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Will the hype hurt the Canes?

The question on everyone's minds entering this week isn't how the Hurricanes will handle the Hokies. It's how they'll handle the hype of being a big deal again in college football. Of the 200 questions you left me on our weekly chat, 150 pertained to the mental focus of this team.

Jacory Harris

Are they overconfident now that they're in the Top 10? Is Jacory going to be affected by the Heisman talk? Are they taking the Hokies lightly?

We won't know for sure until Saturday when the Canes line up against the ACC preseason favorite in their house. But from everything we heard from coach Randy Shannon and his players Tuesday, this Miami Hurricanes team isn't drinking the Kool Aid yet.

In fact, when the Canes got word they had moved up to No. 9 in the latest Associated Press poll Sunday, Harris said he and his teammates shrugged it off.

"Not too many people knew – one person said it, and it was like `Oh, well, we just have to get better," Harris said. "We don't want No. 9. No. 9 is nine spots away from being No. 1. We want to be No. 1 in the nation. We want to be where Florida is. Where all the great teams are. That's where we're trying to get."

Shannon said his team learned enough harsh lessons from its losses last year to avoid future pitfalls or taking teams lightly.

"This football team has learned a lot from last year's losses that we had playing against certain teams, situations," Shannon said. "Now they can realize the importance of concentrating on the game at hand, not looking ahead.

"When you look at the football team now, have we got a lot better maturity-wise than last year? Yes. As a whole the biggest thing that has helped out is the seniors on this football team. They've done a great job making sure we stay focused on the big picture, not the small picture. The preparation this morning was good, we got a lot of things done. Now we have to take the next step tomorrow. If we stay focused the game is no problem because they're ready to go. If you see guys not doing the small things in practice then you have a problem."

Harris said he's seen his new Heisman website and heard about all the things some famous people have been saying about him. But he promises it won't affect him.

"It's still not overwhelming," Harris said. "I have to pay attention to what's ahead. I have to take it one game at a time. As long as I do that, my team will help me stay focused, and I'll help them stay focused.

"I've heard (the Heisman hype). But I try not to pay any attention to it. I really don't think I've done anything yet because we've only played two games and we still have 12 more game to go. I'm just trying to win all the games."

Harris said he and his teammates know all the attention can disappear quickly.

"Once you lose you start dropping in the rankings anyway," Harris said. "Last year we went up to play Georgia Tech. I know were happy, probably too happy. That's what we learned. It's not about what's written on paper, stats. It's what's done on the field. As long as we keep performing on the field we'll get the rewards and things we deserve."

A couple quick notes...

> INJURY UPDATES: Expect to see cornerback DeMarcus Van Dyke back in the lineup this week... Receiver Aldarius Johnson and running back Lee Chambers could be back too. Both were back out at practice Tuesday... We still have not received any word or defensive tackle Marcus Forston's status. He left in the third quarter with a foot injury against Georgia... Tight end Jimmy Graham had his left hand bandaged up. Ditto for backup linebacker Arthur Brown.

> I'll have plenty more for you in the coming days including audio from today's media session. We spoke with Leonard Hankerson, Jacory Harris, Randy Shannon, Matt Pipho, Orlando Franklin and Randy Phillips. I had a one-on-one with receivers coach Aubrey Hill.


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Out of all the parity in college football I doubt these guys are taking anybody lightly. Lets look at week 1 thru 3

BYU beats OU and Miami rallys to beat FSU 38-34. Oregon loses on the blue turf. VT loses to Bama in a battle of top tens. After Bill Youngs defense looked good against UGA they get torched by Houston. Michigan beats ND. OSU did we really think they would beat USC? Lets not forgot Miami's beat down of GT followed by USC losing Utah losing and BYU losing. Now we got Iowa and Penn st. I believe Iowa if healthy can contend with anybody in that weak a** big ten. As for us I believe we will score at least another 30 pts. running away from VT 38-13.



I don't like linking to "other sites" but

Penn State, Ole Miss, Cal, miami.

A USA Today Sports section was lying around and I saw this:


YES, it's EARLY... but very interesting. Just figured I'd pile on some more hype.

Thank You for the article and I actually what the players are saying cause of Randy Shannon keeping them focused on the big picture. I dont see any player getting caught up in stats or through all this praise. I see them being focused on making an perninal National Power for the present and future,to the put where they can compete each year.

OK guys, the audio from this afternoon has finally be uploaded. Been having trouble lately getting on quickly. But there are some really good sound bytes.

