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Morgan, Jackets are coming after Jacory

He's 6-4, 272 pounds and a nightmare for college football offensive linemen. Derrick Morgan has future first round pick written all over him and he'll be leading a Yellow Jackets defense that plans on coming hard after Canes quarterback Jacory Harris Thursday night.

Derrick Morgan "He's a big guy, but he has a lot of speed to him," Canes left tackle Jason Fox said of Morgan. "He can speed rush you. He can go speed to power really quick. He has a lot of stuff. The big thing is he plays on both sides, so both tackles are going to have to be ready for him."

Morgan has five sacks in two games. Against Clemson last Thursday, he had a game-high 10 tackles, a personal-best four tackles for loss (13 yards), and three sacks. Other than Morgan, only Julian Burnett and Robert Hall have sacks this season — 1/2 each — for the Yellow Jackets.

Georgia Tech coaches told the Atlanta Journal Constitution this week their plan is to try and make Harris a lot more uncomfortable than he looked against Florida State. The Seminoles ran man-to-man coverage on the Hurricanes’ wide receivers and blitzed Harris frequently, but got to him just twice -- sacking him once and hitting him as he threw to cause an interception return for a score.

Tech defensive line coach Giff Smith told the AJC they hope to create some different looks for Harris and come after him with pressure from different points.

“We’ve put in some new defenses that’s going to get it stirred up,” middle linebacker Brad Jefferson told the AJC. “I think we’ll get some pressure on him and see what he can do with it.”

The Canes used several unbalanced lines (something brought from the NFL by new offensive coordinator Mark Whipple) to not only the run the football last week, but protect Harris. Fox lined up several times on the right side alongside fellow senior tackle Matt Pipho and tight end Richard Gordon, considered UM's best blocking tight end.

UM coach Randy Shannon said he thought his team did a pretty good job protecting Harris despite the various blitzes FSU used last week. "If you look at the offensive line you didn't see Jacory have to move out of the pocket," Harris said. "That comes from guys inside. They did a good job of protecting the middle. If you can push the pocket, you can get quarterbacks out of their rhythm. They did a good job solidifying the middle of the defense."

The issue for the Canes, however, will once again be depth. UM only played six linemen in their rotation last week -- Fox, left guard Orlando Franklin, center AJ Trump, Pipho and redshirt sophomore Harland Gunn and junior Joel Figueroa at right guard.

Jason Fox Last year, UM rotated eight players on their offensive line. So far, Fox said the team has been able to hack it because of the extra amount of reps they've been taking in practice. "To be honest with you, I didn't feel that gassed," Fox said. "There was only one drive where I was hurting."

Nobody, however, could end up hurting the Canes more Thursday than Morgan.

Fox said he's been looking forward to the matchup about as much as Morgan has. During ACC Kickoff media days in Greensboro, the two players advanced through a video game tournament of NCAA Football 2010. Fox, using the Canes, scored twice late in the game to beat Morgan, who was playing as Georgia Tech. It’s still a sore spot for Morgan.

“He kind of got lucky playing in the game,” Morgan told the AJC. “It’s time to get revenge this week.”

Fox is looking forward to the challenge. "He's a tremendous player," Fox said. "I've gone up against him a lot already. Last year I went up against [Bengals 2009 third round pick] Michael Johnson a lot. But in previous years, we've gone up against each other. He's a tremendous player, plays with a lot of effort and I'm looking forward to the matchup."

> NO SWINE FLU HERE: UM coach Randy Shannon was asked during Wednesday's ACC Teleconference if any of the three players who came down with illnesses this week and are either listed as doubtful (RB Damien Berry, OL Ben Jones) or out (S Jojo Nicolas) for the game have the swine flu. “We don’t have anything," Shannon said. "Just the guys on the injury report. That’s all we have.”

> RAY RAY UPDATE: Shannon said highly touted freshman Ray Ray Armstrong has done a good job learning through camp and he's expecting big things in the future. When that future is, we aren't sure. But teammate Brandon Harris said he doesn't think it will be long before Armstrong and fellow freshman cornerback Brandon McGee are on the field more often.

"I think Brandon McGee and Ray Ray are the two freshmen closest to having the most impact on us this season," Harris said. "McGee, he'll have a chance to play a lot because the depth at corner is not the best depth. Ray Ray is going to be a great football player. He has all the tools. Once, he gets the mental part down. He'll be great for us. Ray Ray is more of a strong safety. His big frame, he tackles very well. In this game, he's going to get a lot of play."


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I really wish I could be there! I hope it's packed!

DA U is not back. You barely beat us who barely beat Jacksonville. Both programs will be back later then sooner.

(okan!) means 1st in Yoruba.

Enjoy while U can ... Highsmith, Ur IN !!!


