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Triple Option film study began long ago

Randy Shannon said he didn't spend any time watching Georgia Tech as it held off Clemson Thursday night. "We will have a lot of film to watch when it comes in today or tomorrow, so we will be watching the next three or four days," Shannon said. "You can't really see anything on TV copy. When you get the game copy you can see everything."

Jonathan Dwyer Truth be told, the Hurricanes probably could have skipped Thursday night's ESPN telecast, gone to bed early to get a few hours of rest before Friday morning's practice and been just fine because they've been studying what the Yellow Jackets do with their triple option attack for a long time. How long? Since right around the time Georgia Tech was done carving up the Canes last November for 472 yards (2nd most allowed by the Canes in school history).

"We looked at Georgia Tech tape in the spring, watched them in the summer time," defensive line coach Clint Hurtt said. "It's one of those offenses you can't do anything to simulate it. Every look or illustration has to be perfect as to how you are going to defend it. You have to spend your time on it."

Hurtt said the Canes watched Thursday night's game and took mental notes from the type of success Clemson was able to have. Despite giving up 304 yards total on the ground, Hurtt said the Tigers were able to slow down a big part of the triple option attack -- reigning ACC Player of the Year Jonathan Dwyer, who finished with 66 yards on 18 carries. Dwyer, who collects most of his yards on the dive play, was often met at the line by Clemson's dominating defensive tackles. Hurtt and coach Randy Shannon both said the play of UM's tackles this week will be huge.

"It comes down to the defensive tackles, who have to get a lot pressure, and a lot of push up the middle with what we call the hump," Shannon said. "If you can get the quarterback to hump backwards it screws up the pitch and fullback relationships. If you don't get the quarterback to make the hump, then it is going to be a long night. That is why those guys inside are so valuable."

Said Hurtt: "You have to take out Dwyer. The thing that gave Clemson a shot last night was that they took Jonathan Dwyer out of the game. He's an extremely talented back... he's the best back in the country in my opinion -- between he and and the kid at Cal [Jahvid Best]. We have to be able to stop that kid."

Of course, there's also the task of stopping the "other guys." Clemson had a hard time doing that Thursday as quarterback Josh Nesbitt piled up 91 yards -- most on the game-tying field goal drive. Louisville transfer Anthony Allen, the pitch man, collected 127 yards (most on a long touchdown run). All of that comes back to assignment football, which the Hurricanes were miserable in doing last year.

Hurtt said focus in the film room last year was "nowhere near what it needed to be." But he said film study for Georgia Tech has been intense since the Canes were beat down. He said Miami's young defensive players have been coming in on their own time to prepare over the past few weeks. 

Hurtt said one major problem last season was the fact UM's linemen were lined up too far away from the football. It led to linemen being cut down on chop blocks, and Georgia Tech's offensive linemen were penetrating Miami's second tier defense (it's linebackers) to open big holes. At different times throughout the year Hurtt said he's put on tape from last year's game during film sessions to remind UM's defense just how bad they looked.

"It's a good learning experience for them to be able to see and understand this is what happens to you when you don't do your job," Hurtt said. "It's good that they see that. It burns them, ticks them off a little bit. But that's good. It should be like that."

Hurtt said Miami's defensive line issues (lining up too far away from the ball) have been dealt with and that new defensive coordinator John Lovett's game plan is "a lot easier" for players to digest.

"Coach Lovett is an expert at putting an effective defense to stop that offense,'' linebacker Darryl Sharpton said. "He's added a couple new wrinkles, techniques, alignment, different ways to defend it. We have a different defensive way to approach it."

While Shannon said there is no way for UM's scout team could simulate the speed of what Georgia Tech does, the Hurricanes are trying. Receiver Kendall Thompkins is playing the role of Nesbitt at quarterback and Damien Berry is playing the role of Dwyer.

"In 2001, we had to prepare for Nebraska and we used Roscoe Parrish as Eric Crouch," Hurtt said. "If you can tackle Kendall Thompkins, you can tackle anybody becuase Kendall is every bit as elusive as Roscoe."

> One thing the Hurricanes have in their favor this year is the return of some key personnel who missed last year's game: Safeties Randy Phillips and Vaughn Telemaque, linebacker Colin McCarthy and defensive end Eric Moncur. Moncur, who is coming back from a groin injury, practiced again Friday. Hurtt said Moncur's return this week will all depend on "how good he feels."