> Randy Phillips is always great. He talked about Jacory and gave us some great behind the scenes details.
> We have Jacory Harris and Randy Shannon's complete press conferences available from Tuesday.
> Listen to Jimmy Graham talk about his progress and how Jacory compares to Jack McClinton as a leader.
> Matt Pipho and Orlando Franklin break down why UM's offensive line has been so good.
> And Leonard Hankerson tells how fun it is to be an offense with so many different weapons and why LaRon Byrd is a beast.
> Tomorrow, you'll be able to listen receivers coach Aubrey Hill discuss all the "toys" Jacory gets to use in his offense and what makes each so special.

Here is the link to our UM audio page. Enjoy

At VT they are subdued and mostly alumni...
at Miami they are the second worst fan base in college football....mostly local thugs who are loud, obscense, obnoxious and will do anything to intimidate the visiting crowd.
My first and last trip to the Orange Bowl was in 2000 and I
left the game early to try and avoid a confrontation with the
neighborhood criminals.
-- tallahasseehokie


Posted by: green | September 22, 2009 at 08:34 PM

wow wat a lame, most stadiums are lik dat and they do that at VT too. But Y we gotta be neighborhood criminals, u kno wat u jus soft dats all

Thanks Manny u da man. Keep it comin keep it comin. Lets us know whats up with who's comin to the Gameday OU game.

Posted by: imyahuckleberri:

Thanks man...I love TX!!!

3. Jacory Harris, Miami: Loving Miami right now. If the Hurricanes win Saturday at Virginia Tech and Oct. 3 against Oklahoma, they deserve at least a No. 2 ranking. And you could make a strong argument for No. 1. Why is entertaining that idea even reasonable? Harris. The nation's third-rated passer has been spectacular thus far.
------------------------------------ ESPN

Look, we're a good team that has to work on some issues. Ranking us no.1 does little for us right now, but it sure helps ESPN sell OU v. Miami in primetime.

We've got issue on kickoff coverage and a converted wideout playing corner (no knock on Sam Shields). FSU was a rivalry game and GT doesn't have the horses we do.

We know way more about our team than ESPN...we'll know when our time comes before they do.

All this love from a network that hates us. Go cover Tebow.

Manny you a straight Gangsta. The best audio yet. Read the blog post and everbody worried about if the hype goin to the Canes head. When you hear Jacory talk about wanting to be the 30 point underdog wit something to prove. Orlando sittin next to hi QB on the bus lettin him know I got yo back in battle. Notice Pipho with the change in Coach Shannon mentality. He said last year if a back is suppose to block that all conferance d-end and the d-end gets pressure oh well he great we not. Not this year sounds like they owning up to every assignment by say we don't care if he all-world. I'll help you best I can but thats your guy. Thats heart right their. The audio is killa cause you can hear the bitterness from and last year and the determination to prove doubters wrong in they voices. They ready to meet anybody. OU already hoping we win so they can boost they BCS shot. This history happening all over again.

Yall might have to make a trip to TX in JAN.

Personally I would rather be in Pasadena in January! It's a lot closer to me and since that is where the NC is.

Keep the focus and game to game improvement and Pasadena here we come.

Talking about visits to away games reminds me of a trip to Ann Arbor in 88. My GF at the time hooked up tkts that where in the heart of UMichigan student section. We get to our seats and here I am in my full O&G attire, GF in her Blue and Gold.

Turned out to be a very fun intoxicating afternoon, couldn't buy booze but you could BYOB. Everytime Canes scored I would give my seat neighbors a shot of my Appleton, when Mich scored they would give me a beer. Score was back and forth with Miami down by 16 with under 4 min to go Michigan Fans were singing the hey hey good by song. Walsh led a rally that was 2nd to none and we won 31-30 with 105,000 stunned Michigan Fans. All my seat neighbors congratulated me/us on a great game.

An afternoon of Cane football I'll never forget. 1 of many with more to come.


You guys just think.....A year or two from now when jacory adds more bulk and more speed its gonna be an amazing site! 6'4 215-220....And that young defense growing together. Randy Shannon getting fired???? Please! If anything he set the U back on fire. Look for a contract probaly through 2015. Tyrod Taylor= Trash= Va. tech. 34-10 Miami. Jacory goes 24-34, 225 yards 3 TD! We out Here!!!!!!!!!!