I am not surprised by your lackluster performance vs J St. You had little to no time to prepare for a game that none of your players wanted to play. They were unmotivated and uninspired to show up for that game, but they won. J St. also played GT and put up 17 on them. So please do not appeal to the performance against J St as a basis for your prognostication.

That being said, FSU holds J St to 9 where GT gives up 17. That means that GT gives up roughly 1.889X the points the FSU D gives up so this implies Miami is looking at putting up 38*1.889 which is roughly 72 pts on that porous GT D. Go canes!

tech fans said this article was written weaks ago...???

That article was on ramblinwreck.com way before the miami herald got it
------------------ ------

Just another reason why GT beats the Canes tomorrow, ramblinwreck.com is a better news source than the Miami Herald


sammynole and the curse of art kehoe fella this is for u. fla in lowercase was once the dormat for major college football in the state of florida. i know that u remember how nebraska embarrassed the state of florida under one of the smallest nationally telivised national championship games.i wonder why? spurier then whined about the fla st. d ends tryn to make waffles ot of ur qb. im sure he then begged to get back into nc champ game to beat fl state. the point is that if a team loses that late in the year they should not be playn in that game anyway. so really in the eyes of people who know college football u really only have 2 ncchampionships. as for sammynole bobby also begged to get a championship when nebraska returned that punt and a mysterious flag appeared and im still waitn for william floyd to cross the goaline.lol also what about the time that snoop dog mennis and the qb over slept and missed the final and u all lose to okl 13-2 pathetic.i know that we lost washington earlier that year but we beat u all. shouldnt have been there once again. so u guys really only should have only one nc.lol please stay off of our boards with that nonsense.

look at this sorry excuse for a blog post. so glad we have manny and not this clown.

zero analysis garbage.


Anyone take a look at how small GT is on the offensive line? They have 2 starters that are 250 and only 1 listed at 300. No wonders they cut block.

Fox vs. Morgan I love this match-up. For those who visit often yall know Imma TX-Cane. I jus got off the phone with the playmaker Mr. Irvin. He has a radio show and I called in. You know he pulling for the Canes strong. I can't wait for this game. I was hype about OU but Bradford hurt so this is the game of the year to me. These kids want this win bad. The build-up is intense on the blogs and players responding to the media with answers like we gonna score points. Every national recruit will be tuning in to see if we really back. I think most of those dade kids wanna go to UM but they wanna win. I don't believe that they wanna play early crap they develop into the number 1 pick at that position.


I like guys! Im afraid our eyes will be open when GT comes to town. We better be careful.

DA U is back to shuttin stupid fools up and putting them back in thier place. Sammynole, please stop with the sour grapes. We don't care what your little program did against an inferior opponent last week. We don't care if you go 0-12 in fact. That has absolutely nothing to do with how we roll. We are Da U fool. Recognize it!

Manny the best. Tell em again Memphiscane. I can't wait till the U documentary comes out on espn DEC 12th. That is gonna shut these punks up. I don't dwell on the past but they act like Miami is not why people play college football they way they do today. Miami is originators of swagger before it was called swagger, holding four fingers up in the fourth quarter runnin thru smoke at the beginning of the game. How sad is it that from 83 to 93 Miami was in the hunt for every national championship. EVERY ONE. The facts are the facts. They might not have won but they were either in the game or won the ship. Then we played VT and FSU both ranked number 1 and ended playing scrap ass Florida in the Sugar. You guys were a constalation prize for a UM team that was on a major let down. We still dominated you guys and FSU fans should never speak to UM fans until spoken to. After all the field goals and extra points your team has missed which in turn demoralize your teams you should be thankful for every win you get against the Canes and jus say thank you for taking the year off. The football Gods do not like nole fans who talk when UM fans are having a conversation. Sammy sit down and watch labor days game.....SAMMYYYYY Tha U said sit down.

The U will win the game, because they have the better program and the most talent in the ACC and it will start to show this season.

any real crowd numbers yet

It would make sense to have Ray Ray play in this game. We know GT is going to run it 95% of the time. Ray Ray is a big body that could make a huge impact on slowing down the run. I can't see our 205lb defense backs coming in for the big hits on a 220lb running back. CJ Holton would also be great to bring in for this game. I know he is listed as a linebacker but he was a db in high school.

The U will get it done in this game, the defense will not be fooled by this offense again. We are much better across the board. The only concern is that in some areas we have to play the more talented underclassman. Ray Ray, McGee, Brown, Streeter - every game I watch freshman contribute and in many cases play major roles. For some reason we do not develop talent as well, especially your most prized recruits. Sharpton comes to mind as one example, every time I look the middle is wide open, it makes me sick, if he can't get it done then bring in someone who can. Get them in there, get them ready for the future. If we go 4-0 this year to start, we will be a year ahead of schedule, there is a long way to go until that happens.

imyahuckleberri, out of curiosity what year did you graduate from the U?

