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Shannon, J. Harris talk Georgia Tech

Long day for me at the office filming videos for our high school football and college football show. It hasn't allowed me to post what I gathered today out at UM. I'll post a real blog later tonight as well as audio.

Ffor now, here is some of what Randy Shannon and Jacory Harris were talking about during the weekly pregame press conference inside the Edgerrin James room.

Randy Shannon > Shannon said it will be good to get defensive end Eric Moncur back this week. "He practiced well yesterday and today,' Shannon said. We’re excited about his progress, and he should be ready for the game."

> One decision that hasn't been made yet is who will handle kickoffs this week. Walk-on Alex Uribe, however, could end up beating out redshirt freshman Jake Wieclaw. "We haven’t made a decision yet," Shannon said. "We probably will do that either tomorrow or maybe at game time."

> Shannon said the biggest thing for his team's mental status is to not let the win against Florida State get them too high. But as far as on the field, Shannon said the biggest key will obviously be stopping the triple option. "They have about four or five different scenarios on how they will run it," Shannon said. "The biggest factor will be [Jonathan] Dwyer. The fullback must be accounted for on every single play. If he happens to get into the open field, we have to get him down for a 10 or 12 yard gain and then line up again. We cannot afford him to get long runs against us and that’s what makes their offense go."

> Shannon praised the play of Yellow Jackets defensive end Derrick Morgan, whom Shannon said looks like he doesn’t get tired. "He does a great job of pressuring the pocket and playing real hard," Shannon said.

> Shannon said the Canes have been working on improving their tackling since the summer time and should be ready for what Georgia Tech runs at them -- including cut blocks. "Some say you don’t want to get hurt in practice, but we work full speed on it and they know they’re going to be cut," Shannon said. "t’s like muscle memory. If you’re always getting cut in practice, then in the game you can push the guy down and go chase the football. No one has gotten hurt and we haven’t even had lower pads on. There are no excuses for getting cut, because then you’re not doing what is being taught to avoid it."

Jacory Harris > Quarterback Jacory Harris said a big key for UM will be scoring early and putting Georgia Tech in the position to have to throw the ball. "These first two games they haven't really been behind, they have always been in a comfortable lead so they can try new things," Harris said. "It helps them. That's the type of team it is. If you're just running (the ball) every play, sooner or later you're going to get tired. The fourth quarter is when we scored the most points last week. We're going to have to step it up through all four quarters, make sure we score points."

> Harris reiterated his arm feels fine -- even after the shot he took at FSU. "During the game, I didn't get the feeling back (in my fingers), but I had to play with it, (The next day ) it was still the same. I guess it was my funny bone, a nerve. Things were kind of numb. But I'm alright (now)."

> Since the win over the Noles, Harris said he's been a popular man on campus with more and more students approaching him between classes. His phone has been blowing up too. "Gino Torretta, Ken Dorsey, William Joseph, Santana Moss texted me," Harris said. "Torretta and Dorsey congratulated me, told me to keep the team focused, make sure we don't get bigheaded, keep this thing going. Everyone wants us to bring the “U” back on top to glory days, and that's something we're trying to do."


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go canes Randys the man

I bet they are going to wear green on Thursday night.

3rd!!!! YEAHHHHH

4th!!!! WOOOHOOOOO!!!

Throw that sh*t deep J-Cool!

Option? I remember Nebraska came in to the OB with that sh*t and lost the NC to us...


JUst like ma CANES!!!


Gotta go buy me a lottery ticket today man!!!

I'm big pimpin' this sh8t today!!


OK, gotta go hat my crack pipe now.... cause i am shootin for outaspace biaaatchhh!!!


I am HIGH as a MUTHEREFFER, and i ain't comin down...

This game is gonna be lots tougher than FSU (19-0 against Jacksonville State???!!!)

GTech's Defense will bumrush hard...

GTech's Offense, if the runner gets past our D-line, they will rip 15-20yrd runs. Relying on the Secondary to talk them runners will not be a good thing to watch...

We might hurt them in the air, but their will burn us on the ground...

We're gonna blow Tech out of the stadium!!!!

Jacory Harris or Lamar Thomas....Who needs to hit a squat rack more?

Look at those pencil legs. This guy might not last the run out of the tunnel, forget the entire season.

Dude was taking a dump in his pants when Jacory hurt his skinny arm.

I think the canes were preparing for tech weeks ago when they had bailey and forston practicing at end. I hope moncur is actually 100%.
and shields ar cb this week i like it alot.

Three days!
Canes 42, GT 17.


