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UM releases depth chart

The University of Miami just released its depth chart to the media and there are a few mild surprises. But as Randy Shannon told our Susan Miller Degnan this morning: "Those would be the starters if we were playing today. The depth chart could change tomorrow," Shannon said.

QB: Jacory Harris | AJ Highsmith
HB: Javarris James | Graig Cooper | Lee Chambers
FB: Patrick Hill | Tervaris Johnson
WR: LaRon Byrd | Aldarius Johnson
WR: Leonard Hankerson | Travis Benjamin
LT: Jason Fox | Ben Jones
LG: Orlando Franklin | Brandon Washington
C: AJ Trump | Tyler Horn
RG: Harland Gunn | Joel Figueroa
RT: Matt Pipho | Jermaine Johnson
TE: Dedrick Epps | Richard Gordon

LE: Steven Wesley | Olivier Vernon
LT: Allen Bailey | Joe Joseph
RT: Josh Holmes or Marcus Forston
RE: Marcus Robinson | Andrew Smith
SLB: Colin McCarthy | Ramon Buchanon
MLB: Darryl Sharpton | Arthur Brown
WLB: Sean Spence | Jordan Futch
LCB: Brandon Harris | Chavez Grant
RCB: Demarcus Van Dyke or Sam Shields/p>
SS: Randy Phillips | Jared Campbell
FS: Jojo Nicholas | Vaughn Telemaque

PK: Matt Bosher | Jake Wieclaw
P: Matt Bosher | Jake Wieclaw
KOS: Jake Wieclaw | Matt Bosher
PR: Graig Cooper | Travis Benjamin | Thearon Collier
KR: Graig Cooper | Lee Chambers
KR: Brandon Harris | Mike James
LS: Jake Byrne | Chris Ivory
H: Matt Perrelli | Chris Hayes


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nice job many... wow i guess jo jo had a good summer

Way to Hankerson and Gunn! Congrats guys!

What about the slot receiver?

No Lamar Miller, and Mike James is 4th string.Hummm... I like seeing Josh Holmes has not stopped being a pitbull inside, as I always thought he had talent and determination. We are pretty healthy to start the year, and we don't know who is the 5th WR making the trip . Any comments on this Manny ????

Wow, VT not starting is a surprise to me.

Looks like Cooper will be busy as well. I didn't expect that either, with Travis/McGee/Miller/Collier. I guess Coop is slightly more expendable, with all the talent we have at RB.

Manny... any inside info on which school Eduardo Clements chose? Through his comments, it sound like he is comming to the U....let us know.

VT suuuuuucks if he caint beet out JoJo!

Jojo Nicolas. now thats a surprise. He hasnt shown me anything his entire career. hope he has steeped his game up and can perform and become a force, as well as Gunn. Hankerson has the talent, just has to be at the top of his game mentally.

Way to go Hank, better remember that Streeter is on ya tail so catch the Dam-n ball

And no KR for Travis Benjamin. Thats a surprise also.

depth charts don't mean anything. i hope guys don't get too caught up in them, cause all the first stringers play at the same time for only maybe the 1st play of the game. you always have substitutions. all these guys will play and contribute.

"Those would be the starters if we were playing today. The depth chart could change tomorrow," Shannon said.


we are screwed!!! what happened to jimmy graham, jojo nicolas cant tackle and gets beat all the time, marcus forston is not starting!! its gonna b a long season

and not to mention travis benjamin is not in special teams?? just great

Why releas a depth chart if it can change. It's like Shannon wants to create ill will amongst the team.

Posted by: Green | September 03, 2009 at 01:16 PM

assumed identity …
imitation is the sincerest form of flattery …



ACC vs. SEC: For a supposed basketball league, the ACC held its own with the mighty SEC last season. The two leagues finished in a 6-6 deadlock in head-to-head matchups, giving the impression that maybe the SEC hasn't lapped the ACC after all
-- espn


where's jimmy? All we heard during camp was how impressive he was.. i was psyched to see him tear it up out there

we are screwed!!!

