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Triple Option film study began long ago

Randy Shannon said he didn't spend any time watching Georgia Tech as it held off Clemson Thursday night. "We will have a lot of film to watch when it comes in today or tomorrow, so we will be watching the next three or four days," Shannon said. "You can't really see anything on TV copy. When you get the game copy you can see everything."

Jonathan Dwyer Truth be told, the Hurricanes probably could have skipped Thursday night's ESPN telecast, gone to bed early to get a few hours of rest before Friday morning's practice and been just fine because they've been studying what the Yellow Jackets do with their triple option attack for a long time. How long? Since right around the time Georgia Tech was done carving up the Canes last November for 472 yards (2nd most allowed by the Canes in school history).

"We looked at Georgia Tech tape in the spring, watched them in the summer time," defensive line coach Clint Hurtt said. "It's one of those offenses you can't do anything to simulate it. Every look or illustration has to be perfect as to how you are going to defend it. You have to spend your time on it."

Hurtt said the Canes watched Thursday night's game and took mental notes from the type of success Clemson was able to have. Despite giving up 304 yards total on the ground, Hurtt said the Tigers were able to slow down a big part of the triple option attack -- reigning ACC Player of the Year Jonathan Dwyer, who finished with 66 yards on 18 carries. Dwyer, who collects most of his yards on the dive play, was often met at the line by Clemson's dominating defensive tackles. Hurtt and coach Randy Shannon both said the play of UM's tackles this week will be huge.

"It comes down to the defensive tackles, who have to get a lot pressure, and a lot of push up the middle with what we call the hump," Shannon said. "If you can get the quarterback to hump backwards it screws up the pitch and fullback relationships. If you don't get the quarterback to make the hump, then it is going to be a long night. That is why those guys inside are so valuable."

Said Hurtt: "You have to take out Dwyer. The thing that gave Clemson a shot last night was that they took Jonathan Dwyer out of the game. He's an extremely talented back... he's the best back in the country in my opinion -- between he and and the kid at Cal [Jahvid Best]. We have to be able to stop that kid."

Of course, there's also the task of stopping the "other guys." Clemson had a hard time doing that Thursday as quarterback Josh Nesbitt piled up 91 yards -- most on the game-tying field goal drive. Louisville transfer Anthony Allen, the pitch man, collected 127 yards (most on a long touchdown run). All of that comes back to assignment football, which the Hurricanes were miserable in doing last year.

Hurtt said focus in the film room last year was "nowhere near what it needed to be." But he said film study for Georgia Tech has been intense since the Canes were beat down. He said Miami's young defensive players have been coming in on their own time to prepare over the past few weeks. 

Hurtt said one major problem last season was the fact UM's linemen were lined up too far away from the football. It led to linemen being cut down on chop blocks, and Georgia Tech's offensive linemen were penetrating Miami's second tier defense (it's linebackers) to open big holes. At different times throughout the year Hurtt said he's put on tape from last year's game during film sessions to remind UM's defense just how bad they looked.

"It's a good learning experience for them to be able to see and understand this is what happens to you when you don't do your job," Hurtt said. "It's good that they see that. It burns them, ticks them off a little bit. But that's good. It should be like that."

Hurtt said Miami's defensive line issues (lining up too far away from the ball) have been dealt with and that new defensive coordinator John Lovett's game plan is "a lot easier" for players to digest.

"Coach Lovett is an expert at putting an effective defense to stop that offense,'' linebacker Darryl Sharpton said. "He's added a couple new wrinkles, techniques, alignment, different ways to defend it. We have a different defensive way to approach it."

While Shannon said there is no way for UM's scout team could simulate the speed of what Georgia Tech does, the Hurricanes are trying. Receiver Kendall Thompkins is playing the role of Nesbitt at quarterback and Damien Berry is playing the role of Dwyer.

"In 2001, we had to prepare for Nebraska and we used Roscoe Parrish as Eric Crouch," Hurtt said. "If you can tackle Kendall Thompkins, you can tackle anybody becuase Kendall is every bit as elusive as Roscoe."

> One thing the Hurricanes have in their favor this year is the return of some key personnel who missed last year's game: Safeties Randy Phillips and Vaughn Telemaque, linebacker Colin McCarthy and defensive end Eric Moncur. Moncur, who is coming back from a groin injury, practiced again Friday. Hurtt said Moncur's return this week will all depend on "how good he feels."