> Hurtt said the Canes definitely missed Adewale Ojomo and Moncur against Florida State. "You miss Adewale for his energy, his playmaking ability, the passion he brings to the field. That's not just the defensive line. We miss that as a team. It's a different dimension, he's a different kind of guy," Hurtt said. "Same thing with Eric. His leadership, his experience, those things are invaluable."

> Hurtt said he saw a lot of good things from junior Allen Bailey in his first start at defensive tackle, but also some bad. "He had a couple opportunities in the fourth quarter -- on the long runs they got -- where he could have shed the block and had back-to-back [tackles for loss]," Hurtt said. "The thing for him and the rest of our guys is to shift off blocks faster, convert to the pass rush faster."

> Hurtt said he was surprised with how poorly sophomore Marcus Forston played considering he had been "dialing it up" in practice. "If I had to say there was one thing that was a strength for us in training camp it was rushing the passer," Hurtt said. "We did an outstanding job getting off the edges, putting pressure on the quarterbacks in practice. We get into the game and we did a lot of good things in the running game, but the pass rush lacked. That's something I know we'll get better at."

> Receiver Aldarius Johnson and cornerback Demarcus Van Dyke were both in street clothes at Friday's practice and did not participate.

> For the complete audio interviews with Coach Shannon and Hurtt visit our UM audio page.


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can't wait for the game. hopefully we get a major piece in moncur back for the game.

Our future power back!


First!!! Whoo hoo
If Miami's D can turn it up, especially the DT's Miami's were in good shape. I got a good feeling about this team. Miami's offense should be able to keep up with GT.

As far as I am concerned, this is the biggest game of our season. We win this, we come out of our first 4 games with a guaranteed over 500 record in the ACC. HUGE! AND, we can still beat vtech and oklahoma as well!

But this game comes first...If our D-Line steps up, and our LB's and DB's TACKLE, I have no doubt that our offense can keep up and score points and win this game.

Long sustained drives, give the defense rest...We got this! GO 'CANES!!! It is ALL about the U!!!

Defense will win or lose this game. I recall past big games vs. Oklahoma and Nebraska where our very fast defense wrapped up the option offense. We have to do the same next week. 4 years in a row vs. GT? Something's gotta give.

Stop thinking FSU now. Think about the 2nd straight revenge victory from last year!

Go Canes!

I commented to my friend that they must've been preparing for Tech after FSU attempted an option play out of the spread.

Ponder took the snap and faked a handoff...the fullback got popped. He tried to run and got met...he pitched the ball and the RB...the corner forced him inside where everyone else was waiting.

That's one of the first times in the last 3 years I've seen us execute something so well. I'm think we're gonna stuff that run big time.

The other side of the coin is that we looked pretty bad against a short passing game.

Our most important games are GT and VT because they are in the coastal division of the ACC with us. FLA st was great because it an ACC (atlantic) and a rivalry but not as important as the next two. as far as Oklahoma that gets us back into national contention if we win but Id rather have the most important two

after watching clemson thurs, i noticed they played the option like the old canes. stuff the fullbac{dive}, they got lots of penetration, and made the tackles. the penetration messed evrything up in the backfield so the play had no chance. techs defense is really good, so our offense must put points. early points takes them out of their game, and their passing was awful. tech has owned UM for years, its time to take a step forward and beat these clowns.

this is a tough test for the canes. fsu and miami always play good games, so how good are we? we will have to be our very best to win this game. Mike is right, get a lead and they are out of there game

Aldarius and DVD were in street clothes. That's not a good sign.

The good news is that, considering GTs strengths and weaknesses, is:
1. We should have more than enough offense without Aldarius
2. DVD's cover skills won't be missed against GT (who throws about 6 passes a game). In fact, it would probably work out better to have Chavez Grant, who's a more physical corner, in there replacing him, to help out with the run.

Hey Randy, at least lie and say you watched the game! What would it have hurt to watch? This man is very odd.

A couple of keys to the game:

1. Maintain integrity in defending the option -keep control of the gaps! Everyone has to be on the same page and not float!

2. Penetration up the middle on defense - You shut down the middle and Nesbitt will begin to pitch or run off tackle. This plays right into our hands, allowing the defenders to use their speed to play inside-out ball. Keep the ball out of Dywers hands and you got a real shot at slowing down their offense.