The mighty Swamp Lizards have yet to play a team with a win. Wofford almost put more points on the Bucs. Bowling Green showed what Troy was all about the week before. Meyer must have missed that game trying to convince the media Troy is a good team. I guess 0-2 is good. The shrooms from the cow pastures in Alachua County must be kicking in...BAWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Eric Berry will have a field day with those ducks flying on the field from the Tebow Farm. It's unfortunate we'll see just how bad UT is this weekend. After Saturday, the mighty Swamp Lizards will have played a combined record of 1-6...BAWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

UF...where we play nobody, and we're scared of everybody!!!


thx for the info manny

I will be in sec 135! Lets go CANES!

Hey rawpimple,

Funny you would bring up Lamar Thomas. Let me take you back a few years, Lamar Thomas catching a touchdown pass and yelling into the camera (National TV audience, btw): "How you like me now, Gainesville"...Man, that had to hurt! BAWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

All the Troy and Charleston Southern wins in the world don't change what you are: a bunch of ignorant hillbillies under the assumption they're at an institution of higher learning, rather than at a pig farm.


Come talk to me when you have 5



Rawpimple splat yourself on the mirror and end it your a fool 6 0f the last 7 Canes over UF 5nc to 3

Jacory Harris is a better QUARTERBACK than tim tebow...

sec 111 row 5 i hope fans show up i see jh throwing for 350 plus

So, FSU fans, I have a very simple suggestion for you. Change the name of your beloved Doak Campbell Stadium to 'Luther Campbell Stadium' when Miami plays there - that way, your fanbase will know to anticipate a loss.

And, Gator fans, please stay focused on your SEC schedule - I think its about time some of your coach's karma catches up with the team...you can't have as many arrests happen within you program and still come out on top. Eventually, Meyer's lack of discipline is going to cost you - does Ole Miss ring a bell?

Just arrived in the 305 from Denver to catch the home opener and will be joined by my homeboy from Brooklyn. Sidcane and khemz have the right idea: if you live in Miami and don't show up to support your team... you don't support your team.

Since I haven't seen it mentioned here, I'll add this: it's fantastic that we had FSU all to ourselves on a Monday night and that we'll be the nation's focus on Thursday against GT.

Let all the voters see the talent this team has! You know Jacory is happy to have the eyes of college football fans across the country fixed firmly on him and the rest of his crew.

Canes 41, GT 20. Can't wait to see Highsmith take some snaps in the 4th!

Enjoy Ur Friday morning U Tards ...

Coach Shannon gonna keep the troops motivated. Keep on hatin Gaytor fans. Jus make sure you come visit after the Cane victory. We know you'll come out if the canes come up short.

3 is > 5 when the 3 is EARNED in the SEC, playing an SEC schedule, playing in a CONFERENCE CHAMPIONSHIP game to EARN your way into the National Championship game, and when your National Title game is played outside of your home stadium.
When your 5 is playing Temple, FAMU, Rutgers, as an independent and not having to earn your way into the NC game by playing in a conference championship, and to top it all off getting to play a HOME game National Title game is WEAK!
Now that Miami is in conference, although the ACC could be weaker than some I-AA conferences, Miami now sees how hard it is to go to a National Title game having to win a your conference in a conference championship game. Not only can they not win their conference, they cannot even make the game.
It isnt so easy now, Miami, is it????????
Maybe you should go back to being an "independent" again. BAWHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAH

Jacory Harris is NOWHERE close to Tim Tebow as a quarterback, as a football player, as a leader, as a role model, as a person, as anything. Not even close. Just because you listen to Joe Rose and a bunch of sports radio, and media brainwashing in South Florida does not make every team and player down there the best.
Jacory Harris isnt even close to the QB Matt Barkely and Tate Forcier are and they are true freshman. The young excuse doesnt work anymore.

Tim Tebow will be going in the top 10 of the NFL draft and if he wins another Heisman and a National Championship will go down as the best college football player EVER. Jacory Harris will go down as just another mediocore UM QB like plenty of others in recent years. Jacory will have to resort to CFL or the Lingerie league if he wants to continue playing.

There is no way in hell Teabag will be a top 10 pick. You can't be serious! No doubt he has accomplished more than Jacory to this point, but lets discuss the same subject in two years when they have both had the same time in college.

Go Canes!!!!!!

"Tim Tebow will be going in the top 10 of the NFL draft"

you don't really believe that, do you?

Tim Tebow in the top 10??? LOL...someone has been hitting the moonshine a little too hard.

Rawpimple sounds like a white bigot recluse who love the Tebow tail!

To think the canes are going to win this game is laughable.
During the Canes last champioship run they played, TROY, Temple, and Rutgers. I understand Big East but come on.