> Hurtt said the Canes definitely missed Adewale Ojomo and Moncur against Florida State. "You miss Adewale for his energy, his playmaking ability, the passion he brings to the field. That's not just the defensive line. We miss that as a team. It's a different dimension, he's a different kind of guy," Hurtt said. "Same thing with Eric. His leadership, his experience, those things are invaluable."

> Hurtt said he saw a lot of good things from junior Allen Bailey in his first start at defensive tackle, but also some bad. "He had a couple opportunities in the fourth quarter -- on the long runs they got -- where he could have shed the block and had back-to-back [tackles for loss]," Hurtt said. "The thing for him and the rest of our guys is to shift off blocks faster, convert to the pass rush faster."

> Hurtt said he was surprised with how poorly sophomore Marcus Forston played considering he had been "dialing it up" in practice. "If I had to say there was one thing that was a strength for us in training camp it was rushing the passer," Hurtt said. "We did an outstanding job getting off the edges, putting pressure on the quarterbacks in practice. We get into the game and we did a lot of good things in the running game, but the pass rush lacked. That's something I know we'll get better at."

> Receiver Aldarius Johnson and cornerback Demarcus Van Dyke were both in street clothes at Friday's practice and did not participate.

> For the complete audio interviews with Coach Shannon and Hurtt visit our UM audio page.


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One more thing- Turd mor-ons:

Stanford did beat USC did they not?

Wake beat Stanford. ACC 1-0 vs the Pac 10.

UCLA beat TEnn. SEC 0-1 vs the PAc 10.

Nuf said.

Just shut up and close the trylor door. I's starting to smell 'round here.


words matter …
“credible” “moral victory” “step in the right direction”
who the F are you kidding …
with gentle language, Miami Herald enables f-i-u-don’t-matter’s f(i)utile pursuit of big-time football …
tell the truth …
bama kicked the stuffing out of ‘em …
stepped on when stepping out of their league …



The gluttonous and cowardly nature of big-time college football tends to fog the crystal ball in the season’s first week. Almost half of the 78 games played by major colleges last weekend were so-called buy games against Football Championship Subdivision teams. That means the bigger universities sent fat checks to smaller ones, beat them up and sent them home.
-- nytimes


One of the finer subtleties of coaching is talking up the coming Saturday's cash-strapped, deadbeat opponent … Follow-up question, coach: What perception should the media create about a six-year-old I-A program that's 0-14 against "Big Six" schools by an average score of 32-14, routinely finishes in the bottom half (if not the very bottom) of the Sun Belt and had to axe its cheerleaders and band for lack of funds this offseason? I suppose the "experts" who set the Tide as 34-point favorites neglected to do their research. … It's the media's job to present the record -- in this case, that there is no existing shred of evidence that suggests Florida International, as a team, belongs on the same field as Alabama
-- rivals


Nothing funnier than canefan thinking ACC is a good conference

What we learned about the Canes from Game #1 against Florida State is that a 1-AA team in Jacksonville State could give the Canes a game.

ACC is a pathetic conference and the Canes cant even make the conference championship game, much less win it.

So because Randy Shannon watched extra tape on Georgia Tech, does that mean his team will hold them to under 500 yards on the ground? I remember last year Randy Shannon focused on RED ZONE DEFENSE and ended up being one of the WORST red zone defenses in the country!

If I were Canes fans, I'd tell Randy to stay away from coaching any part of the team, give him 50 cents to head to the ice cream truck and let real coaches do the coaching

I think Jacksonville State should join the ACC. Then maybe the ACC would have one legit team.

Top 10

1 Florida (56) 2-0 1491 1
2 Texas (1) 2-0 1404 2
3 USC (1) 2-0 1396 3
4 Alabama (2) 2-0 1328 4
5 Mississippi 1-0 1145 6
5 Penn State 2-0 1145 7
7 Brigham Young 2-0 1122 9
8 California 2-0 1058 10
9 LSU 2-0 951 11
10 Boise State 2-0 945 12

4 SEC teams
ZERO ACC teams

Alabama who isnt the #1 team in the SEC beat up the preseason #1 ACC team in Virginia Tech.


Florida State is not a good team and the Canes act like they won the National Title by beating a bad team in the last seconds.

Let the excUses begin this week. What coordinator will be fired this year to cover up for Shannon's inept coaching?

