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Jacory Harris is blowing up

So this is what happens when you win two nationally televised games and put The U back on the map. Jacory Harris has certainly discovered what it feels like to be a star over the last 48 hours.

Jacory for Heisman

He's not only become an instant Heisman candidate according to ESPN and had a new Heisman site developed in his honor, but his name has been on a lot of people's lips across across the country. Or, their Twitter accounts anyway. At one point Friday, Jacory Harris was actually one of the most popular tweets around. Not just the average Joes either.

> Former Texas basketball star Kevin Durant tweeted: "Man Harris might be better than [Ohio State's] Terrell Pryor."

> ESPN NFL analyst Chris Mortensen tweeted: "I like Jacory Harris a lot. He's a cool customer, sees the field, accurate. Playing for a good OC in Mark Whipple.

> Deadspin.com joined the action, wildly declaring "Miami quarterback Jacory Harris will be the #1 pick in the 2011 NFL Draft. He'll be just like JaMarcus Russell, only he'll be good instead of grossly obese."

> Former Canes are loving what they saw too. Panthers Pro Bowl linebacker Jon Beason tweeted: "a star is born" Jacory Harris CLAP!

> And then there's this really bad YouTube song.

HAITH CHIMES IN ON GRAHAM'S TD: I caught up with UM basketball coach Frank Haith earlier this afternoon and had a good laugh with him about Jimmy Graham's first catch and touchdown Thursday night. Haith, who was in athletic director Kirby Hocutt's skybox for Thursday night's game, said his wife cried tears of joy when his former 6-8, 260-pound power forward made his first big football play. He said everyone in the box -- including his son -- went nuts. 

Jimmy Graham

But Haith said he couldn't help himself from giving Graham a nice ribbing for his ugly touchdown celebration. "I told him afterward his celebration lacked creativity. He knew he couldn't spike the ball or dunk it over the goal posts. But whatever it was he did, bobbing his head, it was hilarious. I told him 'You got to practice some in your room. Run off the field, chest bump somebody, give Jacory [Harris] a helmet tap, something. You can't look lost again."

Graham said Thursday he didn't celebrate much because he had to go back in to block on the ensuing extra point and was just kind out of it. So far, he's been targeted three times and made one catch. "I feel like I've worked hard, learned a little bit and hopefully each game I can help this team and I can prove I'm a football player," he said. 

For what it's worth, Graham has only been playing football for eight weeks. Harris said he did the right thing finding the open space for the touchdown. He said he's focused on doing the right things, he doesn't partake in trash talking. "With football, there are so many fans and I'm usually just thinking about he just called, I zone everything out. I'm thinking 'What do I have to do on this?' And I'm making sure to do it right."


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Bryce WHO? tennessee is ranked WHAT??


GATORS R SCARED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE IT

Ugh, so I hate throwing this out there but "IF" the Canes can take care of VT on Saturday, you better believe Gameday will be returning to Miami (broadcasting from where?) on the 3rd for Top 10 matchup between the Cat 5 Canes and OU. Me, well I'll have to be spectating from my couch at home in Seattle or hotel in Portland, OR since the gametime is still TBA.

Go Canes and let's Choke the Hoke

Canes crack top ten in AP Poll at #9!!



This is BB 1st year, so let's not to get too far ahead. He may improve over time. Their O-line is not up to par, though. Lane Kiffin had no business saying a D*** thing about NOBODY! The only thing they have is a D with Eric Berry and crew. I can see UT getting beat by every team they play in the SEC. I also think the Canes beat VT if they stay focused. GO CANES!!!!!!

YEAAAAAHHHHHH #9. I wish they were even higher though.

The fall down and excUses will be a lot of FUN to watch!!!!!!!!!

excUses are coming. Think of them now. I have some.

Jacory had a cold.
Randy Shannon didnt get 8 and a half hours of sleep.
The one we have heard for that last 5 years. WE ARE YOUNG, WAIT UNTIL NEXT YEAR.
Our O coordinator stinks, we need another one.
Our D coordinator stinks, we need another one.
Our Special teams coach blew the game.
Randy Shannon thought we had 6 timeouts per half.
Lamar Miller thought he was going to see the field.
Bryce Brown left us.
Our 2 QBs transferred and ran for the hills.

Uf gaturds and Ron Zook:

Be scared si$$ies. Be very scared. We coming. and coming hard. Did U panzies expect the U to be 9 this early on?

I don't think so.

Bring on teblow. He aint nothing. Ponder is better.