UF plays only 4 away games a year. They refuse to schedule OOC games away other than FSU. THEY HAVENT PLAYED OOC AWAY SINCE 1993. This is a cowardly football program with a jerk of a coach and a sleazy manipulative AD .
They ran away from UM with their tail between their legs in 1987 and at the last minute stretched their latest UM away date to 5 years instead of 1.They demanded SEC refs last year against UM and the refs blew the biggest call of the game.
They have a mental midget at QB and odds are they dont make the BCS champ game due to their weak schedule. SEC is not very good top to bottom this year. Georgia and LSU have QB issues as does Alabama.
UF is a despicable football program. They are whats wrong with college football.Until a playoff system and a stronger RPI penalty is instituted teams like UF will rig the system in their favor by paying for lesser teams to lose to them at home.

UF...you had your short stay at the top...NOW MAKE ROOM for the team who can DOMINATE college football...you see it coming dont you UF fans....a STORM is gaining momentum...2010 will be the year of the CANES...and best of all, we will supply you with the beat down you sorely deserve....

UM 40...GT 27

Steve B I like your passion but there is more to it. Really it comes down to money. UF sells out every home game. They are the ones that pay OOC teams to come and play them. Why would they stop? If UM would sell out every home game, trust me they would do the same.

An FSU Fan

Pimple - Tim Tebow? Top 10 pick? In what? The Peace Corp draft or something. Last I checked, fullbacks don't get taken Top 10 in the NFL Draft. As far as his COLLEGE career, he may go down as "the best ever..." but to think that will translate into a successful NFL career as a QB? That's nuts.
And SammyNole, the '01 Canes had an average schedule but they played a respectable four ranked teams (for whatever rankings are worth). As it stands, the Gators may play two ranked teams, that is if overhyped LSU and Georgia don't screw up in the next few weeks. And your a Nole, what are you doing defending the Gators?

I respect Tebow and calling him Teabag illustrates the scUM.And the fair weather fans that UM have infuriate me. Sell out a home game the talk to me. Get out of the barrio and into the landshark.

SissyNole - Are U talking about the year (2002) we beat UF 41-16, UTenn 26-3 and FSU 28-27?


Are you talking about the year (2001) we beat Penn State 33-7, FSU 49-27, Washington 65-7 and Nebraska 37-14?

Just curious? Both those regular seasons THE U was undefeated...


SissyNole -

Don't you think it's easier to sell out a game with a student body of 50,000 or more than with a student body of 16,000 or less?

Just curious...


Tim Tebow will be going in the top 10 of the NFL draft and if he wins another Heisman and a National Championship will go down as the best "college football player EVER. Jacory Harris will go down as just another mediocore UM QB like plenty of others in recent years. Jacory will have to resort to CFL or the Lingerie league if he wants to continue playing."

Posted by: Rawpimple | September 15, 2009 at 06:42 AM

the most dumbest quote of the day LOOK IN THE MIRROR. last i check when is the last time UF put in a QB That stayed on a team longer than 5 years or even started after the age of 27?????? UM= JIM KELLY, AND VINNY MORE THAN UF

SAMMY NOLE: you are the first FSU fan to really brag on UF. wow buddy don't get butt hurt because you guys lost. as far as im concerned, most FSU alum or fans will root for UM over UF but, to each is own. get over it.

Sell out a home game the talk to me. Get out of the barrio and into the landshark.

Posted by: SammyNole | September 15, 2009 at 02:02 PM

There have been 32 times where 70,000 or more fans attended a Miami home game.
-- ft myers news-press's craig handel


what’s to do in one-horse towns like gainesville & tallahassee besides attend a football game …


When the canes were good which was awhile ago. The orange bowl was sold out - even versus Temple. As soon as you guys got bad the fair weather band jumpers jumped off. So your asinine excuse carried no weight. FSU and UF hav at times sucked and they sold out.

hey cane360 dont forget that the syracuse and washington whoopings in '01 is the highest combined scoring on 2 ranked teams!

and sissynole (kudos to cane360) that year we played 5.. yes 5, like the number of fingers in ur hand.. 5 top 15 teams and won by an avg. of 32.8 points and considered the best ever college football team EVER!! can the buttnoles and gaytors say that.. yea didnt think so

Tebow in the Top 10?? ha ha ha lol lol... Go back to your wife/sister in gayville.. At least Harris likes females... unlike i like guys tebow...

After one of you UM clowns "DA U" (more like "Duh U") came on the Tech board, thought I would see what the talk was on here. Looks like you are more worried about Tebow and downing UF than whats coming your way on Thu night. I guess after four straight losses, you are already prepared....

Actually, as opposed to last year, this should be a good game if you like big plays. I think it will come down to who makes less mistakes and turnovers. When Tech has been beat since Paul Johnson came on board with the triple option (UNC, VT, UVA, and LSU), none of those teams really stopped the option, it was turnovers and/or penalties that killed them. They eliminate those, it may be a long night for the "U".

I believe FSU will end up with a better record the duh u...ACC Championship coming up.

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