3. Running game has to have a good day - GT is going to have some big plays. What we can't let happen is let them get have 5 minutes where they put up 21 points on us. This is deflating and is what took us out early last year. We need to be able to run the ball effectively and have sustained, 4+ minute drives which would keep our D and their O off the field.

Clemson did a good job last night and GT was still breaking off some long runs. Those gains are gonna happen, but so long as we stop the interior running game (they have a play where they fake to the fullback and the QB still runs up the middle through a different hole) we should be good, because we can run east-west with anyone. Last year, all their big gains were up the gut, and that's got to stop!

The good news from last night is that Clemson carved GT up with deep passes, and for the first time in a long time that looks like a strength for our offense. JH is gonna have a huge game again, because they can't stop the pass to save their life. We score early, put them in a hole, and we can lay our ears back coming after that option.

Should be fun.

Oh, and I like that Shannon didn't watch the game. If he has to watch last nights game to get prepared then he has been sleeping on the job. Besides, screw them...it's all about the U!

Play sound fundamental and disciplined assignment football. If we hold them to short yardage on 1st and second down, and put them in 3rd and long situations we shut them down. No option team is made to be in 3rd an long situations.

If he has to watch last nights game to get prepared then he has been sleeping on the job

that is truly the dumbest comment ever made.

GT KILLED UM with the triple option last year. Gt was running the same thing LAST NIGHT but he shouldn't have watched it. THAT is why U are NOT a coach.

And for the record, Shannon, as usual was lying. He watched every single play.

why are these "#1" Gators playing these paddy cake teams you come off a national title and you start your season against some weak teams. I cant respect the gators, I dont want to hear nothing about you got to work out the kinks so does everybody else either your team gon be ready or not......What are they gonna do after the Tebo Era nothing but as for the HURRICANES WE'RE BACK!!!!!!!!TELL THEM GATORS TO COME LINE IT UP NOW BET THEY DONT WANT IT WITH US

hey turd, tech has killed um for years. we own you, and winning the acc is just TECHnically ours. your defense will be sooo lost. GT-49-um21

If you think Shannon staying up last night to watch the game on ESPN is going to save us even 1 additional yard on defense you're out of your mind. He'll get his game tape and study it and THAT will help (obviously), but he's not staying up late wasting his time.

GT did kill us last year, and he better have been studying hard FOR MONTHS, but if he had to stay up and watch the live broadcast then he HAS been sleeping on the job.

Clemson , ga tech was a perfect game as a learning game. Ga. Tech looked great but clemson then stopped them. Clemson scored on the ga tech. defense. All in all a nice game to learn more about both teams.

shannon was catchin' som z's while we get some TD's go tech

You have to play the big oys to be viable in big time games. I think we all can agree we have some impact players on offense. Defense is where the chips may fall off the table. Some of you know me by now. Living in TX i seen the best power running teams this side the miss river. Hell option was born here in tx. Hurtt is right you need DT's to play big time. The blocks is rough too. Chop blocks arre the worst man I'm telling you. We ran the wing-t and we used the chop blicks to perfection. Our o-line was a bunch of tongans too. If you know what a tongan is they r BIG AS HELL. The DT has to contain the GCG gaps. If they can get Nesbitt to slow down just a second we will win. They will not stop our offense. With that being said we got some good coaches. My head coach never watched games from other teams. He said players look different on game film too. He took our team to the 5A finals twice so maybe its something to that. I know Coach Shannon knows what he talking about with the hump comments. He is a great coach he needs to coach these boys up now.

TCU will beat UVA 27-7

Mich over the Irish 31-27

Okie st. over houston 45-34

Even though I hate Terrelle Pryor for some reason I think they gonna hang with USC. Matt Barkley is a punk

Ohio st. 34-31 ot.

You going to call him Whannnnndy like you normally do technically aka 14-0 aka 13-1 aka curse of kehoe aka we'z better than U?

Pretty effin pathetic.


Man, i know i am bringing up the one topic none of us Canes want to think about.... if Harris gets drilled hard and goes down...season over.

O-line, you guys need to do whatever you gotta do to keep the Defense away from him. I don't care if you get 15 holding penalties a game, i would forgive you for it.

And J man, keep you eyes open, move them feet, and don't try to prove how tough you are by taking hits.