UM passed all over the place on one of the bst Ds in the country in FSU, and shut down one of the bst Dends in the country in GT's Morgan.

UM has too many weapons on this offense.

In our remaining schedule, I say only Oklahoma has the overall team to beat us. Clemson, maybe. VT very possible.

wins: NC st., USF (Grothe is out), UCF, FAMU, NC, Wake and UVA

wash: Clemson, VT

I dont know: Oklahoma

Best possible record (before the ACC ch.): 11-1

Lose to Ok., VT or Clemson: 10-2

Lose to Clemson, VT, OK: 9-3

I cant see UM losing to NC.

#9 in the AP #13 in the coaches polls..we move'n on up


NoI honestlydo not think BSU is better than UM, but they have beaten ranked opponents as well, and they are 3-0. I also forgot Penn State.

#9 is too low for UM I think thay are better. The USA today morons have UM #15. W-T--F??

ANd Bryce who??? Did someone actually post that UM "lost big" on Bryce Brown???? LMFAO> James and Chambers (now hurt) are both better than Brown. Period.

does anyone actually think (CBS' Gary Danielson does) that Teblown will be an NFL QB?

Jacory Harris is blowing up? You mean from 150 lbs to 180 lbs?

or are you trying to blow him up?

If Harris can last the year, I would be shocked. He should get the Heisman if he lasts the year without injury. He has the body of a little girl. Lets see all this talk at the end of the year or even the middle of the year. You played 2 games against WEAK ACC schools. The ACC is very mediocore and doesnt have 1 legit team. Not one. So keep sippin that Kool-Aid because you are going to need straight up Tequila in a few weeks and probably a change of jersey to Alabama or someone else that is legit.

4 of the top 7 are from the SEC.

Ohhhhh boy another year the SEC is at the top and the ACC look like a bunch of average one dimensional teams.

It's almost unbelievable, but if Canes go undefeated (still a very big if), there's a very good chance they'll be playing Tebow & Gators (or whoever wins the SEC) in Pasadena. 3 teams now stand in the way, Texas (hard to believe they're #2 considering how they've played so far), Penn State (doubt they'll beat all 3 of Ohio State, Michigan and Iowa) and California (they finish at Washington, the new death pit for contenders). Texas now has the easiest regular schedule of the 3, but will still need to win the Big 12 game. Wouldn't that be wild, Harris (new star, probable runner-up in Heisman), leading the upstart young Canes, v. Tebow (old star and probable Heisman winner) leading the presumptive greatest team of all time - the TV ratings would be huge - very reminiscent of Canes (& Kosar) v. Cornhuskers for the first UM championship (think also, Marlins v Yankees, Giants v. Pats, Jets v. Colts)- well, we Canes fans can at least dream - GO CANES!!!!!

canethang, let it go, just let it go. Why can't we all just enjoy this?

It feels good as a Canes fan to be back in the top 10. I just hope that Coach Shannon and the upper classmen who have struggled through the lean years (Eric Moncour, Colin Mac, Jason Fox, Darryl Sharpton, Ryan Hill, ect.) will keep these guys GROUNDED. Going into Blacksburg won't be easy and even with their back-up QB (granted against garbage comp.) OU looked very good. When was the last time we were ranked this high, was it '05 or '06 when we were #3, before we lost at home to Georgia Tech?? Well that's ancient history anyways, we as fans will sometimes get ahead of ourselves, I hope that the team is getting confident, but not too confident where they think they can roll their helmets on the field and win. KEEP GROUND Jacory and crew!! Go Canes!!

UFluke looked like crap. See how worried Meyer looked? It's OVA!!!

Envy the past...fear the future!!!


By the way, do you notice how nervous our resident Gayturd has become since we have gotten back into the top 10 and how Jacory and the U has been getting so much love NATIONALLY. I guess he realizes that outside of Gainesville and northern Florida,

Sorry guys. I am not convinced UFluke will be in the NC this year. They are only holding onto that top rank cause of last year. Heck, UK may beat them this weekend. UT had an entire coaching staff change, lost 15 players to transfers, played in the Swamp of all places and still only lost by 10. They don't have any WRs, Rainey and Demps get tackled by the wind. Their run D was exposed AND their opponent's records are now 3-6. That's WEAK!!!

THE U's opponent's record are now 4-2. Not to mention they are ranked AND one just beat #7.

If we go 4-0 there is no reason we don't take #1 from them. How sweet it will be in two weeks when that happens!!!


