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Player Progress Report

We had a lot of fun this summer counting down the Top 60 players at UM. But now that we're in season, I figured we could keep the theme rolling week-to-week with our very own Player Progress Report. 

This Top 10 list will take into account what the players do over the course of the season and what they mean to the team. Injuries are obviously part of the game and the guys who aren't playing could return to the Top 10 once they resume playing. 

1. QB Jacory Harris: Provided the type of leadership at quarterback Miami hasn't seen since Ken Dorsey was here. He broke a team record with passing yards against FSU and made every important throw Miami needed him to in the come-from-behind victory. Previous ranking: 2.

Sean Spence had a tough day against FSU and slipped from the top spot among the Hurricanes' best players 2. RB Graig Cooper: Was absolutely electric in his return to special teams, averaging 35.4 yards on five returns. He ran for just 31 yards on seven carries, but scored the winning touchdown and caught another touchdown to help Miami in ints come-from-behind victory against the Noles. Previous ranking: 3.

3. LT Jason Fox: Started his 37th game with a false start, but quickly settled down and helped the Canes protect their quarterback for most of the night. He was also blocking on the side Graig Cooper dashed into the end zone for the winning score. Previous ranking: 4.

4. LB Sean Spence: Rough debut for the ACC's Defensive Rookie of the Year. He had three tackles and got beat for a touchdown. Now, he has to learn how to keep himself in the game even when teams go away from him. Previous ranking: 1.

5. LB Colin McCarthy: Returned from his season-ending shoulder injury a year ago and chalked up seven tackles, second most on the team while battling cramps. Miami's run defense certainly looked a lot better than it did a year ago and McCarthy was a big reason. Previous ranking: 7.

6. DT Allen Bailey: UM's pass rush struggled to get past FSU's stout offensive line. But Bailey was a big reason UM didn't carved up on the ground. He helped stuff the run in the middle and broke through once to sack Ponder before FSU scored on the next play. Still, his value is beginning to show. Previous ranking: 8.

7. DE Marcus Robinson: He made just two tackles but came up with the biggest defensive play of the game when it mattered most, sacking and stripping the ball from Ponder with FSU leading 23-17 and looking to score again at the UM 29-yard line. With Eric Moncur and Adewale Ojomo hurt, his value has shot through the roof. Previous ranking: 11.

8. S Randy Phillips: Miami's secondary had a rough night, but Phillips made plays when he was called upon. He made a diving interception in the end zone before the half and finished third on the team with six tackles. With Vaughn Telemaque and Miami shorthanded with injuries all over its defense, Phillips provided the leadership late when UM's defense needed to make a stop. Previous ranking: 12.

9. WR Travis Benjamin: Even before Aldarius Johnson and LaRon Byrd went down, Benjamin was already making the biggest plays of any Canes receiver. He hauled in a 39-yard touchdown pass to start the game, made a huge third down catch and then put UM in position for go-ahead touchdown on a 40-yard reception at the FSU 2. Big time players make plays... Previous ranking: 17.

10. RB Javarris James: So much for being No. 2 in the backfield. James looked every bit as good as advertised by his teammates. He didn't have a monster night -- 11 carries, 36 yards, 1 TD. But he served notice he's not that slow, injured guy anymore. I especially liked what I saw from him in the passing game as he made two catches for big yards. Previous ranking: 20.

> Knocking on the Top 10 door: CB Brandon Harris (previously 20) and TE Dedrick Epps (previously 19). Harris led UM with nine tackles against FSU and had two pass deflections, including one late in the game to preserve the win. Looks like he's taken the next step and is the Canes best corner. Epps made a nice return with two catches for 46 yards.

> Dropped out of the Top 10: WR Aldarius Johnson (previously 5), WR LaRon Byrd (previously 6), K Matt Bosher (previously 9), OL Orlando Franklin (previously 10). Not easy dropping AJ and Byrd from the Top 10, but they were hurt and now we aren't exactly sure when either will be back. When they do, they can earn their way back into the Top 10. Bosher had a rough day on kickoffs.

> Five on the rise: WR Leonard Hankerson (previously 37), DE Steven Wesley (previously 42), RT Matt Pipho (No. 43), RB Lee Chambers (previously 44), DE Olivier Vernon (previously 45). Hankerson had two drops, but looked improved. Wesley had a nice three yard tackle for a loss. Pipho did a decent job in his first start at right tackle. Chambers is clearly the No. 3 RB and Vernon is without question the most impactful freshman.


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Mickey Andrews should have been put out to pasture years ago.

New year, same result.


What is Ray Ray Armstrong's status? I didn't see him at the game.

There is NO leadership at FSU. Terrible coaching staff. Please refute that. Feel great about beating one of the worst coached teams in football.

The biggest suspense was trying to figger out who was trying the hardest to lose. Beyond Ponder and a couple others, the 'noles are dreadfully bad. UM flat out ESCAPED with that W against that CRAP team. All of U shlt your pants on the last drive. Don't forget that feeling cuz it will be right back.



This year's Miami at Florida State game drew a sterling television rating of 5.89. With over 8.4 million viewers, this game is ESPN's second most-viewed regular season college football game ever with only the 2006 Miami-FSU game ranking higher. Combined with the 4.2 rating that Virginia Tech-Alabama received on (ABC) Saturday night, the ACC was involved in the two highest-rated college football games of the opening weekend.

they like U ...


-- theacc.com

Posted by: W or L Monday night, either way U looked like shlt because FSU's dreadful secondary does not a star QB make | September 10, 2009 at 09:32 AM

quit haiting jacka$$. get off of UM jock strap and hang on urban. the U is making strides about to getting where we belong. what was that smack talk about whipple again???