10 years of Canes Fan misery coming to an end? It will only happen the day we destroy Florida and win the NC...

Battle of the has-beens

Posted by: gaturd agent provocateur | September 10, 2009 at 10:53 AM


Posted by: gaturd agent provocateur | August 27, 2009 at 11:38 AM



locally, U-f$u 54 scored a stupefying 15.0 TV rating …
for perspective, this year’s marlins-yankees rubber game scored a much talked-about 6.2 or 95,000 households …
to quote mark twain: reports of my death are greatly exaggerated …


Line the defense up in the old 46 defense or the 4-4 defense. I do believe that Nesbitt only completed 3 passes, so GT passing is not a real concern. GT's defensive secondary can be exploited if J.Harris has time...but beware of #37 Tarrant because he is a good cornerback and kick returner.

Listen, I'm big on Randy - I think a college coach's number one job is recruiting. You can see the results based on the talent we put on the field vs. FSU and weigh that versus obvious deficiencies in time management and some of Randy's lesser skills. And having talented players on the field - and these are also quality students & citizens, it would seem -- is far more important. ((Though, Donna, truth be told, pull the guy aside and tell him that "linemens" isn't a word, already.)) So on the whole I think the calls to remove him are either fatuous or just loser-fans from other school instigating.

In short, I fully support Randy.

But what I have to get out today is: WHERE IS THE CURIOSITY?!? How can you be the coach and not care to see how two of your upcoming opponents look - that night - right then and there? It boggles the imagination. I'm just a fan and I care enough about the contest to be looking forward to the game since Tuesday; I cleared my calendar for it. Because you CAN tell on TV who is good, and who the players are, and what you're going to be facing. How is that not 10x better than old tape of practices or last year's game? How can you not be crazy thrilled to watch that game?

Bothers me that he would appear to so thoroughly lack in curiosity; and I had to say it.

That said, in the end all I care about are the athletes on the field and the points they put up as they lead us to another undefeated season this year. Randy got us J12, and that's how I'll judge him in the end.

If all of you read Randy's quote closely, you'll understand where he's coming from. If not, go back and reread them. I'm 100% backing Randy. First, he's not being a prisoner of the moment and he's showing a cool, calm demeanor. Watching a game, as broadcast on TV, live, is not the same as breaking down a game using game tape and utilizing different angles. That's what a coach should be doing. That's what gives you the best chance of scheming the right defense. Those of you that disagree have absolutely NO idea what you're talking about. I doubt you've even ever played the game or you would know exactly what I mean - game planning is not watching a game on TV. Personally, I'd rather he get the rest than get all worked up over a TV game.

When we beat Tech by three TDs, you'll believe then.

I know the offense will be fine, its the D that we need to worry about, I did not think we'd keep florida state out of the endzone in the final seconds, we were not stopping their passing game all night, the D needs to step it up and the coaching staff needs to work extra hard for GT and pass it down the the players, the D line and the linebacker corp needs to step up big in this game, really big! Bottom line is if we beat GT then we've got good momentum and puts us in a great position to beat VAtech. Colin McCarthy, we need you man!

:WARNING: Cane Coaches Beware:

GTech will try and exploit our weekest area and that is special teams. This, I believe will be the biggest area of the game.

Another point, with all of the attention on the option and their run game. Do not be surprised if you see them try and pass down field once they feel your pursuit has digested a couple of plays during the game several times out of the option and even using the quarterback as a reciever.

Something tells me that the rambling reck will be full of surprises knowing that you have done your homework on the obvious!!!!

Consider yourselves warned!!!!!

UM should watch how LSU stuffed GT in the Peach Bowl. Or how UM stuffed Eric Crouch and the Big Red machine in Pasedena in 2001.

Attacking the center with a d-tackle over him is the key to stoping the option. Allen Bailey is perfect for this. If you allow the center to roam, you will not stop the option. Clemson adjusted well in the second half, which is the reason why they were able to slow/stop the option effectively.

Manny... thanks for the report and coverage... One of your best so far!

Agreed. Manny has been as much of a beast as Allen Bailey.

Chris Lee- Why do you all say its been 10 yrs of Cane misery? You sound like kehoe or another demented turd fan with short term memory loss-

2001- NC (that's 8 yrs ago)
2002- played NC--7
2003 ranked 5th-- 6
2004-- ended 11th--5
2005 temporarily ranked 2nd in the BCS--4 yrs ago. No not that long ago.