Posted by: UMfootball | September 03, 2009 at 01:23 PM

OK coach, glad you know so much!

U punks aint no canes shut up wit all that damn cryin. You can already tell you punks are ready to turn on your own team the first time you see something you don't like. you not the coach and unless you been on that practice field all summer you don't really know whats goin on do you. This is when them kids need yall the most. No wonder they never sell-out cause they backed by some sell-outs. Please fade to the back or believe them NW kids gonna bring the dyansty back.

Now thats done lets read into the positives.
hopefully with coop not starting and returning he'll be dynamic and fresh in the 4th quarter. Benjiman got hurt so leave him in roscoe mode until late in the 4th. Gunn and Jojo must have been great to be starting but Shannon could be hiding injuries or maybe one of the db's gettin big-headed. Nothing makes a player quit faster or play harder when they know the number 1 spot up for grabs. The true nugget is Sam Shields being ranked as a starter or nickel corner. That 4.2 speed will come in handy.


Good depth chart...Vernon should prob start at DE and figueroa on the line.. VT should start but jo jo has stepped it up.. everything else looks exciting.. Benjamin will end up doin ST by the 2nd half of the fsu game.. go canes

No more guessing. The O-line officially sucks. You guys can argue back and forth all you want about skill players. This Oline is straight garbage and I guarantee that they will be the main reason Shannon is looking for work come January.


Benjamin not the starter returning kicks or punts, Has Shannon lost his mind?!?!?!?!

He single handedly kept UM in the game last year against fsu...

It will be interesting to see if there is a 1st down starting team and a 3rd down starting team, in regard to te's , receivers and rbacks.

Or for the whole game who gets more downs on the field, Graham or Gordon, Cooper or JJ. I just expect a lot of different packages on O from Whipple. T. Johnson must be able to catch the ball better than Calhoun.

the only thing that annoys me with this is that some players are just practice players. they do good in practice but it never transitions to games. and some players are just the opposite. when the big game comes they step up. you gotta wonder if shannon puts too much emphasis on hard working practice players rather than who is the best athlete at the position

if shannons looking for work come january, i hope we just re-hire him as a defensive coordinator again. lets be honest, he was the best defensive coordinator in the country.

lets be honest, he was the best defensive coordinator in the country.


He had BETTER athletes than anyone else. He could have taken naps during games. It's a myth that he was some great DC. Unless of course you believe that mysteriously forgot how to coach. Cuz he ain't got a clue out there. And now he looks lost with the depth chart. Spare me this "depth chart don't mean nothin" bullshyt. It establishes a pecking order and creates competition and if u don't believe that then u straight stoopid.

Cool down with the criticisms. Most of the skill players positions will be rotating through out the game. One guy can be starting but that don't mean he will have more plays than the others after the game is over with.

Keep in mind this depth chart is not set in stone. Shannon is challenging some players who might have slacked off in practice this week. (Which i'm sure is the case with VT) Thearon Collier will be the 5th receiver. We're gonna bang some heads come Monday... GO CANES!

I am not a coach, but I did stay in a holiday inn last night.


Where can we access the pre-game notes, depth charts, etc. Last year it was at: http://hurricanesports.cstv.com/sports/m-footbl/spec-rel/08-mifl-game-notes.html

Thanks for the info. and help!

Posted by: imyahuckleberri | September 03, 2009 at 01:55 PM

Now there's a man that knows his football!!! And a man that calls all U none faithfuls out, too!!! Either U are with Us or U are against Us!!! Either way, we're going to the show with or without ya!!!


yea i guess charlie strong is a sucky DC because he has good athletes too right? and monte kiffin was just lucky he had sapp, brooks, and lynch right? i guess bud foster sucks too.

youre an idiot.

the fact is some good DC's arent good head coaches.
dick jauron
gregg williams
dick lebeau
dom capers
wade phillips
ron rivera
norv turner

Good to see Josh Holes as a potential starter. He is a VERY good DT that never gets any credit. Remember, he sacked Russell Wilson last year. No east feat.