At 4-6 the ACC ranks with perennial “warm-up game” conferences like (after Saturday) - –

Sun Belt: 3-5
WAC: 4-5

And behind (after Saturday) –

Mountain West: 5-2
Conference USA: 8-3
Big East: 5-



Posted by: gaturd agent provocateur | September 10, 2009 at 10:30 AM

U draw …


Battle of the has-beens with NOTHING competing against it.


capt...Ray Ray was on at least 2 of the special teams. I doubt he'll be see time in the first 4 games. They say he has a lot of work to do on technique and understanding the defense.

I wouldn't want to see him in against Georgia Tech. There are so many things that are different about that offense that it might confuse the guy.

I'm just now coming down off of my high from this game. Congratulations Randy Shannon on a job well done from someone that has been critical of your performance so far! This is HUGE. I was hoping that your statment game would come last year versus GT and felt after the game that it was a statement in the wrong direction. I kept telling myself that I was just as critical of Johnson and Erickson and Davis when they first got here so that I need to calm down. There is no shame to take out of Monday night's game. Not one ounce. FSwho's offense is the reason they were ranked #18 and besides that they scored 15 points directly off of turnovers and we scored NONE. Take away all the games points off turnovers and the score of the game is 38-19 UM. This is a different team. I have always felt that nothing short of 4-0 to start the season is acceptable. Everyone thought that I was stupid. Well, I am! I am stupid for doubting you. And I apologize. Now 4-0 looks not only possible and plausible but even LIKELY!!! Let's go on ahead and stay with the cliche of one game at a time and just worry about GT right now. They have owned us lately. It's time to steal their pride for that!

okay... so plausible and likely is redundant... hopefully so is UM's current streak...

Club manhole? U are gayer than Easter.
Do you ever consider that homosexual thoughts run through your head the entire day?

Did you ever consider that the FSU defense is extremely poorly coached by a washed up has been?

How good is Gt's D? I don't know. But if they are marginally better than the FSU chemical fire defense then U are in for a very long evening. And let's be honest here, FSU GIFTED you 21 points on clueless defensive breakdowns. Their D is truly BAD.

Your a complete smuck. FSU didn't gift anyone 21 points and it's not defensive breakdown it's Mark Whipple play calling and miss match's you dumb clod. But you have to rationalize it in your mind, the only way that J12 could have thrown for 386 yards was if FSU D sucks and Andrews is washed up. Lol your the same d bag that keep telling us how Andrews D was going to put Jacory out of the game,and now they suck.

No what honestly sucks is that Tim Tebow has never thrown for more than 338 yards in a game, and that game was against big bad FAU.

So tell us which team in your opinion has the best D that Miami will face this year?

Battle of the has-beens with NOTHING competing against it.


Posted by: gaturd agent provocateur | September 10, 2009 at 10:53 AM


The Hurricanes have been involved in four of the top five most-viewed college football games on ESPN
-- susan miller degnan


McCarthy is more proven than Spence despite the hype around Spence. Both need work on pass coverage. Anyway, putting Spence @ #4 for this last game is insane, he barely showed up.

Brandon Harris played great. You could see him play both the man and the ball. Sam Shields kept up with the receiver, but never turned to make a play on the ball. He said himself that he was told to face guard.

Benjamin was very impressive. Vs. FSU, he was #2 or #3 impact player after Jacory. (maybe Coop)

JJ didn't have the breakout that everyone expected, but he survived to play another game.

Fox was reliable, but didn't do anything special.

Randy Phillips stepped up as a leader. At some points of the game he was the only one on defense making plays.

The D-line was sorry. Made LBs and secondary look even worse. After awhile you just can't stay with a man. Ponder had all day. Bad gameplan.

The O-line was much better than expected.

canes2008 wrote on 09/10/2009 02:51:22 PM:

Me and my friends were there at the game. It was so awesome to see the look on all those FSU fans faces when we won.


Kinda like Ur faces after the 1st. Qrt. of Ur Grand Finale vs Virginia in that OB Dust Dump ?

the turd haters just can't stand themselves- the dooooosh bag that was predicting an 0-4 start (Kehoe is one of them) now is sitting in his traylor biting his nails, because the canes are back.

All the predictions that Ok will destryo UM- by the way, the same team that UF scored MORE points on than UM.

All the talk about UM being irrelevant????? HA ha ha- Not only is UM NOT irrelevant, the only wasy UF is relevant is if they play UM (as in last year), and for a super hyped up game between #7 VT and #6 Alabama, wow a 4.2 rating? LOL. Little ol' unproven irrelevant UM plasy 2 a 5.9 and has the top 4/5 most watched college football games of all time!!!!!!!!

UF fans- sorry, but the stars are re-aligning. UM and FSU will soon be the top of the state and once again will batlle each other for nationmal supremacy, like back in the day. UF will return to being the biznatches of florida college football

Manny that is a terrible pic of Sean Spence getting schooled by FSU's tight end (which he did).

I was in Tally mon., will be in miami on thurs., watching GT right now . our new D-coach last year held GT to 7 thats right 7 points.I smell another W. 6 rows up at the 30. CANE 'TIL I DIE!!!

B. Harris

I dont know what game you were watching but our man was beaten like a drum ALL GAME. He'll be back though. I'd also rank Benjamin much higher. He was unstoppable.

How the hell is James ranked ahead of Hankerson. That guy looked incredible, he had a real coming out party, and he made an incredible catch and run on that third and long. Hankerson should be in the top five in my opinion.

Whoops.guess harris faced a real team.

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