Per Jacory Harris: "This UM offense cannot be stopped"

That's pretty strong words before the game is played, especially considering GT has beaten UM for 4 straight years, including last year's game which was a blowout and could have been much worse except CPJ put in the 2nd and 3rd string in the 3rd quarter.


Isn't is sad how u bash the U by saying they beat your sorry 'Nole's by 4 pts? I mean that's like saying U hooked up with my GF, but she's ugly anyways!

Get a life and come out of the closet you undercover U blower...

PS we spanked u last Monday, it's time to get off our blog!

any real crowd numbers yet

Posted by: nealtrom | September 16, 2009 at 03:57 PM

65,000 sold

wow 65K sold...5 walk ups...the Vt game last year was 46K...and the place was rocking...and Ray Ray does need to play...we saw what fresman do against teams like this..blow assigmments...is is a big body but we need ballers and guys that can tackle...I hate to be the A s s HOLE in all this I see a UM blowout...Miami 41 GT 13.....I can explain if you want...we will run the ball too....when you shut this D down it gets shut down...

I didn't end up going (on an unofficial visit to Miami) because Coach Hurtt told me before I was ready to leave that they got a quarterback commitment from the Miami area so Miami is no longer in my plans. … Even after Arkansas offered me, I wanted to check out Miami and see what them and some other schools were gonna do.
-- jake medlock (7/27/09)



words matter …
“coveted” “top-flight” “chose”
who the F are you kidding …
with fantastic language, Miami Herald enables f-i-u-don’t-matter’s f(i)utile pursuit of football glory …
tell the truth …
according to scout.com, only arkansas, florida atlantic & the gold-plated patsies offered jake medlock …
while The University of Miami showed casual interest …
afflicted with pete pelegrin pathosis …


I like the fact that GT fans are stirring the pot. PLEASE talk smack. UM has traditionally fed off of stuff like that. And Jacory seems to thrive off of it. Seperate from that GT runs the triple option better than any team in the history of college football sans maybe the Four Horsmen of Notre Dame and the Four Horsemen part 2 of GT. It isn't about getting fooled again, it's about getting fooled on any given play. It's about execution. The plain fact is GT runs the triple option to near perfection. Knowing HOW to defend it does not equate to ACTUALLY defending it. Keep in mind that the triple option is designed to kill you with the pass after it lulls you in to defend the run. None-the-less I feel UM's best chance is to load up against the run and MAKE Nesbitt pass. That'll be VERY hard to do because they are so patient with the option. I think a quick and extended lead would cause them to become impatient with it. It is CRUCIAL that UM get an early lead and try to get into a scoring match with GT. That SHOULD favor UM.

bring it on tech , cane are going all the way ... go canes

Who said I grad from UM sammy? "Whack".. now I told you not to talk.."whack"..when grown folks talkin. But lets put it like this I am embedded in UM lore. My grandma is a alum and stayed on the same street as Victor Morris. He is an ole skool Cane who introduced me to Bratton Testeverde(some of the team use to come thru for BBQ)and of course the playmaker. Thats the thing people like you will never understand Sammy. When the U brethen welcome you in you get treated like family. Do I try to exploit old ties...hell no thats for FSU fans. As for Mr. Irvin I met him at the Blades brothers moms house. They knew me cause I knew Victor. We did stay in the neighborhood together(Blades brothas). Ya see we was all family and Miami played for the city. I remember in the 80's those kids playing a big game could've saved lives. I know I wasn't outside running the streets cause I was watchin number 47 sprint down field after being down 19-3 late in the third against who.........yup you guessed it. The Dang Noles Dagumit.

Can anyone put together a complete sentence on this blog, or is it all ESOL here? Really, at least let us understand one another a bit better.. Another note Damien is a fool for posting that stuff on his twitter page. Wait to talk on the field, not before the game.

This is what Dwyer will be doing all over Miami tomorrow. Book it!


150 yards and two touchdowns by Dwyer by himself tomorrow.

Why is everyone (press, vegas, popular opinion) counting Tech out already? We do have the returning ACC player of the year. And an O that can put up big points. Granted UM put big points up vs. FSU, so it should be a good game.

p.s. thank you to the Canes fans who are posting in a rational manner.

Oh, and I forgot about this one


Your D's inexperince will be your achilies heel... Sorry Canes, always next year!

I think florida states D-line is better than georgia techs and we did a good job of protecting jacory, when florida state added pressure the screen pass was working perfectly. I can't wait to see ray ray either, this kid is going to be another stud at the U. GO CANES!

damn, last week we were primetime on monday night. that game became an instant classic.

Tommorow, we have another primetime game.

looks like UF has only been playing on sun sports these last to weeks.

and this turd said miami isn't relevent.