JudgeD2, well said. I love it when FSU and UF try to attack DA U about academic and off field troubles; open mouth insert foot, is the end result.
-Also, for those of you that are not familiar with Jacory Ice's game winning drive in the 2007 6A state semi-final game, this is how it played out. Northwestern players wore the DBHS quarterback's picture on there helmets in anticipation of a blow out. But they almost lost. With a minute and change left in the 4th quarter, down by 5, and no timeouts left, the Northwestern defense stuffed a goal line attempt that would have sealed the game for Deerfield. FROM HIS OWN 1 YARD LINE, NO TIME OUTS, AND A MINUTE LEFT ON THE CLOCK, Jacory Ice led his team to a game winning 99 yard TD drive to win the game. He called his own plays on that drive and ended up with the state and national championships.
-Its situations like this that legends are made, and shows that there is no mountain to tall for Jacory Ice to climb!

San Diego Cane, I remember that game well! Great game! Brent Musberger saying the Canes winning streak over. The next week he was at the orange bowl game and the fans started throwing oranges at him! It was hilarious!!! Go Canes!!!

Screw U, Dr. Lou.

Does anyone know what's happening with Streeter? If he doesn't get into the game day rotation soon, soon he may be rotating out of the program. That's my concern.

the wayward gaturd lies in wait …
ready to pounce …


Posted by: green | September 22, 2009 at 08:36 PM

Sometimes you just have to believe... does anybody remember what the legacy Matt Patchan said when he chose UF over his dad's alma mater? Something about how obviously oppostite the two programs directions are headed. I would say that kid is an obvious dumba$$ but I think that I agreed with him at the time. I'm pretty sure that I was just trying to get over the fact that we lost a legacy to UF... so... that kid is a DUMBA$$!!!

Lou Holtz is a MAJOR TOOL. I don't buy into what he says and I hope no one on this POST does either. He's a jinxer and I hope we do get to play Notre DAME's and the girlies he's got up there. I'd like to see Corzo wear the IBIS head! U FREAK!.
I know they have a lot to keep improving on, but this is the kind of balanced team every HARDCORE UM FAn has been WAITING for. RS is DA MAN for DA U for a long time to come. I liked him from the beginning. HATED COKER! Shannon is inspiring these boys to be better than the best Miami has ever seen. Whipple whips it, and I gotta LOVEdaTT D! Put a whooping on them HOKIES, boyaaaa! WOOOOOOHHH!
Oh yeah, I still hate Lou HOltz!

Lou Holtz just jinxed us....it was a good run though.

Posted by: Canesjunkie | September 22, 2009 at 05:31 PM

Jacory reads this blog? I hope not, kid is going to torture himself for the next 3 years with our ramblings.

Posted by: Canesjunkie | September 22, 2009 at 05:42 PM

no such thing as a jinx..... do you still miss marve ? canesjunkie you were one of the biggest marve lovers on here . do you still think marve leaving was bad for the program, or that jacory should red shirt this year so marve could play. how about shannon not a good coach for suspending marve for bowl game.
mh you can answer these questions also.

mh canesjunkie..
welcome to the jacory harris bandwagon . i guess it will be hard for you to watch marve playing at purdue.

Thanks Manny, i live in Milwaukee about 90 minutes north of Chicago. I have been a Cane for the last 40 years. When I was 12 years old I use to sell drinks in order to get into the game and watch them. I had to move to Milwaukee because of work and reading your blog keeps me alive and in touch with the Canes.

Gracias por todo verdaderamente te lo agradesco.

Allan Frederick
Chicago Cane

Here is a song to help The U keep themselves in check due to all the recent media attention, courtesy of Public Enemy.


At VT they are subdued and mostly alumni...
at Miami they are the second worst fan base in college football....mostly local thugs who are loud, obscense, obnoxious and will do anything to intimidate the visiting crowd.
My first and last trip to the Orange Bowl was in 2000 and I
left the game early to try and avoid a confrontation with the
neighborhood criminals.
-- tallahasseehokie

I'm a Miami Alum that lives in Virginia. I go to VaTech games all the time because the rst of my family went to Tech. I have never been treated worse than when I were my Miami colors to VaTech when Miami is playing. I had to stop bringing my kids to the Miami/Vatech games because of the "subdued fans". I was treated better in Tallahassee. So watch what you say about reputations.


Yes, I was a Marve supporter, but he's no longer on the team.

Marve had a better arm and could've developed into a great QB. You can't say he didn't have tremendous potential.

Shannon handled the situation wrong from a PR standpoint. That was a disaster that has been swept under the rug by Jacory's performance.

It's all moot now because the guy was too lazy to go to f'ing class.

I was wrong. Is that what you wanted to hear? I said it the moment Marve left. I've also been wrong on Benjamin and Phillips.


It's true...there is no such thing as a jinx. It was a joke.

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