Its been 3-4 years of misery.

Honestly, I'd rather see UF win a nc in 06 and 08 than the Buckeyes. No question, hands down.

Will you all lay off of Randy- He's got marginal communication skills, OK, we've established that. So waht. He probably did watch the game, but didn't want to come out like he was studying GT via the telecast. OK that's what he meant. And if he didnt watch the game, so what. He probably has 10000 hrs of Gtech film that he's studied ad infinitum with his coaches over the last 11 months.

Finally- can someone tell me why pollsters aren't considering UF's cupcake schedule a major detriment? ooooh ahhhhh Urban Meyer says Troy wioll be a tougher challenged. Way to rationalize, Urbie. Troy is 0-1. Alabama played a top ten team and beat them USC and Oh State will be paying tofday, meanwhile, UF is playeing Number 100th ranked Troy!!! Who is o-1.

Posted by: First seek to understand...then speak | September 11, 2009 at 07:54 PM

GREAT POST. all of these haters or so called cane fans are hiliarious. ppl complain about why randy does not give out inj reports. if randy does tell us who is inj what will that change? will the players all of a sudden play because he announced what kind of inj it is? pure comical.

believe Randy and company will study and have been paying close attention to GT offense. game film is ten times diffrent than T.V. film. first and seek said everything rite.


Hope you like losing in that "new" stadium of yours. The tailgating will be a whole lot safer now that you are playing out of the hood.

Do you think the Canes will be able to draw more that 25k fans to this one ?

Good Luck, I just wished you were ranked higher so a win at UM would raise the Jackets up higher in the polls.

Nice job on FSU, enjoy the feeling while it lasts.

But Troy vs Miami? Maybe Monday night's game has swayed you but Troy has been more successful than Miami over the past 3 years. 24-14 record. 2 Bowl games. And before you cite the Sunbelt schedule, these guys have played @FSU, @NEB,@GT (in 2006)@ARK,@UF,Okla St,@UGA (in 2007),@LSU,@OhioST,@OklaST (in 2008).

Miami certainly didn't have a tougher gauntlet of top teams in 2007-08. Miami was 19-19 over that period. Miami went to the same number of bowl games as Troy and has the same number of bowl wins.

guys have played @FSU, @NEB,@GT (in 2006)@ARK,@UF,Okla St,@UGA (in 2007),@LSU,@OhioST,@OklaST (in 2008).

Miami certainly didn't have a tougher gauntlet of top teams in 2007-08. Miami was 19-19 over that period. Miami went to the same number of bowl games as Troy and has the same number of bowl wins.

Posted by: U aint be no Troy

out of all those games how many did troy win????

Posted by: DaveR@GT | September 12, 2009 at 11:20 AM

so clemson did not have you scared lol hypocroite.

Rodcoe Parris? How about Roscoe Parrish? Yikes

So sick of these closet fairweather GT fans...when the U beats you on Thursday, you all will go back into hiding. Clemson exposed you last Thursday night...Nesbitt ain't no quarterback, he's a free safety pretending to be one. Clemson showed the world that the triple option is not effective when you're playing from behind. Take away those two special teams touchdowns and you lose! Face it GT is not relevant...and never will be! No matter what type of gadget offensive hokum and shenanigans you bring with you Thursday night you will return to Fulton County 2-1!

I'll fold soon ... fiddy/fiddy

I'm all for more film study, but please, God... erase the idea of a pooch kick from the mind of the coaching staff...

the MIGHTY Seminoles are trailing JACKSONVILLE STATE with less than five minutes to go.

If memory serves me correctly, they hung 34 on U.
But they can only score 7 on MIGHTY JACKSONVILLE STATE

U clowns are about to get SMOKED.

Keep feeling good because U beat a TERRIBLE FSU...it's hilarious

ACC is a terrible football conference. 4-6 in opening weekend

Who was the genius who said the ACC was just as good as the SEC?

Posted by: Cav | September 06, 2009 at 10:26 AM

withhold judgment …
it’s a long season …
a marathon not a sprint …


Posted by: green | September 06, 2009 at 11:46 AM

week 2: 8-1




Dismal ACC Week 1 ...


Pathetic ACC Week 2...