I like when people that have not attended practices argue with the coaching staff on evaluating talent. They kind of do this for a living so go back to hanging drywall they dont tell you how to do your job.

Has anyone thought that maybe Randy released this chart to throw off the Noles??

Manny just a question? Why is JoJo starting ahead of Vaughn T. I thought Vaughn T. was making plays at practices and scrimmages. Lastly, why is Travis B. not getting more playing time on Kick Returns? He provided great field position most of last year doing just that.

just because they do it for a living doesnt make them good at their job (hence the reason people are fired). for the record i think shannons doing a great job; especially with recruiting.

Can you believe Lou Holtz called Notre Dame a potential BCS canidate. Whew...I thought these post was gonna be filled with whiners. I'm serious man yall sound like a bunch of Democrats. I was jus sayin we not in practice two a days and all that so we gotta wait and see what happens. Tell ya a lil story: I moved from south fla to Euless. Trinity is a powerhouse in TX football. when I got here I was in the back of the dbs. Not really gettin a chance to run wit the first team. Up here in its 10th-12th and tenth grade has jv and sophmore squad. That first game on the weakest squad I played real good. So they moved me up to JV but I was still in the back. Then it happen. The starting running back kept fumbling. so by the third game they moved the starting corner to HB and moved me up to first. The other catalyst was the starting HB was second string corner which would have made him starter except he kept playing bad. I mean he was a solid player just not a starter. They had other bodies but when that spot came open I claimed it. That move help solidify our secondary.

Thats what I mean when I say we not out there. Maybe with shields out there at corner and harris playing more shut down corner that helped jojo play better. Plus you have to consider the scheme. I would hate to play read and react. Our d-line had to play read and react so the LB's and DB's could play free and make plays. If the db's can play more off of instinct then reacting to what the offense is doing after they read the play I'm sure that helped them get a better grasp on the attacking scheme Lovett seems to run. Plus This package offensive Coach should serve us well. If Benjiman Coop James Bryd And Graham have a package Coop and Benjiman should get coverage with safeties and Linebackers. I seen NW beat Carroll and those kids are the most priviledged of Texas football. They get to attend the best camps available because of parents money. Those NW kids came here played they game and won easily. No reason we should give them that smae chance every year. I mean they are south fla kids so its all on them.

That dept chart is Shannon's way of disguising who will be on the field Monday. Vince will start, guarantee it. Travis has to return one for a 100. Wouldn't be surprised if Miller returns one for a 100. Mickey Mouse Andrews (don't he look like the Aflac duck when mad) will wet his pants, then retire, when the U puts up 44 and the FSU Criminoles put up 17. #31 will be tatood on Ponder--trust me, Ponder won't have a chance this yr. I will be there supportin the U baby! Come January, it's Mia Fl v Florida Gayturds. GO CANES!!

yea i guess charlie strong is a sucky DC because he has good athletes too right? and monte kiffin was just lucky he had sapp, brooks, and lynch right? i guess bud foster sucks too.

youre an idiot.

the fact is some good DC's arent good head coaches.
dick jauron
gregg williams
dick lebeau
dom capers
wade phillips
ron rivera
norv turner

Posted by: A.I. | September 03, 2009 at 03:46 PM

Dude, its like you have gone through all the Buffalo Bills head coaches the past decade, lol.


leonard hankerson instead of aldarius johnson? he cant catch a cold for god sakes.

Ha, ha, ha, I told you all that Randy doesn't know what the heck he's doing; just be glad he continues to look like a fool; that way we'll get rid of him in a few months.

Ponce has spoken; don't be in denial!

All you football morons step back and read between the lines ....

Travis Benjamin abused FSU in the kicking game last year ... Do you honestly think they plan on kicking it to him this year?

So when the press asks for a depth chart ... the smart thing is to give FSU something else to scheme for ...

Then play your game and DICTATE the scheme.....

Go get em Randy !!!!

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