By the way, do you notice how nervous our resident Gayturd has become since we have gotten back into the top 10 and how Jacory and the U has been getting so much love NATIONALLY. I guess he realizes that outside of Gainesville and northern Florida, NOBODY CARES ABOUT THE TURDS!! The Turds will NEVER have an effect on the national media like UM. If you checked out Jim Romes show after both victories, he led his show with how UM's wins were great and how the U being back would be great for national football. I have never heard the Turds get that type of love!! They only talk about their Coach being a phony and their QB chopping of weiners in the Phillipines. I know it hurts you, you Turd, that even though we are ranked #9 and you are ranked #1, that the national media has put you on the back burner for the real story in Football, the resurgance of the Mighty University of Miami Hurricanes Football program!! By the way, it was great to see you guys beat UT by 100 points like your ego driven coach and your over righteous/over rated QB were trying to do! LOL!!!


Canes go undefeated talk...HAHAHAHAHAHAHHA

They beat a garbage FSU team in the final seconds because FSU dropped a pass and now think they are going undefeated. BAWAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA

and a one dimensional Georgia Tech team at home after Miami had over a week off and Georgia Tech was playing like 3 games in the same time period. BAWAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

You guys are such a joke, it is funny.

Meanwhile Manny is making up his own Jacory Heisman site which is such a joke. Then he blogs on it. LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!

Just prepare the excUses.

Remember I warned you all to be cautious but you are talking undefeated and National Title after 2 games.

What a joke!

P.S. You arent top 10 in the coaches poll. The SEC holds 4 of the 7 top spots.


That dude is the butt of a lot of really bad jokes, and doesn't even realize it! He is cracking up before our eyes! Remember the Norwood character from the 1st Ace Ventura movie?


get off the blog you incapable socialite.

sad life you lead.

thats right, you

Even if Florida does run the table, their not playing for the N.C. this year. That week ass schedule goin to have all the Gator fans cryin at the end of the year. And did everyone see how they struggled against TENN? ONce Tebag leaves Gators and all their Hick fans are going to be irrevalent again, just like their players in the NFL. []_[]

LMAO. Are the Gator fans really talking about Miami's schdule? GTFO! Who did they beat Troy, Tenesee(BY 10 at Home LMAO), and Charleston Southern? WTF? Where do the BCS polls rank Florida schedule? Cus ours is top 3. GATORS are going to loose to an overated as Hell LSU team. Then overated GA is going to have their way with them. If you loose 2 games with that B.S. scheduale thats a shame. I bet all those Hick Gator fans jump on Mia's bandwagon just like the rest of the country always does. The U is back, but this is just the begining. Thats why Florida dont wana play us.

It's delightful to remember that Florida dropped themselves off our schedule because they were our homecoming whipping boys year after year. And that our true freshman dominated nearly the entire game last year. Ha. Let's hope they don't lose too many games this year - it would be a shame not to have the chance to run up the score on them in January.

Well, looks like the unbias computer poll gets it right!

THE U #1

FSU #5

UFluke #36




i was actually pullin for fsu and vtech. the ACC needs to improve their rep. plus i actually respect our rivals (besides UF). i hope UF goes undefeated so we can kick their *** in one of the greatest NC's to ever be played.

but on another note UF is way overrated and tebow makes me sick. even worse is that urban sucks his ****. if i see him sceaming on the sideline again i swear to god... do any of his players even like him or buy in to anything he says!? he's such a ******bag. god should just smite him and tell him hes not the second coming of jesus. stop trying to convert the world. everyones tired of your act. just go be a bust in the nfl already. and he will be a bust:

NO POCKET PRESSENCE, NO ACCURACY, NO ARM STRENGTH, SLOW RELEASE, DOESNT SEE THE FIELD, BAD MECHANICS, BAD FOOTWORK, NO MOBILITY, NO ATHLETICISM. the guy is not an athelete. he'll be slow as hell in the nfl. he's built like a fullback. he's just big and strong. nobody would call a fullback athletic.

Ignore the Gaytor inbred morons who are so scared that they have to read everything about the U - The Gaytors are not even going to win the SEC this year and T-bag is leaving so they are in a state of panic - meanwhile the U is showing the world that we are back.... time to go back to your trailer park Jethro, play with your sister and watch the U's rise back to the top while your wussie Gaytors try to find some more high school teams to play. Play a real team and the talk wussies. The U is back baby, deal with it.


Did you see the players around tebow when he started going crazy. They weren't even paying attention to him. I don't think he was even saying anything. Just bobbing his head like urban showed him how. He just makes me sick.

Caneman, agreed.

does anyone else think tebow is dumb? he just seems like a dumb*** to me.

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