If anyone, either GT or Canes fans, believe this will be a blow out, they are insane. Both teams will score points. Both offenses know how to put the ball in the end zone. Defensively, its a toss up. This is going to be a very good game. I think Miami wins only because they pick up the blitzes and the GT dbs are not as fast as Miami's recievers. But, and this is a big one, Miami must not try to block Morgan one on one. I think Whipple will double team him on most plays.

don't be fooled by kehoe. there is no GT fans on here talking smack. that is kehoe.


Let's talk after Jacory has his way with your defensive backs. He'll be turning them out like new convicts. They're going to cry for mercy.

I've been waiting for this game since the 480 rushing yd debacle. I know we are better than that and will prove that thursday but it all start on the d-line especially the 2 tackles, middle Lb and strong safety. The middle of the D is the key. I told U Marcus Fortson is overrated. No tackles is the FSU game that unexcusable.

Should be a closer game than last year but GT will win. Miami still underestimates this team and the qb said no one can stop the offense. the kid has a lot to learn.

Is this a real sports blog... What with 5 loud mouth UM fans??? Bunch of tards.

Paul Johnson have never beat Mark Whipple!

Posted by: GTCyaU | September 16, 2009 at 09:40 PM

For more Canes talk without the noise, go to www.canespace.com

This week’s ACC Busters are the Elon Phoenix, the Southern Miss Golden Eagles, and those pesky East Carolina Pirates.

Baylor, Richmond, William & Mary, Stanford, Jacksonville State, and James Madison have already had their way with our lame conference. Let’s see how many 2 minute drill or OT wins U can pull off this week...


What a bunch of goons. The whole "we are the U" crap is so stupid. The "U" is pretty much a 6-7 win team these days. The glory days are gone. I don't believe Warren Sapp or Ray Lewis are suiting up Saturday are they?

You have a young dumb quarterback that decides it's a good idea to publicly say "nobody can stop our offense". Are you kidding me? Can you get any dumber than that? The "U" lost the last three games of last year....all of them. Since then you've beat a marginal Florida State team. All the sudden nobody can stop your offense? Dumb, dumb, dumb thing to say publicly.

And then you're head coach....what a moron. This goofball decides to publicly say "I've let the guys know not to take Georgia Tech lightly". What?????!!!!! Why in the world would Miami of all teams be taking Georgia Tech lightly? Does your coach really need to say that? You've lost the last four straight..and last year was a beating. It's hilarious...and I hope ya'll are taking Georgia Tech "lightly".

ok triple option boy

have fun with your yearly 9-3, 8-4 years. While thats good enough for you loosers in atlanta (both in the nfl and cfb), it isnt good enough for the U.

When did you last win the NC? Oh yeah excuse me. It was 19 years ago. Ok. Um has won two since then and played in 4 others. And yeah, while GT has beaten Um the last 4 times, don't forget that until 2003, GT was but a flea in UM's schedule including that bowl game with your overhyped Joe Hamilton.

See you tomorrow night flies, book your flight early. You'll be buzzed out of here limping.

Posted by: Optionoffense | September 16, 2009 at 10:16 PM

Very funny option offense. Are you going to cry a river when Jacory backs up his talk on the field? For all we know he may be telling the truth. That is the 'Canes way.

Stop with the four straight BS. Every year teams are different. That's why they play the game. Oh, Randy knows exactly what he is talking about. We don't need a bumble bee to criticize him. Go watch what LSU did to you guys. We have very good DTs/ DEs this year.


I didn't end up going (on an unofficial visit to Miami) because Coach Hurtt told me before I was ready to leave that they got a quarterback commitment from the Miami area so Miami is no longer in my plans. … Even after Arkansas offered me, I wanted to check out Miami and see what them and some other schools were gonna do.
-- jake medlock (7/27/09)




words matter …
“coveted” “top-flight” “chose”
who the F are you kidding …
with fantastic language, Miami Herald enables f-i-u-don’t-matter’s f(i)utile pursuit of football glory …
tell the truth …
according to scout.com, only arkansas, florida atlantic & the gold-plated patsies offered the undesirable while The University of Miami showed casual interest …
afflicted with pete pelegrin psychosis …




hey larry blustein, why let inconvenient facts interfere …
modern journalism: where self-serving fiction justifies front-page splash …
out of contemptuous pity …
or whi$pered $weet nothing$ …
minor-league college athletics with a make-believe fan base warrant scant coverage in a major-league metropolitan newspaper …
something’s rotten at 1 herald plaza …


So Turds Suck-

According to the majority of Miami fans..."we know how to handle the option now". So you're telling me that wonderful coach of yours had no idea last year? Or could it have been that in fact the coaching staff did know how to stop the option...but you're players aren't good enough? It should be the second choice. If your coaching staff didn't know last year how to defend an option offense they shouldn't be coaching college football. You're players aren't good enough. This crap about "now we have some younger, better guys coming in"....what a joke.

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