days ... Do enjoy. It won't last.

Manny do you know if Aldarius Johnson's injury is serious and will it keep him out for long. It was a wierd scenario. Immediately after catching that long pass he fell to the ground clutching his "huevos" even though he was never touched. It looked like he blew out a testicle or something.

Hey If not for 1 dropped pass, did you get tired of playing with the sheep's up in gaturdland? You could always move on to goats, cows and then horses, instead of posting here.

Ahhh, speaking of irrelevant, I see an irrelevant gay-tard is back again. Whatsamatta, baby, your big bad predictions didn't quite pan out, did they.....poooooooooor little lizard.

In college football you need a little luck (a little). WE lost to North Carolina with a late int, FSU lost to GT with a late fumble, The gators in 06 beat SC with a late block feild goal. But overall we have talent. But I will say Randy better stop being so stubburn, those kicks almost killed us

Silly GT fan, I read fear in your response. Jacory is going to roast your defense. Our air attack will win that game

Man this has to be it at the most..... I'm so darn tired of reading all you second guessers it turns my stomach. Get off the pot. We won the game because the coaches and the players did not give up... the coaches saw something that you knuckleheads didn't or refuse to see. So we short kicked a few KO no big deal. the DEF held up and WE WON..... as for the injured players guys they will come back when they are healthy and not before.... NOT when you want them too. In poker you play the hand delt. In college bakk you play with the players you have suited up. Get with the program..... Im so tired of all the writting from so called cane fans that are telling everyone that they bleed orange and green but when they write their true color shows up.... YOU ARE EITHER BEHIND THIS TEAM- THE PLAYERS AND ALL OF THE COACHES OR YOU ARE NOT. So now it comes doen to this Stay on board the 2009 express or get off and find another team.... If you have nothing good to write about.... PLEASE keep your silly comments to yourself... I"m one thats tired of reading all the complaints.critics of this team and RS and the rest of the coachjing staff remind me of MAGBAC people. Enough said lets fill the stadium for the next game and hope for the best...Go canes on the list and climbing.

Ahhh, speaking of irrelevant, I see an irrelevant gay-tard is back again. Whatsamatta, baby, your big bad predictions didn't quite pan out, did they.....poooooooooor little lizard.

Posted by: mighigancane | September 08, 2009 at 08:46 PM

Nope, Ur right on schedule... 1-3 on Ur way to 6-6 and a Nut Bowl .

everybody is entitled to their opinion but, it matters on if it is healthy critiscism our just ignorant critiscism. i have not heard no body except for one blogger giving props to shannon about hiring whip. for the ppl still bashing shannon it was not his fault about the T.O. jacory seen the players not getting assembled in time it to add on, that is something the assistance have to get worked out and they will.

i made my observation clear about what i thought in the kicking game but it was an healthy critiscism,but we did win none the less and now shannon and company will be working up plays against GT. for one i have been sick of the haters that constantly bash shannon and our team and i'm one of the few as well as sarasota cane and jamie and wayne( few other i failed to mention mybad) that supported the team and randy against the gators.

if you can't voice your opinion in a healthy way and not bash the players and insulting a coaches intelligence then shut up i see none of you guys out there making a diffrence.

UM OL Pipho slacked and could have cost us the season. He actually did fairly Ok on the running plays, but it was a LACK OF EFFORT that got Jacory hurt. Don't give HIM any props.
We had major issues getting the plays in on time for the offense and no one has mentioned that we LOST T.O. due to our bad GAME MANAGEMENT..ASK Jacory !! I know it is Game 1, but we never have developed "GOOD GAME MANAGEMENT " from as far back as last year !!!
You have to give credit to Shannon for getting Whipple. He is awesome !!! Any other hire , we would have lost !!! If you are a CB and UM has offered you a scholarship, take it !! You are going to play very soon !!! did we gain ground recruiting wise for any recruits, we could Really use them !!!!

CANES RANKED!! Come on fans give OC Whipple some love!

Gotta say wayne got some sense. And pay attention to the U I been big-upping this team from jump. Check all my past post and you know Imma Cane thru and thru. I'm lovin ya'll jus lovin it. Jacory Harris is man. First it was coops jerzey then I got a spence now I gots to get me a number 12. He throws like a FSU quarterback. what I mean is seems like vinny and them guys had zip. Jacory floats but it gets there. His arm can make all the throws. They was breaking down the benjiman catch and that was suppose to go to the tight end. miami called an unbalanced which made the tackle eligible. The backer held epps causing JH to go down field. The hatas can keep talkin I love it. If miami lost his ass would have been the first UUUUUUUUUUU suck or some crap. But them Canes sent hime to bed early last night. hehehehe......hey yall while we was still posting celebrating he was in bed watchin the highlights hoping FSU don't get better from here to the Nov. No matter what you say or feel you got to give shannon love. He made the hire on OC. He recruited the players. He gameplans to protect his players weakness. And he adjusted in game situations to win. If Benjimans runnin sweeps returning punts kickoffs and playing receiver he would not have been as fresh as he was. If Coach Shannon we need to start sayin Coach Shannon if Coach Shannon didn't make the call to move Shields to corner with that 4.2 speed who did? Van Dyke played a series right. Then who did we see Shields,Jojo,Phillips and Harris. Then they put grant campbell jojo and shields in. He had to protect his free safety. And that my friends is a good game plan. As for the O Coach is hands off but you got to expect he called JJ to start. Coop to be mr Everything. Benjiman. Was the go to speed guy. Bryd and AJ got nicked up and I think AJ drove his femur into his hip he looked bad. but this is the second time I said hankerson played the game of his life. Saving us on that 3rd down catch. So when say pay attention we need to really pay attention and give respect to your team.

Torrian Wilson picks Stanford? What's up w/that? I thought all Northwestern kids went to the U.

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