11 Ohio State 1-1 840
12 Oklahoma 1-1 835
13 VIRGINIA TECH 1-1 749
14 GEORGIA TECH 2-0 683
15 TCU 1-0 609
16 Oklahoma State 1-1 445
17 Cincinnati 2-0 407
18 Utah 2-0 405
19 Nebraska 2-0 365
20 MIAMI 1-0 364
21 Houston 2-0 341
22 Kansas 2-0 271
23 Georgia 1-1 260
25 Michigan 2-0 169


Green why not post all 100+ teams, moron?

All that matters is who is #1, but people usually look at the top 5 or 10 but you want to post the mediocore 25?


C. A. N. E. S. CANES!!! It's All About The []_[] baby!

Top ten the SEC


great job showing everyone how PATHETIC the ACC is GREEN. What a clown you are

Um's whole season is resting on Jacory Curls boney arm.


it will be over soon enough.

It'll be over soon if we beat GT then he'll say opps they in the ACC they suck. Well we know Tebow won't be a star on Sundays so keep his greatest college player alive program going. The only way this will ever be solved is if Miami and UF meet at the end of the year. UF can lose to LSU and still make it to the Ship. We have to be perfect to kill this debate.

What we kno about uf is they will not play a ranked team till mid October.. And they will not play an out of conf game out of state till 2020

Not sure many of you may know this but, Mark Whipple has beaten Paul Johnson once before.

1998 National Championship game

UMASS 55 Georgia Southern 43

We already know the ACC is a joke. We dont have to wait to watch Thursday Night High School Football to find out.
If you hold Georgia Tech to under 500 yards rushing this time around, should the Canes consider that a victory?

Mighty SEC:

UCLA beat Tennessee.

Why doesnt UF go out west to play a pac 10 team? They are panzies and are beinghanded the NC this year, just like last year after losing to unranked Ole Miss at home!


UF is afraid to play outside the south, outside the SEC. Scaaaared!

UF doesnt deserve the number 1 ranking. That belongs to USC. Why? They beat a top ten team. Away. Period. Next!

The SEC is top heavy. No question the top 3 teams can beat the ACCs top 3 teams. But then after that, ??? No question. ACC had 10 bowl eligible teams last year, and beat the SEC 6-4 head to head all year round. No better measure than that.



ACC Sucks..... Mediocre pansies


Other than you, who's mediocre?

Don't be upset because your mother tops the list. Or maybe it is your father. You know, the one who introduced you at the NAMBLA convention. The one who is constantly kicked-out of Rambone Cafe. That one.
HE sucks.

Did your daddy fit your for a c@ck ring?

technicallybetterthan-U ,

Please be sure to visit us on Friday morning. I am curious to see if you'll show up if you guys lose. I'm sick of these damn ease-droppers coming into a U blog.

I can care less what the techie's are BUZZING about. Maybe the fact that they are in the top 20 for once? This is a joke....

It's funny, I havn't seen one FSU blogger since last Monday. I wonder if the ATLiens will be here after they lose on Thurs.

Do you even know what a National Championship Trophy Looks like?

Do you even know what a National Championship Trophy Looks like?

Posted by: Take your coordinator back too! | September 14, 2009 at 10:28 AM

Actually GT has 5 NC's! Should be a great game!

Go 'canes!

Yeah GThas more NCs than The turds.

Poor turd fans. They have no answer to:

UF plays a weak schedule
UF played an 0-1 Troy and now an 0-2 Ch Southern.
Ch Southern had almost as many points put on this saturday.
UF is good, but they have no ba--ls. Thanks to jeremy Foley, the turd nation hardly ever plays out of conference, with top teams. Only strong courageous programs do that. UF isnt one of them.

Go back to Traylorville and tell yo daddy to be gentler next time. It made you grumpy.

ooooohh aaahhhhhh Teblow throws 4 tds and runs for one against Troy. oooohh ahhh give em the Heisman then.

Georgia Tech has 4 NCs 1917, 1928, 1952, and most recently in 1990

Jacksonville State will win one next year.


Percy Harvin did reaaaalll well this weekend! So did Louis Murphy!!!!
meanwhile, Devin "anytime" Hester had a TD, Shockey had 2, and Reggie Wayne is leading the NFL on week one.

U v. vatech 3:30p ABC/ESPN


Atlanta Journal:



Gimmicky offense produces gimmicky players,

What does NFL production after college have to do with winning national championships? Would you rather have canes be great in the NFL and make no title runs like the last 5-6 years? Please explain.

No way GT beats this Miami team. We appear great offensively and super quick on defense. The speed of this D will keep GT from getting to the corners and the D line will simply mock the Clemson D line and keep Dwyer contained. Miami wins this game going away! Miami 38 GT 6.

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