ACC overview: Week 2

September 12, 2009 9:54 PM

Posted by ESPN.com

On the surface, it looks great. The ACC won eight of its nine games today. Wake Forest beat Stanford, UNC beat Connecticut on the road. Everyone came out on the winning end except for Virginia, and considering the Cavs lost to William & Mary a week ago and TCU is a legit top 20 team, that's no surprise.

Wins are wins, and the ACC will take them.

But college football fans aren't fooled. They know how poorly Maryland and Florida State played in near losses to FCS teams. They know Virginia waited until late in the fourth quarter to show any signs of offense. They know that UNC hung on by a thread with a safety, and Wake had to come from behind before it could exhale.

Those are not "convincing wins," and for teams like Maryland and FSU, they're reason for concern. Tougher opponents remain, and some of them are in the conference -- Miami, Clemson, Georgia Tech. Despite the overall winning record today, the final two performances -- Florida State and Maryland -- will still leave a smudge on the ACC's image. NC State and Virginia Tech both left no question they've moved on from their season opening losses, and that's a good sign. But they did what they were supposed to do against unheralded opponents.

It obviously could've been a lot worse today, but despite the overall record, it doesn't feel like ACC fans should be comfortable with it.

Don't even try to associate Ur Athletically Challenged Conference With the BIG Boys U Immense Tards ...

UF is playeing Number 100th ranked Troy!!! Who is o-1.

Posted by: Troy is 0-1. | September 12, 2009 at 09:51 AM

Troy has Won more Conference 'Ships and played in more Bowl games than U have the last 5 years ...

U get that ?

What we learned about the ACC Week Two:

Honestly, not much after the first week’s rather embarassing losses to Richmond, Baylor, and the Mighty Tribe of Willim & Mary. Last minute and overtime scores, somwehow barely managed to keep the second week’s action from the ACC from becoming, albeit previously thought humanly impossible and dare I say it, even more embarassing.

Georgia Tech, the ACC’s top contender, down to the under 4 minute mark against the powerhouse Cardinals. Not the Cardinals of beisball, but none other than the Cardinals of California’s finest, Stanford.

The Terps, part of what I refer to as the most mediocore conference in the nation, pulling out an amazing 3 point overtime win against the Dukes. No not our own beloved bottom of the pack Blue Devils, but the James Madison kind. Dare I say these Dukes are for real. Let’s see how they do next week against the Virginia Military Institute, a much tougher test than what the Fridge had to offer.

Last but not least, the game of the week from Saturday, the day that everyone normally watches college football, the Noles captivating win over the Gamecocks. For clarification, not the Spurrier was the coach at Florida in 1987 because I saw him standing on the sideline type of Gamecocks and definitely not the Jacksonville where the future two time Heisman winner and three timee BCS Title taker grew up………I am referring to none other than the Jacksonville State Gamecocks of Alabama.

If the game was only 59 minutes long the Noles would have lost to these pesky cocks. I hate to have to use my Canes Logic to piece this together, but I can not feasibly think of how a 9-7 win by these fake Cocks over FSU puts our 4 point win over them in perspective.

In my heart of hearts I can only come to the inevitable conclusion that the depths that Randy’s buildings resulted in a Canes talent pool that is equivalent to 2 points better than the J State Cockaroos. Does anybody know what this really means?

GAtor 1- Yeah that's right.

And Mighty Tennessee, under the 100,000 fans of its mighty stadium by the river, showed the mighty SEC speed. The mighty running game, headed by #1 rb Bryce Brown, couldnt run 2 yards and lost to Mighty unranked UCLA of the PAc 10.

This means that Mighty UF, playingg Charleston So (now 0-2), mighty Troy (now 0-2), plays at home again (that's 3 home games in a row) against mighty 1-1 Tennessee. Wow, the SEC is tough!

Mighty Alabama was also on the ropes against mighty FIU 14-13 in the 3rd q.

So when you have SEC teams that actually play outside the "mighty SEC", truths are exposed. Soo why don't the mighty gators have the courage to go say, to BYU? FSU will. Tennessee has done it, LSU, USC, Alabama, have done it! Why not the gators?

I say, USC deserves to be number 1. They had the guts to play a top 5 team home and away, went to a very nasty environment with 100,000 fans, and beat them. Period. How can they NOT be number 1? How does that even remotely compare to UF playing Ch So and Troy?

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